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You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears.

— Hillary Clinton

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    • And the rapist enabler hilliary rotten clintoon worships Gun Control which is rooted in racism and genocide. Now b*tch, exactly who is,”shameless.”

        • “Gun Confiscation must happen or she will eventually see prison”

          The Beast Satanic Witch of Hilda the dike, who used her husband’s office in AR and DC to money launder and for the Al Gore Climate change agenda sell body parts for PPH and making sure The PPH was subsidized under the Agriculture dept hiding from the Hyde Amendment Who is responsible for many disappearances threats to whistleblowers and (defended a serial rapist on parole and was an F Up with Bill Hubble’s law firm happens to be Chealseas real Father,during the Whitewater Nixon fake investigation) who Testified against her,her social media agent to testfy to wikileiks and Bill and Obama during the Hati relif crises and drug running for Obama and knew about Jeff Epstein’s making money off him directing Weinstein and Oprah human sex Trafficking Ops in the USA and was indicted but the case, dismissed against her participation in Setting Up a Body part Depot in S. Cal with two Ecuadorian Med Physicians but still walking free,the ex Lousy NY US Senator and failed US Sec of State(What dif does it make Benghazi Kadafi murderer) and the beginning of her and McShames regime ISIS Gun running CIA Whistle Blower Ambas Stevens Death under Her Sock puppet toy Obama AKA Barry Sotero. Waiting in the wings to push her final Marxist rule and will walk in with Nasty P to become VP when Kamala is shown to be a fake American Citizen who pushed and hid the real facts about Route 91 Oct 1 2017 in Vegas that it was a shield to murder the new prince of Saud in an Arab league nations business meeting not really about shooting the 58 who were wounded and killed and pushed the fake narrative of the bump-stock issue and a suppressor bill on her Twitter account now deleted to push this threat while Trump was POTUS

        • I need to know more about this!

          “when Kamala is shown to be a fake American Citizen who pushed and hid the real facts about Route 91 Oct 1 2017 in Vegas that it was a shield to murder the new prince of Saud in an Arab league nations business meeting“

          Can you believe it, fake American citizen Kamala Harris wants to assassinate a Saudi prince?

          I see why the right wing is upset, they just love them those Saudi royalty, remember George bushes sword dance with the king? Good times!

    • Just a reminder a staffer working for the Clinton Foundation was caught and convicted of trying to smuggle ten children out of Haiti when they had that massive earthquake about a decade ago. Believe her name was Laura Silsby.

      • Are you talking about this?

        I thought this one was a bunch of Christians out of Idaho kidnapping children.

        So the Christians in Idaho are actually Satan worshipers?

        “Ten American missionaries arrested in Haiti for trying to take 33 children out of the country after last month’s earthquake were charged today with child kidnapping and criminal association.
        The group, most of whom are members of an Idaho-based church group, were sent back to jail today after a closed court hearing in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.“


        • Be very careful ASSUMING that an organization using words to imply Christianity actually practices it. Much like the Boy Scouts – seems the leadership was actually scouting for little boys.

          Non Governmental Organizations will assume the identity of whatever group association is needed to get funding and continue their true core mission. “Planned Parenthood” was more effective selling baby parts and slushing funding right back to their political compatriots to keep them in office to keep the flow going. Their core mission was planning when to harvest the baby for it’s fetal tissue. Big Money.

          Should we even mention the Catholic Church and the 100’s of millions of dollars they are paying out for their molestation and rape? Core mission was? Selling a gateway to Heaven for 10% of your salary and some side benefits with you kids. Ask the Mormon Church about their lawsuits.

          Sadly, when you look much closer, you find that all the wrong people have infiltrated organizations, promoted each other to positions of authority, control the funds, and literally hide the bodies. It’s much more lucrative to operate in plain site as the “good guys” proclaiming projects to save humanity, while actually preying on them and usurping fortunes. Clinton Foundation anyone? All the funds collected for Haiti built a handful of new homes for the people there and the majority of it went to salaries for those administering the program.

