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In a “hold my beer” moment, violent criminals and gang members in the Windy City made sure nobody would take the title of Murder City™ away from Chicago in 2023. Bad guys banged in the new year with six homicides as the calendar flipped.

Three more armed teenagers in a stolen car were critically wounded and may not survive.  Meanwhile, Her Honor Mayor Lori Lightfoot had…nothing to say about the carnage, probably choosing to spend the holiday at her home in Michigan.

The first day of the new year saw four young men shot while leaving church. Just kidding about that church part. They were in a stolen KIA, armed to the teeth, when a “likely stolen” green SUV rolled up beside them and opened fire with multiple weapons, including rifle-caliber rounds, shredding the armed occupants of the stolen ride.

One of the occupants was shot no less than 16 times. The others barely clung to life with their own gunshot wounds.

It was a heckuva day. Hey Jackass recorded the mayhem . . .

New Year’s Day
12:05a 5200 S May, New City, M/?
12:06a 6500 S Paulina, Englewood, M/27
12:08a 11400 S Racine, Morgan Park, F/24
12:30a 4800 W Madison, Austin, M/24
Shootout leaves 1 dead, another injured at
West Town hookah lounge
1:30a 2100 W Division, West Town, M/38
1:30a 2100 W Division, West Town, M/26

4:30a 3800 S Wallace, Bridgeport, M/32
8:30a 10640 S State, Roseland, M/46

4 teens shot: 1 dead, 3 critical
in Washington Park shooting

1:20p 5600 S Prairie, Washington Park, M/17
1:20p 5600 S Prairie, Washington Park, M/14
1:20p 5600 S Prairie, Washington Park, M/14
1:20p 5600 S Prairie, Washington Park, M/17
4:20p 5000 W Superior, Austin, M/52
6:30p 9400 S Wallace, Washington Heights, M/9

8:35p 100 E 59th, Washington Park, F/33
8:35p 100 E 59th, Washington Park, F/34
8:50p 700 E 132nd, Riverdale, M/20

The Chicago Journal had more details on the four yoots who were ambushed in the KIA . . .

Police said four (4) teenage victims were riding in a silver KIA sedan that was heading southbound on Prairie Avenue when another vehicle pulled up alongside. An unknown offender inside that vehicle fired shots into the silver KIA, believed to be from a rifle, striking all four of the teenagers.

The victims and their injuries are as follows:

    • 14-year-old male. Multiple gunshots to the body. Critical condition at Comer Children’s Hospital.
    • 15-year-old male. Multiple gunshots to the body. Critical condition at Comer Children’s Hospital.
    • 17-year-old male. Multiple gunshot wounds to the body. Critical condition at University of Chicago Hospital.
    • 17-year-old male. Shot sixteen (16) times to the body. Pronounced dead at the scene.

There is no one in custody but officials did say they recovered a weapon at the scene inside the car the victims were driving, which was also reported stolen on December 30th, according to @SPOTNEWSonIG and other scanner traffic listeners.

It’s amazing what these “alternative” reporters learn in their investigations that the Sun-Times, the Tribune and other mainstream media publications sanitize out of their reporting.

Gangs of violent criminals (and violent criminal gangs) run on Chicago streets with impunity. Take these two who committed an armed robbery across from a school over the Christmas break . . .

On New Year’s Eve, I tuned into Chicago Police and Fire scanner traffic over at  Even at just 8pm, listening for less than an hour, I quickly lost count of the number of “shots fired” dispatches. Then tragic news came of a ten-year-old shot in the face, then more shots fired calls.

Chicago really is America’s largest open-air shooting range and business is booming. The city ended 2022 with 734 homicides including 665 who were shot and killed. That total was actually down from 2021, but 2023 is off to a roaring start.

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  1. Quote by the late Col Jeff Cooper, applicable equally, if not more so, to Shootcago.

