House Speaker Paul Ryan Blocking National Reciprocity: “The Timing’s Not Right”

David Codrea writes [via]:

Speaker Paul Ryan will not allow Congressional action on national concealed carry reciprocity to move bills forward, Rep. Thomas Massie told host Mark Walters Thursday on Armed American Radio.  The reason given is Ryan thinks the timing isn’t right to consider H.R. 2909, the D.C. Personal Protection Reciprocity Act, a supplement to state reciprocity provisions of H.R. 38.

Massie introduced his legislation after the ball field shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republicans by an anti-Trump Bernie Sanders supporter in Alexandria, VA.

“I would tell you this is a gun-free zone except that I know the criminals are carrying every day,” Massie told Walters via phone from “right outside the Capitol.

“It is only a 10-mile gun-free zone for law-abiding citizens,” Massie explained. “Although Virginia’s a reciprocity state, and most everybody with a permit could have been carrying in Virginia, they couldn’t carry in Washington D.C. where they started their day and where they were going to end their day.”

District gun laws meant those who left their D.C. offices for the ball field were unarmed and at this guy’s mercy by mandate.
What prevented the shooting from being worse and racking up a higher victim toll was that a member of the leadership had police protection, Massie said. “I guarantee you there are thousands of firearms here in D.C. they’re just not in the hands of lawful citizens.”

Massie went on to explain how he’s seen “a lot of pro-gun bills being introduced but they were going nowhere.” That’s a common tactic among politicians happy to capitalize off good press they can showcase to their constituents while cynically understanding the bills are intended for that, not to actually be passed and to change anything.

So why has there been no movement on reciprocity and on the additional provision of recognizing state permits in the District?

“We’ve got over 80 cosponsors at this point,” Massie told Walters when asked the status of his bill, which is currently and procedurally in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform because Congress has oversight responsibility for Washington D.C. He’s “pressing for a hearing on it.”

Massie is understandably frustrated by “leadership” obstruction.

“Why haven’t we seen movement over either 38 or 2909 since the horrific events in Virginia?” Walters asked, noting the Republicans control the House and the Senate and both Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appear to be blocking bills advancing the right to keep and bear arms.

“You know what?” Massie replied, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right. And I think this is the exact timing to bring this bill.”

Of course it is. What a disingenuous excuse. When will the timing be better?

The thing is, depending on who gun owners listen to, both Ryan and McConnell are called “staunch supporters of the Second Amendment.” Yet time after time, on guns, on Obamacare, on immigration, on any real change, they look like they’re taking positions directly contrary to why a critical mass of Americans got tired of standard Republican excuse-making fare and voted for Donald Trump.

Rights depend on “timing”?

“A right delayed is a right denied,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. noted. Any “Republican” who doesn’t understand that deserves to be replaced by someone who does.

“Politics is the art of the possible,” apologists for the status quo representing themselves as “pragmatic” will counter. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Requiring permits in the first place is hardly perfect. And as far as what is possible goes, how would those averse to testing limits have a clue?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.


  1. avatar EU says:

    Feel free to fax/call him as much as you desire:

    Phone: (202) 225-3031
    Fax: (202) 225-3393

    1. avatar Shaun Connery Oliver II says:

      Thanks for the info.

    2. avatar nativeson says:

      If now isn’t the ‘right’ time with the GOP in control of the WH and Congress, there never will be a ‘right’ time. Let’s face it. Many of these GOP elected officials, including Ryan, have no real affinity for the 2A. They use it at election time to receive NRA money and win conservative votes, but their hearts aren’t really in it. One of these days, they’ll throw us to the wolves.

      1. avatar Anon in CT says:

        It’s not just 2A stuff – they were all psyched up to be in the opposition and have no idea what to do, and no guts to try anything anyway. It’s all just Failure Theater with these guys.

        1. avatar Ing says:

          I think they really have internalized the notion that they’re permanent losers.

          The Republican establishment truly believes that history points in the Democrats’ direction, and the their job is to be the “loyal opposition,” slowing the pace of the inevitable losses so that their slow, backward constituents can digest defeat bit by bit until they’re accustomed to it.

        2. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

          They know what to, just don’t want to do it. They’re Undocumented Democrats.

      2. avatar California Richard says:

        Throw us to the wolves? We’re the wolves! They’re just holding us by the ears afraid to let go. Don’t ever let them fool you in to thinking otherwise…. there are over 200milion citizens armed with 600million guns and a trillion rounds of ammo. We out number and out gun them* 10,000 to 1. We tolerate their rule, illusions of power, and allow them to play games for a guarantee of civility and peace.

