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We’ve been given access to some radical self-defense ammo specifically engineered for shotguns. Well, a shotgun. The Remington 870. According to our man Potterfield, it’s “top of the class” for stopping power. Then again, he said the exact same thing about the Marlin .30-30. Anyway, I could go out and buy an 870 but I already own three tactical scatterguns. Equally, I just blew the budget on $600 worth of police gear for an upcoming series. So if there’s anyone in the Austin area who has a Remmy 870 with which we can play, please send an email to [email protected] with REMINGTON 870 in the subject bar. Oh, and if you have a high speed camera, a watermelon and a dead pig, that would be excellent too.

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  1. I have an 870 Tactical Express just like the one in the video… But I’m not even in Texas. Sorry.

  2. Too bad you’re not in NH, I don’t have access to the pig, but the rest of the stuff is easy.

    What kind of ammo is ONLY good in a remington 870?

  3. … a high speed camera, a watermelon and a dead pig, …

    SHOOT!! A feller could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

  4. Would Marty O’Malley and a high speed camera be OK? I know it’s not as good as a dead pig, but he needs something to do after his term is over and before he’s elected President. He doesn’t eat much either…

  5. I’d loan you mine, but I’m in Brea, CA. Y’all are welcome to look me up if you’re ever in SoCal.

  6. In Texas, San Angelo area, ’bout a 3 and a half hour drive. Own an 870 with 7 round extension and *may* be willing to travel.

  7. A bit over an hour north of Austin Keep an 870 by the bed. I raise a few hogs out back, but they’re too valuable to be shooting – you seen the price of bacon in the stores?

  8. I work at an FFL in Wisconsin, I’ll ship you one for $250! 870’s up here are about as common as fat girls and good beer.

    • I lived in Sheboygan and worked in FDL for a couple of years. Can’t comment on the 870 situation, but I can definitely vouch for the fat girls and good beer. . .

  9. I smell bad science. I have a very hard time believing that ammo will function differently in an 870 than in any other shotgun.

  10. Robert, you seem to have scared up a couple of guys with the required hardware in the area. Why not invite them all in, use up the “special loads”, and have a good old-fashioned goat rope after? You can get a second pig and cook it.

    Or save a little of the first one.

  11. As a person of impeccable taste and unassailable character, who owns several 870s and is near Austin TX
    I respond to the query with a hearty HELL NO!

  12. Also have you reviewed any Trijicon products lately? If ya let me come out I’ll bring my ACOG along with it’s AR companion…

  13. Careful what you ask for, I do have a couple 870’s you could use in Austin….. Too bad I’m in Austin, Indiana.

    Sounds like fun though.

    BTW, Has anybody tested to see if a shotgun slug will set off the new tannerite that works with .22 lr? You ARE going to have some left over pig right?

  14. I just did some testing with my Rem870, some #4 shot, and some watermelons. It was done at set differences. If you want to see my work Robert, let me know. I didn’t high speed camera it but it was documented with my camera with added comments.

    We are past melon season up in the cold north. Sorry out of melons now.

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