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Hellfire Gen 2 trigger ad at

In an earlier post, a former ATF agent brought our attention to the $60 Hellfire Gen2 “trigger assist.” We reckon the mini-bump fire stock — without the stock — deserves its own article. The as-yet-unbanned YouTube promo video below reveals a device that does what the much-criticized bump fire stock does for less money and no significant mod to the host rifle.

The sales copy at online retailer tells the tale.

There is something so incredible and so NEW and it is called “HELLFIRE GEN 2” . It is the epitome of all any rapid fire system ever. From the inventor of the original and most famous rapid fire system ever this one use all new “Recoil Assist Technology” that allows for one handed operation. Unlike “Bumpfiring” this system allows for a firm grip on the gun grip and stock for optimum accuracy and controllability. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger to shoot at rates up to 900 rpm. It is ATF legal and compliant and comes with it’s own certificate of legality.

The Hellfire Gen2 is bound to set the antis’ hair on fire — again — and garner massive media attention in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Meanwhile, I wonder how easy it would be to make one of these with, I dunno, a 3D printer?

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  1. “Meanwhile, I wonder how easy it would be to make one of these with, I dunno, a 3D printer?”

    A clone of that should pop up on ‘Thingverse’ in 3, 2, 1, …

    (And unlike lots of other printed things, that appears to contain maybe 3-4 grams of plastic, *max*…)

    • there is already an STL file for a variant of the gen 1 floating around
      bump fire gadget 1 snapshot, thingiverse pulled the files, but it has links in the description to other locations(mega and torrent)

  2. Well I’ve been thinking about building something pretty much just like that for a TEC-9 or other pistol with a magazine separate from the grip. Just because they anti’s decided to try to ban them!

    That said, the idea I have would allow for easier switching between single and ‘bump’ instead of taking off a device. It would be all in the grip.

      • Yes, that is exactly who I mean. You can not regulate an item that no one knows exists.

        Once again, 3D printer and a mill is a better friend to you than the NRA or a RINO will ever be. They’re fair weather friends at best.

  3. “Meanwhile, I wonder how easy it would be to make one of these with, I dunno, a 3D printer?”

    If you can make one out of metal, making one is as easy as purchasing a thin strip of “hobby” flat metal stock at your hardware store and bending it into shape.

    Such flat metal stock is available in a variety of widths, and thicknesses — and you probably even have a choice of brass, aluminum, tin, and steel, including stainless steel!

    My only question is how relatively springy or mushy the end result should be?

    • If you want ‘springy’, buy a sixer of your favorite beer-soda and take a scissor to the can…

    • I bought one a while back and was disappointed when I got it, I paid total of $80 for it, it worked but I lost it or it grew legs and disappeared so I took 2 water clamps or hose clamps and cut them off to the same length and bend them to the same shape and size and taped them together and they work just as much as the one I lost, cost under $2 and took 5 minutes to make!!

  4. I hope they sell 100,000,000 of them! Pretty hard to ban something that has proliferated the populace.

  5. Ban skull masks; that’s scariest part of the vid. Also, wasn’t this dealie the ‘full auto conversion’ that precipitated the siege & subsequent incineration of the Branch Davidians at Waco? It seems that would warrant a product safety disclaimer.

  6. Looks like a spring balanced fast trigger reset assist. Looks like fun.

    Don’t think you’d need even a 3D printer to make one.

  7. I feel like the skull mask is sorta overdoing it, but I adore that advertising. It’s like buying something sketchy out of the back of a gun mag, but apparently without the questionable legality.

    • That ad looks like it came straight out of the back of a 70’s comic book (or ‘Mad’ magazine, maybe?)…

  8. I hope the build a hundred million of them. Can’t ban completely that which is in great abundance.

    • I thought ATF agents were above the law, why would you need one? You guys seem to just do whatever you want anyhow.
      Are you really proud to work for that cocksucking criminal peice of shit agency? I remember Ruby Ridge and Waco all too well…apparently a paycheck means more to some people than killing women and children. I gave up my 07 FFL because I couldn’t stomach having to even allow you self rightious scum in my shop once every three years.

      • Do you really think some smartass commenting on a gun blog under the name ATFAgentBob is really an ATF agent, Ed? It’s more likely that he’s a Staffordshire terrier than an ATF agent…

        Does anyone else remember when this place used to be fun?

      • Ed, switch to decaf and learn to discern an ironic or sarcastic screen name from the real deal. Do you honestly think an actual ATF agent would post on here? Furthermore do you think any actual agent would be dumb, ballsy, or lazy enough to use ATFAgent(xxx) as their screen name? If you believe both I do have some primo ocean front property just outside of Phoenix for sale at bargain basement prices that won’t last long although right now it’s fully populated with lonely horny housewives looking for adventure and hot Russian singles.

        • Actually, anyone who joins an agency who fails to understand the definition of “..shall not be infringed.” Is pretty fuckin stupid already, so I wouldn’t put that past any of them…pretty stupid name though…kinda like calling yourself Bobthechildmolester.
          Do you people realize what a bunch of TRUE scumbag criminals they ALL are? Not funny.

        • Ed,
          You do realize you are arguing with a fictional screen name that’s all in jest right? I’m not really ATF and I’m not here to infringe on the 2nd Amendment or molest anyone except those that see the screen name and start railing about the ATF. We all know they suck. If my screen name triggers you please feel free to come up with one roasting the ATF.
          Thank You for your input.


      • Every country has an abundance of shitbags who, given a badge and dark glasses, can’t wait to punish their own countrymen… Gestapo, Kempetai, KGB, &c.

  9. “Can’t ban completely that which is in” . . . the public mind.