    3. avatar Nanashi says:

      Press 6 on the phone tree to leave a message.

    4. avatar Darkman says:

      Thanks for the info. Just spent 10 minutes sending Mr.(sic) Ryan an email addressing this and other subjects. Not that it will do much good. At least he will know that this citizen is sick of his as well as other members of Congresses shit. I have also sent a like email to my Senators and Representative. It’s time to flood all of their emails with our disgust.
      Sic Simper Tyrannous. Keep Your Powder Dry…

    5. avatar Madcapp says:

      And you thought the red team was working for you….silly AM radio listeners. You’re clueless.

      1. avatar Hank says:

        Actually most conservatives know this. This is the reason for things like the tea party and Trump. The old guard of the GOP remains strong though because anyone, who knows anything about politics, knows 3rd parties are a joke, the parties that be aren’t going anywhere, and your best bet at any real change is the primaries.

      2. avatar neiowa says:

        Compared to you enlightened NPR and PBS sycophants?

        You’ll learn more on a good AM radio station in 1 hr that you did watching the entire runs of “The View” and “Oprah” combined. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

    6. avatar Ed says:

      What a fuckin JOKE! Ryans office lets you leave a whopping 30 second message before cutting you off. This guy and his RINO cohorts are complete scum and need to go. Ryan, McCain, Graham, McConnell and Collins all need to fuck off to the other side where they belong and stop putting a (R) in front of their names to get elected. Tyrany has a measured response…and its getting to be that time.

    7. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

      Ryan is a committed domestic enemy of the USA and the American citizen. Waste of time calling him. Call his colleagues, tell them you’ll hold *them* accountable with donations to their opponents etc if they don’t bounce Ryan and replace him with a loyal American like Louie Gohmert. Imagine Ryan’s phones silent but his “Republican” colleagues’ phones ringing off the hook with that message. If Ryan lost the speakership he’d be easy prey for Nehlen in 2018.

      Fact is, every congressman who voted for Ryan’s speakership is a collaborator or a pussee, as is everyone who won’t act to remove him.

      They’re Undocumented Democrats. In many cases of big traitors like Ryan, we’d be WAY better off with a documented Democrat in the seat. The open enemy on the other side of the wire (Dems) are always less damaging than the traitor in your own command (RINOs). They need to know you know that.

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    If there is any hope to see real change these people have to be primaried. Nothing else short of violent revolution is going to get the job done.

    1. avatar The Punisher says:

      Sounds nice, but 9 times out of 10 it ends worse that when it began.

      The real alternative is peaceful secession. But since the empire is so vast and we really aren’t a unified “country” this takes a relatively homogenous State with enough balls to declare their right to live free and peacefully.

      And I don’t want to hear about federal money or any of that nonsense – that’s stolen loot. Good riddance.

      1. avatar Hank says:

        A lot of the federal spending issue could be solved simply with efficient government spending. But, that has been yet to be seen by any government, ever.

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          The only reason there is ANY freedom left in this nation is due to the incompetence of the progtards who have created and run this inefficient fed gov’t over the last 100+ years.

      2. avatar Ing says:

        Peaceful secession has never been on the table. The Civil War proved that.

        1. avatar Rincoln says:

          Thank you. Came here to say this.

        2. avatar The Punisher says:

          So because one tyrannical administration in the past was willing to start a war and shed blood means that we have to table the peaceful option for all time? How absurd.

          If Britain can Brexit then California can Calexit and Texas can Texit…peacefully…it only make logical sense. I feel no sense of kinship to anyone in California or Delaware or Tennessee. Those places are as foreign to me as anywhere else that isn’t “home”. You can say we’re all “united” and all “Americans” but really it’s just rhetoric.

          Anyone who isn’t even willing to talk about much less allow a peaceful divorce for people who see the world in completely different ways is a complete psychopath. If you wouldn’t put a gun to your wife’s head and force her to love you if she wanted a divorce then why, as a country, do we opt for that route when a group of people would wish to leave?

    2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Primaried out is the ideal solution, but the more practical one is to pull the lever on whatever Dem runs against him and McConnell as well. A couple of freshmen Dems would be much less pernicious than those two in their leadership positions.

    3. avatar TruthTellers says:

      It’s not something I want to do, but if I lived in Speaker Ryan’s or Senator McConnell’s district and I wanted them out of office, I’d vote for the Democrat running against them.

      Because in the primaries there’s little chance of upsetting an incumbent. I would rather lose a seat in the house and senate to the Dems than see these two cuckolds remain in office as majority “leaders.”

  3. avatar Hellbilly says:

    Excuse me, Mr. Ryan, but f-you. That is all.

