Home Invader Shot After Breaking In Through 2-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window

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What happens when you wake up to the sound of broken glass and find someone crawling into your apartment through a window? If you’re armed, you do what a Hermitage, Tennessee man did.

Fifty-year-old Carlos Clark allegedly thought that breaking into a home where a man and his two-year-old son were sleeping would be a good way to appropriate some cash and/or loot. He thought wrong.

According to wkrn.com . . .

The victim reportedly woke up to the sound of glass breaking when he saw the intruder and shot him. Clark was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for his critical injuries.

Clark, by the way, had entered through the two-year-old’s bedroom.

The District Attorney’s Office has determined the victim was acting in self-defense and is not expected to face charges for the shooting.

You wouldn’t think so.

Remember, no one needs a gun. Having one in your home just makes it more likely you’ll die. Just dial 911 and let the police protect you and your family. They’ll be there in no time.


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    • The fact is that the majority of the CIVILISED world DO not have guns in the home for SELF DEFENCE and the rate of illegal intrusion is, if anything, LOWER in those countries than it is in the USA. Being armed, as in self defence, is an illusion encouraged by the US Arms Industry World-wide satistics say very much the opposite. Being armed as in sewlf defence has the very strong and VERIFIABLE effect of encouraging those who would affect illegal entry to also carry firearms and be prepared to use them in the interests of their own self defence /self preservation. To quote a single example is of no help against the large number of people who have been shot by intruders.
      I am obviously from the other side of the pond in the UK. The incidence of ILLEGAL DEATHS in the UK year on year is less than ONE THOUSAND and I have no reason to believe that the UK is anything butb the European average.
      Those ILLEGAL DEATHS in nthe UK include murder by any means including gun crime, knife crieme , Infanticide domestic dispute and Acts of Terrorism. PLUS of course all cases of MANSLAUGHTER [ illegal deaths wherby MURDER was not the first intent]
      On a per.capital basis this would represent around 4000/4500 illegal deaths in the USA per year but here we are with some 20,000 Deaths due to Gun Crime per annum in the uSA with no sign that the situation is going to improve any time soon. Indeed it’s getting worse. The fact is that in these terms the USA is perhaps THE most lawless and savage nation in the civilised world.

      • There are social and cultural differences. The most compelling, in my opinion, is the number of people damaged in gestation by mothers who used drugs and alcohol ( crack baby with FAS) lacking impulse control. Who breaks into an occupied home? The risk vs benefit is terrible. A grown up crack baby. Drugs are absurdly pervasive among young female Americans.

    • Gordon in MO,

      It never gets old reminding people, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

      • Sometimes, the police are more than an hour away. There was a night when I sat with two badly burned boys, and a third boy not so badly burned, for well over an hour and a half, before any EMS arrived on scene. I wanted to load them into my car, and haul arse to the ER, but a woman told me she already called an ambulance, so I stupidly waited – and waited – and waited – – –

        Credit where credit is due. Police were the first EMS on scene, then the ambulance, then everyone waited for Life Flight.

        I’ll never wait again. 35 minutes vs 2 1/2 hours before the boys were airlifted away.

        • Paul,

          Sorry to hear about your experience.

          Someone who I know was in a similar situation in a rural area before cell phones were prolific. They phoned for an ambulance and told the ambulance to meet them on the two-lane highway en route to the nearest rural hospital which was something like 45 miles away. They met the ambulance on the highway roughly 20 miles along the way to the small rural hospital where they transferred the person clinging to life. The ambulance finished transporting the victim to the rural hospital which stabilized the victim long enough for the Life Flight helicopter to arrive from another 70 miles away.

          That person’s decision to start transporting the critically injured victim in their own car reduced the travel time to the rural hospital by something like 25 minutes and likely saved the victim’s life.

          Hat tip to law enforcement:
          The victim was a three year-old child whose chance of survival was less than 30%. Local law enforcement escorted the child’s parents at extremely high speeds on the 70 mile highway trip to the major trauma center where the Life Flight helicopter had taken their child.

        • Yep, and that’s not unique to rural areas where it’s a physics problem of distance either. Remember Parkland and Pulse, where LE personnel were on site very quickly but simply chose to wait outside and not engage

      • Remember the Nova Scotia massacre in Canada April 18-19, 2020? In that case, the police were HOURS away. Someone with a firearm could have made short work of the perp and saved lives.

    • @ Gordon in MO….go to the very last sentence click on the blue hyperlink “in no time” and it gives an example!

    • Response time will vary.
      I’ve read in some places it’s as good as 20 minutes. Nothing bad can happen in twenty minutes right?

    • One hopes that more examples of this kind of hot lead will result in crooks getting cold feet.

      • Current FBI data shows that legally armed citizens. Shoot and kill more criminals. Than are shot and killed by Law Enforcement.

  1. Very morbid and very serious question:

    A home invader is breaking into your home through a bedroom window of a young child as in this story. If you shoot the invader in that child’s bedroom, there is a very real chance that you cause permanent (and potentially significant, depending on your choice of firearm) hearing loss in your child. Thus, do you do either of the following in order to avoid any significant possibility of causing significant permanent hearing loss in your child:

    (A) Wait for the invader to leave the child’s room before shooting?

    — or —

    (B) Immediately engage the invader with melee weapons?

    • Suppressor.

      This is exactly why we need suppressors removed from the NFA. If the child in the story has any hearing damage then the parents should sue the US government.

      But really, there has never been a better excuse to crush someone’s skull with that fully functional morning star my wife bought at the renaissance fair 😉 Or the war club. Or the ball and chain. Or the maces. Or any of the knives. You get the idea.

