Hi-Point JXP10 pistol
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Say what you will about Hi-Point firearmsthey work. They’re affordable. They go bang when you need them to go bang. When it all comes down to it, what else really matters?

Hi-Point’s just announced a new addition to their lineup: the JXP10 10mm pistol. It has a threaded barrel, adjustable sights, a Pic rail, a +P rating, and it costs…$225.

The gun isn’t on the Hi-Point website yet — oh wait…yes it is — but here are the specs . . .

Barrel length: 5.2″
Weight: 49 oz.
Capacity: 10-round magazine
Overall length: 8.5″
Rear Sights: Fully-adjustable & Red Dot Ready
Frame: Standard 1913 accessory rail
Finish: Black powder coat
Front Sights: Compatible with Glock® front sights
MSRP: $225.00

Hi Point Hi-Point JXP10 10mm pistol




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  1. I love that even in their own promo pics the roll stamps look janky.

    Have to admit though that (IMO) this is the closest they’ve come to a good looking pistol. With such a long slide the proportions of all that mass are much nicer than usual.

    • And all that mass likely means it will be a (relatively) soft shooter.

      (And I also wonder if Buffalo Bore will notice an uptick in hardcast sales…)

      • Looks like a lot of muzzle rise to me.
        Also, I think I get the direct blowback thing but is there an example of indirect blowback so I can relate the two. I know look it up but that’s why I come to this site.

        • It’s “simple” blowback, contrast with delayed blowback such as the HK roller-delay system.

        • One just uses a spring and is heavy but the barrel dont move around so it shootz straight. The other one uses a spring and a thing that goes up , so its lighter but the barrel moves around and it’s not shootz as straight.

      • Around here four boxes of Buffalo Bore would cost more than the gun. Those are boxes of 20, so make that 8 magazines.

        I doubt there’s much correlation unless one was to buy one gun, one box of ammo and toss it in a glovebox until who knows when, which actually doesn’t sound half bad.

        • Agree. I mean. that chance encounter with a bear, angry elk. etc. isn’t everyday.
          I’d probably take this to the range maybe once or twice a month and shoot some 40s with 10mm cartridge mixed in here and there.

    • Meh, I guess that’s what 1911s weigh, so whatever. I’m used to polymer weights I guess. My XDM 10mm is just as big and weighs well over a pound less.

      • I love my Springfield XDm in 10mm.
        Excellent gun all around and my buddy loads hot rounds for it. My only gripe is the slide isn’t set up for a red dot. Gonna have to get the OSP I guess! 😁

        • I have had a bit of trouble racking the slide on the 10 until an RSO showed me a trick. Pull back with weak hand and push forward with the strong hand. Don’t rely on one hand. Seems obvious now, physics and all. Not gonna help if one hand is disabled but something to remember. Also a good reason to have a red dot, rack on your elbow if you have to.

        • nice rack.
          we used to get gorilla milk for breakfast. i was a member of the club along with the dick dastardly vulture squadron. hot wheels used to send out a member’s only chrome boss hoss.
          and we’d sing junior birdman around the campfire. peace and taps.

    • Soooo hi point operates off 1900’s auto loading tech. It’s literally a weight attached to a spring. This slide and recoil spring. Has no other moving parts. Guessing they had to add LOTS of weight to absorb the energy from the 10mm.

      • “This slide and recoil spring. Has no other moving parts.”

        Yup, dirt-simple.

        That also means that Hi-Points can be converted to select-fire relatively easily.

        When we get the Hughes amendment struck, of course… 🙂

  2. 10mm is, IMHO, typically employed by shooters who strive for a higher experience. Not too sure how many would pay the higher price for the more powerful ammo, but drop $$ on an economy gun to fire it. I myself wouldn’t trust a Kmart-tier gun for that.

    A Toyota Yaris *might* be capable of 100 mph under the best of circumstances, but I wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel for it.

    • That’s about a buck a round maybe a little more last time I checked about a week ago. I own a nice 10mm. I just cannot afford to shoot it anymore. Really takes the fun outta range time when every boom is a dollar headed downrange…..

      • Yes ammo is pricey but I want to practice with my 10 and I love shooting my 300BLK. Buck a shot basically either one.

        • If it’s a Glock 20 then it’ll shoot 40 S&W just fine without modifications. Probably other guns too, but the 20 is the only one I’ve actually tried it with. Jeremy also wrote an article about it here a few years ago.

          40 S&W is still not *cheap* but it’s not 10mm either.

      • Exactly why you save brass, buy dies, hoard lead & powder, & primers. Same die set as.40sw. I started hand loading because of the price of .45lc. Yes you can load 10mm in hardcast lead depending on alloy and quenching. I had a 9mm high point I sold and regretted it ever since. Actually shot quite well, 2” @ 25yds

      • About 60 cents per round for fmj last I looked but anything loaded to full spec would probably start around a dollar per. With any luck the proliferation of 10mm will continue to bring prices lower.

