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“I find it kind of ironic,” [Colion] Noir said of the movement. “There are a lot of people prior to where we are right now… who were saying, ‘you don’t need a firearm, you have police.’ Fast forward to where we are now, and a lot of these same people are saying, ‘we should defund the police.'”

Noir said that while such a move would be “ridiculous,” the national attention it’s garnered has left many people in fear for their safety.

“I like to feel like I can call someone to protect me when I need it,” he explained, “but now that we’re having people on the national stage talking about defunding the police, well, at that point the only thing left I can do is rely on myself to go and get a firearm to protect myself, because I’m not sure there’s going to be police on the other end of the line or to be able to arrive when I need them.”

– Yael Halon in Record-high background checks indicates public fear over ‘defund police’ movement, gun-rights activist says

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  1. That’s because the people preaching that “No one needs to own a Gun” are funded by criminals. Criminals prefer their victims unarmed.

    • Yes, in part. Or at least those who are funding it want chaos and suffering as an intermediate goal to scare people into supporting more authoritarianism. It’s an age old game. The Progressives didn’t invent it by any means.

      • no point in trying to apply your logic to their “logic”…they’re following a script…..

    • I’ve always wondered how the Left can have both Socialist/Statists and Anarchists under the same umbrella and movement, ie. BLM (or at least what Soros has turned it into). Then upon further reflection, if there is a society that is heavily geared towards hard work and competency, there really is nothing more for the lazy basement idiots to do except to riot and destroy the system. Basically in their lust for some attribution or acknowledgement, if they people getting ahead, because they can’t succeed in the current system, the only thing they can do is to try to pull others down.

      • Opinions are one thing, facts are another. The fact is the entire Gun Control Agenda is rooted in racism and genocide. Unfortunately 99% of Gun Owners on this forum would rather play cat and mouse with Gun Control zealots instead of turning the table on Gun Control Zealots and hold them accountable for their racist and nazi based Gun Control Agenda.
        History illiterates on this forum sit back while gun control zealots and their ilk stick their butts in the air and label gun owners as racist, nazi and everything else under the sun.
        In the world of Gun Control communists you accuse your ignorant opponent for what you are guilty of and Gun Control Zealots have done a good job of that.

      • National Socialist Workers Union Party, Kampfbund, Oberland League, SA…. Beer Hall Putsch.

        Happens all the time.

      • Intersectionality is the name of the game. It’s a social theory that basically draws a Venn diagram of a host of race, class, gender/sex, and identity-based grievances and marks the place where they all overlap as the root cause and the nexus of action.

        Systemic/structural racism is another intersectional invention — basically, we have massive amounts of people who are convinced that America and all of the Western world (but especially America, because we’re the keystone of the modern world’s prosperity evil) suffers from some kind of original sin that can only be purged by having all the marginalized and oppressed gather together and rip it out.

        And replace it with…what? The voices in their heads? Marxism, which is the direct cause of 200 million people being murdered and starved by their own governments in the 20th century? Sharia law? Africa-style tribal chaos? Who knows. Could be any or all of the above. The intersectional zombies have complete faith that the purity of their motivation will carry the day and that human nature will somehow be annealed in the fires of their wishful thinking, and once they’ve torn down the evil Western hegemony, all will be well.

        • intersectionality is the ultimate fruit of post-modern thought processes that claim there is no universal truth, be it one that is difficult or impossible to grasp. Instead of some universal truth be it religion, philosophy, science, reason, or all the above, they say there is only power games where that which is useful is created or molded to provide more power to a person or group and the winner of that game becomes the oppressor and the loser the oppressed. Therefore the oppressed have to rise up and seize power for justice.

          The whole argument falls apart though when you realize that in disbanding any and all universal truths or attempts at finding one as “racist power structures” you throw away the whole notion of justice and good and evil and replace it with a Darwinian/Hobbesian power struggle nightmare in which no matter who wins someone loses. If history had played out it would have been some other group/ethnicity/nation “oppressing” the world. In that scenario all there is to do is win. Pretty dark stuff.

