Heizer DoubleTap Delayed. Again.


To our valued customers:

Since HEIZER FIREARMS first introduced our new innovative Tactical Pocket Pistol the DoubleTap™ in November of last year at the NASGW show in Reno Nevada we have been overwhelmed with positive response and have orders for literally tens of thousands of pistols, beyond our wildest expectations. During final engineering and testing of the DoubleTap™ as we came closer to full production we went from original ExperimentalRevision 1 guns to what are now Revision 8 Production guns. The final production guns  incorporate over a dozen notable improvements (see below) and 7 patents pending transforming the original  concept DoubleTap™ from what we introduced as a cool gun to an awesome gun. Our original aggressive timeline to enter series production was scheduled for the first quarter of 2012 . . .

In order to incorporate all of the latest improvements into the DoubleTap™ we have now scheduled a vastly increased production schedule in an attempt to meet demand for the second quarter of 2012.

I sincerely apologize for this delay, however it is and always will be my direction within the company to produce new, innovative, state of the art aerospace technology firearms and if this calls for delays before full  production begins, I am sure our customers will understand and appreciate this. Revision 8 Production Model Improvements and


* Front and rear low profile no snag sights

* Melanite finish on stainless steel barrel assemblies Rockwell 65

* Mil-Std CeraKote finish on Titanium frames and Hard Anodizing on Aluminum

* Lanyard pin on rear of grip

* Serrations on the trap door compartment

* A stronger needle bearing instead of ball bearing in the double action trigger system

* A channel machined into the spare round compartment to secure rounds

* Squared off the front of the 1911 style trigger for better ergonomics

* Enlarged the HD pattern on the integral grips for more texture

* Enlarged the rear palm swell area of the frame to reduce recoil climb

* Simplified the ejector system for reliability

* Engineered a “safe” hammer position to enhance safety

Additionally we have worked with major manufactures in the industry including DeSantis, Pelican and First  Spear to introduce an exclusive line of accessories for the DoubleTap™ Please stay tuned to our website at www.heizerfirearms.com or www.facebook.com\HeizerFirearms or  https://twitter.com/heizerdefense for the most relevant shipping information.

Raymond B. Kohout


  1. avatar Jim March says:

    Well I’ll give him this much: the “working with holstermakers” line at the end shows that *somebody* in the gun biz is starting to understand computer industry marketing, particularly Apple (the best of the best in marketing).

    Apple doesn’t ship any new thing without giving solid mockup blanks to makers of plug-ins, cases and the like so that accessories are available on day one.

    In this gun’s case, ammo sensitivity shouldn’t be an issue, EXCEPT that the short barrel may not be enough to make some JHPs expand correctly. If they were really smart, they’d get into a marketing deal with, say, Cor-Bon, test specific Cor-Bon loads in their gun and do joint marketing promoting specific combinations. And then make sure that load is available wherever the gun is sold. That would reduce the “FUD factor” – “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”. The buyer knows there’s at least one tested combo that works.

    Now you have what the computer marketing guys call a “turnkey solution”: gun, holster, ammo. A gun-specific small cleaning kit would be nice too.

    Where it comes to semi-autos and feed reliability, this joint program with gun makers and ammo houses would be great for newbies. Instead, “gun companies make guns and ammo houses make ammo” and you hope they’ll meet in the middle once you buy both.

  2. avatar Agitator says:

    I’m sure they’ll come out some day… right after my Ares SHRIKE kit.

  3. avatar Volkho Mashchenko says:

    i still thinking that they should do this in .50AE and .500S&W…
    this will be cool, a double “tap” of .45ACP isn’t what i expect to have as a really “stealth” gun on my pocket. I had 2 “derringers”, and no one of them was enough, i had to protect me behind the wall and then run, so after this experience, 9mm derringer no more!

    1. avatar brigo50 says:

      Your caffeine intake is… excessive…

  4. avatar Jeff O. says:

    I think these are pretty cool, probably overengineered and reliable, but I just can’t see paying $500 for one.

  5. avatar Phrederick says:

    Ooooh, look at all the marketing buzzwords. Aerospace technology, exclusive lines, Mil-Std, state of the art, innovative, blah blah blah. My favorite is “Tactical Pocket Pistol”.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Oh, great, a tactical pocket pistol. How’s that going to help somebody who doesn’t have a tactical pocket?

      1. avatar brigo50 says:

        easy guys, you start throwing words around like “tactical” and the words “assault derringer” are not too far behind…
        My Assault-Pocket Pistol with extended 2round grip.

  6. avatar Aharon says:

    I prefer the Ruger LCR Revolver.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Or any small revolver in .357 Magnum. If I’m in the market for a small, low capacity handgun that I’m not going to enjoy shooting, that’ll be the choice for me. I’ll get three more shots without reloading and the size difference will be minimal.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Out of the street, where I assume most buyers of this new toy will carry it, a running thug can cross 20 feet in about 1.5 seconds. Revolvers are clean and simple. Point and pull the trigger. Outside or inside of your coat pocket.

  7. avatar Michael B. says:

    Heizer doublecrap

    1. avatar brigo50 says:

      You win the internet today, sir.

  8. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    I’ve been waiting in the bullpen to test this gun for months now, and it looks like I’ve just gotten another reprieve. I think I’ve got enough Advil and Aspercreme to make the shooting experience tolerably comfortable, but I’m going to handload some nice lightweight bullets for this thing.

    I’m not going to let my +P Cor-Bon or Hornady TAP rounds *anywhere* near it.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Oh, come on! It’s not a real test if you don’t use real self-defense ammo.

  9. avatar Jason says:

    Now if they could integrate a phone into it they might have something. I could have my apps, my phone, my tunes and my personal protection all in one package. I would definitely suggest the bluetooth headset though…

    1. avatar Scuba Steve says:

      My Bond Arms Derringer is out now. No Delays. It is a very heavy gun, but you need it to be to shoot the .410 shotgun shell out of it. I would prefer a revolver as well if I had a choice, but there is something about a derringer. If you own one, you understand.

  10. avatar MotoJB says:

    I’ll buy one…becuase I can.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      And I’ll pass –because I can. Then again, I would by an XDs, but I can’t; California won’t let me.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        The XDS is extremely appealing. I’m hoping to try one out someday. Now if Springfield will just just get them out to the stores…

  11. avatar IdahoPete says:

    Dear Mr. Kohout, thank you very much for your nice letter about your Someday a DoubleTap. If it ever comes out, I will take a look at one. Please don’t call me, I am busy revising my expectations. Sincerely, yadda yadda yaddda.

  12. avatar Ron says:

    I would rather have an American Derringer Model 1. The Bond Arms models are also interesting.

  13. avatar elchucko says:

    It’s becoming amusing. This company has been promising the Heizer Double Tap for nearly a year. Unbelievable to “release” a product in such a manner. Peggy Lee, a singer some years ago released a song called “Is That All There Is?” Once in the hands of the user, will that be the response?

    1. avatar mark says:

      I am an f f l and have accounts a davidsons, rsr and many other gun distributors. Most of these mfgs list new pieces in the distributors index with 0 in stock what seems like forever. Forget about getting any date for in stock because they never have any info. They will not take any back orders. I have tried.

  14. avatar SD3 says:

    That’s alright. We’ll all still be here. Looking forward to it!

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