          X1000 for every special Congressional interest out there. Our tax dollars are funding evil worldwide and most of us were too busy driving kids to soccer matches to even care. And why does our government allow it? Our Government is the one doing it. Why put yourself out of business?

          With that in mind, you tell me how Pelosi, Biden, Feinstein, Romney, and dozens of others got so wealthy. Hand in glove with China? Who are our real masters? You can always tell by what they allow you to talk about, and this isn’t one of those discussions they want taking place.

          Look at who removes content from websites and what they don’t allow anymore. No discussion of the 2020 stolen election, no discussion of Covid as a fraud on America, and yet to come, no discussion of why Vaccine Passports are illegal under Title 45 Part 46. Don’t be surprised to see discussions of the Nuremburg Kodex missing, Google can’t have us informed or knowledgeable.

        • Yalu Devil, the OP stated:

          “a staffer working for the Clinton Foundation was caught and convicted“

          No Clinton staffers were arrested or convicted for any improprieties involving the adoption of foreign children.

          So that is intentional this information from the OP.

          And are you talking about the same alleged ‘Clinton emails’ that showed Hillary Clinton was a Satan worshiping pedophile who murdered children in the basement of Comet Pizza? Right…

      • “staffer working for the Clinton Foundation was caught and convicted of trying to smuggle ten children out of Haiti“

        What makes you say that the people involved in this case were staffers for Hillary Clinton?

        Every article I can find says that they were Christian missionaries from a Baptist church in Idaho.

        Hey, are you just fibbing to support some kind of evil Hillary Clinton conspiracy?

        Aww, that’s just so precious.

        • Shillary Clinton’s leaked emails showed that there was some official promotion of the New Life Refuge, headed by Laura Silsby
          There are several other Clinton emails promoting the agency, which is strange for a group that has little to no reputation established at the time. By itself that’s not enough, but it’s also telling that Bill Clinton personally intervened in the case when the State Department told Shillary not to get involved. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/clinton-brokers-deal-over-haiti-orphan-abductions-v63ld395r7b
          Bill help strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby who only received six months jail time. That’s pretty light for those charges.
          At the very least, the Clintons intervened in a case that they shouldn’t have, so I don’t know why you are giving them excuses other then being an establishment Democrat. And yes, there are bad people masquerading as Christians, like the Clintons for example.

  1. This, coming from someone who, along with her husband, still have armed Secret Service members guarding them day and night, as do all previous presidents and vice presidents on request unless they refuse such protections.

  2. This, coming from someone who, along with her husband, still have armed Secret Service members guarding them day and night, as do all previous presidents and vice presidents on request or if they refuse such protections.

  3. Who cares what she thinks or says. Only thing important about her is when will she arrives at GITMO for terminal processing.

  4. Let me get this straight:

    Hillary declares the fears of firearm owners to be unwarranted and somehow that is “legitimate”.

    Firearm owners declare the fear of Progressives (“The right to go to work, to school, or to the grocery store without fear?”) to be unwarranted and somehow this is illegitimate.

    Once again, we see a simple principle at work: by definition whatever Progressives do is good, right, and true and by definition whatever Independents/Conservatives do is bad, wrong, and false.

    And that is simply another example of the maxim, “He who has the gold [power] makes the rules.” Do not EVER allow Progressives to disarm you and have ultimate power because, sooner or later, they will wield that power in a way that exploits, abuses, and/or kills you.

    • Hillary Clinton offers you a Faucian Bargain.

      You get fucked over repeatedly while she and her friends gain power by continuing to lie about things they never really understood in the first place.

      • Ha! A Faucian Bargain…because nobody in America’s feckless elite has the balls to do it the Faustian way.

