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With RF and Dan still suffering from the aftereffects of yesterday’s outage, it looks like the inmates are running the asylum. As they spool-up, a little fun from Hornady.

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  1. I like their stuff. And I have not had too hard a time. It seems to me that availability is improving, at least in my area. I just hope it continues to improve.

  2. All I want is that steel cased 300BLK I heard was going to come out 2 years ago. Everything else I have plenty of.

    • good eyes there. Heh, if they put that much effort and care into a goofy vid, I have absolute confidence in their ammo and components.

  3. Hornady: We’re Doing Everything Possible… to keep prices as high as humanly possible.

    Hornady… Accurate. Deadly. Dependable. Unavailable. Expensive.

  4. For the most part all of this is true but they have suspended the majority of there reloading supplies because they are all going to production ammo. =-( which makes me a sad panda because i know their 300whisper is on the bottom of their list and im not going to pull .308 amax’s to make my own.

  5. I can find it at all LGS but not going to pay their BS gouging price. Happy to go to WM and find 100 rds boxes of 9 and 40 for cheap.

  6. That was an enjoyable video. And I’m sure that Hornady and every other ammo maker is making product as fast as is safely possible. I’m seeing more on the shelves lately, and prices at Walmart are still reasonable

  7. To all the people talking smack about Hornady gouging prices, which ammo manufacture does not? When I could find Hornady in 9mm and .357mag it was no more expensive then most other top tier ammo. And currently they along with Speer are the only .50AE I can find, although thankfully I will be reloading that cal along with .500 mag and all my others by end of year. Let’s get this POS president out of office, him and his buddy Biden are the ones causing the price gouging and supply issues.

    Talk about price gouging, has anyone looked at armslist lately? It’s as if everyone’s firearm is made of gold. It’s the climate, no one person or entity other than the gungrabbing democrats is too blame.

  8. I won’t rule out that some lefty loon high up at DHS is using priority contracts to constrict the supply of civilian ammo, but since the shortages cover everything from .38spc to 7.62x54R, that explanation seems unlikely. Instead, what’s happened at this point is that the people willing to go to Wally World at 2am when the truck comes in have gotten used to doing that on a regular basis, and are financing their occupation by reselling some of it at twice the price. Or at least that’s the impression I get from watching Gunbroker. There’s ammo available, and the prices are doable, if tough to swallow compared to two years ago.

    All that said, there’s clearly a new level of demand in the market, and it’s been sustained for awhile now. Seems like someone would build some new production lines and make a buck…

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