    “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

    It’s not Gun Violence. It is DEFECTIVE CITIZEN Violence. Let’s not hold the manufacturers of lawful, constitutionally permissible products liable for the violence. Let’s hold the manufacturers….producers….of the Defective Citizens liable for their products’ carnage.

    • The problem is most of these gangbangers refuse to use the sights on their weapon systems any end up killing innocent then the left uses this as an excuse to take guns from the people that are not the problem.

      • Just like the young child that found their parents gun in the closet, they are clueless about what they are holding. The training they do get is wrong and they don’t care how to do it right. As a result, most trigger pulls miss the intended target over a few feet away. The problem is that by the time they reach such a point, it’s far beyond any possible course correction. There is a part of this that is a result of the Democrat left doing everything they can to remove guns from every citizen. What gets created is that there are guns but few if any understand them. To say nothing of understanding the law. The drugs, gangs, and leftist lunatics got to these kids first.

        • The Government should provide FREE dope to all dopehaids 18 years old or older. Many dopehaids would kill you and your family just to get $10 for a fix. Let them have all they want.

        • XZX Great idea except it would not work out that way.
          Basko Popov, if you and your kind think that would resolve the problem, you are sadly mistaken.

      • no the REALmproblem is that they have and misuse firearms. In the above piece the four in the STOLEN car fired upon were 14 and 17 years of age, and the coppers recovered a loaded handgun in the car. NONE of them were of age tolegally possess a handgun in public, none were old enough to have a Mother May I Card “permitting” them to possess a loaded handgun inside a vehicle on a public highway.

        But there is no end to the pressure to disarm US who just don’t do things like that.

    • We have seen a line of mayors, police chiefs, and other assorted city leaders operate with this very method of doing things. This isn’t new but the official efforts have always been to hide it. Well it’s at a point where it really can’t be hidden anymore. It might be a way to deal with the problem but its not a very good way. There is much collateral damage. The people of Chicago (knowingly or not) vote for this with every Democrat vote. There is no way to convince them otherwise.

      • I’ll lay high stakes at long odds the majority of Chicago’s voters are NOT voting for these thugs and their corrupt policies. Nope. Vote crime has been proven to exist in Chicago at least since JFK garnered so many thousands of votes from dead guys “living” in that city.

        • It was way before the JFK debacle. Chiraq has been a corrupt democracy stronghold since the 19th century.

  2. Just another day in Chiraq, Northern Province of Illinoistan. More deadly than Kabul, Afghanistan. That is controlled by terrorists. Come to think about it. So is Chiraq. The only difference is the people of Chiraq voted for their terrorist.

  3. Same old toddling town.

    Sorta completely off-topic: since when is a Gurkha Knife called a “machete”? One is for chopping (not “stabbing”) people, the other is for chopping vegetation. Different shape and temper. Does no one in the news scam industry know the difference?

    Or are we being prepared for background checks for dangerous garden tools by those who love long planning???

        • Just like A PORTION of them intentionally mislabel and tell lies about certain “disfavored” weapons (i.e., the ubiquitous and NOT terribly ‘lethal’ AR-15 poodleshooter). But, yes, most of them are that ignorant. Now, it is intentional ignorance, since they deliberately don’t educate themselves about the guns they hyperventilate over, but it’s still ignorance. Just read any post by dacian the demented or Prince Albert to see how monumentally ignorant they are.

      • I’ve been in Latin America and have seen up close and personal some of their machetes. No they do not havve a long slender point on the business end, but trust me those tools are multipurpose. Long use brings great skill to their owners. They are precision instruments that when wielded by a skilled operator can do amazing things. Do NOT underestimate them as tools and weapons.
        There are inferior ones with soft steel and poor shape/balance, there are also well made ones using high quality steel that retains a VERY sharp edge that is durable. Shape DOES make a difference in them. I’d say they are amongst the most effective weapons for offense and defense at relatively close range

        • To tell you the truth, the “knife” that was used to assault the three police officers was NOT a machete. If you saw any of the pictures of the “knife” you would see that it is a kukri, a knife which is issued to the Gurkhas. It seems that from the get-go this “machete” has been misidentified as the media is absolutely CLUELESS.

