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Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D) on Thursday signed three new gun control bills into law. Supporters are referring to the laws as “gun safety” measures.

Ghost guns

The first bill, known as HB 1366, amends laws dealing with so-called “ghost guns.” Before this bill was signed into law, it was a Class C felony to manufacture, purchase or obtain non-serialized firearm parts in the state. HB 1366 amended the Class C felony to now include the possession of non-serialized firearm parts.

According to KHON-TV, the bill was introduced to address the “loophole” that existed for those who had the parts before the ghost gun law went into effect. That’s why legislators made possession of those non-serialized parts illegal as well.

“Ghost guns kits can be purchased online by anyone, including prohibited purchasers, domestic abusers and gun traffickers,” State Rep. Patrick Branco told KHON. “I want to reiterate that these weapons do not have a serial number and are virtually untraceable. These firearms evade the permit and registration process and can be easily produced at home without a license or background check.”

This law effectively bans any kits designed to complete an AR-15, even though they lack a lower receiver. This can – and does – include small pieces used to complete a firearm, like triggers and barrels.

Safe storage

The second bill, known as HB 31, changes safe storage requirements. Before the bill was signed into law, Hawaiians were required to lock and store their firearms if there were minors under the age of 16 living in the house. This bill raised that age requirement to 18.

Supporters site suicide rates amongst 16 and 17-year-olds as justification for the legislation.

Crimes against seniors

The third bill, known as HB 490, amends existing laws surrounding crimes against senior citizens. Before the bill was signed into law, enhanced penalties applied to crimes against seniors ages 62 and older. This bill dropped the age to 60.

If supporters of these bills were serious about protecting islanders, they would pass legislation making Hawaii a “shall issue” state. Hawaii is currently a “may issue” state, meaning law enforcement agencies are able to turn down CCW applicants who police feel do not demonstrate an “urgent” or “exceptional” threat to themselves or their property.

Thankfully, Hawaii’s take on CCW applications is being challenged. The Young v. State of Hawaii case is currently making its way through the courts. The plaintiff, George Young, is challenging Hawaii’s “may issue” status. His CCW application was denied when law enforcement concluded “self-defense” was not a valid reason for a permit. Young says the right to self-defense is protected under the Second Amendment.

Young has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his case.

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  1. Backassward state. Tourists get to bring their guns to Hawaii but residents are treated like criminals before getting a right to purchase.

    • Similar to CA, where visitors may bring their own ammo without restrictions, but we residents (with only few exceptions) cannot “import” any, and must undergo a BGC for each in-state purchase.

      Because reasons.

      • Add Illinois to that group. If you can find any, you can buy ammo with a out of state ID or travel freely with it. If you live in Illinois, you need a FOID card because w/o one you are considered a criminal.
        An Illinois resident can be arrested for possessing ammo w/o a FOID.

        “No person may acquire or possess firearm ammunition within this State without having in his or her possession a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued in his or her name by the Department of State Police under the provisions of this Act.” This does not apply to Nonresidents.

        • That’s fcked up. I guess the majority in those states like those laws. Nah, they believe the propaganda.
          Gunms are tha cause of all the mischief in the world.

        • We need Sensible Criminal’m Control Laws. Gunms don’t shoot theirselves. Any possum knows that.

    • People that cherish and believe in the second ammendment should never set foot in the banana republic of Hawaii.

      • The main problem for the Second Amendment is it is always the center of attention and in need of “adjustments” concocted by those carrying around an agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide.
        Until The Second Amendment is taken off the table and Gun Control is made the center of attention and becomes as acceptable as a noose, slave shack, swastika, concentration camp, etc. the Second Amendment will remain under the bus with Gun Control sickos sitting in the driver’s seat.

        Happy 4th of July.

    • So I can bring my gat on vacation from Free Missouri to see the giant cockroaches?! Cool!!!!!
      What great Equal Protection Violation!
      Can I please have a legal reference before book tickets for me and my wife.