    “Consider, as well, the attempts to limit the possession of firearms, as a means towards their complete and permanent disposal. The futility, and danger, of this idea can be demonstrated by pointing one’s first and middle finger at someone with one’s thumb pointed straight up and the other two fingers cupped towards ones’ palm. One doesn’t have to utter ‘bang’ for most of the population of the earth to recognize what is being mimicked.
    Therefore, since the idea of firearms [a gun] cannot be eradicated, then their legal possession by the lawful must be maintained as a contradictory threat to their actual creation, possession and use by the unlawful [9]. Employing the maxim ‘I will not pay to raise up an army against myself’, hypothetically, I will not pay (provide support in any way) for you to prevent me from protecting myself against you, or other foe, who does not feel equal compulsion to support such a doctrine.
    In affect, I will not support you in your attempts to disarm me for my enemies, and to preempt further shaded attacks on my security, You give up your ‘gun’ and I will get you to give up everything else.” [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 39]

  10. They came for the bump stock, and I said ok. But then they came for my expensive drop in trigger for my AR-15. And then it was to late.
    A week ago there were people on TTAG who were willing to give up the bumpstock to the “Gods” of gun control. 2A Companies refused to sell them. Will they now stop selling Timney or Geissele products??????
    If they just ban any and all semi auto long guns, that will take care or any pesky inventor of rapid rife rifles.

    You think it can’t happen here!!!!!!

  11. Engineers are smarter than politicians. Politicians may be more devious, but they simply lack the ability to out-think engineers (professional or amateur).

  12. I want to try this thing on my buddy’s Beowulf, I feel like wasting $30 in less than 2 seconds in spectacular fashion.

  13. I’m incredibly curious, where are the ATF letters? He claims his device is legal to attach to a pistol, yet if ATF found out that you had to use two hands to operate the device they would’ve almost certainly told him he can’t put one on a handgun (see: letter on VFGs and GCA pistol definition). Not only that but he has something called an “Autoburst” which appears to act just like a shoestring/rubber band around the trigger, which ATF has already stated (stupidly, i will concede) converts a semi auto into a machine gun.

    One can sell auto sears all day long and claim they’re “atf compliant”, which is true to the extent that you would be compliant if putting them in a transferable lower or have a SOT. Seems like this guy has something in his letter he doesn’t want us to see, which may explain why he covers his face in the videos…

  14. 60 bucks? 3D printer? Looks like one bend in a strip of kydex, an inch of foam rubber and glued on a magnet.

    • In a free market a product’s value is determined by the consumer, not the cost of manufacture and distribution.

  15. If I could Id post a copy of the letter that comes with these things. If I had the letter.
    Ive had a non bump stock trigger add on thingy for several years maybe.
    Have never even tried it.. I know it would work since the crank thingy that Ive never even turned does its thing too.
    3 clicks per turn. It was sold for pistols by the way.

  16. There are 3D printed alternatives to this that cost less. There are also online 3D printing services that you can use, and these parts don’t scream “gun parts” and slip through. Or at least, I’ve been able to print a few using online services. I printed 2 AR-15 and 1 AK-47 bump gadget, and it cost me less than $60 total, shipped.

    Here are the files:

    AR-15 Bump Gadget!hrx0VSyC!TLWmrJvghcoNqrguzpWSg2k74SJ2z4g5hUtPb93yuao

    AK-47 Bump Gadget!YzBixD5L!D9B09hzT3g-N5r1LG7RvAgmWwTbE7QV75ZHsBEYLy78

  17. This “Hellfire Gen 2” device puts the spotlight on the elephant in the room. I find it more disturbing and dangerous to our Second Amendment Rights than “bumpfire stocks”. Why are we highlighting these devices that demonstrate to the anti-gun crowd that semi-automatic rifles can be made to mimic fully automatic rifles with devices easily and inexpensively made and easily put on a rifle and removed? Let’s just throw this information in our enemies’ faces and dare them to scream for the outlawing of semi-automatic rifles and pistols. I think it is a dare that will backfire terribly.

    The Las Vegas shooting and wide dispersal of the information that the shooter used a bumpfire device to enable him to wreak terrible carnage on a massed crowd at a distance in only ten minutes of actual firing with easily modified semi-auto rifles has scared the dickens out of many fence-sitting gun muggles.

    I know many will hate on me for saying these things here, but this all needs to be said. What in the world are we thinking? Some people seriously think the Las Vegas shooter was a kind of “Manchurian Candidate” for gun control. I think he was just a crazy guy who took advantage of a device to increase his kill factor. Now the dirty little secret is on full display in public debate and it may not turn-out well.

    You can find quite a few better videos on YouTube on the Hellfire Gen 2 device, as well as 3D printed bumpfire stocks. Here are some links:

    Search YouTube for “Hellfire Gen 2” and you’ll get a lot of videos. Looks like there are some variants of the Hellfire Gen 2 beyond the snap-on/snap-off version.

    Meanwhile here’s an update on what Cody Wilson is up to:

    Apologies to anyone I piss off by objecting to these devices and this general discussion. I have a busy schedule today, so probably will not respond to others’ comments and really do not feel the need to defend what I have said. YMMV.

  18. It doesn’t work. Save your money. Watch his videos, they are clipped together and jump around. At no time does he shoulder the weapon or hold it in a normal way.

  19. bought 3 different types of em’ over a period of 5yrs, none worked, sold em’, might try the next new thing though, oddly enough never bought a bumpstock, have friends that did, tried em’, too much movement for me, they got rid of theirs anyhow.

  20. Hell fire snap on trigger for AK 47 is junk, doesn’t work. I contacted the company 3X…nothing. Don’t waste your time!!!

  21. Hellfire Snap-on is total junk, doesn’t work. I contacted the company 3X and each time they sent me a link on how to use it. I have a mass produced Century AK 47 which they say it is compatible with. No customer service. Don’t waste your $

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