        • I just watched a video on NHK of a woman in some third world country chopping a turnip-like vegetable with a real machete. Was I impressed! She was wielding that machete against that kind of turnip thing almost as fast as a 4 star chef wields a kitchen knife on a stalk of celery. I knew I wouldn’t see her chop her hand off because that would be edited out but had it been me wielding a machete like that there would be blood and body parts all over the place. She was chopping quarter inch slices off that vegetable using a swing like she was chopping wood. She could chop off your ear or your nose without harming another hair on your head.
          It didn’t look like it was a $200 machete either.

  4. The Far Right are most responsible for the continued gun violence in Chicago. When you allow second hand guns and stolen guns to be shipped into Chicago by the thousands from Hillbilly States with lax gun laws, (controlled by the Gangster Criminal Republican Prostitutes of the NRA) where the hell do you think all these guns go to? They go right into the hands of criminals.

    Every civilized nation on earth vets all gun purchases, there are no legal face to face sales allowed and people must keep their guns locked up at home to prevent needless child deaths and quicky smash and grab robberies. Their lower homicide rate in Europe and Japan prove these laws work far better than our complete lack of such Federal Laws.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. The people responsible for the violence (there is no such thing as “gun violence” as a gun is an inanimate object incapable of any action let alone violence) are you Leftists who left eh criminal element run amuck in our society. IN spire of your protestations, criminals belong behind bars, walls and fences.

      • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        You cannot bring back the dead by locking up criminals “after” they committed the crimes. And as fast as you lock them up there are hundreds more to take their place.

        The Neanderthals of the Far Right always seek simplistic solutions to complex societal problems and they are unwilling to spend the tax money to solve such problems so they go on and on and only get worse.

        Of course giving you a long dissertation in sociology, psychology, economics and criminology is way over your head anyway so I will not waste my time trying to educate the unwashed.

        • Simplistic question but what tax money? The tax base collapsed and the more taxes are raised the more people move out. But no worries with them not being locked up pre trial they are free to clear the books of other criminals and drains on society so your utopia is pending.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, the idea of punishing a criminal is NOT to bring back the dead, but you already know that. the whole idea is to PUNIH and segregate the criminals from the law abiding people in society. You Leftists have the “idea” that you can rehabilitate people. DEAD FRICKIN’ WRONG! The only person who can “rehabilitate” him/herself is the criminals themselves. You can offer every feasible program in the world but if the criminal doesn’t want to make the change it just ain’t gonna happen. For your edification, sociology, psychology, criminology and economics are NOT sciences. They are at best WAGS (wild ass gesses) and 90% of the time dead frickin’ wrong. If one of those sociologists, psychologists, etc worked a day in the street. they would get a REAL EDUCATION. To tell you the truth, I am yet to meet a egg head with a college degree of any kind that had a lick of common sense. You “sir” are at the top of the list.

    • darcydodo…If criminals can acquire illegal drugs they can acquire weapons of every description from drum roll….Fellow-Criminals..bada boom. That said why don’t you come down from your ivory tower and go make some straw purchases and if you somehow succeed at that take your wares to chicago and unload them for a profit. Let us know if you make it out of chicago unscathed.

    • news flash Dackie Boy the Dunderhead: the guns you claim are brought in by the truckload (maybe by the Dohatsu load) are just as illegal for their transporters to possess in the states where they were stolen as they are in Chicago. There is NO state within 500 miles of Illinois where anyone can walk into a store and buy a gun without getting the background check. Other sales are illegal, just like in ChitCongo.

