Mattv2099 Hits 200k Subs, Hilarity Ensues

Mattv2099 is one of my favorite gun-related YouTubers, and back when I had time to write the Daily Digest, rarely did a week go by without one of his videos appearing in that space. Often silly, but always in an entertaining way, his YouTube channel recently crested 200k subscribers, and his friend and fellow YouTuber […]

Housekeeping: Taking Out The Trash

As some of you have probably noticed, the spam filter has been a little overactive of late, and some of your witty comments (and some not-so-witty) have gotten lost in the Twisting Nether. For that, our apologies. I have spent the last hour approving some 300+ comments falsely flagged as spam, and I am about […]

Daily Digest: Entitled Behavior Edition

Durango, Colorado brings us yet another case of people who are brought near an existing gun range by urban sprawl who then complain about the noise. Folks are pressuring La Plata County and the city of Durango to move the the private, members-only Durango Gun Club to “somewhere more remote.” (Map link here, so you […]

Daily Digest: Ugly As Homemade Sin Edition

A shipyard worker at Newport News Shipbuilding found an unattended firearm onboard the USS Enterprise last week. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is in the yard undergoing decommissioning. The owner of the gun, a crew member on the Enterprise, was found, and after NCIS determined charges were not warranted, the matter was turned over to Enterprise […]

Daily Digest: Focus! Edition

New York is facing one of those “good problems” right now. The state Department of Environmental Conservation is having to figure out what to do with all the money. Massive gun and ammunition sales over the past couple years (yes, even in New York) have produced a record windfall of federal excise taxes, which according […]

Daily Digest: Show Your Stripes Edition

Remember back before the whole open carry at Starbucks thing blew up, back when there weren’t any ARs and AKs, just a bunch of guys and gals with their BBQ guns and nice holsters? Back then, part of their “impact statement” was to pay with $2 bills. Hornady Manufacturing had the same idea when distributing […]

Daily Digest: Bookends Edition

Remember the R.I.P. round? It’s the jagged-edge handgun round that’s designed to fragment on impact. Richard Ryan got his hands on a new product from those guys, the 300 RIPOUT, which as you might imagine, is a similar idea in a 300 Blackout round, and of course, he does some slow-mo awesomeness. Read on for […]

Daily Digest: Good As New Edition

Stupid people, stupid places, stupid things… Five teenagers thought it’d be fun to drive around Santa Fe, New Mexico, and shoot at random cars with BB guns. What could possibly go wrong? Since you’re reading it here, you’d be forgiven for assuming that one or more of them ended up perforated, but that didn’t happen […]

Daily Digest: Flash Of Inspiration Edition

Do you have a gun on your flashlight? A recent report by the Denver Post finds that gun-mounted flashlights are increasingly being linked to accidental shootings and negligent discharges by police. Record-keeping is spotty, but the paper found that over the last nine years, there have been at least five shootings by officers who happened […]

Weekend Digest: Missing The Target Edition

[UPDATED 6/8] If you know me, you know I’m not one for conspiracy theories; in fact, I’m usually vigorously opposed to them. But even I find it hard not to connect the dots when just days after Moms Demand Action announced they were attempting to get Target to ban guns, an employee at a Myrtle […]

Daily Digest: “That Guy” Edition

A large gun control bill was unveiled last week in Massachusetts, and a public debate was held yesterday at the Statehouse. Many supporters on both sides showed up, including State Rep. George Peterson speaking against the bill. Chief among the complaints, a section that would give local police chiefs the ability to deny a license […]

Daily Digest: The Sound Of Sweet, Juicy Freedom Edition

From The Tactical Wire – Minneapolis, MN – Range Systems, a leading manufacturer of live fire shooting products for the military, law enforcement and consumer communities, introduces their newest complete line of steel targets called Dura-Steel. The new targets are manufactured from 3/8″ AR500 steel capable of handling calibers of up to .762 [yes, I […]