Ruger AR-556 ar-15 pistol
Ruger AR-556 pistol (courtesy Ruger)
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The House Civilian Disarmament Caucus Gun Violence Prevention Task Force has written a letter to the desiccated husk that sometimes sits at the Resolute desk, asking him to do to AR platform pistols what President Trump did to bump stocks.

First they came for the bump stocks, but I didn’t own one, so I didn’t object. Then they came for the pistol braces, but I didn’t own one, so I said nothing. Then they came for the AR pistols . . . .

One hundred and nine signatories are imploring President BidenHarris to instruct the ATF to regulate AR pistols as if they’re machine guns, “consistent with the intent and history of the (NFA) law.” This august group of legislators clearly saw an opportunity to effectively wipe out a class of popular, widely owned guns after Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa used a Ruger AR-556 pistol to shoot up a King Soopers store in Boulder, killing 10 people including a cop.

Note that, thanks to the wordsmith who wrote the letter, we now have a new scare term for these perfectly legal guns: “concealable assault-style firearms.” If that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, nothing will.

The 109 House members are using the old cop-killer smear against AR and AK pistols, writing that, “The concealability and ability to use ammunition capable of penetrating body armor make these firearms especially dangerous on our streets and for law enforcement personnel.”

Here’s the letter . . .

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  1. Yeah, and we want elected employees who dont uphold their oath of office removed! So who gets their wish???

    • And we also want them and especially elected officials forced to take urinalysis tests for drug use before and after employment in order to remain employed. This should eliminate about half of them almost immediately. Same applies to these useless communistic task force(s).

      • You should come and work for Soros, like I did.

        He does not require a drug test. None.

        I have been duped by dope!

        • Fake Miner, you forgot the ‘All Hail!’

          Your ersatz trolling just doesn’t have the same snap without it.

          But thank you for your efforts, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        • “ersatz” That’s a funny word.

          See I told ya all I’m smart.

          I learned that word only 4 days ago and now I’m using it in a sentence.

          Now, who is a moron?

        • ““ersatz” That’s a funny word.

          See I told ya all I’m smart.”

          No, actually.

          Those who are convinced of their own ‘intellectual superiority’ are far more often delusional.

          Google “Dunning-Kruger effect” for the proof.

          “Now, who is a moron?”

          It sure looks like that’s *you*, son… 😉

    • Come and take it.. I fkn’ dare you liberatards! Time to remove democrats from office as domestic terrorists.

      • They’re only concerned with getting a “win.” Then another. And another. As soon as they figure out some 9mm ammo can penetrate body armor, they’ll be banning that too.

        • Unless the ATF tries to distinguish rifle caliber bullets, whatever that means, fired from a pistol vs more pistolly bullets. But there is a long history of rifles firing pistol caliber bullets (lever action .38/.357 or .44) and pistols firing bullets you would find in a rifle. There are revolvers firing “rifle calibers.” Otherwise maybe they would just go after extra large pistols, regardless of caliber, so that would mean AR 5.56, 9mm, etc, AK all calibers, and subgun types like mp5, scorpion, etc.

          They were already going after the pistol brace (again, always), but that would be interesting if they tried to reclassify the guns as an SBR regardless of brace or just to say it is a new extra dangerous thing. Seems like they would need the Legislature, but bump stocks, so you never know what they will try.

        • The continued existence of pistol braces disproves their “need” to regulate short barrel rifles.

        • “…that would be interesting if they tried to reclassify the guns as an SBR regardless of brace or just to say it is a new extra dangerous thing.”

          “I’m perfectly willing to be reasonable.

          Call ’em SBRs and open a grace period on the registry.

          The same goes for calling semi-autos full-auto. With a stroke of a pen, Biden can re-open the machine-gun registry, and I can drill a hole or drop a ‘Lightning Link’ in there and “Party like it’s 1999″… 😉

        • “The continued existence of pistol braces disproves their “need” to regulate short barrel rifles.”

