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New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago's Lori Lightfoot had a two-hour meeting of the minds to salvage their flailing administrations and provide another round of symbolism over substance to remedy the crime infesting their respective cities. Image by Boch via YouTube.
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It’s generally considered well worthwhile to seek the advice of others with more experience when taking on a new job. By seeking the counsel of an accomplished, recognized authority in a particular field, you can avoid costly mistakes and benefit from the lessons others have already learned. That’s why it’s so baffling that New York City’s new Mayor Eric Adams chose to travel to Chicago to seek the “wisdom” of the Windy City’s Lori Lightfoot in how to deal with the Big Apple’s violent crime problem.

Lightfoot is widely considered one of the most inept big city mayors in the country (see here, here, and here. And here. Oh, and here, too.). New Yorkers can only hope that the meeting was far more symbolism than substance since emulating anything Lightfoot’s been doing in Chicago could only result in more disaster in New York City.

Both mayors are desperate to show some semblance of a win over the violent crime situations in their cities…or at least put on the appearance of doing something about it. However, Lightfoot and Adams find themselves well behind the 8-ball in that — by default — they advocate not for the exercise of common sense Second Amendment gun rights for their law-abiding citizens, but instead for continuing to keep them securely on the gun control plantation.

At the same time, both mayors live and work behind phalanxes of armed security, a luxury the little people in their cities simply don’t have. While they’d never publicly admit it, the mayors’ own actions show that they know the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

Between America’s murder capital Chicago and America’s largest city New York, with its endless parade of high-profile crimes, one after another (after another), both mayors face increasingly angry constituents and increasingly critical mainstream media, frustrated over the impotence of their respective cities’ leadership in doing anything meaningful about the cities’ crime problem.

So why, you may ask, is ex-cop Eric Adams — the self-described Biden of Brooklyn — looking to the inept Lori Lightfoot for counsel? It certainly isn’t because she has a winning track record or an effective plan to reduce crime in the City of Big Shoulders.

Instead, all she has is one embarrassing story after another of her crude, vulgar nastiness behind closed doors. Like the recent scandal in which she bragged that she has the biggest schlong in Chicago.

In fact, Lightfoot’s galaxy brained idea of doing something about crime in Chicago is putting 2800 unvaxxed Chicago cops on unpaid suspension — over one fifth of the department — which was substantially understaffed before the suspensions. What will happen to crime with 20% fewer cops? (Hint: Nothing good.)

The jaw-dropping improbability of it all put the Adams-Lightfoot confab on the pages of the UK’s Daily Mail (under the title ‘The blind leading the blind’ no less):

The mayors of New York City and Chicago met Friday to exchange ideas on tackling crime, which continues to skyrocket in both cities – a trend that began during the worst days of the COVID pandemic and continues to dog both cities.

New York’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, both Democrats, have in recent weeks sparred with their cities’ top prosecutors and accused them of pushing for lenient policies that don’t hold criminals accountable.

Crime in NYC is up by over 45 percent compared to this time last year as Adams battles a growing crisis at Rikers Island – the city’s main jail – as well as a spike in hate crimes and an overburdened court system. 

In Chicago, crime is up by 34 percent. 

Violent incidents in public transit have left residents of both cities terrified for their safety. Transit crimes have shot up by 80 percent in NYC, according to the city’s latest crime statistics. The Chicago Transit Authority, meanwhile, recorded a spike in crime of 56 percent in January and February, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Both mayors held a closed door meeting before a ‘hastily scheduled’ news conference, WTTW reports. 

‘We are gonna be great partners in the work that we’re all doing,’ Lightfoot told reporters.

So much truth in so few lines of print… especially that last one. “Great partners?” In what, winning the race to the bottom?

Here’s a report from Chicago’s WGN TV . . .

Good luck, New Yorkers. You’re gonna need it.

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    • That’s where the real money is and controlling how that is handled is crucial to the favors for “friends” and “supporters”.

  1. Eric Adams is the political equivalent of a sharp dressing, well spoken huckster televangelist. The man is a conceited, self aggrandizing empty suit.

    So typical of our present political ruling class.

    • Imagine the damage he could do behind his desk if not for spending all of his time in front of the camera.

      • Interesting point. Are New Yorkers better off with him out spouting gobbledygook, or with him at his desk enacting gobbledygook?

        • According to some of the comments below its just gobbeldygook in front of the camera but likely goobledygook^2 behind the desk. Which would be a disaster.

  2. You get what you vote for. Funny but both these folks ran on a “reform” platform. He he…

  3. “Lightfoot is widely considered one of the most inept big city mayors in the country”

    That’s only because Adams is new to the job. As yet another in a long line of political grifters, Adams will soon be a contender for the title of Most Inept. The Adams administration is simply De Blasio’s third term, except maybe its a bit more colorful.