      You want less violence in the streets of ChitCongo? Go and smack some sense into that thick cranium of their wretched mayoress. SHE”S the one telling what pass for police officers in that town to stand down, look the other way, out on OR, chump change bail, and all the rest.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      You wouldn’t know “civilized” if it fell out of the sky, landed on your face, and started to wiggle, you lying imbecile. PLEASE hie your worthless @$$ off to one of these “civilized” countries you admire so much, and leave us Americans in peace and absent your idiocy. Go expire in an excavation, you Leftist/fascist piece of excrement.

    • dacian. Seriously. Does anyone talk the way you type? You are spouting outdated jargon that originated in a failed state that doesn’t exist anymore. Really? It’s just propaganda that has been proven a failure.

      If you were not so low iq and had an education you would realize this. Hell. You’re so ignorant you serve as a fascist foot soldier but think you’re a member of the social-list left.

      Fascinating case study in mental illness.

  5. 755 homicides in CICAGO,in one year?? That’s nearly as many as the nmtOTAL Mof illregal deaths in the entire UK in a year and that includes all murders from knife crimes, shootings, victims of domestic violence, manslaughter and Acts of Terrorism Thew smallesst ctegory is SHOOTINGS the second acts of terrorism and the most common by far acts of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE perpetrated by those known to the victims.

    • ^^^ this brought to you by those who invented drawing and quartering – and enthusiastically exported their most violent genes for centuries.

    • Why don’t you stick to the facts that Europe has a gun problem and it has to do with the “BLACK MARKET” of real “WEAPONS OF WAR” and once in a moon there is “MAJOR TERRORIST” attack with these “WEAPONS OF WAR”!!!

      Add the fact that you are a “SUBJECT” and not a “FREE MAN”!!!

    • Albert L J Hall, for your edification, the population of the UK is less than 20% of the US. Not to mention, we have the 2nd Amendment. You are a subject. Here in America we are citizens.

    • Hay, we can’t help it if you Limeys (or, in your case, Fake Limeys) refuse to prosecute your “ethnic” populations. That’s a “you” problem, clown.

  6. Once again, ZERO Fs given for any victims of the reap what ya sow crowd. You get what you vote for, and who cares about Chimpcago anymore….

  7. Keep it up! They’ll solve the problem themselves! We just need more video for entertainment purposes.

    “Youths.” “Teens.” We all know what that means. Improve your life; change your demographic circumstances.

    • Most of anyone who does look to improve/achieve of any race will move out of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Philadelphia, Rochester and various other cities for very similar reasons.

  8. Several things are going to have to happen before anything improves in Chicago. First is in the short term, the Prosecutor has too actually charge and prosecute criminals arrested by police. Secondly, the city government has to actually support the efforts of those police officers. And those convicted will have to actually serve their full sentences.
    In the longer term, the various communities where the crimes are concentrated will have to make it clear to the youngsters committing those crime that such behavior will not be tolerated. As well as reverse course and demand their children actually show up at school, actually do the work and earn their HS diploma. As well as make it very clear that they will show respect for teachers, police, and other adults. As well as for themselves. Toss in a requirement of young men to be responsible for their offspring and for the mothers of that offspring. Any tomcat can breed, but it takes a man to be a Daddy.

    • B B B but welfare pays SO WELL, but only as long as there is no adult male in the home on a more than casual basis.

      (and the likes of light-in-the-head foot wonder WHY there are so many Daddyless children getting shot up. Mainly because more than laff the children are daddyless. So whenver a kid gets hit he’s most likely in a single parent (female) household often mixed in with half-siblings from several other sperm donors. You’d almost think it is a government mandated policy er sumpin like……

  9. With all the drugs and booze and violence and gangs and parties and robberies 750 a year ain’t that bad in a town as big as Chicago. I’d have thought it would have been that many a day.
    Even if it was 750 gunm kills a day that still works out to Me having a 0 chance of anything bad ever happening to me in Chicago.

  10. New Orleans is in a contest with Chicago! Anyone want to start a pool on which city finishes with the most deaths?


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