          That’s the beautiful part –

          If they try and regulate pistol braces, we attack it with the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) a nice law (with sharp civil and *criminal* penalty teeth!) the Leftist Scum were kind enough to pass for us to exploit to the fullest extent of the law… 😉

      • You can put a Brace on a .22 caliber Ruger Charger. In the take down version. It would fit inside a lunch size paper bag. Or the inside pockets of your over coat.

    • Put a bump stock on and call it a RFAP. Rapid Fire Assault Pistol or a FFAP, Fast Fire Assault Pistol.

  2. These particularly firearms make me go “meh,” but I bought one anyway, just to piss off the gun grabbers.

    • We share a common attitude. I did the exact same thing about a six months ago when a local retailer had one in stock at a reasonable price. It’s nice enough and works but probably wouldn’t be my first choice if a situation happened that I needed something like that.

      About five years ago, I bought an AR-10 because I heard all over the media about high powered assault rifles. I thought a high powered assault rifle sounded interesting and I know they are not talking about 5.56/.223 since the 12 year girl up the road hunts deer with a more powerful rifle than that so I bought one of those scary rifles in 7.62/308. It works good and is very accurate.

    • Agreed, but I did not buy one. I think any AR under 14.5 inches just comes with too many issues. (insanely loud without a can, flame thrower muzzle blast without a can, too much loss of velocity, possible reliability issues, more ware)

      I have also always thought that the whole “Pistol” concept is just low hanging fruit for gun grabbers. It is too easy to point to the existing SBR laws and use the same logic…that a short rifle is easy/easier to hide. I have told any friend considering one that they could one day be banned with the stroke of a pen.

      • Depends. My two 10.5″ AR pistols are chambered in .300 BLK, so they’re the size they should be.

        As for larger calibers, I have semi-auto deer rifles (Browning BAR) that look like “normal” guns to the untrained non-POTG eye, but are far more lethal than a simple AR. So are they suddenly bad, too?

  3. If your going to write a story it should be accurate…..It was 10 White people that was shot by a Syrian refugee AKA muslum. Just another White “Hate” Crime!

  4. Funny story, AR receivers are split receivers and don’t really even fall within the definition of a firearm according federal law. ATF keeps trying to prosecute people, but then dropping the case because judges are catching on.
    They cannot simply be regulated by adding new laws or executive orders. They would need to redefine what a firearm is, and once they start messing with definitions, there will be some pushback – so that might not be so easy.

  5. Is there any way we can regulate the demotators in congress? Stupidity should get them expelled – instead they seem to excel (at least in the eyes of bloomy, sleazy joe, pelosi, etc…)

  6. You know what’s even easier to conceal? A simple 9mm handgun. There’s ammo available that will penetrate level IIIA armor.

    • I haven’t seen the weapon reported yet for the latest California shooting but I am guessing it is just a regular 10rd semi auto handgun, I mean you can’t have those scary assault weapons in California right? Regardless the weapon, it turns out that evil people can and will use any weapon, tool, vehicle, hands, or foot to harm others.

      • Well, there are restrictions, but ARs are available. Pretty sure that AR pistols have been eliminated though, at least new ones, but I was never interested enough in them to figure it out.

        • With an 8-inch barrel and a folding brace, it’s pretty much an SBR without the 200-dollar tax stamp.

          Something like that makes a dandy home-defense firearm… 😉

  7. How bout the Republicans propose a bill to first take the illegal weapons held by criminals?

    Oh and there don’t appear to be any Republicans on the committee.

  8. Hakeem, the Amerikaneze people have many many gunms, what are we to do?
    “Asswipie, go to America and shoot some of them, their government will take the gunms away.”
    Allah be praised

  9. So does this mean they have to reopen the nfa to register these? Does it mean you can convert your AR pistol to full auto if you register it under the nfa? How do you even define what an assault pistol is? I hope they actually try this. It’s going to be hilarious

    • Similar questions were raised when California passed its “assault weapons” registration law, such as, when I have registered my AR as an “assault weapon” (which category includes previously registered rifles such as M-16s), can I remove my bullet button? By regulation, the DOJ tried to stop this by contending that every rifle or pistol or shotgun had to remain in the same configuration as when registered, and that included keeping the Bullet Button. That is why the registration required multiple photographs of the firearm sought to be registered.