    • “Ghost guns kits can be purchased online by anyone, including prohibited purchasers, domestic abusers and gun traffickers”

      And this dumbass doesn’t realize that they still can… This only infringes on the rights of citizens that OBEY the law… Criminals, on the other hand….. Well.. That’s why they are criminals…

    • Technically you are supposed to register said guns when you get to Hawaii. Not that I would ever dream of not registering my guns. Ige can eat a bowl of Frank’s and beans and the human kind. He is a horrible person and has one of the most corrupt police departments anywhere. According to a number of my Xs they are still locked down there.

  2. Serializing all gun parts?

    This is gonna be…

    Interesting to see implemented. 🙂

    • I’ve never seen a serialized roll pin. If the think NICS has a tough time as it is….lol

      • “I’ve never seen a serialized roll pin.”

        From their P.O.V., it’s a feature.

        That stops all imported gun parts into the state.

        What will be more entertaining is someone raising the issue of common nuts, bolts, etc. in places like hardware stores.

        Someone needs to get all pissy and demand Lowe’s and Home De(s)pot shut down their fasteners isle.

        Because gunz bad, mmm-k? 😉

      • My local Westlakes’s Ace Hardware has a “gun screw” section.
        Good thing I’m not in Hawaii.

  3. Damn, there must be some seriously dangerous individuals in Hawaii… Not to worry, I’m sure Braindead and his “AFT” will be watching this one for possible guidelines in their next assault on gun owners nationally… Common sense “gun control” and all that, after all that’s what the MAJORITY of Americans want , Right? That’s what THEY say…

    • HI mofos are WAY dangerous, who knew? The bride binges on “Hawaii 50”, and I get to listen in to several shows a day, lucky me. Hardly a day goes by there’s not a half dozen gunfights which include full auto fire on both sides. I’m skeered, and I ain’t even there!

  4. It looks like firearm owners in Hawaii cannot have parts to repair or upgrade their lawfully possessed firearms under HB 1366. No replacement 1911 springs, no P365 flat trigger upgrades, no changing Glock disconnectors, no replacement sights, etc.

    I have a friend who is married to a Pacific Islander originally from Hawaii…they have not traveled to the islands for years because of the de facto political dictatorship in Hawaii.

    • Yea, Hawaii has lovely weather, beautiful scenery, and great beaches… but one hell of a nasty hippie and Democrat infestation. Basically ruins the entire state. Nice to visit but I have no idea how anyone can stand living there.

      • According to my two friends a great many of the people living in Hawaii are on welfare and depend on the monies brought into the Islands by the very tourists they love to denigrate, despise and look down on.

        There are too many nice places to visit in the continental USA to spend my time and money in Hawaii.

  5. Humm, I don’t seem to recall any such a requirement in the text of the Second Amendment – that firearms need to be “traceable” by government. The only requirement contained in said text is that government(s) are forbidden from ‘infringing’ upon ‘… the right of the people to keep (own) and bear (carry, possess on one’s person) Arms,…’. The government’s ability to trace, or introduce a condition that a serial # is required for the building of a firearm – an item Americans have a right to own and carry – seems an awful lot like infringing upon, or chilling an American’s right to build his own “Arms”.

