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In Bruges (courtesy

“I’d gotten tired of carrying guns, a little bit. I don’t know how I ended up carrying so many guns, I really don’t. I hate the f**king things!” Irish actor Colin Farrell told Total Film magazine. “I think I’d gotten tired of doing some films that were thematically quite similar – that revenge and retribution played a prominent role in.” So it’s official: Hollywood’s hoi polloi (e.g. Miramax movie mogul Harvey Weinstein) are coming out against firearms ownership and swearing off movies that rely heavily on gunplay. Note: unlike Harvey . . .

Colin’s been here before. And admits his moral “weakness.” “I’ve been saying for about three years I think I’m sick of doing films with guns and then I’m in Total Recall and I shoot 20 people. And then I go, ‘Aw, that’s it, no more guns!’ And then all of a sudden I’m in Philadelphia on a set with Noomi Rapace [for Dead Man Down] and I have a gun in my hands . . . If I got offered In Bruges tomorrow after saying, ‘No guns! No guns!’ and there was a gun in it, I’d do it in a flash.”

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  1. Question about word choice. Hoi polloi is generally defined as “the common or ordinary people,” (i.e., the rabble). Not the elite, which I would assume from context is what you were meaning–oligarchs seems to be the right word.

  2. I did like In Bruges, one of the few movies that had realistic reloads and showed that blanks can still hurt.

  3. Hey Colin, if you don’t like guns, stop taking roles that use guns. Seriously, it’s not like you have no control over your own damned career.

    Taking the role and then bitching about it makes you look like either a whore, a hypocrite, or somebody’s bitch.

    Or in this case, all three.

    • You would think that but it’s not true. Actor get type cast all the time. Leonard Nimoy wrote his first autobiography titled “I am not Spock”. After his inability to separate himself form th character he wrote a second volume titled “I am Spock.”

      • It’s harder to break a typecast, but not impossible. It just means not taking the huge blockbuster paychecks for awhile and going towards more minor roles. I’m not saying he needs to do that, but I am saying he does sound like a whiney twit if he keeps complaining and not doing anything about it.

        • But how is going to get to bed the Hollywood starlets if he is not A-listed? Got to keep your priorities in order.

    • It would be too much like a porn star who “won’t do that…”. Then she won’t work. Moral standards can be expensive in some lines of work.

  4. wouldn’t it be nice if some left coast actor would actually come out and say “you know, I wasn’t sure, but after doing this film and hanging out with the guys who were training us to use these guns, I actually enjoyed it, had a lot of fun, and think it’s an activity that more folks could/should enjoy together” or something like that instead of this drivel?

    for the record, I really thought this movie SUCKED. though as Bret mentioned, at least it showed some realism in the little details.

    *plus, Brendan Gleeson without a beard takes a lot of getting used to.

  5. “Hoi polloi” Good band… Well, I think so anyway… Never heard that particular cultural reference in the USA before. Of course, it would be a Gun Blog, where people have brains and real-life experiences…

    In it’s original tongue, it’s a lot more derogatory… It’s a lot like saying “unwashed masses” while referring to a specific group. Usually accompanied by a [well deserved] racial slur referenceing a group of dirty, worthless people of a certain genetic disposition. There really is no direct translation, commonly used phrase. It limits the use of the derogatory slur to the group based on more than just the racial implication, such that one could say it without referring to the entire race, just the subset specifically identified.

    The author used it perfectly to describe hollywood scum without encompasing all hollywood as scum. Those particular scum in hollywood… I may be censored for it, but I’m jsut trying to convey the phrase most accurately. The phrase could be used against blacks, jews, etc. by use of the associated racial slur, and using it in that manner means you’re not colloring them all with the same brush, but acknowledging that there are certain people to whome the slurs do very aptly apply.

    The USA is the only nation which lacks this sort of qualifier because those that control the media want to ensure that a person using slurs can’t portray themselves as knowing the difference between a Decent Black Person and a Nigger.

    “Hoi Polloi of Spooky Town.” It means that the speaker acknowledges that not all people from that part of town are trash, but that the derogatory stereotype or slur being used is meant to apply only to those persons who choose to embody it, not a blanket statement as we are generally forced to use, and falsely portrayed here in the USA. IT doesn’t often work out gramatically, either…

    This was supposed to be a reply to Mark N above, somehow I goofed it…

    • I don’t quite follow the reasoning here. “Hoi polloi” literally means “the people.” It’s equivalent to the Great Unwashed. The teeming masses. The proles. Plebeians.

      Which means it’s not an appropriate epithet for Hollywood. However much they stink in our nostrils, they aren’t hoi polloi (the many), they are the few.

      They’re plutocrats. Aspiring oligarchs. Elitists. Bumptious mushrooms. Hypocritical self-promoters. Pathological narcissists. Attention whores. Fame addicts. Social climbers. Crude bourgeoisie who mistakenly believe that financial success confers intellectual refinement.

  6. Guns and movies go together like bacon and eggs. Even “Bambi” and “Looney Tunes” featured guns.

    Of course, Hollywood can go all cultural jihad on us and eliminate guns from their films, but then who would buy all those tickets? And when the tickets go away, so do the mansions, Ferraris and punch bowls full of cocaine.

  7. I really think that with the money you make for pretending to be an important person in a movie that shoots people who don’t really die in real life, you should shut the fuck up and do your job.

  8. Reminds me of an Adam Brody line, when his character is asked to go see a Colin Farrell movie: “Oh, let’s not!” I never understood what women see in this substance-abusing, unibrowed, average-looking actor.