      • Because the Socialists/Statists and the Anarchists both see the other as “useful fools” who will be purged once the revolution happens.

    • That explains a lot. Criminals and Politicians are synonyms. Now it makes sense.

  2. Note that the people who actually make these decisions have 24/7 taxpayer-funded bodyguards at the doors of their houses.

    Because they’re just like you, only better.

        • Except that I don’t want to ask permission from Villanueva, nor list the specific gun (de facto registration) I’ll be carrying on the permit. Even if issued without contest or fee, it’s still asking permission to exercise a right. I get what you’re saying, though.

          Push for constitutional/permitless carry, nothing less. 16 States have already done this.

          A good start is to get rid of Newsom.

        • Seek out, contemplate and live according to the words of the unparalleled ‘I Haz A Question ‘.

        • I Haz a Question: “A good start is to get rid of Newsom.

          Thank you for reminding me. I was talking about this last night with my wife. There’s a petition signing place a few blocks from my house. Gonna stop by there on the way home from work.

        • Richard,

          Make sure the one you’re signing is valid. Apparently the one I signed back in January was nullified, as were a couple of other efforts due to court opinions that their signatures were “illegally” obtained during the shutdown and therefore invalid.

          This particular effort received a judge’s approval, who stated that it could proceed unencumbered from June 11 forward.

  3. 1. When there are no cops, how will they take my guns?
    2. When there are no cops, who will they call when they try to loot my home or business and I light them up with an MG42?

    • The cyclic rate on those is fascinating.
      Dang, I’d have to reload for a month just to have an afternoon of fun with a 42.

    • Personally I’d like to know where I could also obtain an MG42. I’d settle for an MG3 as well.

      • Rock Island Auction seems to find about one a year somehow, but they usually go for around $50K.

      • Fair amount of them are around. Belt feeds aren’t particularly popular in the grand scheme of the NFA market, premium subguns (mp5 or HK trigger packs, Thompson, ww2 russian) , STG 44’s and Colt M-16 generally bring the most money

    • The leftists will have enforcers to use against those who try to protect themselves I think. Though those enforcers won’t be used on the ANTIFA types who join the other criminals in burning, looting, raping, and stealing (as long as the mobs don’t target the wrong people). At least, it has generally come to that when people of similar ideology and ilk have come to power in the past.

  4. I see AOC types that want to take the Obama doctrine to the next stage of remaking America. Defunding the police isn’t about black people. It’s the same thing as disbanding ICE.

    Alot of people are being played in this thing. Fear is being used against the population to make everyone bow to the will of socialist wanna-be’s. Voting republican and removing these dangerous people from power is the only way forward. You do not need to be a Trump boot licker but you do need to realize that voting for anyone else is a vote for destruction. Most of the craziness we are experiencing is coming from the left.

    • “It’s the same thing as disbanding ICE.”

      Did you notice how they stopped talking about that? I think it became too uncomfortable when the media finally got around to asking Liz Warren, et al what the plan was once ICE was gone. Then she even had to backtrack on it because it was so absurd.

      There’s more momentum with the defund the police movement, but eventually, people will ask what the plan will be once the police are gone. Right now, everyone is running high on self-righteous indignation, but when the bodies and damage continue to pile up, people will have second thoughts.

      • Dude, I love this. I absolutely believe we should defund/disband law enforcement. When I first began to frequent this website the cop haters were rampant. Law enforcement officers were the boot licking lackeys of the left. Now the left wants to get rid of the cops. The cop haters now find themselves on the side of the left. Or do they? The cop haters have become strangely silent.

        • I hope they do defund the police around here. Get the BS politics out of the way. Then the responsible citizens in this community will take care of business and ensure the safety of the law-abiding.

          I can’t f*ing wait, actually.