    • That was my first thought, Haz- Nobody who buys Hi Points (not judging- just an observation) is likely to have the connections to source, or cash to pay for, 10mm ammo these days…

    • “10mm is, IMHO, typically employed by shooters who strive for a higher experience.”

      Well, the folks toting in in the inner city will be high when carrying it… 🙂

  3. I’ll get one!(Never thought I’d say that). Take that ILLannoy🙄Might be a bit tricky as they “banned” them for having pot metal slides. And yet I bought a Hi-Point legally in Indiana & shipped to Ill FFL. 10 rounds of 10mm sounds fairly fearsome😎

  4. No thanks. Never saw one that wasn’t broken. Or, was about to. Now they’re going to stuff 10mm into one? Good luck with that.

  5. A .380 or even a 9mm H.P. is fine for nightstand, glove box or truck gun. A 10mm blowback H.P. ? Nope, nope and NOPE. Gota figure the 10 rounds in the mag is worth as much as the gun.

    • Eight magazines actually. Just think of it like the stinger missile system. Launch tube and projectile in one package that can be reloaded if absolutely necessary.

    • The most commonly known modern interpretation of the Volkspistole is the Steyr GB which lost the Austrian Army pistol competition to the Glock 17.

    • what was that, a star trek toy? i knew kids that had those… mine was a multi pistol 09.
      and dad made us rubber band gunz.

    • LOL only 10mm. Jokes aside polymer is fine if it meets the specs and doesn’t wear down quickly otherwise we would have far more glocknades outside of the gen 2 .40sw issues.

  6. I don’t own a high point and I’ve never handled one but I love them, the company and everyone working for them.

  7. I think LEOs should carry one of these. It’d be great for pounding nails to hang up Wanted posters. Could probably double as a sap or general “night stick”.

    I’ll be interested to see if they sell enough to make more than the first run. 10mm usually comes in more expensive patforms, for more expensive tastes, like my Gold Cup Delta Elite. I am betting, however, that if Hi Point sales are good, the next thing will be a 10mm from KelTec. Really need a scatter shield for that.

    • …I realize I have weird taste, but a RDB-like bullpup PCC in 10mm would have the potential to be interesting, especially if it could also shoot .40.

  8. Back when 45acp was much cheaper, I would shoot my Hi Point JHP all the time. There guns are a blow back design. So the slide on their guns tend to be heavier than most others. The company has good after market accessory support as well. But 10mm ammo is very expensive. It’s a nitch market. Not sure any gun company would sell alot of any 10mm guns.

    But it’s good to see a working mans gun company, trying to offer more choices to folks with less money.

  9. 10mm simple blow-back pistol? No wonder it’s so heavy. Recoil is going to be obnoxious and racking the slide will build muscles.

  10. Where can I get +P 10 mm ammo? If it is hotter than Buffalo Bore and Underwood, maybe 49 ounces is a good weight. Or maybe someone copied the 9mm specs without an editor…

  11. Wow! What a bunch of snobs on this thread.

    For those saying this gun is too cheap for guys (or gals) who can afford to shoot 10mm, has it occurred to you that this could be a second (or third or fourth) gun in the caliber and it will be purchased to avoid wear and tear on the main gun?

    Its like someone having a Ferrari but still drive the Civic to work everyday, even even if they can afford premium gas at FJB prices, because They don’t want to put all those miles in that classic.

    • Very true. I recently did the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry class. Even though my daily carry is a P229 in .40, I chose to fire my Ruger SR22 for the class. As you said, why not?
      It saves wear and tear on my $1,000 Sig and .22 is way cheaper than .40 ammo.

      I can afford to shoot virtually anything I want. I’m not a cheap old fat white guy, I’m frugal. 😉

    • Bad analogy. Your *Glock* is comparable to a Honda Civic, but a Hi-Point is more like a Lada. They do go bang when they’re supposed to, but they’re not going to last you for thousands upon thousands of rounds without suffering major failures from metal fatigue. Hi-Point is a perfect nightstand/bathroom gun, but it’s the complete opposite of a range toy.

  12. I would like a 10mm, but I don’t think this one is it. Heavy, blocky, coyote-ugly- I had my go-round with a Hi-Point years ago when they came out with the .40 S&W… Never could get it to operate without jamming. Went directly back to the store and got my money back- which I promptly reinvested in a different pistol…

  13. Here’s to betting the slide weighs about as much as my 2.5″ k-frame .357. This really seems like an answer to a question never asked.

    I think that a carbine from them in 10mm would actually be a pretty cool gun honestly. Think they’ve made that for a while.

    With as cheap as these are I bet you’ll see droves of videos from guntubers about these. At the price, why even request a sample instead of just buying one?

    Do they make a threaded barrel .45 ACP one? THAT would be pretty cool honestly. Fixed barrel .45 ACP would make a fun suppressor host I bet. You can retro the mag retainer so it takes 1911 mags as well, which in turn means using the 15 rounders.