    • Get back into the hall before you shoot him(through the doorway), that way the shot is not as loud for the child.

    • Stop the threat immediately. Preventing your child from being injured or killed, due to the actions of a criminal is a much greater concern.

    • Let’s see…Unless the child’s bedroom is the size of a luxury suite at a 5 star hotel there is no time for ifs, ands or butts. In the time it takes to worry about the little tyke’s hearing the perp could be on you like stink on poop. Eliminate the threat is job one or the chances are good the threat will eliminate you and yours.

    • Let the attacker come within strike range, and as he closes in on you to place his blade in your chest, place the muzzle of your gun firmly into his as you fire. That’ll act to reduce the noise.


    • I don’t think a few rounds would cause permanent hearing damage to a 2 year old. Especially, since your body should be between the perp and your child.

      • Every two year old that has slept in my house, kids and grandkids, have slept with their pillows on their heads and their heads wrapped in blankets.

  2. It should say…
    Home Invader Shot Dead After Breaking In Through 2-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window

  3. Awwwwwwww what a shame. Carlos was a good man, a hard-working man, just trying to provide for his family.
    Ended up getting shot at work, DAMMIT MAN !!

  4. Must not be one of them Soros bought DAs. Good for them, but keep a weather eye on the horizon.

  5. Common sense. No one needs a fire extinguisher in their home either. Just call 911 and wait for the professionals to come. Meanwhile you can watch it all burn down.

    • Like the….. you own a gun, so you WANTED to shoot someone.

      Kinda like…. you have car insurance, so you WANTED to crash your vehicle. 🤪

  6. I’m sure that the poor fella was simply measuring for replacement windows when the homeowner panicked over the estimated cost.

    So sad.

    • Ralph,

      You are terrible. A man nearly lost his life! (Sounds of suppressed laughter and mumbling something about a scumbag getting what he deserved.)

  7. According to lil’dtard these incidents NEVER happen.🙄

    That total POS pedo gets no breaks from me.
    Called me a liar when I mentioned my youngest son had to use an AR-10 Diamondback DB-308 (308 Win.) to detain a pair drugged up armed intruders (crowbars/bats/hunting knives) who broke into his condo at 2am.
    His condo was the entire 2nd floor above an Insurance Agency (2 story building). There was an internal stairway that had a door that was was locked from both sides. The break in started on the 1st floor, then they pryed open the locked 2nd floor door to his place, things got REALLY spicy for the pair at that point.🤣
    He had to lock/load/rack a round into his AR while they were breaking down his door because he wasn’t yet ‘old enough’ to purchase/carry a handgun. 🤪

    Bet those two perps wish he’d confronted them with a handgun. 😄

    There was video from a few break-ins in the area that showed these two were doing this for several weeks. One person was hospitalized due to a beating with a bat.

    Total POS, just like lil’dtard.

    • James Campbell,

      Now hold on a minute–you are not being fair to lil’dtard. He never said that we should not have firearms for righteous self-defense. All he said was that we must always:
      a) keep our firearms locked and unusable for an urgent event
      b) keep our ammunition locked and unusable for an urgent event
      c) pass a background check to acquire firearms
      d) pass a Psych. screen before we can own firearms
      e) register all of our firearms
      f) undergo days of education before we can own firearms
      g) undergo days of marksmanship training before we can own firearms
      h) undergo days of tactical training before we can own firearms
      i) wait for police to show up and handle criminal attacks
      j) apply derogatory names to anyone who disagrees with the above

      I probably missed a couple more gems but you get the idea.

      See, lil’dtard is just being sensible and cautious. Once you manage to jump through all of lil’dtard’s hoops, he will celebrate your “right” to own firearms. The fact that virtually no one would ever make it through all those hoops is neither here nor there.

  8. COOL … another slap in the face of Moms Demand Action and ignorant fool Bloomberg, et al.

    The mere thought of an intruder entering your home much less your child’s bedroom is absolutely horrifying. The idea that anyone would deny the right to protect children by any means possible is unbelievable. Glad there was a happy ending to this one and the child has not been hurt.

  9. 50 years old and still climbing through windows.
    That’s messed up.
    The report didn’t say whether he drove to the victims house, is this another incident where a vehicle was used in a crime?

    • “50 years old and still climbing through windows.”

      That was my initial reaction. Perp was pretty long in the tooth for action such as this. Maybe it was his first try…

  10. We need more vehicle control. Public outreach. Correction of historical wrongs.
    Pay for it with a gas tax.
    Nobody “needs” a 200 hp car!
    35 hp is enough.

  11. the did the right thing by shooting the guy . call the police is the way that was done before the DEMS. started defunding the police and good Americans do not want work in that field anymore and the DA that look at crime is game the plays the game too. AND SHOOT THE GUY.

  12. I wonder what the weapon was. Did the victim use an AR-15 (“assault weapon”)? Did it have a high-capacity magazine? Was he using hollow points? Was the victim using a revolver? Was the victim using a semi-automatic handgun? Did that weapon have a high-capacity magazine? These are all the reasons that the Democrats think that we as law abiding citizens should not own any firearms. I forgot to mention that the AR-15 is a semi-automatic firearm. It is not the M-16 or M-4 which is selectable. You can select either semi-automatic or you can select full auto. It is also my understanding that you are able to select the ability to fire in 3 or 4 round bursts.

  13. “ Democrats think that we as law abiding citizens should not own any firearms.”

    Yes and such communists are the absolute exact reason(s) I’m armed and go to the range as often as possible. ALL OF THEM are one of the worst enemies our great nation has ever faced.

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