        • Just like the RINO in DC, this is not and never was that. The concern is not cops. It might not have ever occurred to some but the ‘bad cops’ that we should be concentrating on are the truly racist ones. The cops that happen to be the same ones likely to follow orders and take people’s guns from them. They are the same subset.

          Most LEO will do the right thing and uphold their oath. Defund the police and we all lose that.

        • Demilitarize, yes. End the 1033 Program. Either that, or allow us private citizens to own the same hardware and weaponry.

          Defund? No.

    • In large elections (i.e. one where a third party or independent has no chance of winning) this is true. However, if you don’t vote in the primary for and ACTIVELY ASSIST THE CAMPAIGN OF your preferred primary candidate, you are also part of the problem. If you’re letting someone else pick who you can vote for, you might as well not be voting at all. Not enough primary participation is how we got all the damn RINOs.

      That said, if things don’t take a turn for the better soon I’m joining the Accelerationst camp, registering Democrat and voting for most crazed radical communist they’ve got. Political momentum takes time to reverse, sure, but at some point you’re just letting yourself be boiled in cold water.

    • Why do Progressives want to lower the voting age? Because the next step will to lower, and later eliminate, the age of consent. Harvey and Geoffrey were just a bit too eager and couldn’t wait.

      • Because the leftists know that naive and inexperienced youngsters fresh out of (or still in) indoctrination centers mostly vote for the left. It would be shame not to tap this source of voters before they get their brains together and see the left as it really is. It’s about power!

  5. They want to create a national police force, to “ensure uniform policing policies across the nation.” In essence, it’ll be the Stasi.

    • Exactly. They don’t oppose the idea of there being police in some form. They just want to be the ones who control the enforcers so they will enforce the leftists will instead of the law. I’m sure most of them believe that they are working toward good ends, which makes them even more dangerous if so.

    • absolutely NO to a national police force. NO NO NO. that centralizes power, out of the hands of state and local government. one big step toward communist or fascist style control and against everything this country is about.

      • How about state police forces to ensure uniformity of enforcement across the state?

  6. They really mean defund the LOCAL police. They will put in their “police”. They will need a group with guns to control their town. Obama said (just after he was elected) that he wanted a civilian police force to make sure local police weren’t racist. What does that mean? A bunch of Karen’s calling the feds when they see someone not wearing a mask?

    • Bingo! They want to create a national police force. The officers will all be “people of color,” to ensure there is no “racism,” but in reality it’ll be open season on whitey’s money, freedom, and life.

        • It reflects the community they serve. But the communists have another idea, forcing POC with chips on their shoulders to police EVERYWHERE.

        • Because only those with white skin apparently are capable of discriminating against others based upon the color of their skin. [/sarc]

          (cough, cough…look up BLM’s website and read their vitriol…you will not see any reference to Asians or Latinos. Only whites…but it’s okay…the TPTB tell us they’re not racist because they’re POC)

          MLK would be rolling over in his grave right now at the sight of how the Left has bamboozled POC and completely betrayed his efforts on their behalf.

        • Gaze upon the brilliance of ‘I Haz A Question’. This is a great man who apparently has the ability to communicate with a person who died 52 years ago. Such greatness!

        • Thank you, Hail. I appreciate the kind words. You’ve successfully found a unique way to endear yourself to TTAG. Sortof like ‘possum’.

          Actually, the gentleman known as Martin Luther King, Jr. was the one who communicated with me, by leaving his legacy of speeches and sermons so I (and you, and all of us) can know what he thought and where he stood on certain issues. And the BLM mantra is in direct opposition of his statement within his famous “I Have A Dream” speech in which he said he wished for the day “…where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    • Obama Youth Corps – Research it.

      When Obama was President, he signed the GIVE Act. This created Obama’s Youth Brigades. Around 2009, there were photos of “inner city” youths in all black uniforms being trained on ranges with modern rifles and pistols, being equipped with tactical vehicles and communications equipment. Obama created a Federal “volunteer” force. Who knows what they were learning in those closed door classroom sessions? What is interesting; many of these OYB members are now leaders in the BLM movement.