      Many of us saw the shit storm coming, and converted to “featureless” builds. By eliminating certain “evil features,” our ARs are subject to no more regulation that a Mini 14 or a bolt gun. As long as one has a fixed stock and no “flash hider,” one can remove the Bullet Button and revert to a standard mag release. And such rifles, for now at least, are fully transferable, unlike registered ARs, which cannot be transferred by any means in the State of California, and either have to be turned over to the police for destruction or removed from the state.

      • My ARs have all the goodies. No “featureless”. I simply swapped in
        KaliKey BCGs to make them bolt action, and therefore not subject to our state’s AW restrictions. When I travel to NV or AZ, I simply put the standard BCG in and shoot like a free man.

  10. Those 109 members can suck my @#$%!!!! They obviously want to see a real insurrection. Liberatards are domestic terrorists attempting to destroy the Constitution…

  11. ABSOLUTELY NOT! . . . they are NOT Machine guns! Pull your HEADS out of your COLLECTIVE WAZOOS and STOP this SEDITION and Treason. One Enlightened And ALERT Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  12. “The National Firearm Act has been extremely effective in preventing crimes with the particular classes of dangerous firearms…” And this statement is backed up by what study? In what way could they “prevent crime” when all a criminal has to do is use a different weapon? If a criminal really wants to use a bump stock, do you really think not being able to buy one legitimately will stop them from getting one? Do you think if they got it through “other means” that they’ll follow the law and register it with the ATF? Yeah, right. And pigs have wings…

  13. So, running AK pistols is acceptable, right? Asking for a friend…
    Yeah I don’t think that I will be complying with this bull$hit…in fact I don’t think that I will at all.
    If they’re ok with losing people in the furtherance of their agenda,I am too.

  14. If you built your own on a stripped lower, and its over 26″ you can slap a vertical grip on it and it is not a pistol its an “other” or non nfa firearm.

    ATF defines others as needing to be over 26″ so its not concealable

    Cannot be designed to be fired from shoulder so no stock.

    Needs a vertical grip so its designed to be fired with two hands so its not a pistol.

    Its the only way we get around the AWB in the People’s Peninsula of New Jersey.

  15. Democrats suck! One bite at a time, and their goal of removing all our 2nd Amendment rights will be accomplished. Then our Republic will be obliterated, our Constitution shredded, our salaries eaten by explosive taxes, our Religious freedoms depleted in favor of minority religious rights, our children made secondary to immigrants, and our freedoms minimized by fear mongering political scientists who have an agenda of making our nation a Socialist society with public tracking by a vaccine passport.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for TRUMP!!

  16. I don’t think AR/AK pistols are particularly concealable unless you like to wear old-school bubble goose all year.

    That said, considering that the NFA as originally drafted was meant to go after handguns with a vengeance, this does kinda make sense. As Lil’ Red would say, they’re “circling back”.

    • The ACA gives us a *lot* of options (with painful legal penalties) to attack laws banning braces, if they wanna go that route.

      It will be nice to throw their own laws right back in their faces…

      *snicker* 😉

      • I’m waiting for the ADA/HIPAA lawsuits over “vaccine passports”.

        That’s gonna be a fuckin’ hoot. And, I’ll happily take part in it too, “ADA shopping” all day.

        Lefties like that “if you hang your shingle you can’t discriminate thing” and I’m happy to shove it right up their ass. Fuck your “private” business.

        • Alinsky’s ‘Rules for radicals’ redux –

          Number 4 – “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

  17. Career criminals in Congress, State Government, Local City Government, along with the hypocrisy of the Fake NEWS channels supporting their narrative have endangered the American public. Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law. Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a Free Constitutional Republic. In which the United States of America is…
    Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…

  18. Still waiting for them to outlaw steak knives, baseball bats, pipes, pressure cookers, fertilizer, rental trucks, airplanes, or cars. Oh yeah, and abortion clinics, open border executive order invitations, reduced police budgets, “equity” hiring in LE or military, people of the same race as their victims, etc —you know, the usual things that kill a lot of people.

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