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Springfield XD-S serial number local. Say bye-bye to your new carry piece? (courtesy

Owners of the  sub-compact Springfield XD-S might want to check their gun’s serial number and click here for the Croatian company’s recall notice. “Springfield Armory® is initiating this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols with new components, which eliminate the possibility of a potentially dangerous condition. We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date.” Apparently, the gun “could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.” Ya think? Yet more proof, if proof be needed, that the smart concealed carry guy or gal owns at least two carry guns. You know: one’s a nun and we’ve only just begun. Or something like that. Uh, three if you own a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Here’s how the Springfield XD-S recall’s going down . . .

Springfield will send you a return authorization and mailing label, allowing you to return your 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm or .45ACP pistol to Springfield at no cost to you. Springfield will upgrade your 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm or .45ACP pistol with the new [unspecified] components, and return it to you. Springfield will provide tracking numbers so you can monitor the receipt and return of your upgrades.

Here’s hoping they don’t have to use that url again.

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        • Yes, well the Shield would be the direct substitute for the XD-s. At this point, I’m sitting pretty w/ the Nano I picked up over a year ago. Carried it nearly every day since, put many hundreds of rounds through it (including +P), and it’s 100%. Accurate, solid, tiny, no recalls 😉

  1. Croatian quality re-branded with a name from a place that is no longer in business. The real Springfield Armory was in Springfield, MA.

    Croatian quality; I think the only think they’ve made that the world has noticed is the Belichick family.

  2. Everyone talks about how great Springfield’s customer service is. It’s true. It is. I just wish I hadn’t of needed to send my Springfield Loaded 1911 back to them, twice, to have it fixed to operate and function as it should have the day I purchased it.

    I won’t ever buy another Springfield product again (the fake Springfield). I’ve never had any problems with my real Springfields: the M1 Garands I’ve owned and used.

    • I just got my two recalled XDS9 3.3s back from Springfield. Both included a nice thank you note referring to a complimentary extended magazine. Only one of the two shipments actually included a magazine. Problem: It’s a 45ACP mag. Ooops.

    • Springfield is still the same company it was before the move, The old Springfield Armory was Property of the United States Government, after World War 2 they turned it into a PRIVATE company and sold it. People who say it is not the same need to do research, I did and it was easy to find the info.

  3. Well there went my plans to get an XD-S. They’ll be so busy with this there won’t be one for me to pick up.

  4. Not a drop safe issue. According to the story posted on Guns Save Lives, the XDS:

    “could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.”

    • Care to explain what you mean? Because I own and carry one, and I’m very good at responding to insults.

        • I sent my XDS in 2 months ago with them changing the due dates every week. Now Its Christmas truly gross customer service. I am going to sell this gun that was never fired as soon as I get it back. Crappy gun with crappy service. First hand experience. Berreta is a better name glock Sig cant go wrong. I own a kimber ultra carry 2 brought the XDS to carry concealed so far never fired or carried it. Buyer Beware.

  5. I was on the phone with Springfield Armory not 2 hours ago. I was told the trigger disconnector/transfer bar and something in the grip safety had to be replaced. This was customer service though so grain of salt and all that.

    The return label and RMA are email only, you must have a printer to get the actual label. It does NOT appear that they are insuring the returns (done via FedEx). If you contact them; their website is currently down and wait times for calling them are 20+ minutes (800-680-6866 ). You must have your serial number available when calling or they are not able to process the return.

    They’re advising against attempting to load/shoot the affected pistols until they can be repaired, and advising to ship the pistol in a plain cardboard box, not it’s (awesome) case. Also of course, don’t return mags, holsters, etc etc, just the pistol please.

  6. I now have three examples of the most popular carry pistols around, 1 S&W Shield 9mm and 2 XDS-9’s, all of which are under recall. I’m back to my 1911 as a carry gun just when I’d joined the modern world and replaced it with something a little more ‘packable’. It’s hardly a hardship for someone who’s CCW’d a 1911 all along anyway, but it is eye opening. What the heck is up with quality control when major manufacturers most popular pieces are flying out the door in not only defective but dangerous condition?

