Hotrodding the WASR-10 for Dummies. Again. Better.

Someone at must have read my Hodrodding the WASR-10 series and decided there’s a market for wood stock kits for Romanian AK47s that are G2G. The ready-to-rock units lack the shine or luster that two weeks of careful sanding and polishing can bring. BUT is it love’s labor lost? Do you have the time/patience for DIY? For around $130. I would have gone with this option if I’d known better. Although a considerable cost considering the price of the weapon, it’s makes the AK special. OR you could start with a birch wood set from Timbersmith and give it some extra love. Then you’ll really have something special. It’s annoying to polish a turd (a.k.a. commie bloc block wood), but it can be done. Much easier to start with something nice from the get-go. Kalashnikov would approve.

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