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Oh dear. Did he just release slide stop with his thumb? Tsk tsk. And can’t Kel-Tec afford a little Shoot ‘N C action? And if he’s aiming for the X—rather than his existing holes—maybe a little sight adjustment is in order. And once I’m caviling, MUZZLE DISCIPLINE DUDE. Slide open or not, keep that bad boy pointed downrange and avoid lasering yourself. Bad habits die hard. With a vengeance. Oh, and could you send us one to review please? [email protected]

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  1. If the action is open, it’s not a gun, it’s a paperweight. I learned that fifty years ago, and nothing has changed since. I didn’t see anything unsafe in this video.

  2. I don’t know why your surprised RF, Kel-Tec is a cheap poor quality gun and this video proves it.

  3. I bought one on a whim, it was there under the glass, I was on the other side with money in my pocket. If I had a do-over, I would not buy the gun. It’s fun. There is only negligible recoil. It is capable of greater accuracy than shown in the video–even I am. On the downside, I’m able to run through a full magazine about half the time without stovepipes when shooting Rem. 40gr. It seems to my uneducated eye like the gun has difficulty getting the long case out of the way quickly enough. I just bought some CCI 40gr. TMJ maxi-mags and hope this ammo will improve things. Also, it is very, very difficult to load the magazine to full capacity. I usually find that it’s just to much like work at about 25 rounds.

    • Well if your not interested in keeping your pmr30, are you interested in selling it? Email me back if you are.

  4. I’ve had very good luck with the two Kel-Tecs I own. Both reliable and accurate. My guess is this little fun-gun will be the same.

    But to echo RF…damn guys, if you’re going to go to all the trouble of making a promotional video, how about sending someone over to Walmart with a five spot and springing for a pack of Shoot N Cs? And, given that you want to make a good impression and all, don’t you think zeroing in the gun, you know, before you start filming might be a good idea? Just a thought.

  5. Of course he released the slide with his thumb. That’s what the slide stop is there for. It isn’t gonna damage the gun any more than cycling would.

    Agreeing with Ralph on this one, gun is empty, lets play big-boy rules and realize that it isn’t dangerous at that time.

    Also, that gun is probably sighted in just fine. Bad trigger control/grip can easily pull the group a few inches off target.

    And while we’re at it lets just do some corporate whoring for another company too.

    Maybe think a little more before bashing kel-tec.

    • A “slide stop” is there to stop the slide. It is not the safest or most effective way to release the slide. In fact, it’s the least safe way to do so.

      There is no such thing as an unloaded gun.

      If I were demonstrating a gun for a major manufacturer, I’d want to shoot dead center of the target, and would do everything necessary to make it so.

      TTAG don’t whore for no one. Pimp maybe. Kidding.

      I think a lot about what I write. Sometimes before I write it.

      • I mean no disrespect, but in what way is using the slide stop/release lever “unsafe?” I’ve never heard of that method being considered “unsafe.” Perhaps not the best or most useful, but never “unsafe.”

        Also, how would you present your case to a company, such as Kahr Arms, that explicitly states that in order to manually chamber a round, one must use the slide stop lever?

        • There are two main ways that using the slide stop is unsafe.

          1. When releasing the slide stop with the gun hand thumb, the resulting loaded gun is not fully under control. As you know, releasing the slide stop causes the gun to “jump,” moving the muzzle in an uncontrolled manner. However momentarily. However fractionally. I’ve never seen anyone use the weak hand to release the stop. But I have seen a new shooter drop a gun as a result.

          If, God forbid, the shooter has his or her finger on the trigger when they release the slide stop—which can happen to experienced shooters in combat situations—the result can be a negligent discharge within a fairly wide field of fire. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard tales of guns going off from releasing the slide stop even without trigger operation. In any case, by releasing the slide with the weak hand, you can keep the gun perfectly still, completely under control.