      • lol yeah yeah yeah . . .yadda yadda!

        Seriously though, IWB a Glock? Not on my small frame. The full 5inch govt model 1911 is still more comfortable and practical for me to carry concealed than the baby Glocks. It’s not that I hate Glock, I’ve had them and they are alright. I even let go of an H&K USP .40 that I loved because of its ridiculously wide slide/frame. Duty weapon? Sure thing! Concealment piece? Not for skinny guys like me.

        • Hal: Yes. . . I also have a short torso. I can appendix carry but it’s not terribly comfortable seated. I prefer just behind my right hip. I’m also (even though I’m still skinny, 5’8 140) developing a bit of a softer midsection as I play out my 30’s. Appendix carry is fine if I’m mostly standing but even half an hour seated and I’m painfully aware of where my gun is.

      • Glocks are great, reliable weapons. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Some of us daintier people can’t carry them comfortably. I’m glad you are happy with your weapon. It’s just unrealistic to think that everyone is going to be as comfortable with it as you are.

  7. Sheesh; call the 800 number and you don’t even get a ring. “All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later.”

    • Looks like the phones must be down along with the website now. My XDS has a serial number in the 900,000’s, I can only imagine how much traffic Springfield is getting right now.

    • (Warning: technobabble alert)

      …and their mailservers are grinding to a halt, too. 49 minutes to grind thru their outbound spam filters?

      Received: from ( []) by (ESMTP) with SMTP id C91C3E220F8 for ; Thu, 29 Aug 2013 14:48:40 -0400 (EDT)
      Received: from ( []) by with ESMTP id FV8ndBIeu5dhzfAD for ; Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:48:37 -0500 (CDT)
      Received: from webapp251 ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP Server id 14.1.438.0; Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:59:32 -0500

      Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:59:33 -0500

  8. Nano isn’t perfect either. Mine had the FTE failures which was really really a pain. Sent it in, Had it fixed and sold it. Not to be trusted after that nonsense.

  9. Nuts. Back to the Sig P290, which I love to shoot but hate to clean. Disassembly of the 290 can give you tendonitis.

  10. Two words. Glock…and Neener 🙂

    Just kidding, that really sucks for all the XDs and Shield owners 🙁 I hope they work out all y’all’s issues. At least S&W and Springfield have good customer service. I’m sure they’ll fix your pieces and have them back to you in no time. My heart goes out to you.

    • Well, since everybody else seems to want to be an elitist dick about it, I guess I’ll just say thanks for the sympathy. I’ll go ahead and send it in ASAP.

      By the way, I also own a Glock 23 with a dropped-in .357 SIG barrel and an Auto-Ordnance 1911, so all you fanboys can just kiss my ass.

      • Like I said, just kidding. Not a fanboy at all, I own a couple S&W revolvers and an M&P 15T. Many of my friends carry shields and XDs, variety is the spice of life brother 🙂 Glocks aren’t pretty and aren’t for everyone. I honesty think it sucks that y’all are having annoying recalls. What is bad for for the goose is bad for the gander. My sympathy is sincere.

        • Oh, no no no; that was directed at the guys who said smarmy things and didn’t follow them up with a “Just kidding.” It wasn’t directed at you.

        • Cool beans 🙂 I just wanted to clarify that I was being facetious. I dislike elitist Glocktard dicks as well. What works for one guy doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, I recently almost bought an XDs 9mm but waffled since I’ve got too many 9’s. They are if nothing else, pretty and comfortable to carry from what I hear. Division and petty differences are the downfall of every movement.

          My way or the highway types get on my nerves when it relates to choice in firearms. I personally like my Glocks (and it seems that you like yours) but I am not so closed minded as to assume that my preference is applicable to anyone else. I’d get bored if all I ever shot were Glocks.

      • I also own a glock 27 gen 4, Glock 30SF, and a CZ P-01. Still like to carry the xds 9mm over any of them. XDS 9 shoots as good as any also. BTW no double shots or did not shoot my wall out loading it, but still sent the damn thing in. Any word on how long it is supposed to take, and any tracking location for our RMA number?

        • Good question – turn around time? I was unfortunate enough to buy my XDS on the same day as the #@!* recall.