        It’s not without risk, though. History has plenty of examples of the fucker-over-ers getting fatally fucked and failing to see it coming. Who knows, there could be a Thrasybulus among us somewhere.

    • She is in Putin’s crosshairs and needs Obiden to declare war with Russia by pushing the defense for Ukraine all we need to do is back up Ukn not put troops on the groundObiden and the Obama’s pushing lies about slavery and whiteness is a shame must hang for treason along with the Clintons and all of the Un-American cronies since Bill Clinton and both Bushes!

  5. “shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears” – like blaming a specific gun that is used in less homicides than people who are beaten to death – which side is exploiting unwarranted fears????

    • “The right to go to work, to school, or to the grocery store without fear?”

      Yeah except the left has made it so you can’t do any of those things without worshiping at the terror alter of COVID. Fear indeed.

  6. Who cares what she thinks. She will say and do anything to get people to look away from the bathroom server, missing e-mails and Benghazi.

    • Now that the news is so full of fake news and politicians say lies like “it’s easier to buy a gun than buy milk” or “I support the second amendment but we need to ban assault weapons” I really can’t tell April fools stories from real ones. The leftists (including as lot of Republicrats) have gone so far past April fools that anything they say or do is already in the “you can’t make this up” category. I think the Onion and Babylon Bee could just take a feed from the AP and call it done. Truth is stranger than fiction.

      Would Clinton say this? Yes. Did she today? No idea.

  7. In fact as a CCW Citizen I never fear going anywhere…my kids feel safer and my associates feel safer…because…OH yeah…they won’t be sheep for the shearing if a thug shows up with a gun.

  8. We “gun worshippers” have a huge advantage in the constitution.

    Unfortunately, leftist shit hooks like Hillary and her ilk are busy trying to dismantle the constitution.

    They already ignore it when it suits them.

  9. When has any gun control bill *ever* been proposed without shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears?

  10. Doubling down on her “deplorables” comment I see.

    There is no coexisting with these people. Their ideology will not permit it.

  11. Atta girl, Hillary: Attempt to “balance” my rights to personal safety, self protection and outright pursuit of “happiness” (I know) against the exploitation of someone else’s “unwarranted fears”?

    No, thanks! Besides many other previous episodes involving government intrusion and outright negligence in protecting those whom they are supposed to serve- the summer 2020 rioting, looting and burning cemented my convictions and added millions of first-time gun owners to our ranks. I think at a minimum I’ll just stay where I am.

    And welcome, all you newbies to your previously-ignored Second Amendment! Left, right, oranywhere in-between, the only reason your governments would seek further laws and regulations against your right to be armed with whatever YOU choose is to further control you and keep you in line as they see fit. Look how they’re “controlling” your face masks…

  12. “What about the rights of everyone else? The right to go to work, to school, or to the grocery store without fear?”

    If you live in that much fear, then maybe you should vote to make it easier for people willing to carry to protect you.

    • They don’t live in that much fear it is just a line they like and is demonstrably false. If they did live in such fear, they wouldn’t go to work, or school or the grocery store – but they do. Therefore, they aren’t living in fear.

      I have an acquaintance that I see fairly regularly at a neighborhood coffee shop. Hillary Clinton has never held a position this person doesn’t agree with. In fact, she thinks Hillary is a bit too conservative. This person once used the “living in fear of all the people carrying guns” bit in a conversation with me and a couple of others while sitting around said coffee shop. I called her a liar and she, with some overly dramatic expressions of offense, demanded that I explain myself. I said, “You know I’m a gun owner, you know I have a CC permit, you know that there is at least an even money chance that I am armed right now and yet you are sitting right next to me drinking coffee and reading the newspaper so, you are lying about being afraid or, you’re an idiot.” We don’t talk all that much any more.

