Woman pulls gun, stops robber
courtesy wdlnh.org
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Another cautionary tale for bargain hunters who arrange meet-ups with sellers online . . . Woman pulls gun, foils robbery

A woman turned the tables on a would-be robber who pointed a gun when she pulled a handgun of her own, police said.

Swatara Township (Pennsylvania) police said the woman and a friend were at a parking in the 500 block of South 29th Street on Wednesday afternoon to buy a video gaming system that was advertised on Facebook.

As we’ve detailed before, not all online sellers are on the up-and-up. At least the unidentified concealed carry permit holder in this case came prepared.

The seller’s accomplice pointed a gun and demanded money, and that’s when the woman pulled her own handgun that she has a permit to carry and confronted the would-be robber, police said.

While the woman didn’t get her X-Box, she will get to spend the holidays with her friends and family. The gunman and his two accomplices were later apprehended by the local 5-0, so all’s well that ends well. It’s a Festivus Christmas miracle!

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    • I’d tell them to meet me in the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Department.
      If the prospect of that location gives them the creeps, who needs them?

      • yup, when I have these types of exchanges, i always go with the police department address. Never had a single problem. No exchanges have had a single glitch.

        and…for what its worth…no no shows.

  1. Where I live, it’s illegal to carry a concealed handgun without a permit. However, there has always been an affirmative defense, predating permits, that a prudent person would go armed in those particular circumstances. Usually, it applied to small businessmen carrying the day’s cash receipts to the bank’s night deposit.

    A guy arranged through Craig’s List to sell his motorcycle and and took along a handgun just in case. On the way, he wrecked the bike. Because of the well known risks associated with Craig’s List transactions, the cops chose not to charge him will illegal concealed carry. They did bust him for operating the motorcycle without the proper endorsement on his license.

    • Where do you live, Kendahl?

      Florida recently has enacted a concealed carry affirmative defense, if the Governor (but not TTAG’s resident Governor) declares a state of emergency, concealed carry is good to go, provided you are not a prohibited person.

      What brought it about was declared hurricane evacuations.

      Actual ‘common-sense’ gun legislation, in my opinion…

  2. So… they got the drop on her, and she still rolled the dice and drew… then didn’t shoot and (supposedly) took the time to tell them she had a permit to carry and would they kindly reholster and fuck off.

    And they did?


    • Nah, it was better: Two young turds pull a piece, she pulls her own, they beat feet outta there and get apprehended a short distance away with one of them packing a – say it with me – BB gun…

      Did she know it wasn’t real? Dunno. Part of me hopes she did and pulled her real one anyway.

    • “So… they got the drop on her, and she still rolled the dice and drew…”

      Had one similar here in Tampa 3 days back.

      Robber hopped over the counter of a pawnshop named ‘City Pawn’ with *two* handguns, the shop owner drew and blew that POS away.

      Don’t we just *love* these happy endings?

      (There’s supposedly shop video of the event, if it gets released I’l post a link to it.)

    • The story only says that she DOES have a permit to carry, bot that she told the would-be robbers that… But before BLoving mentioned the perp had a BB gun, I was also trying to figure out how she drew while already at gunpoint…

  3. That picture is a terrible example of a draw. Her grip is very low, so she’s going to have to readjust. And there’s no way to get that gun up to the target without endangering her support hand.

  4. This is why a buddy of mine who buys things via Craigslist always gives the address of the city police station for a meeting place.

    He was actually there waiting once when the car the “buyer” had described started to pull to the curb, then suddenly burned rubber and took off. The nice finishing touch to that was the driver had gotten close enough that the cop shop surveillance camera got the whole thing — and they decided that burning out to get away from an agreed Craigslist purchase was probable cause to check the guy out.

    • On what would you dial 911? Or do you think the robbers would just accept the cash and leave you everything else, your phone and your ass included?
      Is this continuation of the ‘support your local law enforcement’ shtick?

  5. Our county Sheriff has published a list of sites around the county where he has installed recording cameras for people to meet for this reason. Doesn’t help an unarmed person at the moment of a robbery, but he advises that you inform the buyer or seller that the meeting spot has surveillance cameras to help forestall any surprises at the meeting.


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