  11. Man, I don’t get Glock people’s hate for any other poly pistol out there that’s well regarded.

    Glock is hardly perfect:

    “Users cured these FTF and FTE problems by installing a set of Gen3 springs with a little adapter. Glock moved quickly to head off a PR nightmare and offered replacement RSAs to its customers. In Glock-speak, this was called an “upgrade,” not a recall.”

    “Issued by the department’s armorer, or gun expert, the March 13 report is titled simply: Firing Pin Issue. In each case where there was a misfire, the gun was taken apart and the firing pin was found to be cracked or chipped.

    The report includes photos of the failed firing pins.”

    GlockTalk has more if you want to find it.

    The point is: Even the best made firearms out there have some kinks. I still consider XD and Glock units to be the same gun with different ergonomics.

  12. S&W 642 CT in the waistband and Sig Sauer P220 under the seat both with hornady critical defense. At all times. Good guy up bad guy down.

    • So now whoever doesn’t carry the preferred shootin’ iron is “the bad guy”? Since we’re not discussing anything other than a recall on a gun that you don’t own, I have to assume that’s what you meant. Honestly, I don’t understand fanboys and I hope I never do.

  13. Both my 9mm and my dad’s .45 XD-S are affected by the recall.

    Anyone have an idea of what the turn-around time will probably be?

      • Do the math, 225,000 pistols affected, say 5minute repair.

        (225000 * 5) /60 = 18,750 man hours = 2,344 (8 hour days).

        If they get 100 people working on this that would be approximately 23 days (Given all came in at once) but lets not forget where the parts come from, CROATIA so we may be delayed waiting on them.

        NEVER, NEVER again will I purchase a Springfield Armory gun and the ONLY polymer gun will be the Glock.

    • got in on the landline this a m, old hold 5 minutes. not bad. customer service says they have the parts. mailing the postage paid labe to me. it is insured. they will return postage paid. get a free extended mag too. as for turn around time they couldn’t be pinned down just said ASAP

    • Mine was also recalled the day I bought it (great timing).
      My Xds 45 was received by Springfield on September 3rd, checked in on September 7th (Labor Day weekend delayed the check in period) and today I received an mail it was shipped Fedex and will be in my hands Wednesday (October 30th – tomorrow) by 8:00pm.
      A bit longer than expected, but not all that bad considering there must be a huge number of guns to be repaired. (or upgraded). In the meantime I bought a Springfield Range Officer 1911 (45 cal) and love it. If they didn’t recall the XDs I probably wouldn’t have this super 1911. Less apparent recoil then my Glock 17 or M&P9… and very accurate .. even with me shooting it.
      I would think the turn around time would be less at this stage in the program???
      Hope this helps.

  14. No, just a revolver fan for dgu and pistol only for wshtf. Brand choice is like cars it needs to start every time then we talk extras.

  15. OK – just got off the phone with Springfield – took 12 minutes to get through, BUT…I was told you MUST do this process online – not over the phone, as some blogs are saying. Then I asked how long it will take and was told 3-4 weeks. Boy, do I wish I would have taken some really good advice and bought a second pistol long ago.

    • I reconsidered waiting to send my gun in to S/A & used the website last night,got the emails and shipping label from Fed Ex without any trouble.

      My XDs45 was delivered to a Fed Ex shipping location this morning.(PakMail, a mile from my home)

      On its way as I type.

  16. Well I cannot get through to them, all circuits busy. When I did get through the teleprompter #7 for XDs recall just went unanswered. So lets see, if you do the math, there are 225,000 pistols recalled, 186,300 45ACP & 38,700 9MM, or at least that is the number of S/Ns in the range of each per the website. It took me SIX MONTHS to get this dam thing, shot it once and the recoil spring guide came out all beat up after 200 rounds. After way too MANY emails I’m told that is normal, carry on…. Now this! With 1/4 million pistols to be recalled, will it be another six months for turn around? Will we have to wait for parts from Croatia????