    • B.Zerker….try this list of infringements on for size.
      The Second Amendment. Guess I didn’t get the updated PC Woke version of the Second Amendment. Possibly my copy is an old original V1.0 version. Mine doesn’t contain any stipulations or restrictions regarding:
      –Suitable for sporting purposes;
      –In common use;
      –No full automatic operation;
      –No scary black color;
      –Maximum purchases per month;
      –Cannot fabricate at home;
      –Cannot modify;
      –Cannot posses certain parts;
      –Maximum number of cartridges;
      –Minimum barrel length;
      –Minimum overall length;
      –No bump stock;
      –Must be serialized;
      –No stock permitted;
      –No pistol grips;
      –No barrel shrouds;
      –No smooth bore barrel:
      –No rifled barrel;
      –No forward vertical grip;
      –No threaded barrel;
      –No bayonet lug;
      –No suppressor;
      –No collapsible stock;
      –No thumb hole in stock;
      –Maximum caliber;
      –No touchy arm brace to shoulder;
      –Minimum number of USA made parts;
      –Applicable to collective use only;
      –Only applicable within one’s home;
      –Cannot cross state line;
      –Cannot enter city limit;
      –Must buy $200 tax stamp;
      –Must not protect one’s hearing;
      –Must not be suitable for defending American soil;
      –Must not be suitable for dispatching tyrants;
      –Must not be designed to efficiently kill;
      –Must wait to take home;
      –Must complete Form 4473;
      –Faceless, nameless bureaucrat must bless purchase;
      –Valid only in Liberal-free zones;
      –Minimum age to keep and bear;
      –Stops where Liberal touchy feelys begin;
      –If a Liberal does not like it, you can’t have it;
      –If a politician fears it because of his actions, you cannot have it;
      –Cannot make snowflake uncomfortable;
      –Cannot chew cookie into gun shape;
      –Toys may not resemble;
      –Must not be visible;
      –Must not be concealed;
      –Must not be readily deployable;
      –Must be encumbered by a lock;
      –Must keep in bureaucrat blessed container;
      –Cannot be loaded;
      –Cannot be in same container as applicable ammunition;
      –Not valid without bureaucrat issued permission slip;
      –Must be listed on government blessed list;
      –Must imprint data on projectile and/or cartridge case;
      –Susceptible to government modification;
      –Susceptible to bureaucrat “know it when see it” interpretation.
      –Old men/women in black dresses may interpret any old way;
      –Cannot have on tax payer funded property;
      –Cannot possess where bureaucrats, elitists are protected by same;
      –Cannot have same as tax payer funded camo wearing government employee;
      My copy only says “…..shall not be infringed.”
      Hmmmmm……my copy seems to meet a free man’s purposes. Thanks, appreciate your thoughts and concern, but I’ll stick with my original version.

      • For Gun Control to go the way of nooses, slave shacks, burning crosses concentration camps, swastikas and other atrocities that are tied to Gun Control you need to choke Gun Control with its own racist and genocidal roots.

        Prior to the gov. of hi signing his laundry list of “sensible” Gun Control was Gun Control ever defined by anyone in the media or by any Gun Rights org. as an agenda rooted in racism and genocide? No and Hell No. And the results are your list grows longer until one day the very ugly history of Gun Control repeats itself.

        Happy 4th of July.

    • And the “tracing” demanded has never contributed to the solution of any crimes, in fact was never intended to. The ability to “trace” is demanded because the tyrants imagine it will lead directly to door-to-door confiscation accompanied by the murder of tens of millions, which is the ACTUAL goal, as it always has been. Then we will have achieved the utopia of no guns, no decisions, no freedom, and the commissars will lead us onward forever. If you doubt that, try to even imagine how background checks, registrations, “tracing” of every screw and spring in a firearm, could EVER prevent or assist in solving any manner of crime that it does not also directly cause.

    • That’s what they call them, all right! 😉

  6. OK…the science…how many kids are committing suicide in Hawaii? How many are by gun? How many are by other means? Just curious.
    3D printing with metals (already a thing and will get cheaper and cheaper) will be interesting. Will Hawaii ban or license 3D metal printers?

    • Well all that sux…”they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”🙁

    • Quote————————Leigh July 3, 2021 At 14:14
      OK…the science…how many kids are committing suicide in Hawaii? How many are by gun? How many are by other means? Just curious.————-quote

      The suicide rate in the United States remains comparatively high for the 15 to 24 age group with 6,241 suicides in this age range in 2017, making it the second leading cause of death for that age range. With a wave of the hand the Far Right will tell you “who cares it was not my kid”.

      A paramedic told me that I have saved the lives of teenagers that tried to hang themselves, drown themselves, deliberately overdosed on drugs and even slit their wrists but I never have been able to save a teenager that blew his brains out with a gun. Its just to easy and quick with a gun left lying around the house but the Far Right will say “Who cares it did not happen to my kid YET!

      • Kids are lured into sex rings over the internet. Let’s ban computers for the kids sake.
        Did you talk to that paramedic as he was patching your wrists up and taking you to the lock ward?
        Jerry. You are an idiot.