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Pretty much. Ryan is the biggest disappointment in Washington today, and that’s saying something.

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        No way, McConnell is at least as large a turd.

        1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

          I agree.

      2. avatar bobo says:

        McCain! is IMO

    2. avatar Ed says:

      This fucker is WORSE than Pelosi or Warren. At least they let us know they are the enemy and dont try to hide in plain sight like Ryan, McCain and Collins ect. MOST republicans are nothing but democrat lite.

  4. avatar Libertarian says:

    And now the standart the lying of nra rating ( he have an A)

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      It’s the ILA there champ that does the politics.

      1. avatar Ed says:

        NRA or ILA two branches of the same FUDD institution that pass the buck between eachother. Fuck them both.

  5. avatar Mr. Woodcock says:

    You know what else has an element of timing? His job. Vote him out and send a message.

  6. avatar jwtaylor says:

    I grieve for his parents, for their shame. And that is the nicest thing I can say.

  7. avatar TP says:

    He’s a weasel.

  8. avatar Carl says:

    3rd in line to be president and he’s a pos.

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Ryan’s only value is that he makes Pence practically immortal.

  9. avatar Jim says:

    “Weasel”, “Piece of Shit”, “Disappointment”.

    Really, he’s from Wisconsin, what can we expect?

    1. avatar Hank says:

      Well the Bears fan has spoken.

      1. avatar NFLneedsLeadershipChange says:

        Nailed it!

        Best laugh all day A.I.
        (After Irma)
        Now I get to drive home tomorrow and begin to clean up.
        Thnx for that!

  10. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    The time for Liberty is never correct for a statist RYNO.

  11. avatar Fred says:

    The timing is never right with him.
    The fact that Trump can cut deals with democrats but Ryan can’t even cut a deal his fellow republicans should be proof of that.

  12. avatar Darkman says:

    One more swamp rat that needs to be dealt with. Time to repeal and replace this worthless POS

  13. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    The Republicans have had the laziest Speakers in recent years! It has to be laziness because they have accomplished a sum total of nothing, hell the Democrats have been more successful and they don’t control anything!

    Naming post offices and other pointless resolutions is all they have managed to do. Until they replace the do nothing leadership they will continue to accomplish nothing.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      I told my congressman to call for his resignation when he supported DACA and more gun control. Have you?

      Have you figured out who is running in the primary for your house seat next year and asked if they’ll vote for Ryan (same with senator and McConnel)?

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        ” supported DACA ” ???????????

        F NO

        Support the defense against DACA, yeah.

        Foreign nationals don’t get to say who gets to come to this country.

        Bottom line.

        Worth killing for / dying over.

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Wait. Ryan IS the replacement for the do-nothing Town Crier, I mean, Speaker of the House, John Boehner. How’d that happen? How do the forces that toppled Boehner satisfy themselves with an empty suit carbon copy as his replacement?

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Pod people.

        Drain the swamp, crop dust it with Atrazine.

  14. avatar Kyle says:

    And yet again, these guys prove that guns are only for the elite and powerful. The ‘pubs dont have any more interest in upholding the constitution of the US, than the dems do.

  15. avatar MouseGun says:

    Remember folks, the Deep State, whose soul purpose is self preservation, has no political party.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      And globalists (unless dyed in the wool satan-ites) HAVE TO BE GETTING PAID BY SOMEONE. THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO BE ENDED.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “… the Deep State, whose soul purpose is self preservation, has no political party.”

      I have been saying essentially the same thing for some time. Everything is trending toward Progressivism. The only major, consistent difference between Democrat and Republican control is how fast we move toward Progressivism.

      Nearly all Democrats and Republicans are simply swindling us with the “good cop, bad cop” routine.

      1. avatar NFLneedsLeadershipChange says:


        Exactly what I been telling my peeps for the last 5 yrs.
        RNC, DNC=SameNC
        Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… must be

  16. avatar Rammerjammer says:

    Are the rubes starting to feel like they’ve been used yet?

  17. avatar Joe R. says:

    Love Ryan’s Colostomy blockage immediate action pic up top.

    Thank you.

  18. avatar Hank says:

    Wisconsin needs to primary that ass pronto. Come on y’all, he’s an insult to your state with that Aaron Rodgers wanna be look. How dare he try to imitate the Great one.

  19. avatar Sua Sponte says:

    That’s mostly because Ryan is a spineless weasel nugget who lacks honor, integrity, selfless service, love of country….He’ll take the place of traitor McCain..

  20. avatar Mark N. says:

    And here I thought that Ryan came in on the Tea Party wave of idealism that sought to change the way America odes things in congress. Failing to do so is one thing, going over to the other side another all together.