    I stripped this down side by side with my Glock 26 and the Glock is far superior in manufacturing! Also make note of the extensive use of ROLL-PINs on the XDs, most concerning was for the extractor! I purchased the XDs because I liked the feel over the Glock 30S. Looks like I ship this XDs POS to springfield armory and stop but the store and order the Glock 30S. Lets have a race, get a 30S into the store or get the XDs repaired and returned, who will win? My money is on the Glock! Springfield, if your listening you should POST the ETA turnaround times and offer something for the hassle, how about them mysterious magazines that have to come from Croatia!

    Not a happy customer

  17. I own 2 XD45 and XDS45 I love them both, I dont like this recall but at least they care enough to put it out there. I imagine my XDs45 will be as good as new once they are finished. Stuff happens people. Get over it, Id still put my guns up against anyone. Great guns with awesome balance and the compact XDs is a great carry gun.

  18. Springfield will not start the recall’s till the middle of September. Your gun will be fixed in the order it was received. Depending on the amount of tech’s involved and the process of repairing them involved its a realistic 4+ weeks from now (9-3-13′) till they start sending them back. One more thing, Springfield will not be sending out any new XDS firearms till the end of this month.

    • If you got this from Springfield then I guess not only are we waiting for Parts from Croatia but some of those are going into new guns with only an allocation for the repairs I’d guess. Gotta keep the revenue coming in for they all ready got our cash.

      I highly doubt I will every trust this gun again! Glock 30SF &/or Glock 36, which ever I find first will be my replacement.

  19. Looks like they are fixing the problem with a roll pin driven through the grip safety. Great, not only is this gun ruined by a useless “feature” like a grip safety, but now it will have a pin drilled through it that can come loose and jam up the gun. I’ve always laughed at those bubbas who buy this Croatian crap that no true armed professional will even consider, and now I’m laughing even harder. LOL! The XD series is the Barack Obama of the pistol world. Foreign crap pretending to be American. PT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute. Maybe Springfield can come out with an Arnold Schwarzenegger model and call it the Total Recall Edition. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • Sure TJ, because anyone who sees the re-branded Croatian junk for what it really is MUST be a Glock fan. Right? This kind of simple-minded thinking is exactly what I would expect from slack jawed yokels who buy these poorly made Croatian Hi-Points.

        Besides, even if I was a Glock fan, what does the fact that Croatia is a stone’s throw from Austria have to do with anything? Your mama’s kitty is less than a stone’s throw from her pooper, which one did you come out of? LOL!

        • Mike C do you like to try and stoke a fire or do you just not get enough action from calling people names in the World of Warcraft game chat? Seriously dude lighten up, get out of your parents basement and enjoy the real world. I promise its much better out there than anything you can play on Call of Duty or what ever you are basing your perceived notion of reality on.

        • @nuckingfuts22…You seem to know an awful lot about video games and mommy’s basement. Here’s a little reality for you – Armed professionals overwhelmingly choose other makes of pistols for defense of their lives and those that they are responsible for. You won’t see anything that says “XD” on the slide being used for serious purposes by anyone who has a clue about tactical weaponry. That’s real world information, not the video games that you seem to know so much about.

        • Interesting that you say that because I was told by a few cop friends of mine that an XD is a great service weapon. In fact all of them replaced their tried and tested S&W 38’s ankle rig for an XDs because of the reputation that the gun had. I am interested in where you get your information, is it factual or is it just something you made up in an attempt to sound intelligent to us “Bubba’s”?
          Your right about me having experience with basements, but to be honest I am to much of a gentleman to discuss those details with you.

    • I do agree with your comment about Oh Bummer but have to defend your comment about the XDs, I for one have had no problems what so ever with any of my XD firearms and find them to be perfect in every way, I have fired thousands of rounds through my XD firearms without a single hitch and hundreds of rounds through my XDs , I will give Springfield the opportunity to check my gun out then I will carry the XDs every day as I have done since I traded for it months ago .

  20. This is my first springfield and will be my last. Not just because of recall but because of customer service. Totally sucked!!! Virtually impossible get ahold of anyone on the phone and they take their sweet time emailing you also. I got the ” we’re already payed, you’ll get it when you get it” attitude.