  9. So presumably Hollywood will now rely on some other, more PC, method for their celluloid body-counts?

    They, like all gun-grabbers are missing the point. If death by falling where their number one issue, these people would ignore gravity and ban concrete.

  10. -“The movie has violence and gunplay, you okay with that?”
    “Well.. I’m taking a moral high ground now and I am anti gun, violence is terrible and the impact of gun culture is not something I wanted to instill in people.”
    -“We’ll pay you 20 million to be in this movie”
    “Hell, okay, when do we begin tactical training, I love that shit.”
    -“Sign your soul away on the dotted line below…”

    Doesn’t Mark Walhberg do this all the time? But of course He’s a CONVICTED FELON and cannot own any Firearms. Charlize Theron, Without a Firearm her family would have to put up with their abusive Father. and Isn’t She in the new Mad Max movie? Too Violent much? Hypocrites.

  11. Every day people get up and do their jobs just because they have bills to pay. Sure they dream of a better job or a different job all together but they stay right where they are because they have certain responsibilities to uphold. If Colin wanted to do a gun free movie or quite acting to start his own band (pull a Keanu Reeves) more power to him. At least he is honest.

  12. “I’d gotten tired of carrying guns, a little bit. I don’t know how I ended up carrying so many guns, I really don’t. ”

    By taking money and agreeing to play the part. No real mystery.

  13. Every single gun in every single movie needs to be replaced with walkie-talkies. It’s worked before….

  14. As a rule, the outspoken Hollywood actors/actresses who dip into political issues are invariably shallow hypocrites who want to be noticed as part of the trendy progressive liberal club but as stated above are ultimately money whores at heart.

  15. Do not ever forget that since its humble beginnings in New Jersey, the film industry has had one single product: FANTASY. And that fantasy has usually involved a gun at some point or other. So Colin, STFU.

  16. In other words many/most film industry tycoons are total sell-outs. They will compromise their principles for the almighty dollar. I am shocked, SHOCKED! I say.

    But we should yield to these people of impeccable moral fiber and give up our guns. I’ll get right on that.

  17. Farrell is reportedly worth $30 million and since “Miami Vice” has been getting $10 million per movie. What the hell can you buy with 40, 50,……$100 million, that you can’t buy with a mere $30 million?

    This can’t be strictly about the money. It must be about the popularity of movies featuring guns and his desire to be relevant in pop culture. It probably has something to do with ingratiating himself with Hollywood’s haut monde for Oscar contention, too.

    Either, both, or another, I think Sophocles said it best: piss on him.

  18. Colin was saying in an interview how much guns “scared him”. LOL, This supposed tough kick ass take no name man? Crying about how much an an inanimate object “scares” him. Too funny!

  19. Shows these fascist hypocrites’ who do nothing but play act have no clue in reality. If the king of the F word Colin Farrell has a issue with guns and hates gun owners he must give every penny he has made in acting to other for his cause. He wont this shows he is a foul mouth lousy actor hypocrite.

  20. Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie a $400K Shooting Range as Wedding Gift .

    Brad Pitt gives awesome presents. Pitt spent close to $400,000 to build a shooting range/armory for Angelina Jolie, his bride-to-be, at the couple’s Miraval estate in southern France, according to The Sun.

    An unnamed source said “Ange,” that raven-haired curvaceous vixen with the perfect lips, is an adrenaline addict who loves shooting.

    “Ange clearly finds shooting an aphrodisiac,” the source said. “When she and Brad were around weapons on the set of 2005’s Mr & Mrs Smith they ended up together.”

    Not much else is known about the range other than it has pop up human silhouette targets.

    For my money, a gun range is a far better wedding gift than the vial of blood her last husband Billy Bob Thornton gave her on the day of their nuptials.

    So glade see not ever one who hollowood actor is gun hater.

      • Why anybody over the age of 30 wants to pay 20 bucks to sit in a sticky theatre seat behind some texting idiot with big hair and be submitted to the latest liberal infused Hollywood rehash with a bunch of models and leftist freaks who just recite inane dialogue is beyond me.

  21. As longs as “guns” pay the bills, he’ll/they’ll continue to make movies with guns…fuckin’ Hollywood hypocrite(s)…

  22. Guilt trips are a bitch and keep you up at night. Their reaction though is pathetic. They still can’t blame themselves.

  23. Then nobody how’s to the movies and they start making movies with guns again. Liberals once again an emotional response without contimplation. Dumb asses

  24. “So it’s official: Hollywood’s hoi polloi (e.g. Miramax movie mogul Harvey Weinstein) are coming out against firearms ownership”

    Uh… I hate to say it, but you are using hoi polli completely contrary to its real meaning, which is plebs or the great unwashed masses.

    I think you wanted to say Hollywood’s elites. Hoi Polloi is how they consider the rest of us.

  25. Colin Farrell has no credibility since starring in the gawdawful “The New World”. That was the worst movie ever made bar none. Anyone who was associated with that movie should be banned from ever giving an opinion on any subject.

    • Nah. Christian Bale, Christopher Plummer, and Wes Studi were in it, too. Can’t banish them to silence.

  26. If I had to shoot people that much for real, I would get tired of it too. Actors never stop acting. Reality is fantasy. It’s a job, one that I could not do.

  27. Actual bravery is knowing to always stay away from guns, and why. The very idea of feeling the need to use a gun is a very obvious sign of mental weakness and lack of wisdom.

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