    The timing IS right Mr. Ryan. Apart from Republican control of Congress, which may not survive the next election, the fact is that 38 out of 50 states support it, and the 12 that don’t are the ones that have been spitting on our rights for a hundred years. If not now, then never–that’s what you are telling us Mr. Ryan.

    1. avatar RMS1911 says:

      Paul Ryan has been in Washington for 19 years and comes from a left leaning district and married into a big democrat family.

  21. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I am sick and tired of this mealy mouthed, milquetoast rhetoric in the Republican party.

    What we really need is for current democrats to call themselves communists, current republicans to call themselves socialists, and a new party to actually represent the vast majority of people in our nation who are not interested in communism or socialism.

  22. avatar Floyd Teter says:

    Well, there ya have it. So focus on getting CC permits in the states important to you and keep this in mind during your next trip to the ballot box.

  23. avatar Jeff says:

    At this point would it have much of a chance in the Senate even if the House managed to get its act together? Nope.

    Personally I’d rather have the HPA and the bill (sri, can’t recall the name/#) that would put more teeth into FOPA. I don’t think National Reciprocity will work out the way many think it will with the way the current bills are written. I can easily foresee some of these states either doing away with current CCW laws or making it nearly impossible to carry anywhere but the roads/sidewalks.

  24. avatar Joe R. says:


    1) Do we manage to get the GCA ban on full-auto with four un-discussed lines thrown in without deliberation (aw shucks)

    2) OBAMACARE – without deliberation [we have to vote it in to see what’s in it – Pelosi] (can’t get rid of it because I must be taking kick-backs – Ryan & McConnell)


  25. avatar former water walker says:

    I’m just happy I’m NOT registered republican. Lord this boy is pathetic. As are most republitards. Anywho looked at an Anderson orc AR15 for 399 at Cabela’s. Shocked how solid it was with a dust cover and forward assist. Just need a basic AR that I can trick out…anyone have one?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Palmetto State Armory sells really solid basic AR’s. The best way to go, price-wise, is probably to look for an assembled upper w/parts kit and then assemble the lower yourself. Andersen makes decent lowers for a killer price, and putting the lower together and mating it with the upper is pretty simple, no special tools required.

      I got this kit about 3 months ago when it was on sale: (Can’t remember how much I paid for it, just that I thought it was a killer deal.) Put it together with a $40 Andersen lower, found Magpul flip-up sights on sale for $65 (instead of the usual $85), bought a couple of magazines, and I’m in the AR game for under $500.

      Looks killer, and shoots really nice. And I didn’t have to pay for it all at once, either. I bought the lower and sights separately, and the upper happened to go on sale when I actually had $300+ to spend (something that only happens once or twice a year).

  26. avatar LHW says:

    Looks like another turd that needs to be flushed.

  27. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Where is the loyalty???
    Ryan was in a tough reelection campaign last year. Trump was silent until many establishment republicans asked him to endorse Ryan for reelection. So he endorsed Ryan. Ryan won and so did Donald Trump.

    Now President Trump gets no support on his national reciprocity campaign issue???

    Call your representative and call Ryans office.

  28. avatar CCDWGUY says:

    In the photo it looks like he is reaching for a concealed carry gun in appendix carry position. I went to his website and unless you are in his district you can’t send him an email. I intend to communicate that he sends me snail mail about 5 times a month so why can’t I send him an email. My intent is to communicate that while I was not going to give his campaign any funds I’ll seriously consider sending some to anyone running against him.

    1. avatar IdahoBoy says:

      That’s not a pistol in his pants. He’s just happy to see you.

  29. avatar Carl Saiga says:

    Ryan you puke, just put that commie D by your name already. You are a waste of space and you are a disgrace to the conservative title. Conservative you are not sir. Progressive commie is thee.

  30. avatar Stereodude says:

    Time to start primarying them. It seems they didn’t learn anything from Eric Cantor’s forced departure.

  31. avatar sound awake says:

    the timings not right to reelect paul ryan

    or john mccain

    or jeff flake

    or lindsay graham

    or mitch mcconnell

    send em all packin

  32. avatar Johnny Shoes says:

    Make no mistake, Ryan is one of the sorriest S.O.B.’s who ever walked the face of the earth. Would love to see him removed from Speaker. Humiliation factor alone would be a delight to see.

  33. avatar Lcsw says:

    Say hi to the new bosses, same as the old bosses. I will not be surprised if we get nothing. No HPA no NR, nothing.

    Stop expecting rulers to give you your innate natural/God given rights.