      • “..“Who cares it did not happen to my kid YET!..”
        What about those citizens who don’t have children? And why should ‘other parents’ be responsible for teenager suicides unless it’s their own?

        Why? and please don’t go down the rabbit hole of “the good of society” and it’s bottomless.

      • “…but I never have been able to save a teenager that blew his brains out with a gun.”

        He lied to you. ‘Botching’ a suicide by gun happens all the time, and it is *messy*. Makes a mess of your face, but you live.

        You really are a second-rate troll, ‘dacien’. It’s fun to mock the stupid like you… 🙂

      • Then “your friend” hasn’t been a paramedic for long. I have and I’ve seen several failed suicide attempts with firearms. I have yet to save one that jumped off a high building, bridge, cliff, overpass….

        • I tried to save a kid who ate to many Tide pods, threw him in with a load of clothes that needed cleaning. I had to run two spin cycles, the first one had him puke up the tide pods, the second one washed the clothes.

      • Far more kids die in cars and light trucks, than die with a gun. Are you prepared to outlaw driving until age 35?

      • dacian
        You lie – you never had that conversation
        You know this – what compels you to lie…?
        Seriously…why do you lie…?

    • “3D printing with metals (already a thing and will get cheaper and cheaper) will be interesting. Will Hawaii ban or license 3D metal printers?”

      Since a DMSL ‘printer’ costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars currently, they will probably be exempt for the time being.

      When they start to become commonplace, it’s going to be very interesting to see how they plan on ‘controlling’ what they print. Color copiers can be digitally ‘manipulated’ to ‘watermark’ what they print so currency counterfeiters can be traced, so perhaps something like that? Require printers to check with a government server before they can print?

      It’s gonna be interesting to watch evolve, that’s all I know… 😉 (In the Chinese ‘curse’ way.)


    Only the Far Right because of their ignorance and paranoia would oppose the new laws. I might add so do the murders, lunatics and thieves also oppose the new laws. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between any of the above groups.

    The suicide rate in the United States remains comparatively high for the 15 to 24 age group with 6,241 suicides in this age range in 2017, making it the second leading cause of death for that age range. With a wave of the hand the Far Right will tell you “who cares it was not my kid”.

    Brain development makes teens more vulnerable to suicide

    Criminals are mostly not the brightest of people and tend to be smash and grab thieves. And remember they do not know when you are coming home so they are not prone to bring in enough equipment to spend a lot of time trying to saw into a safe either. Safe storage laws prevent a lot of thefts of deadly weapons. As usual the Neanderthals on the Far Right oppose such laws simply because their ignorance and paranoia always make them their own worst enemies as far as preserving their gun rights.

    Lets face the truth on Ghost Guns studies show they are rapidly rising as the weapon of choice for lunatics, murderers and thieves. In one state their use increased 320 per cent. Let us face the truth that the only people wanting such weapons are the very people who should not be permitted to have weapons i.e., criminals, lunatics and of course Trump Far Right insurrectionists who are the greatest danger to liberty and democracy in the U.S. Kim Jong- Un, Putin. and Trump love them all.

    And remember a gun without a serial number if outlawed will get you put in the slammer for the same number of years as keeping a serial numbered gun that has also been outlawed, but this is beyond the understanding of the Neanderthals that make up the majority of the Far Right because the Government does not need registration to confiscate guns or make them illegal.

    • If only the People could be made to see “The Truth” and understand that we are trying to better their lives and acting for their own good. Yes, we have to use laws and force to mold them into the type of good citizens we want.

      Anyone who disagrees with our goals and our methods is clearly either an enemy of the state, a criminal or insane. Luckily the remedy for all three is the same, Death, Imprisonment or both. Those that don’t embrace the new truth and desire to evolve society to be more just and fair for all, deserve to not be part of that society.