  21. Just want to let you guys know my experience with the XDS 45 ACP. Bought the gun, shot 80 rounds, some hornady 185gr zombies, and some federal 230gr. Had several lite primer strikes, empty cases tumbled down the slide and the ejection port, causing damage to the finish. I had shavings of the finish in my arm hair! pistol would not go into full battery a couple of times when I pushed the slide release button with full mag. This pistol will also not return to full battery if the end of the gun is pushed slightly. Only when loaded… Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. This is a recipe for trouble if pushed up in your pocket or holster when you sit down. Also.. small end of rod in the recoil spring has rough edges now! After calling Springfield, They told me the cases bouncing down the slide was normal. uh.. BS!! tell me a gun that you would label that as normal. After I told them about the other issues, they agreed to take it back for repair’s. they have had it 3 weeks now. Bam! now we got a recall! who knows when I will get it back now. I doubt all the issues will be fixed, and plan on losing my butt when I get it back. This will be sold or traded in when it get’s back! The one good thing… It shot an awesome group.

  22. I just fond out about the recall ,I was shocked to find out there is a problem with gun as I find it to be perfect in every way.
    My gun is in the recall and I will be sending it off soon to be checked out by springfield .
    I have confidence in springfield and own many XD firearms and have never had a single problem, I can only guess the amount of rounds I have fired out of XD firearms my best guess is 5000 plus and I cannot remember ever having a problem. The XDs that i own has had at least 450 rounds fired though it with out a single problem, so I for one plan on giving Springfield the opportunity to check my gun out and be sure it does not have anything wrong with it .

  23. My xds 45 is one of those lemons i cant load it without the bullet getting jammed in the camber send it off last tuesday

  24. I have put over a thousand rounds through my XDs 45 and much more through my Springfield 1911a. Very few issues with either gun. Have had an occasional casing not eject on both guns, though rarely.

  25. I have put over a thousand rounds of 45ACP through my XDS without a hitch. Many were even home reloads. Can’t say the same about my Glock GEN4. I have one word for all you Glock lovers “jam”. Personally I have been stabbed in an armed robbery and been the victim of a drive by shooting. All before CCW legislation. Now that its here I still wouldn’t trust my Glock not to jam. Until I get my SD-S back, I’ll carry my SIG 226!

  26. I spoke with Springfield customer service yesterday and was informed the XDS recall will be done in the order the pistol(s) were received. Problem is they don’t have a fix worked out as of yet. Said they have added another shift at the factory so hopefully within another month or so. My XDS was one of the first to arrive for repair and has been setting for a month now. I miss the little bugger but have my Kimber Ultra back in service untill the XDS is home.

  27. Find out today that Springfield armory still has not figured out how to fix it! No ETA for return! Warranty states if one or more part found to be defective, Springfield will provide a new, repaired or reconditioned ( their choice) a replacement. Well I believe the gun design itself to be defective so that would lead to only one option, refund but I doubt that will happen without a class action suit! 1/4 million guns, $600 average price , 150 million dollar liability to them. Suspect we will get 18 pound triggers prior to seeing one dime back. Springfield, if you are mining social media, offer up 1911 45s with the same serial number as an alternative as a factory replacement. Will lesson your liability costs. Mine has been there for 30 days now with no end in site !

  28. Lets face it, we got suckered! Also lets realize that the design is obviously flawed since they knew about this in April, not August, search you tube. Now ask yourself, if you ever had to use the XDs in self defense don’t you think the other lawyer would attack you on the grounds of using a defective / known dangerous gun? i know I can Never use this as a CCW gun due to liability and the only way I will be pleased with my XDs is with a refund of my $650 investment. By the warranty they can not replace the defective part for the gun itself is defective, Springfield should offer refunds and we should take it, otherwise this WILL end up in a class action law suit. Springfield will pay more than the $150 million in liability and we will get less than our purchase costs since lawyers will get most if it! Worse yet, this will be fuel for the anti gunners!

    The President of Springfield armory will be on guntalk this Sunday, I suggest we flood the phone banks demanding refunds.

    • Well, after researching for months, thinking I found the CC Weapon I wanted, searching for a few more months, getting on a waiting list, paying a premium, having issues with round chambering, finding out about the recall, sending the weapon in and finding out they don’t have even a solution much less a ship back date, I feel injured – but to answer your question, no. I have not heard of anyone having an injury.