          2. Releasing the slide with slide stop is dangerous for self-defense. The fight or flight response alters the blood flow away from the hands, significantly degrading fine motors skills. In other words, fingers turn to flippers. It’s extremely difficult to release the slide stop in combat, when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Train as you mean to fight.

          ‘Nuff said?

          • 1. “In any case, by releasing the slide with the weak hand, you can keep the gun perfectly still, completely under control.”

            Ummm, really? Do this with a laser on your gun, and watch the dot wriggle all over your backstop. By this reasoning, thumb safeties are also bad…

            2. Again, see “thumb safety” above.

            I have no problem with slide-stop or thumb safety of my 1911’s (two seperate levers) or on my Hi-Point (one lever does both). And the Hi-Point lever is horrible…

        • Hadn’t seen that, Sgt. As a happy Kahr owner, I’m embarrassed that they refer to a magazine as a clip. That always grates my cheese.

  6. I’ve been trying to get a PMR-30 for months but supply is short. I’m trying to downgrade to .22 WMR for all my personal weapons since I’m 55 and don’t really expect to get in a full blown firefight in my neighborhood. The cost of .45 and .380 ammo has become prohibitive and a .22 magnum seems to make a lot of sense.

  7. I have been hearing a few negatives about the PMR-30 breaking apart…enough that I am considering cancelling my Bud’s order which has been on reserve since March 6th. Just have to wait to June 6 to get my refund at 100%…and with the backorders/low production of Kel-Tec, it shouldn’t be a problem. I will wait until they get the kinks out. Generation two or three of this gun should have it dialed in.

    I also don’t like a gun that is sold as a 30 round with a magazine that is poorly designed so that most owners give up after loading 25. You shouldn’t have to work so hard to load it and you shouldn’t be seeing creased cases because of the pressure in the magazine. Kel-Tec ought to re-design the magazine or find a better spring.

    The price got me hooked but now I’m thinking, “$300 bucks is $300 bucks” and that is one expensive paperweight if you have problems enough that you leave it in the safe.

  8. I appreciate the honesty and thriftiness of Kel-Tec.

    Precision first, accuracy later. The sights are off — or not yet adjusted for this guy’s parallax — or his grip is sub-optimal but fairly consistent. It’s still precise enough to hunt squirrels

    Shoot N Cs? really? at 7 yards? This isn’t promotional so much as educational, and I like what they did — it’s real

    The less they spend on PR and Sales, the less we pay to buy their products. I appreciate that

  9. My experience with this pistol has been great. Had a friend who bought 2 and we would fire them together at the range. Excellent accuracy, groupings, recoil minimal if any… I really like this gun! Only down side that it can get quite loud. He sold it for double the price and looking back I should have pulled the homie card and bought it off him at normal price. Now I’m waiting for my order to come in which should be in the next 8 weeks finally. We havw not experienced the negative reviews that have been published here or at other write ups, at all actually. Also, we took a pig carcass and checked lethality, cavitation, et al with this weapon and a couple others. Have to say that this is a practical lethal self defense gun after examining the impact and damage. Its a misleading weapon and i’m sure I’m gonna get the die hard 1911 nut telling me how wrong I am blah blah blah… But the truth of the matter is this: screw your ideas about brand, ammo type, caliber and so on… All that matters is how effective the weapon is at doing its job. Mafia hit men have been using 22’s forever and it works for them. This weapon is more than capable of doing that job, quickly and efficiently.

  10. Picked one up about a month ago, I’ve put about 100 rounds through it and the first few times loading it was a PITA mainly due to the spring strength of the magazines and my ignorance of loading it. The last few times I have reloaded the mags it was almost as easy as my ar mags ( and held as many rounds too ). I love my pmr30 I just wish 22 mag ammo hadnt increased as much as it has over the past few years. Also about the slide release, unless you do some work on it, or have hulk hands, good luck releasing it with your shooting hand thumb. I can but it takes some pressure.

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