      Paraphrased by all State Murders, Totalitarians, Communists and Fascists

    • quote——————–Mauser6863 July 3, 2021 At 16:06
      If only the People could be made to see “The Truth” and understand that we are trying to better their lives and acting for their own good. Yes, we have to use laws and force to mold them into the type of good citizens we want.———–quote

      So now your telling us laws against murder, rape, and theft are an evil product of the State that prevents you from carrying out your primitive impulses just as the 3 new laws passed by the Governor are. Sorry mentally balance people disagree with your deranged rant.

      quote——————Paraphrased by all State Murders, Totalitarians, Communists and Fascists————–quote

      Yes a paranoid could never see the benefit of the Governors new laws but sane people certainly can. The majority of American citizens agree with the Governor proving it is they who are in full control of their mental faculties.

      Maybe you can with a wave of the hand say “Who cares 6,000 kids blew their brains out, it did not happen to mine so who cares”!!! Sane people look for a cure to serious problems while deranged people ignore the problem and delude themselves into thinking that there is no problem. Besides locking up guns would require some effort and intestinal fortitude and your rant for irresponsible behavior which you see as unlimited freedom takes precedence over human life. But the Far Right view human life as cheap and expendable, that is why they built gas chambers in Hitler’s Germany.

      • Guns don’t lead to suicides, depression does. You don’t get rid of depression by getting rid of guns. The Party of Anti-Science never wants to solve anything other than increasing their own power, therefore they can’t acknowledge reality.

    • “With a wave of the hand the Far Right will tell you “who cares it was not my kid”.”

      No, dumbass, suicide is a personal choice, and Leftist Scum like you are all about “My body, my choice.”

      Remember, moron? 🙂

      • You just proved my point and I quote my self “With a wave of the hand”. And genius boy we were not talking about your rights but the right to life for teenagers. Again “With a wave of the hand, who cares”, say the jackbooted Far Right who will tell you “Life is considered cheap in Capitalvania”.

        • “… we were not talking about your rights but the right to life for teenagers.”

          It’s Leftist Scum like you that insist even pre-teens are fully-capable of of making adult choices like birth control and abortion, dumbass.

          Have you noticed how badly you are botching your own argument, yet? Have you considered suicide? You really ought to, you know.

          No way can you dig out the logic hole you yourself dug… 😉

    • “a gun without a serial number if outlawed”
      Yes, you would like to outlaw single shot shotguns and rim fire rifles.

  8. Does anyone remember when Clinton tried to come up with a scheme that put identifiers into gunpowder so the could “trace” the ammo used at crime scenes to the user ? Didn’t work. I do remember a stain on a blue dress that was traceable to the perp.

    • Or that Trump raped quite few women. At least is was consensual with Slick Willie and Monica.

      • Allegations. Not proven. Clinton, proven.

        You don’t like the innocent before proven guilty part of our laws.

        I didn’t say he didn’t, I only said not proven.

        • Give justice a little more time. I am sure he will be convicted on the rapes as well as all the other crimes Trump committed while in office, such as, fermenting an insurrection to overthrow a legitimately elected government, collusion with the Russians to throw the election, graft and corruption not seen in decades in the government, racist laws against minorities, refugees and immigrant just as Hitler passed, attempts to crush freedom of the press and freedom of speech, attempts to use the military to interfere with state and local law enforcement, attempts to throw the results of the election in Georgia, rescinding climate and pollution laws that were fighting global warming so that he and his greed monger criminal Republicans could continue to rape the environment for profit while the earth was burning up under their feet, tax avoidance laws, The sordid and criminal list goes on and on.

  9. Hawaii is kinda like the American South (used to be?) it is a One -Party State 100% controlled by the Democratic Party. The have have problems with gangs, drugs and other crimes, but seem to make to real progress against these groups, even though these are Islands for God’s sake. Likely the criminals are valued Democratic constituent communities, like they are in Chicago.

    Hawaii is probably one of the most racist states in the Union, as it is 100% normal to describe People as “Real Hawaiians”, “Japs”, “Chinese”, “Fillipino” and of course my favorite “Haole” to describe all White People. If you go for a visit, they want your money, so they are nice to you, but if you’re a local, expect to get treated like a 2nd class citizen and excluded from social functions based on race.