  29. Mine never quite worked right. I would get a light primer strike every 40-50 rounds regularly. Early on there were several FTEs, but after break-in and generous oiling that seemed to pass. I also ran into issues with the slide locking into battery, and yes the ejection port gets a beating, but that I don’t mind. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone based on my experience, but I don’t plan to sell when it comes back.

    Before the XDs I owned an XD .40 and that gun is a beast. Never one issue and I tortured it. Several thousand rounds through and it just keeps going. I love that XD. The XDs at least in .45 was ambitious and I think the manufacturing produced a lot of issues since some folks have had great experiences and many others have been miserable with theirs.

  30. My nephew was just convicted yesterday of second-degree murder in California when a 9mm discharged and fatally wounded another corrections officer. There was no malice, which was what the jury decided, but how can a judge be convinced to strike the conviction with a gun that may have a lot more flaws than recognized? Please help.

  31. I just got the following

    XD-S™ Recall Update 10/11/2013

    Dear Springfield Customer,
    We are pleased to announce that our testing was successful and is complete.
    We will receive our first shipment of upgrade parts early next week and will begin shipping upgraded XD-S™ pistols back to our customers the week of October 21 on a first-received/first-upgraded basis.
    Once your pistol has been upgraded and is shipped back to you, an e-mail confirmation with tracking information will be sent to you at the e-mail address you provided.
    For additional update information please click the link below to view the FAQ for the XD-S™ recall. If this document doesn’t address your question, please call 800-680-6866 or send your question to [email protected]

    • Thank you so much for the emails. I just found out my nephew’s gun was a Springfield Armory XD, not an XD-S, but it did accidentally discharge, and a great corrections officer was killed leaving his four children without a father. I don’t understand why a gun doesn’t have a safety in the first place, and I wondered if other models have had similar problems with unanticipated discharges. I am not wise when it comes to guns because they scare me, but it seems if one model has a deficiency or flaw parallel models may have a similar problem not yet reported. Anything on the Armory XD? I’ll go ahead and email Springfield, but to say no injuries have been reported sounds far fetched to me. Who are they listening to?

      • It does have a ‘safety’. The back of the grip must be depressed and then the trigger pulled and a round must be chambered first. I keep a round chambered. I don’t put my finger in the trigger guard until I am ready to fire. This is my choice. Taurus has a safety. They have a weapon that is known to discharge if fired. They won’t admit to the problem and settled ‘sort of’ out of court and didn’t to the recalls etc that Springfield has done. A nice lady almost lost her life with the Taurus Millennium gun and they have not done the right thing by fixing it.

        While not happy about the problems and delays, at least Springfield is doing the right thing. Giving the disparaging difference between saying ‘we will just declare bankruptcy in the US’ if you sue us and we are not going to fix the problem to Springfield response of admitting the issue, paying for shipping both ways and refitting the weapon, I’d say Americans are standing up for their product. This is what can put America back on the top of building quality products and standing behind them. Taurus is still putting dangerous weapons on the street. Brazilians don’t seem to have the same ’empathy for American safter that Springfield is showing. While there is not a great political way to handle a situation like this, at least the ‘stick head in sand, deny all, threaten bankruptcy for your country only’ is not there response. I cheer Springfield for their honor in admitting the mistake and dealing with it in the best manner that they can agree on. While I thing something should be given to cover the inconvenience and TEMPORARY risk prior to realization then notification, They are definitely doing a lot better than Taurus. Since we have the bust gun salesman in the world as president, lets get our really good weapons ironed out quickly while the manufactures have the cash flow. Springfield, you sold a lot, get the replacements out quick. Prove the weapons are safe as required. Give out extra capacity mags to cover for customers being at risk then not having their weapons for an extended time. Get testimonials back from us that the problem was acknowledged, re-engineered, recalled, replaced and handled with American caring and know-how!

