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As a mobster might say, CNN is not a friend of ours. But even by CNN standards, the post THE OTHER GUN LOBBY is beyond the pale. It’s a press release/ad for anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, including the above bloody shirt waving video (click photo above to view) without attribution. It’s about as good an example of anti-gun agitprop as you’ll find in the mainstream media. For those who wish to deny CNN and Everytown the click, here are some “highlights” . . .

Their focus is on field operations, to mobilize their 3 million members on this single issue and then get supporters to the polls. They steal tactics from the National Rifle Association and study other groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving that have won victories against massive industries.

They gather in cities around the country to learn how to target policymakers and stay unified. They plan rallies and organize on social media. They circle states where change is most possible. They work with the Brady Campaign and Gabby Giffords’ organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, on federal legislation. They’ve found an ally in the White House.

Yes. Yes they have. And in presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose organization is closerthanthis with Bloomberg and his camp followers. As for tactics, CNN’s right: the antis have upped their game. I get regular text alerts and phone calls from Moms Demand Action inviting me to text and email my congresscritters, and join them in [sparsely attended] Austin-area rallies.

The most powerful message lies within its survivors’ network — some 800 people who’ve had a loved one killed or wounded by a gun.

This determined crowd turns the conversation around on the most stridently pro-life conservatives: What are you doing to save the lives of America’s children from gun violence?

Italics eh? Must be serious! The polemic’s penned by one Jessica Ravitz, a UC Berkeley J-School attendee (if not grad) who wants you to know Why I’m not married (and it’s not because I’m an angry slut). She also wants you to know how you – yes you! – can help Everytown.

They make lobbying one click away:

• Call your senators and demand a vote on universal background checks

• Send your condolences to those affected by the mass shooting in Oregon

• Join your local Moms Demand Action chapter

Got it? No? Then you need to be motivated!

The voices of these mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters have joined forces with the likes of Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, Yoko Ono, Rosanne Cash and Don Cheadle. Those celebrities have formed an 80-person council to advocate for awareness of gun violence.

There seems to be a renewed urgency like never before — that enough is enough.

For those within the survivors’ group, their message is punctuated by that chilling, awful day when they got the news of a slain loved one. Reliving those memories has become a permanent part of their lives. A message, they say, America must hear.

This time, they won’t be silenced. They don’t want to ban guns. Many pack heat themselves. They just want to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, the seriously mentally ill and others who may pose a danger. If enacting universal background checks saves just one life, they ask, then isn’t it worth it?

Hey Jessica, which of these anti-gunners packs heat? And where, pray tell, is an opposing voice? Hell, I’d settle for a skeptical aside. Perhaps a mention of America’s support for gun rights? Ha!

[Lori] Haas says there was little in the way of support after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. At times, she felt alone in her despair to take on the gun industry. Those days are over: “We now have a platform.”

“Everything about the movement has just grown and grown and grown,” she says.

Don’t mistake their grief as a pity party. Their determination remains unwavering. Undying.

“We are pissed off and we want to do something about this,” Parker says.

And we’re pissed off with CNN for shilling for organizations seeking to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Behind a fig leaf of journalism. Personally, I’m ashamed that I once worked for them.

[h/t DrVino and Ripcord]

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  1. Jessica Ravitz, a UC Berkeley J-School attendee (if not grad) who wants you to know Why I’m not married (and it’s not because I’m an angry slut).

    A woman who feels the need to proclaim that she’s not an angry slut is probably an angry slut.

      • @Mark_Anthony_78: Way too many nots and negatives in that statement to follow. Not sure anyone except an English or Literature Prof could understand what she really means. Which, I suppose, is good because the audience that it is aimed at won’t have a clue what she is talking about. They will probably just think that she is denying being a slut and wonder why.

  2. CNN? You mean the outfit that staged a demonstration with a full-auto rifle to illustrate what would supposedly become available once the Clinton semi-auto “assault weapons” ban sunsetted? And they’re plumping for gun-grabbers? Who woulda seen that coming…

  3. Meanwhile, CNN ratings and MSNBC ratings combined are still well below Fox News.

    I used to get angry at the crap printed in my local newspaper. Then I realized their circulation had declined to the point they were no longer relevant. I just quit reading that rag and I’m a calmer, happier man for it.

    Same goes to the mostly unwatched cable news channels.

  4. 1) Every program on Fox News channel beats their corresponding CNN program by double digits. . . . even during the rebroadcasts late at night. this is a ratings stunt

    2) Communist News Network, brought to you by the guy who was married to that commie flag waving s!ut Hanoi Jane. Are you surprised?

    • To the extant Fearful Leader-from-behind is right, and we have become “numb” to this sort of thing, he can look to CNN and their cohorts for the reason why.

    • More like three million hits on their damn website. I swear, a single elevator accident is capable of completely unplugging all significant support for this current generation of anti-gun agitators. As a person supportive of representative government, the notion that there are at most 800 people behind this nonsense (I bet it’s more like twelve actually calling shots) is flatly disgusting.

      How many of CSGV/Everytown/whatever-the-new-fronts-name-is directors are elected, and how many supporters even know who they are, and how many supporters are actually contributing resources instead of being bought by them?

  5. TTAG, please start using DoNotLink URL referrer ( for links to anti-gun content so that by linking to anti-gun propaganda you do not advance such propaganda in search engine results when people seek the truth about guns. Oftentimes more gun-rights advocates read these anti-gun articles and watch these anti-gun videos than fence-sitters or anti-gun activists. So we ourselves end up moving this propaganda higher in people’s search results and making it easier to find, more widely available, as a result more suggestible fence-sitters watch it. More information at this link. Basically all you have to do is add “” before the URL, like this: “”.

  6. I’d say it’s time to create one letter for POTG to send to CNN regarding their anti-2A advocacy and another to send to their sponsors regarding their brand association and choices that consumers have. Perhaps something that GOA or NRA/ILA should spearhead. CNN may not care about viewers, but sponsors don’t like to be involved in politics.

  7. Is this the same CNN that self-censored its news about Iraq in order to get front of the line treatment from Saddam Hussein’s crazy pr guy, Baghdad Bob.

    The same CNN whose in the closet anchor made fun of elderly Americans organizing for limited government, lower taxes, and lower spending by calling them a homosexual slur; “tea-baggers”.

    The same CNN whose debate moderator coached and then lied for Obama in the 2012 debate about Benghazi?

    I don’t even click on links to that scum any more.

  8. And what about that Evil Terrorist Bloomie that is behind Everytown ? Throwing his money at Everytown like an Arab Oil Sheikh while he contrives to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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