Hotrodding the WASR-10 for Dummies. Again. Better.

Someone at must have read my Hodrodding the WASR-10 series and decided there’s a market for wood stock kits for Romanian AK47s that are G2G. The ready-to-rock units lack the shine or luster that two weeks of careful sanding and polishing can bring. BUT is it love’s labor lost? Do you have the time/patience for […]

Hotrodding the WASR-10 – Part 2

In my first article on hotrodding the WASR 10, I talked about taking off the bloc-quality furniture and restoring it to something more suitable for Scandinavia (namely above IKEA grade). Now that I had the firearm looking good, the next step: help its performance in a potential home defense scenario. After all, the Kalashnikov is […]

Gun Review: Century Arms WASR-10 (Romanian AK)

“Loose is good.” I think. Since that’s really just a hunch, I did the easiest most journalistically-thorough thing and Googled the phrase. My results? Well, let’s just say they stuck a collective finger in my gut: nearly every hit involved Weight Watchers. Then I repeated the search with the SafeSearch™ filter off, at which point […]