  7. Yes, the same people who said you don’t need a gun because the police will protect you are now saying defund the police. It’s very ironic. Let’s take note of the irony yet again in yet another article.

    I understand websites need to keep pumping content but it all feels rather pointless these days, doesn’t it? I know people who haven’t missed a Rush Limbaugh show since the ‘90s. Oh boy Mark Steyn is subbing today, going to be an excellent show! Does it matter, you’re going to listen to another 3 hours of someone talking about how lousy Obama is? Oh wait, that was 4 years ago. Today we’re complaining about someone else. No human brain could possibly remember all the pointless chatter of the years, day in day out. Meanwhile, point to one thing that has gotten better, not worse, in all the years these windbags have been spewing hot air on the radio, and all the years people have been churning articles.

    • Maybe you didn’t notice but the dems lost a 60 year long majority in the House of Representatives?

        • SO Gaspar, do you believe that only the leftist message should be heard? For some right wing talk radio is the only alternative to the left wing control of media.

  8. What I see is people, more than we want to admit, without common sense. This mind-set of a lack of common sense did not just happen out of the clear blue and by chance where many are now existing in a state of confusion that is spreading like wildfire. Our nation arrived at this juncture by careful planning by radical Democrats and anarchists, who hate America and God, with a communist intent for America, ultimately, controlled and guided by the diabolical, who is the devil.

    • “The Devil made them do it”. Um…really?

      The plans and desires of the Left can be easily understood without invoking superstition.

      • Superstition is fear based on lack of knowledge and an attempt to explain phenomena. The Devil is real and while not entirely responsible for all evil he stokes the fires. One of his most evil propaganda sales jobs is to get people like you to believe he doesnt exist so that you won’t resist him. God exists and sent his Son Jesus to redeem us and defeat the Devil. People are naturally sinful but Satan and his minions empower and deceive them to more extreme acts of evil.

        • So the lack of evidence for this entity is why I should be wary of him? The same logic would apply to Loki, Kali, and any number of other mythological beings.

          In any case, we’re getting a bit far afield of the subject at hand. TTAG stands for The Truth About Guns, not The Truth About Gods. 🙂

      • It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in demonic activity but someone else does — the fact that you both recognize that something (for lack of a better word) evil is afoot should be enough.

        The Left’s intersectional theory is brilliant. Maybe we should start using it for ourselves.

    • agree. the morons you see supporting this crap are all products of the Democratic hand on the educational system. dumbing down and indoctrination from kindergarten to college and now it’s paying off for them.

  9. Cue my regular copypasta.
    They want some sort of weird half-way pseudo anarchy, where a criminal class gets to do whatever it wants, at the expense of a law abiding majority that will quietly stand by and take it, and then gladly pony up the tax dollars to fix the aftermath of their pets’ temper tantrums.
    But god forbid you defend yourself against the pet criminals, lest you be labeled some sort of “-ist” or “-phobe”.

    • It is inexcusable that “leaders” allow armed thugs to “take over” any piece of their city no matter how small. It i such situations where police should be sent in with all the support needed, including National Guard if necessary, to arrest every thug they can catch and pursue all that escape.

      Peaceful protesters should be protected by police.

      Violent thugs, no matter that they pretend to be exercising their First Amendment rights, deserve only a violent response.

    • Atlanta needs to clear out their mayor. Get someone who has more common sense, guts and a spine.

  10. I have my gun(s) they don’t, I can protect myself, they won’t and can’t. Darwin always wins.

  11. The two messages are entirely consistent for them. These people don’t care about crime. They want radical political and social change, and they see coercion by destructive mobs as the most expedient way to achieve this.

    Both the police and a resistant armed general populace are an impediment to their revolutionary plans.