    1. avatar Carl Saiga says:

      I think it’s more like we are wanting the rulers to keep the boys in blue from arresting us when we exercise our rights.

  34. avatar JDC says:

    Ryan is a f-tard and always has been.

  35. avatar CLarson says:

    The timing is never going to be right to vote for these cucks again.

  36. avatar John hesser says:

    I will be donating heavily to his primary challenger.

  37. avatar Robert Andolini says:

    Useless establishment Republicans. You can forget this and the Hearing Protection Act, nothing will ever happen.

  38. avatar Sprocket says:

    You’d have though they got the message when Republican voters told them to screw themselves and nominated Trump. I don’t know what’s more impressive, the arrogance or the stupidity.

  39. avatar Kenneth G Maiden says:

    “The timing is not right”? WTF Ryan? Guess your rubber spine is acting up againg. RINO POS.

  40. avatar rman says:

    What a joke. He doesn’t want to give Trump a win. Trump says he’ll sign a National Reciprocity bill as soon as it hits his desk. The swamp would rather sell out their own then give the outsider a political victory…guessing he’s looking to 2020…don’t count on my vote Mr. Ryan…

  41. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Ryan’s telling me now isn’t the right time for reciprocity??? Well when in hell is the right time ???? I do know now is the right time to kick you and every member of Congress OUT.

  42. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Crap like this is why POTG need to have NO loyalty or affiliation to political parties but rather to issues. They know they have a captive audience and don’t have to pay up to their constituents for votes. If they pass stuff like national reciprocity what are they going to get you to vote for them on in the future?

    Quite frankly Trump may look bad in a lot of ways, but Congress is making themselves look as bad if not worse. They have someone that would sign legislation for them if they would just get it through Congress.

  43. avatar Texas Irregular says:

    The Republicans are hoping to lose the house and/or senate in the mid-terms then all the promises they made can be explained away as, “we were so close but just ran out of time.” “we tried SO hard”

  44. avatar Todd says:

    “What a disingenuous excuse. When will the timing be better?”

    We all know what Ryan’s real answer is: never. The dems and republicans believe exactly the same thing. They simply package their policies different. The dems are openly anti gun. The republicans say they support guns, then do nothing.

  45. avatar tiger says:

    Sorry, but Ryan is right & has a pulse on Congress. They have other issues & after the Baseball shooting, support for this bill is weak at best.

  46. Ryan and the rest of these traitors from all across the country are done. The only thing keeping them from rope and a tree is opportunity at this point. I don’t think the lefty commies would mind if he, McTumor, Gayram, and the rest of the cucks took a swing. Then it’s the lefty commies turn on the ride. They just don’t know how close they are now.

  47. avatar Mark Lee says:

    The 1st Amendment to the Constitution establishes the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. The 2nd Amendment creates a right to own firearms. 
    Those statements are misleading . . . The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not establish or create any rights. They SECURE THE INALIENABLE RIGHTS WITH WHICH WE ARE NATURALLY ENDOWED AS HUMAN BEINGS. Governments are instituted among men to secure our rights, not to create them.

    The myriad conflicting laws and restrictions on law-abiding citizen’s inalienable rights creates an environment ripe for confusion and abuse by gun-hating fascists who abuse their authority to restrict society from defending themselves against violent criminals who ignore all laws regardless of location who ignore borders, where lawful citizens who carry firearms must not enter because of the existence of arbitrary, capricious and imaginary zones of restriction where our supposed inalienable rights are suspended by inconsistent government fiat irrespective of our constitution or majority opinion.

    This transforms law-abiding citizens into criminals when walking from one side of a street to the other and this collection of bad laws must be eliminated by federal authorization to equalize our country’s legislative quagmire of gun regulations as our founders intended. The “time is not right” is a highly subjective and unimaginative excuse made by someone who lacks the resolve to act in a decisive manner to right what is wrong and to abide by our constitution and the will of the people.

    One man in a position of leadership does not have the right to oppose such a majority and he should step aside, lest his lack of a backbone cause further discord and damage to an already fractured republic, because his commitment to obstructionism creates more victims without any benefit to our society – there is no possible advantage gained by keeping the same broken system in place.

  48. avatar Carlos Perdue says:

    But the timing’s always right for Undocumented Democrat Paul Ryan to a$$rape the American citizen, pushing pathways to ‘earned’ citizenship for 40 million fast-breeding future Democrats and their litters of future Democrats, special Obamacare deals and exemptions for congress and their staffers, etc, overwhelming the voting control of the American citizen and ensuring permanent supermajority Democrat control of all branches of the federal government and a supermajority of the states, which in turn ensures the loss of all gun rights and the USA itself (see California).

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