  14. Well, it finally happened yesterday – I was OWB open carry for a quick errand and a thug tried to grab for my gun. Just got notified the cops caught the guy a few minutes ago and charging him with assault and the attempted theft.

    I usually carry concealed (sometimes open carry), but open carry is permitted here and I still had on the OWB holster having come back from the range (for which I usually open carry there and back). A few minutes after I got home the wife asked me to run to the store and pick something up she needed for her baking.

    I kinda saw the guy previously eyeing my gun while I was shopping, but that’s not unusual here when people open carry. I was in line to pay for my stuff at the self-checkout when he came in hard and fast and knocked me off balance. We struggled for a couple of seconds as I disengaged his hands from the gun/holster, he didn’t have a real good grip but enough of a grip.

    I forced him away and started drawing the gun and he disengaged and was gone by the time I got the gun out.

    Time for all that in the surveillance video was five seconds. It was over fast. I was using a SafariLand 637 ALS holster for my Glock 22.

    Last night I went through my holster grave yard boxes and threw out anything that is not at least active level II retention for IWB and OWB.

    I normally collect a lot of holsters during the year. My brother comes across a lot of give away’s and ‘gifts’ from his associations with various gun gear companies and people and retailers. He gives me a lot of it, everything from internal parts to hand guards to optics/sights but there are a lot of holsters in all that. I usually take these things to some of the ranges I use and give them away, sometimes I keep some for myself. I had already given away a bunch of holsters this year but still had some.

    I smashed and melted and cut up on the band saw all the ‘passive retention’ kydex/polymer/plastic (what ever you want to call the material), all from top names in the industry, 29 of them, so they would never be used again. The leather, some very fine leather holsters from top names in the industry, cut them up on the band saw, so they would never be used again. All of them that passive friction fit retention. I will never use another passive friction fit retention holster again, concealed or not, and will not give one to anyone else again.

    Had I been wearing one of those this guy, even though he didn’t have a really good grip on everything he had enough of a grip on the gun, would have been able from where he was slightly to my right front would have been able to lift the gun from the holster when he first slammed into me.

    • cool story bra. if my gat’s out in plain view i want some retention.
      i do not want that on my iwb.
      let the band play the old saw.

  15. How about all you snobs shoot one before you pick it apart. They already make a 10mm pcc, I haven’t shot one so I don’t feel qualified to bitch about it. I bet none of you like Zebco either, I’ll just keep catching fish.

    • zebco 202 was the first reel i ever bought with me own scrilla.
      zebco cardinal spinners (swedish) are to be collected, none finer.

    • speaking of catching fish…

      When I first met my wife, when we first started dating I was into fishing a lot. So one Saturday I invited her along for fishing. So I was fishing from shore that day, didn’t have a boat and normally went with a friend who did have a boat but he couldn’t make it this day. It was a popular spot though for shore fishing and had always been a good spot so lots of people came through there. Anyway, I was not having any luck, not even a nibble. My future wife kinda snickered a little and said she could do better. I had gear for her too but she had not started fishing yet.

      She started wandering around picking up bits of fishing line that had been left behind by someone. She tied them all together, came over to the tackle box and got a hook and tied it on the line she had tied together, put some bait on it, climbed upon a big fallen three that was hanging over the water, and dropped the line in. She caught 3 lb bass hanging around in the shadow cast by the tree. I didn’t catch anything that day, but then again after she caught that bass I gave up and we had the bass for dinner.

      She likes to remind me of that story.

    • Without shooting this, I can tell you that it looks ugly and the safety will be very hard to operate. Based on my experience with my 1095, I can expect it to be serviceable but crude.

      I know this gun is cheaper than a used Glock and that a lot of people don’t have the money to buy something better, but I think people would be better served with a better gun.

  16. Why oh why, when you can get a Taurus G2 or G3 for less than $300. Just saying there are more choices in the sub three hundred dollar range. So the Hi-point has Zinc parts, These are prone to failure. Kind of reminds me of the Walther .22 wich had a zinc slide and would crack at the ejection port cut out. Zinc has no place in a firearm. Agree?

  17. Damn you California roster! I want two of them!

    Well, at least I can get their 10mm carbine for now. Hate all you like, Hi-Point stands by their products, and they run better than majority of their operators.

  18. I don’t know what kind of Cherry Picked testing samples they’ve been shooting but no high point that I’ve had the “pleasure” of handling on the Range has made it through a trip without a malfunction. cheap and ugly don’t bother me. it’s the repeated demonstration of unreliability and a pretty hot cartridge in a zinc & plastic shell that make me think this thing is a hand grenade that may or may not poke holes in what you need holes poked in at the moment.

  19. I may get one just to have a 10mm around the place. Don’t need it, not particularly enthused about HiPoint, but it would be nice to have an affordable 10mm- UNLESS of course I was to get hold of a Glock G20… This H-P would probably sag muh drawers to muh ankles..
    There it is, folks.

  20. Hi Point stands by their Product….im getting one dont have a 10mm….Why not? like the Lifetime Warranty!


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