    The leftist elites that are supporting this will employ private security forces to protect themselves behind their gates, and will leave the rest of us to fend for themselves as the revolution unfolds.

    At the same time, the extremist foot soldiers on the left are arming themselves more and more while the laws still allow it, to try and improve their current odds against the armed citizens who are not ready to roll over for a marxist remake of America.

  12. Every common citizen with the mindset to own, safely handle and make use of a firearm should be free to do so without limitation of type, caliber or capacity.

    Removing some funds from police budgets does make sense provided it is then spent where it can do some good. For example police should not be the only option to a mental health crisis. Examine what was done in Eugene, Oregon and has been working for thirty years already, there’s good lessons there. Take a look at, they’ve had much success reducing inner city violence, fund them.

    The reforms needed in American policing are not about money but about attitude, training, and swift accountability for wrongful actions. There are too many “Warrior Cops”, too many SWAT teams, too many examples of massive bloody screw-ups on drug raids and no-knock warrants. Too many examples of police being untouchable no matter what they do.

    • I agree. The whole mindset of today’s police “us vs. them” attitude regarding us ordinary law-abiding citizens as the “enemy” has to go.
      Clear “rules of engagement” and “de-escalation of force” doctrines must be enforced. There are far too many instances of police getting away with murder “just because they can”, SWAT raids on the “wrong house” with officers smashing everything in sight “just because they can” also has to be a “thing of the past”.
      One can look at the case of Daniel Shaver, murdered by Mesa AZ police officer Philip Brailsford for attempting to comply with conflicting commands from multiple police officers, for not being able to crawl with his hands behind his back. To add insult to injury Brailsford was acquitted despite there being clear video evidence of his actions. He was also rehired by the police department for one day so that he could apply for and receive a pension.
      It is abuses like this that leave a bad taste in peoples mouths and erode support for police.
      Although I find the “black lives matter” movement to be repugnant, they DO have a point when it comes to abuses by police, enabling them to get away with murder.

  13. Most of the people who push this “defund the police” do not give a shit about black lives.

    Nor civil rights.

    The next time some gangbanger guns down a bunch of kids in front of a school during a drive-by, many of these same people who called for defunding the police will say that only the police should have assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

    And they will not answer if asked where the police will go to confiscate assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

    I know this because this is exactly what happened before.

    From 2015 to 2016, there was so much media focus on Blakc Lives matter and police brutality.

    Then some gangbanger kills a bunch of kids in parkland, Florida, and suddenly it was #GunControlNow.

    The same cops who were accused of habitually gunning dowen unarmed black men are now said to be trusted with “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.

  14. I’ve been the only one on TTAG saying rioters and looters should be shot on sight. You have a right to kill if necessary to protect your private property. And it’s not necessary to have a hurricane or a tornado first. The mob is a weapon. And the mob is well armed. I saw this weakness in california growing up.

    And now these same politicians that you voted for, who gave you legalized marijuana intoxication, legalized butt sex, legalized gay marriage. These same elected leaders you voted for, now order the cops to stand down. They vote to abolish the police. And they have been passing gun control laws the entire time.

    They publicly said a father is not necessary to raise children. They replaced the father and his guns with a government check. And replace his guns, with the guns of a big city police department.
    Now they don’t need the police anymore. Because they now have the destruction of the family and the chaos in the cities. That was their goal all along.

    Being granted Licence is not Liberty. It never was. Because with Liberty comes responsibility. And the people who wanted Licence have always avoided responsibility.

    Go back and read the comments and stories when the dildo protesters demonstrated against open carry in austin texas. I was not laughing. At the time I saw people who were very dangerous. And who wanted to take away my civil rights. Instead of waving a swastika flag or wearing bed sheets and a hood. They instead wave dildos. While demanding repeal of my civil rights. They both support tyranny.

    • Just take your own advice and watch what happens. You assume there is a fair and just process in this.