  4. some eyetralians suggested to him he might possibly have a worthwhile swordfighting opponent.

    • What’s an eyetralian, and what makes you believe that NYC respects 2A enough not to jail you for open-carrying a sword?

  5. You have heard of the saying, The Blind leading the Blind”. They are both completely incompetent and that is what happens when you elect people based on the color of their skin and not their competence. If you notice there are more incompetent people put in office for the wrong reasons and they certainly don’t necessarily represent their race, religion or ethnicity as the best people for the job. I am sure there are many better reps in those categories. Democrats tend toward the whackos.

  6. Adams didn’t have to travel to Chiraq. He just had to say ‘Lightfoot, Lightfoot, Lightfoot’, and she’d be there.

  7. I was talking to a guy from NYC a few days ago and Adams came up as a topic. I inquired about his thoughts on the man and he responded saying he thought he would do a good job. What do you say other than ‘good luck with that’?

    • Better you than me? Obviously don’t kick someone when they are down but we don’t expect much in the way of improvement downstate coming from the top, or bottom, and fully expect the middle to continue moving out.

  8. Adams and Lightfoot in one room. That’s not twice the stupidity. That’s stupidity squared.

    • It’s an empty room.

      Their combined IQs wouldn’t reach ambient temperature, measured in celcius.

  9. The job of any blue city mayor is to empower the criminals and degenerates into either expelling the working and middle classes or to drag down the ones who cannot afford to leave. To effectively isolate the lowest caste into a metropolitan ghetto that will consistently decay. That way it’ll be easier to keep them corraled and away from the affluent areas of the not-so-super-wealthy who can afford a semi-elite lifestyle. Here it’ll be the governors jobs to keep them out of the hair of the truly wealthy who own thousands of acres the rest of us aren’t allowed to touch like Gates, Bezos and Zuck.

    The.cities will be ghettos. There’s no question about it. All you and I have to worry about is whether we can afford to exist on the fringe of the not-so-wealthy zones or if we’ll get dragged down into the ghetto.

  10. Safe I thought remembered that one from high school algebra. Except, every time I attempt to assign a numerical value to the “mass of losers” I get -(donkey/infinity). I tried distributing the negative value across the equation. That gives me a photo array that consists of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and oddly, the new SCOTUS nomination. A few others. Anyway I plugged that value into the equation. The solution (velocity/collapse/city) exceeds the speed of light. That can’t be right.

    • *chuckle

      Gadsden, unfortunately your math checks out. The only thing that will slow down/reverse it, is the reining in and removal of our Acting President Biden And Associates, Inc., over the next couple election cycles. Hopefully before too many more of the Associates become entrenched in the bureaucracy.

  11. #35,289,764,238,756 on the list of government idiocy that should surprise exactly no one.

    Did anyone really think this guy was going to be anything other than a black version of DeBlasio?

    • We had hoped that he would merely be a crook, incompetent, or controlled by world economic forum and co not all three

  12. Anyone want to bet he just went to talk to Swamp Thing because she is black like him? He just strikes me as that kind of asshole. I have nothing whatsoever to base that on, just his general douche-baggery.

  13. Quote————–Lightfoot is widely considered one of the most inept big city mayors in the country————-quote

    The article contradicts itself because the former Mayor Deblasio, who was White and only left office in late 2021 had a much higher crime rate.

    Crime in NYC is up by over 45 percent compared to this time last year .In Chicago, crime is up by 34 percent.

    Transit crimes have shot up by 80 percent in NYC, according to the city’s latest crime statistics. The Chicago Transit Authority, meanwhile, recorded a spike in crime of 56 percent

    It proves the current Black mayor of Chicago is doing a much better job than the former White Mayor of New York much to the chagrin of the Racists on T Tag.

    I might add keeping on the subject of Racism which is rampant with most T Tag posters is the fact that it was Black Slaves that first introduced inoculations to prevent small pox to White Slave owners in the U.S. Also proving the the extreme resistance to inoculations in the 1700’s came not from Black people but from White Moron religious fanatics. My how little has changed in 2022 as the White Religious Fanatics are no more advanced now than they were in 1700’s America.

    • Pencil Neck, you should go back and read the quote you quoted. It said, “One of the worst…” Not the worst (Democratic, aren’t they all?) mayor of a major city. That’s a tight race. Pun intended.

    • Why haven’t you joined Russia’s “foreign volunteers” for the “denazification” of Ukraine? It will give you practice for when it is time in the USA.

      Could it be the Ukrainians are fighting back? Administering social justice isn’t fun when the victims fight back.