        I will test mine when it gets back, document and provide a testimonial to the results. Good or bad. I am expecting good due to the integrity I am watching so far from Springfield. There have been some issues in the handling of this. Sending the weapon back not knowing that the ECN (Engineering Change Modification) had not been done yet was a drag – on the other side people have a weapon that may discharge at the wrong time was a greater potential problem the weapon owners and was, in my opinion, dealt with quickly and looked at as a potential for bodily hard before company ‘coverup potential’ and dealt with with due diligence. I am an unhappy victim, but have gained respect for Springfield. They admitted the issue, have apparently come up with a fix, and are getting ready to ship back out. Hard expensive decisions made first in the best interest of the customers and THEN, AFTERWORD tuned to be handled in as cost effective manner a possible.

        I would like my weapon back, but applaud your current steps to take ownership of the issue and work out the best solution’s. Heck, send me wavers and test weapons and send back reviews.

        • Thank you so much for sharing so much. I am more than a little baffled at the moment. I distinctly remember my nephew telling me there was no safety, and he did not (intentionally) pull the trigger. That was in April of 2011, more than a month after the horrible tragedy. He went into shock as it went off, and the noise of the gunshot was so loud he thought the police would be on the spot in minutes.

          I’m not familiar with a Taurus, so I can’t really say anything about what it does or doesn’t do. That sentence about the gun not having a safety just keeps echoing in my head, so I have to find out if one was removed or if one wasn’t ever there or what. How I’d heard it made me think that sheriff’s, police and corrections officers normally carried a loaded pistol without a safety or without a safety engaged. I really thought the Springfield Armory XD just didn’t have one on whichever model he had. I don’t even know if it was the compact or something else. When I’ve tried to research the issues, there seems to be many that cause confusion.

          I won’t be able to visit my nephew this weekend, but I will look more into what happened any why there was an accidental discharge.

          While my mind is on other issues at the moment, good for you with your “Build America” support. I think we all would like to see the good ol’ U.S. of A. swell exponentially in terms of business with products that are worth selling both nationally and internationally; it’s been a while since we’ve had a lot of strength in many market areas. So your support of Springfield really makes me smile. Keep clapping, and I hope they pull through like they started.

          Integrity is a big issue in anything, and I hope Springfield is grateful for your willingness to “testify” either way once the results are evaluated. It’s hard to find customers willing to do that in any market. These days companies have to pay for surveys so often, and they can’t force the results. You are correct; this is an excellent opportunity for Springfield to capitalize on something that went wrong and turn it into a strength. I hope your results really do please you, and Springfield should kiss you big time AFTER they get you your gun back! Thanks for all the insight. I’ll find out more and probably be begging for more help soon. I appreciate all you were willing to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • This was my first Springfield since military time and and was exsited about the way it handled and carey
      but never even got to fire it before the recall. What a bummer! Never had this problim with my Bersa 380 after all these years. Thats what I get for upgradeing.

  32. I have read up on this recall on the Springfield XDS and have seen a few post that Springfield is sending out an extended mag with your repaired gun. Does anybody know if this is true or not?

    • Yes, I got an extended 9 round magazine along with two different backstrap options for the mag, depending on which backstrap you use on your XDS. Plus they sent the gun and the extended mag and the two backstrap pcs in a small plastic box that has SA imprinted on the top and foam padding inside. I’ll use the box they sent it in to take it to the range since the original XDS box is much bigger.

      • I sent my gun in before sept 11th so I have a hard time believing this guy got it back before me either Springfield is lying about dates or this guy is making it up either way something smells fishy

        • Eric:
          I’ll be happy to clear up the “fish story”. I’m out of town and I’m not carrying the XDS, but when I get back home on Thursday, 12-12-13, I’ll be happy to show you the invoice from Springfield dated 11-26-13 that shows the repair done, the upgrade kit, and the free 9rd magazine with sleeve 1 and sleeve 2. For privacy reasons, I will cover my serial number and home address. I’ll also include a picture of the gun with a closeup of the repair. Should I take a picture of the gun next to the Thursday morning newspaper so it confirms the date? I’m not trying to be a smartass, but nothing smells fishy on my end. I’m sorry if you didn’t get your XDS back yet, and even more sorry if you sent it back earlier than I did.