      • There is no “process” now. Not in democrat controlled cities. Unless the Liberal mayor has their home attacked. Like what happened in Seattle. Only then will the police be ordered to step in and stop the “revolution”.

        It all depends on whose ox is gored.

        • Bingo! The Rule of Law is dead in these Democrat crapholes. Now they’re trying to suspend the RoL in the entire country.

    • “legalized marijuana intoxication, legalized butt sex, legalized gay marriage” Wow, I think you need to look in the mirror. It is only tyranny if you don’t agree with it. Live and let live, but you can;’t do that. So what happens it that the liberalized left sees a gun owner as a bigoted ass wipe. And you wonder why they don’t respect your rights.

      • Most of the LGBTQxyz crowd have never respected civil rights. They have always been tyrants who had single mothers on welfare arrested. When they were “caught” with a man in her government funded “gun free zone” housing apartment. The same crowd that supports “Gun free zone” public schools.

      • I completely agree with the live and let live philosophy. In a free country, you should be able to freely pursue happiness as long as you aren’t harming anyone else. The only danger with that is a gradual degradation of morality. That is what is really wrong with this country. Anyone with a lick of sense knows the black community isn’t suffering because of white supremacists or slavery that was eradicated over a century ago, or Jim Crow laws that were eradicated generations ago. The enemies of the black community and the country as a whole are the group of people pushing no morality and no personal responsibility.

        Check the following video. How many white supremacists do you see? How many of these kids do you think were raised in a loving, moral family? Who taught them to act this way? The solution to many of our current problems could be solved by promoting family unity and morality. The Left is literally doing the opposite.

        • The faux Libertarian cult of personal autonomy is more responsible for defining deviancy down than the conventional left. You see, there is no such thing as personal autonomy once you leave the confines of your house and then only if you live alone. Drunk and stoned drivers kill more people than gang bangers and it turns out that two men or women getting marriage does impinge on the rights of others.

          Faux Libertarians are always shocked to find out that gambling is going on yhis establishment. But are they really? I don’t think so. Faux Libertarians are working with the left to atomize society in preparation for the whithering away of the State except the State won’t be withering away. Then they will truly be surprised to find out that gambling is going on in this establishment.

        • tdiinva – So many people became self destructive not because liberals (what you call faux libertarians) gave them permission but because both major parties bought stupid and malicious people’s votes with ‘safety nets’ to protect them from some of the consequences of their own actions. It was probably inevitable.

        • You are making gun grabber style arguments.

          Those homeless camps on the left coast are the result of drug use. Legalizing drugs, which basically California has done as far as use goes, does not magically negate the effect of drugs on body and mind. Drug addicts end up in the street because their habits prevent them from earning enough money to buy their drugs. Why do you really think California decriminalized petty theft and shoplifting,? A move supported by faux Libertarians by the way. Now they have a source of income — you. This is where the cult of personally autonomy leads you.

          You know, everything that opponents of gay marriage told you would happen has happened, and more. This is where the cult of personal autonomy lead you.

          Faux Libertarians aren’t surprised by what goes on the ghetto. That’s their goal more so than the left. To the faux Libertarian gang culture is the vanguard of Anarcho-Capitalism.

          There is no such thing as personal autonomy. Unless you are a hermit everything you do has an impact on someone else. If you base rights on personal autonomy you really don’t have any rights because as soon as society deems the exercise of your rights to negatively effect others they have cause to take those rights away from you. The only way rights are gained through personally autonomy is in the sametate of anarchy where sovereignty does not extend beyond the individual.

        • Vic:

          My rather benign response to you has been moderated and will probably not appear. It’s a long comment and don’t know what was offensive so I am giving you the last word.

          Commenting has become an obstacle course. A obvious troll gets a free pass but some serious comment get circular filed.

        • That was fast but what I say still stands. The comment should not have gone to moderation.

    • Well said! The corruption and anarchy we now are witnessing are just the fruit of what we have planted for decades.