      • To Double Cross

        Quote————–Why haven’t you joined Russia’s “foreign volunteers”—————–quote

        And why are you not going to the Ukraine to fight the Russians. You did not expect that one did you? LMAO

        And by the way crystal ball reader I never stated I supported Putin. Quite the opposite and you would have already known that if you had any reading comprehension because of my prior posts.

        • A factor called costs. Something your kind keep forgetting. No wonder the USSR went broke.

          You were ranting in the past about Ukranian nazis and domestic far right terrorists. The Russians are even waving the old flag.

      • Southern, I hadn’t thought of that. Why isn’t Pencil Neck over there waving the hammer and suckle. I’m sorry, I meant the Russian Flag of murder and the squashing of liberty. I mean; what’s wrong with this device? Everytime I try to say something nice about the Russians it turns it into the truth.

        • Perhaps he’s subject to a travel ban or his boarding passes are marked SSSS (Subject to Special Security Search). It’s where they take you to the room, put on the rubber gloves and make you cough.

    • “….extreme resistance to inoculations in the 1700’s came not from Black people….”

      Yeah, they were SLAVES, dacian. Owned exclusively by democrats like you.

      “My how little has changed in 2022…..”

    • Right on Soul Dacian! Dat dere be yo Soul Sistah and Soul Brothah, ain’t dat da truf? And yo sho do admire ineptitudes, bad attitudes, and general incompetence, ain’t dat so?

      Last I heard, Chitcago be where FEMA sends all dem dere rednecks who needs re-educatiomification!! We smarten dem up real quick-like! Praise Jeebus! Hallyloo-yah! Sing it Brotha Dacian!

    • Gee whizz double tongues dacian, Cotton really screwed up didn’t he, if he’d have left well enough alone all them white supremacist would a been dead.
      First you want them gone and then you don’t?

  14. Well the plan seems to be working. Asking for Federal assistance.
    Chicago didn’t have these kinda problems when Capone ran the show.
    Organized crime versus disorganized crime.

    • Dead men don’t buy ‘shine, so he had incentive to keep things running a little above pandemonium level.

  15. “they advocate not for the exercise of common sense Second Amendment gun rights for their law-abiding citizens, but instead for continuing to keep them securely on the gun control plantation.”

    Where’s Debbie?

  16. I’d like everyone to know that I followed up on Safe’s equation with my daughter, Katherine. She majored in mathematics in university. After a bit she responded. It seems Safe’s equation is spot on. Katherine asked me, “When did the Democrats perfect warp drive urban decay?”

    • Sounds like your daughter flunked Economics classes. If she did pass she should not have. In reality the Democrats have prevented urban decay from becoming far worse than it is. It has been the gangster criminal Republicans on the Federal level that have refused to fund job retraining, urban renewal, the right to form a union, a livable wage ,more educational grants, and lower costs for health care. I could go on about this but when would the far Right admit what assholes the Republicans have always been towards the working man.

    • In the 1960s when after 2 decades of reducing, “Progressive” policies caused crime and homicide to suddenly increase, and rioting to break out. Crime and homicide kept increasing until the early 1990s when tougher criminal sentencing started a few years earlier.

      • To Double Cross

        Stick to commenting about your own country as your posts show you know zero about ours. In fact they are even quite laughable.

        • Straight from Thomas Sowell’s video about myths of the 1960s. Look it up.

          No doubt you would like to get him back on the plantation to get a horse whipping for being so uppity.

      • The answer is right there. It isn’t a mystery. The “problem” could be fixed if they wanted it fixed. It never had to happen to begin with. The actions and policies that bring us to this point are downright evil.

  17. The Dyke and the Dick had a meeting…reads like the lead-in to a tasteless joke….oh, wait, they are tasteless jokes in their respective cities….all you have to do is watch their Press antics and listen to the gobbledygook they spout to form your own opinion.

    • The dyke and the dick went up to the hill to whine and cry and spew their shpeal, we need the fed’s help they both said, but when President Trump offered it they wanted him dead.

      Not a joke but…

  18. As I have said before on TTAG. In the large liberal Democrat controlled cities. You can walk around with a str@p-on d!ld0 well fitted for public @ttire. And I appreciate the mayor of Chicago confirming/ supporting my statement.

    However only those that are well connected are able to legally get a gun in the city of Chiraq.

    From 2017

    “Pistol-Packing Chicago Anti-Gun Activist Perfectly Practices Hypocrisy”

  19. Lightfoot could be a fount of information. He should pick her brain about her policies and views, and then do the exact opposite. Sometimes, your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.

  20. I don’t get it. Adams may not be the person I would select for the office but he’s not in the same dregs as lightfoot. No one is.

  21. “New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot had a two-hour meeting of the minds”

    Mr Guinness – new category for you.

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