          I received weekly emails from Springfield with status updates on the repairs. The emails only contained general information but at least the were trying to keep everyone informed. Based on the early emails I rec’d from Springfield, I was supposed to receive my XDS back before Christmas. I was thinking I’d get mine back a week before Christmas, but it shipped on 11-26-13 and it arrived on 11-28-13. Did everyone else get emails or did some call customer service to get a return authorization? I don’t know if Springfield logged every serial number and the specific day your XDS arrived for repairs. They should have repaired them on a “first in-first out” basis. If they didn’t, then hopefully they’ll learn to do this if they ever have another recall.

        • Eric:

          I got back early today but I can’t post a picture of my repaired XDS. I’ve tried two different browsers but no dice. I also can’t upload a pdf of the invoice copy. Does anyone know how to post a picture or upload a PDF?

          Also, I was going from memory regarding the ship date, I actually shipped my XDS on 9-9-13, they rec’d it on 9-11-13.

          Invoice Date: 11/25/2013 Order Date:11/26/2013

          CC or C.O.D. Cash Invoice Terms: Packing List #
          Customer Ship to ID# MAG, JOE
          $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1900Y

          Serial # XSXXXXXX
          Part Number
          XDS 3.3 UPGRADE KIT (.45/9MM) $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1
          S33UPG $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1
          9 RD XDS 9MM MAGAZINE W/SLEEVE 1&2 $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1
          S09061 Safety Checked and Inspected $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1

        • Eric:

          I got home early but I can’t post a picture or a copy of the invoice. Everything has to be typed or copied and pasted words, no uploads or pics can be attached. I’ve tried two different web browsers but no dice. I do have a correction to my first post-I was going from memory regarding the date of shipment back to Springfield. I looked it up and I shipped it back on 9-9-13 and it arrived in Geneseo, IL on 9-11-13.
          The invoice had the following information:
          Part number Description qty ord qty shpd qty B/O Unit Price Total Price
          RP900Y Repair Xtreme Duty Pistol 1 1 0 $0.00 $0.00
          XS Serial # XS_ _ _ _ _ _

  33. I have an XDS and a S&W Shield. Both are terrific, but I shoot the XDS more accurately. Probably because the grip on the XDS fits my hand a little better than the shield. I bought the Shield because it was thin and much easier to carry concealed. My XDS was among those recalled and I sent it back on Sep 11th. My Shield was not one those recalled so I used it for concealed carry while the XDS was being repaired. I got the XDS back on Friday, Nov 29, just after Thanksgiving. Took it to the range and it was as terrific shooting as it was before I sent it back. I’ve just ordered an IWB holster for the XDS so I’ll have a couple of options for concealed carry. I’m also planning on buying a Crimson Trace LG-469 laser for the XDS since the IWB holster I ordered is made for an XDS with the Crimson Trace laser. I agree with someone who said earlier that Glocks aren’t for everyone. I would have bought a G26 for concealed carry but it’s too wide in my opinion. It also felt blockish in my hand. Still, you can’t argue with their reliability. I was considering a Ruger SR9C, and a Taurus PT111 but I chose the XDS based on previous experience with an XD and on reviews from various online sites that rated Springfield weapons with a few 4 stars, but mostly 5 stars. I took about 6 weeks researching what to buy and I’m very happy with everything I have. So far, I have not been disappointed with my XD and my wife prefers it for home security. I really like the XDS and the Shield because they are both easily concealed-they fit in a pocket, or IWB in either appendix or 4 o’clock. I have no problem with the Springfield guns having a grip safety and a trigger safety. And I really like the manual safety option on the Shield, although everyone seems to loathe this feature. I don’t care that Springfield took 11 weeks to return my XDS because it was fixed and it’s still a terrific little powerhouse. Plus I got another 9 round magazine for free, and a great small box to transport it. I never tried calling customer service because everything worked perfectly using email. Everyone who posted on multiple sites about never buying from Springfield again needs to realize that once everything gets fixed,a and they start shooting their XDS’s again, they’ll realize as I did that it’s a terrific banger. Remember Toyota’s terrible quality issues and how they totally botched their recalls ? Look at the now !

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