    • You are far from the only person on TTAG saying looters and arsonists should be shot on sight.

      The rest of your post is just the usual over-the-top self-deluded nonsense.

      • I’m still waiting to see the pictures of the sexually liberated making a human walk to protect the last gun store in San Francisco. High Bridge Arms. I’m not holding my breath.

    • “And now these same politicians that you voted for, who gave you legalized marijuana intoxication, legalized butt sex, legalized gay marriage.”

      You seem unusually focused on what others do with their bodies, and overly vocal at that. Kinda reminds me of something Queen Gertrude once said in a famous play.

      • I know it makes people uncomfortable pointing out their support for single mothers having 5 children from 5 different men. And at the same time supporting the funding of
        “Gun free zone” public housing projects.
        That is not “live and live”. It is using the government to intervene in the private lives of people.
        I’m glad I make you uncomfortable.

        • “I’m glad I make you uncomfortable.”

          You don’t make me uncomfortable, you make me feel pity for you.

        • It’s your pity that drives you to support the welfare industrial complex. And your hatred that drives you to be against private religious welfare.

    • Legalized marijuana doesn’t frighten me any more than legalized Jack Daniels, and what consenting adults do with each other in their bedrooms doesn’t threaten me. If your deity as you conceive it disapproves of these activities, then by all means you should refrain from them. But please don’t insult the rest of us by suggesting that tolerance of these malum prohibitum activities leads to rampant violent crime.

      • Well, perhaps what consenting adults do in their bedrooms should threaten you, if it results in countless, fatherless welfare babies, who grow up in a violent, immoral environment, to become gang-bangers and commit violent crimes!

        • And the atheists will go public to criticize the behavior that they themselves helped to create, in the first place.

      • I don’t care if you believe in god or not That’s between you and god. As I have said before. The american atheists are just like the muslim taliban. They destroyed monuments and stone cross. Statues of jesus christ. You can try and rationalize it all you want to. What is happening now is exactly what the atheists supported decades ago. They have never believed in “live and let live”.

        There are very few atheists who actually support the 1st amendment. And they are terrified of the private religious welfare support system. That we use to have in this country. That is why they are big supporters of the intrusive government welfare industrial complex.

        • Atheists skew left on average, granted…but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a significant portion of them that support Constitional rights.

        • Agreed Doug, but it’s always some activist atheist group that’s losing their mind over anything to do with Christianity and public spaces. I read an article awhile back about some satanic group. There was a link to their tweets. When I checked their twitter feed, it looked like any cookie cutter leftist group promoting the democrat party platform.

        • to Doug and Dude
          My favorite atheist channel was taken down last week. That’s one reason why I’m very angry now. Taken down by other atheists. Stephen Molyneux was the kind of person that I think brought people together. Sargon of Akkad and Black Pigeon Speaks had their channels disrupted. Now I don’t get the notifications from them, for their new videos. Both are atheists that I like.

          I believe Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left support book burning. As long as the government doesn’t do it. But when private citizens were burning their own rock and roll records. Now they have a problem with that??? But It’s ok to destroy the work of other people As long as a multi billion dollar private company is doing it.

          styxhexenhammer666 an atheist, and former satanist, is also one I like on You Tube. He and the others really do support the1st amendment. I wonder when the atheists will come after him next?

  15. Their ideal situation is the country is disarmed and their antifa army is free to plunder.

    Shades of the past.

    The only problem is how to round up several hundred million guns from 100 million people. Quietly and quickly.

    Maybe they can start a fantastic story that guns cause cancer or something like that.

      • I’d call it more of a loosely organized militia, myself. And you can bet your sweet bippy the progressive left is using the hell out of it.

    • When guns are outlawed, chicken poop will be next as it makes an excellent explosive to make bombs with. Where there is a will, there will be a way. Not that I am advocating such violence.

  16. Defund mayors that don’t enforce the law. Stop letting “protesters” block streets and highways. The mayors are the ones creating a dangerous situation.

