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Tonight’s CBS Nightly News featured Rene Jaquez [above right]. The ATF Special Agent’s none-too-happy that his employer “let guns walk” into Mexico. That’s how the MSM characterizes the scandal surrounding Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious. Truth be told, the Agency enabled gun smuggling by encouraging ner’-do-wells to smuggle guns from the U.S. to Mexico. Anyway, CBS went for the emotional angle: “Any one of [my family in Mexico] could have been shot with one of those guns,” Jaquez says, after heavy prompting. The real revelation . . .

The ATF wasn’t working alone . . . Documents show ATF had conference calls with “DHS” (Homeland Security). “USMS” (U.S. Marshals) and DEA. An “ICE,” or Customs agent, was on ATF’s Fast and Furious team. They were advised by an “AUSA,” or Assistant U.S. Attorney under the Justice Department.

Just so we’re clear, the only domestic federal law enforcement agency responsible for cross-border issues that’s missing from this roster of shame: U.S. Customs and Border Protection. And I bet they’re somewhere in this mix, too.

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  1. I’ll have the lie sampler with a side of alphabet soup.

    Honestly, would anyone be terribly surprised if all of these agencies had a hand in it, in one way or another? Wether or not they actually knew what was going on.

    • Remember Waco, and Ruby Ridge, Janet Reno, and group, “We were not aware of the situation” , But it flowed downhilll did it not. As a Former Treasury and Justice dept worker, you always had to protect your “assets” from the front but always from behind.

  2. CBS Nightly news…yes, I believe everything they report is factual and has 100% integrity.

    Now that we have that cleared up – anyone like to pony-up for some swamp land in Florida?

  3. Scandals are like septic tanks – the big chunks float to the top. (How’s that for a little visual imagery?) I hope CBS keeps hammering this one. There’s no way to excuse Holder or Napolitano on this one. There are but two choices: either they knew and they are guilty of Stupidity in the First Degree, or they didn’t know and they are guilty of First Degree Incompetence. Choose your poison – either way, both should join the History Team for this debacle.

  4. Anyone who sneers at CBS or doubts the story a. doesn’t know sh-t from shinola about this scandal; and b. must be cognitively dissonant, trolling for Obama, or both.

    Many other reporters and networks tried to get the whistleblowers to talk to them. Usually they came swaggering in to David and me and said, “OK, the Professionals are here, little boys, just give us your sources and we’ll find out if you’re lying.” I could give you names, we have the emails, but what’s the point? Each failed on fundamental issues of trust and operational security until CBS. They approached us, having read all the material and documents, and began by asking really intelligent questions. Then they approached the agents by being, first and foremost, sensitive to their position. Thus it is no wonder that after all the arrogant bullsh-t of previous media suitors, CBS got the nod.

    They have been doing a great job since day one and if it strikes you as remarkable that it is C B S of all networks that got this story and has stayed on it like a terrier on a rat ever since, I must say that it does me too.

    But don’t doubt them — their skills or their facts. They will be with this scandal until Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano leave in disgrace and Rahm Emanuel is having heart-to-heart chats with a Special Prosecutor.

    Mike Vanderboegh

  5. ex·tra·dite
    1. To give up or deliver (a fugitive, for example) to the legal jurisdiction of another government or authority.
    Holder and Company being punked in a Mexican Penitentiary,chilling.

  6. I put Rene Jaquez on my blog, maybe you saw it. A less credible performance for the camera is hard to imagine. The only thing the comes across more fake is your and Mike V.’s and Codrea’s campaign to make this scandal as big as you can.

    • So you’re all doom-and-gloom and “PASS LEGISLATION NOW!” with your “90% of guns in Mexico came from the US” bullshit, but when the facts start surfacing that it was the ATF allowing/encouraging the gun smuggling, you’re all, “Oh, no big deal.”

      Could ya make your agenda any more obvious?


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