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Okay. You guys that were moaning (and not in a good way) about the TV spot RF posted featuring the Roller Derby girls? Here’s a little something to take the sting out. It took me some time to find a video with both a hot woman (who happens to be taking her clothes off), that still had some socially redeeming value (i.e.: RF insists that every post actually be about something gun-related.) That certainly raises the bar, research-wise.

The sacrifices I make for TTAG…

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  1. Bleh, maybe if your ideal woman is a fake-tanned, dye-blonde, breast-implanted sorority girl. I’LL PASS, thanks.

  2. WOW, I’m proud of you RF. This is much better than yesterdays heifer review. I have to watch the video a few more times because I keep missing the holster.

  3. Auxin, too bad you are representative of only about 1% of your half of the species.

    I am just wondering if she could run an IDPA course in those heels. She looks so top-heavy I suspect she would totter over from the recoil.

  4. I’m working my way down and can’t wait to see what Robert posted yesterday. But so far today it looks like Brad is trying to become some kind of porn mogul.

    I know, these are to help out all the female readers.

    • Dude! Me and my wife stumbled across Bikini Frankenstien Saturday night… this as I know is not soft core porn. I don’t know what counts in the Vatican but here it isn’t porn.

        • Mike, are you gay? I am not calling you that I really am wondering. It is a woman showing a holder… big deal. I can’t see how it offends. In this world there is much worse. Lets all think of any South American commercials.

        • Helping women figure out where to carry firearms while compensating for their typically tighter clothing (and different shape) and anti-gun jerkoffs like you who want us all to hide our guns is somehow “misogynistic’?

          Have you even heard of a dictionary?

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