  13. What about her shameless exploitation of people’s fears of mass shootings? The anti gun lobby have been using fear of middle class gunowners for years. Owning a firearm is a responsibility and most gunowners are responsible. The few that are not should be weeded out

  14. Theres something about that woman that just makes my tail stiff. Oh and that voice, like an angel. I’d really like to( bleep ) her, then( bleep) her some more until she forgot all about getting gunms ( except the one she got while bleeping) and Bill. Ahh hell, who am I kidding, I’d like to ( bleep) him too ( bleep) em both, good and hard, turtle style.

  15. Irrelevant drivel from not merely a has-been, but worse, a never-was!

    Think about it, the only accomplishment Clinton has to her name is getting into the room with a title. No signature accomplishments at all. No legislation she wrote and fought for. No policies or treaties or international agreements that she set forth and negotiated herself. Everything she has claimed was achieved by someone else. She showed up for the signing ceremonies.

    Worst of all, and this is not about the emails, Clinton’s use of unsecured cell phones for conversation and texting. She was repeatedly warned by her staff and security service that her communications were being spied upon. She was offered a secure computer and phoneline indoors.

    But Clinton was insulted by all that and refused to learn how to use any of it. So, she’d go out on a balcony at the State Dept or a hotel and talk and text on her Blackberry. To which all spy agencies of unfriendly nations could easily listen in.

    Incompetence of this sort is usually charged as a crime and prosecuted. Jail time is rare. Often jail time is suspended if the offender pays a fine, serves a period of probation, leaves government service and pleads guilty.

    But, nope, we threaten prison for a submariner for a lesser offense, but a politician gets to just keep on bragging about things other people did.

    • “Think about it, the only accomplishment Clinton has to her name is getting into the room with a title.”

      Exactly. She was pushed as this super smart person (woman!) but what was her grand idea to improve this country? What did she ever do? I suppose to Democrats, super smart just means outspoken, cunning, and ruthless.

  16. My wife and I shoot clays with several friends (and excellent shots BTW, damn it) who are of every political persuasion including some naturalized foreigners who came to the the U.S. to practice science / medicine like me and my wife and whose religion I can’t even pronounce.

    Hillary, die will ya.

  17. “…because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears.”

    Says the person that funded, seeded, and relentlessly exploited the Russia hoax as a distraction from her own failures.

  18. Which is more dangerous:
    Those who believe in owning guns lawfully to protect their civil rights and the lives of other citizens?
    Those who wish to manipulate voting regulations to ensconce themselves in positions of authority forever?

  19. She brings to mind a teacher I had in 6th grade. Shrill, cantankerous woman named Bick. You can imagine what her nickname was too.

  20. Bill Clinton and I have two things in common.

    We both love the Big Mac.

    Neither of us wants to sleep with Hillary.

  21. I am sure she says the same about Mom, country and apple pie as well as God. I think she is our best anti gun promoter. What ever she hates seems to make me like it more.

  22. Hitlery Killery Klinton. A worshiper of every sick and vile thing that normal people/patriotic Americans are against. They used to hang traitors.

      • What browser and OS are you using, Strych?

        Mine won’t let me post videos anymore…

        • tsbhoa is correct but it’s been that way a long time so… could be your browser, things like Chrome have gotten… uh, odd, in recent months.

          As to the question: That’s a longer answer than you’d probably expect. It depends on what machine I’m using and what I’m doing at the time.

          Win10 – Often Vivaldi but sometimes Chrome when required by the rules of the networks where someone else makes the rules. Sometimes Dissenter too.

          Ubuntu 20.10 – Usually Opera but sometimes Vivaldi.

          Ubuntu 20.04 – Min because I use that distro for lite builds like on a Pi. I also sometimes use it if I’m running an OS off a bootable flash or USB drive.

          Slackware 14.2 – Lynx. You almost certainly don’t want this, it’s a terminal browser but I don’t run X Windows on that machine and it doesn’t use GUIs at all.

          If you’re running a relatively modern version of Windows I’d probably recommend Vivaldi, Opera, Dissenter, Brave and Waterfox depending on your priorities for performance/optimization/privacy/other options.

