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You may remember Rachel Uchitel as one of Tiger Woods’ surgically-enhanced home-wreckers. Or the “Hampton party girl” who did the horizontal mambo with David Boreanaz while the Bones star’s wife was pregnant. If you think that’s a bit harsh, gets out the cat claws—and a gat. “The former Woods flat-backer is going to work as a private investigator and she will be licensed to carry a gun.” It takes an adulterer? Yes, well, it’s not a done deal . . .

Although it takes years of work before a police officer can become a detective, Uchitel reportedly is working on getting a P.I. license after graduating from a 10-week private investigation course.

Meanwhile, Ms. Uchitel’s due to start start work today for Dale Gustafson’s DGA Detectives Academy. Wait, for? She’s working for the Academy that’s training her? So the fix is in. Can the reality show TV cameras be far behind?

Meanwhile, California and New York (especially New York City) continue to block and ban thousands of law-abiding, hard-working citizens from exercise their constitution right to bear arms. They can’t be happy that a woman famous for being famous gets to jump the queue.

She left no doubt about her love of firearms. “I love the Glock,” she said about the semi-automatic handgun used by police agencies. Her next favorite is the .357 Magnum, which packs a lot of punch.

Let’s be clear: the problem is not that Uchitel will get her permit. Considering the former Mrs. Woods acumen with a golf club, I’m sure Ms. Uchitel could make a compelling case for exercising her God-given right to self-defense. The problem is that the Empire and Golden states play favorites—on our dime.

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  1. Can the reality show TV cameras be far behind?

    Wanna bet? Not if, but when. Maybe Lucky Gunner would want to thrown in a box of .38 for the reader who picks the announcement date.

  2. Wait, it only takes 10 weeks to get a P.I. license?

    And here I’ve been out of work since last June like a chump…

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