    • I love the thuds and airborne cartwheels of Antifa vermin.
      Watched it a dozen times.
      Darwin in action.

      • It does seem like poetic justice — but I’d rather watch it happen to whatever uniformed piece of crap decided to let those idiots repeatedly shut down one of the nation’s busiest public roads.

      • The one that flew the furthest did not survive, not surprisingly…

  17. All this is bullshit defunding the police is absolutely krazy. How about the jacksss that was yelling over a bull horn not to call the police on black shop lifters this country is a HELL of a term oil makes nonsense seem normal and who ever said that the blacks are on top is correct all BULLSHIT

    • And the same people will then complain about lack of services when shops either go broke from the thefts or relocate to a lower crime area.

  18. ABC affiliates this morning ran a long “look at all the black people killing each other” segment this morning complete with some blue city shithole mayor saying “these aren’t police shooting up our black neighborhoods.”

    Pivoting to the guns r bad narrative after their retarded rioting and calls to defend the police sold 100 million more guns.

    The world can’t afford to keep tolerating the stupidity of the left.

  19. Maybe because of lot of those who used to say “you don’t need a gun, you have the cops” were never honest to begin with? They were only hiding their true opinions, that is screw the Bill of Rights, screw your freedom, screw the police, screw (true) progress…until it became somehow acceptable to state their true intentions, it’s is acceptable for the media and apparently the overwhelming majority of politicians, as well as law enforcement so called leaders.
    I find a lot of similarities between those thugs and muslim extremists, they all like to tear down statues and rewrite history, and they play it nice until there are enough of them to instigate chaos.

  20. The “supreme court” has ruled that police have “no duty” to protect you, only “society at large”. Since 1982, they have expanded “qualified immunity” to insulate all public officials, not just police officers protection from the consequences of their actions, in essence a “get out of jail free” card.
    YOU are your own “first responder”. Police are there only to pick up the pieces and file reports.
    Google Daniel Bailsford and Daniel Shaver and prepare to be sickened…

  21. Criminality is an asset.

    Crime can be used in many ways to accomplish goals.
    If crime goes up, you need more funding for police and greater powers for those in charge.
    If crime goes down then there is no urgency for increased spending or additional powers.

    As much as the business class and homeowners are suffering during the riots, the police and local politicos see this as a golden opportunity.

  22. One of the things you have to understand about the ‘Defund the Police’ crowd is that they think it is the near presence of the police and guns that care causing the violence. They honestly believe that it’s the police that are abusing people without cause and that they think it’s just that the presence of a gun that causes people to become violent. They believe that every single crime is 100% the result of being abused by the police, being poor, or because the criminal was racially abused by someone. I say this because I’ve seen this narratives replayed over and over again across the handful of social media platforms I hang around in as well as a few people in my own personal social group.

    • I totally agree with you this is nutz to defund the police is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard if you need help who the hell are you going to ask the black population I doubt it

      • I have a large black population in my gun safe and on my person. They will respond immediately if I need them.

        We’ve always been on our own. The difference is that now everyone knows it.

  23. I found it ironic that the LA County sheriff who said gun stores werent essential, and makes getting carry permits difficult, is whining that his leftist overlords want to defund him.

    Defunding your own enforcement arm seems like a great move to me.

    • “And no one needs to own a cop!”

      Owning a judge is far more valuable…

  24. many questions:

    if you “defund the police”, how in the hell does anyone gather acceptable legal evidence for a criminal case in court?

    and if that were possible, how many people know what to document, how to document it, store evidence until presentation at a trial, etc etc on and on?

    where do you hold criminals until their trial date? your basement?

    who writes citations for things like speeding, littering, etc and who ensures the fines are paid to the court?

    who apprehends criminals for things like drunk driving, vandalism, selling drugs, etc? are you going to do it?

  25. This is why David Hogg has more or less disappeared. The only good thing to come out of all this, I hated that kid.

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