        • Interesting that a combination of browser/OS information gets modded.

          WordPress so silly.

        • Now I’m just curious to test the moderation feature so that Dan has a few extra clicks after his coffee tomorrow.

          Vivaldi, Opera, Dissenter, Brave, Waterfox.

  23. Send her back to civics class. The United States is not a democracy, it’s a democratic republic. Big difference Killary.

  24. Go back into the woods of upstate NY please.

    In case she hasn’t watched lately Republicans thinking they need guns to protect themselves from Democrats is a concept that os now stronger than ever. I mean there were dozens dead and billions of property damage in93% peaceful protests.

  25. I wonder how many people she is insulting that used to worship her all those years ago that are now gun owners?

  26. Hillary Clinton doesn’t like herself, so she sticks her nose into other people business! And thinks she knows all the answers, if she wants to blame anyone of been shameless she best look at herself and the type of administration she stands with, pure corruption 100%NO GOOD, a disgrace to this country and all it’s people.

  27. A “shameless gun-worshipper”, am I? That’s rich coming from a shameless satanic power-worshipper…
    This country has become yet a gain a “House divided against itself”, sadly.

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  29. I would be upset, but this is the first true statement out of her pie hole. I do worship my guns, how is that wrong? Don’t we have a right to worship as we wish?.

  30. “What about the rights of everyone else? The right to go to work, to school, or to the grocery store without fear?”

    You and your buddies pretty much killed that scenario with the China virus and your lockdown power grab, Hills.

    Besides, I missed the part in the Bill of Rights where anyone is guaranteed the right to go about their lives without fear. Oh wait, that’s right it’s not in there because the Bill of Rights was DESIGNED TO RESTRAIN GOVERNMENT from tyrannical power grabs, like removing our means to defend ourselves.

    Why don’t you go back to watching your husband fool around with the interns?

  31. You know I recently saw a comparison of a lever action rifle to a MSR/ AR15 depicting that the lever action was for killing deer and the MSR was for killing people. I gave this a quick thought and came up with the fact that our very own government used the lever action rifle to hunt, kill and decimate our Native American Indians. Our own government!

  32. She is a SHAMELESS Left Wing LIAR from HELL . . . who WORSHIPS Communism. She HATES guns because she CAN’T get her way with her attempted Dominion over WE The People – She WILL be STOPPED by us “deplorables”! One ENLIGHTENED Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE “DEPLORABLES” AREN’T going away!).

  33. “…because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears.” OH SNAP! 😲 A ‘progressive’ pontificating about the exploitation of people’s fears… Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black”… 🙄😒

  34. Jeez Louise this old broad is still actually trying to make a point?

    Even her own party stays far far away from this loser and her husband.

    What is the count of the big bad guns about the Clintons and their immediate proximity where ever they might be eh? Guarantee you would not have enough fingers and toes to count em. Goes for any of these socialists now that the gloves are off.

  35. Thge Bible prophetizesto us that in the last days, the wicked ones will be viewed as good people, and the good people will be seen as the bad ones. So…now we know the “End Times” has begun when we have a “righteous” Hillary Clinton(and plenty of other dems) shaming We The People, who believe in God,own firearms and exercise the 2nd A rights endowed to us by our Creator ,to defend our families and ourselves from those who wish to harm them/us.
    Just pointing that out.

  36. What else can you can about this lame Turd that hasn’t already been said before. Hillary suffers from Dementia after being stepped as a doormat by her rapist husband Bill.

  37. She’s not really making a statement about gun control here. She’s beating the “end the filibuster” drum. They are in need of a fig leaf to cover their dastardly intent.

  38. Bottom line is that the Communists want to disarm Americans because that is the only thing left standing in their way of turning our country into a dictatorship. The British tried that in 1775 and that’s what started the American Revolution. Maybe it’s time for another one……


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