    The state has one public school district for the entire state. When I last visited in 2002, I turned on the local news and these inarticulate and functionally Illiterate people were trying top explain something to the reporter, later in the report they explained that these were the Union Representatives for the Teachers Union. The public schools teach you enough that you are useful to the Hotel and Travel industry; maid, bus boy, bell hop, valet parker and landscaper, etc.

    Like all Democratic states, of course the elite don’t share this fate, as they have wonderful private schools for the few who can afford it. The elites also live in safe gate communities with private armed (sometimes) security, as their lives are more valuable than the great unwashed masses.

    Unfortunately, this will probably never change, even if people are granted their full civil rights, someday.

    Hawaii reminds of the line from the movie, “Blackhawk Down” when they are flying over the Somali beach. One U.S. Soldier says, “Nice Beach” and the other replies, “Except for the Sharks”, referring to the people who occupy the land and by their presence made a nice place a Hell Hole.

  10. That’s the kind of point that needs to be made. These laws are entrapment zones or something. Just imagine you drove 28 miles per hour yesterday in a 30 zone. But this morning the sign was changed to 20 and an officer “just doing his job” shows up while you’re sitting on your porch drinking a cup of coffee and writes you a ticket. You explain that you FOLLOWED THE LAW that was in place. You get a citation anyway because laws apply retroactively and shame on you for not getting in Doc Brown’s time machine and forward to see what the law will be in the future. That’s basically the ATF’s attitude too!


    “These firearms evade the permit and registration process and can be easily produced at home without a license or background check.”

    -In other words, what you’re *really* concerned about is losing revenue and the ability to keep tabs on law-abiding citizens.


    “Supporters site suicide rates amongst 16 and 17-year-olds as justification for the legislation.”

    -And y’know, passing a useless law is so much more effective than I dunno, finding out what is causing teens to attempt suicide in the first place?

    -Also: Merced Pitchfork Murders


    -Eh, this one doesn’t look too bad. It doesn’t seem to be gumn specific. Though it’s kind of weird that a 59 year old wouldn’t be covered by the new law, but a 60 year old would. Does one suddenly become feeble and defenseless once they reach their 60th winter? My dad sure didn’t, and my grandpas – hoo boy…

    • “And y’know, passing a useless law is so much more effective than I dunno, finding out what is causing teens to attempt suicide in the first place? ”

      Exactly! But their followers are emotion-driven, shallow thinkers that despise the scientific method (it’s racist!), so they find useless laws like this highly appealing.

    • And the Far Right in Capitalvania ignore that —

      70 billion a year is given to banks

      38 billion to oil companies

      2.1 trillion to Fortune 500 countries who are stashing their wealth in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes.

      153 billion given to corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s so they can continue to pay starvation wages to their troglodyte worker modern day serf slaves.

      Yet the ignorant greed monger penny pinching uncaring Far Right scream that giving money to destitute people flies in the face of Capitalvanian blind greed and selfishness.

      • You honestly haven’t a clue as to how ignorant and uneducated you are. Being a drop out from Kent State shows with every comment you make.

        Your comments are written as if by a fascist slogan monger and you haven’t a clue how that makes you the ‘far right’ you rail against.


      • Dacien,

        You ignore that most of the poverty and violence in this country is in long-held DemoCommie strongholds. You only prove my point that the Dems love to keep people enslaved. You must be either a slave or a slaver.

        Spew whatever poison and misinformation you like. Not many here take you seriously.

        • I do take it seriously. It is a seriously messed up, misguided individual. It does sound educated though. Somewhere around the 8th grade level I’m guessing.

        • quote—————-LifeSavor July 3, 2021 At 18:03
          You ignore that most of the poverty and violence in this country is in long-held DemoCommie strongholds. You only prove my point that the Dems love to keep people enslaved————quote

          You ignore the fact that the stronghold for Dems in the Big cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago etc. were once the most richest area’s in the U.S. I walked these big city streets in the 60’s in complete safety even at night. Many people from the lower Southern States immigrated to these places for high paying UNION JOBS in the North.

          Then the great Satin Pres. Reagan broke the power of the Unions and the mass exodus of high paying jobs started going overseas leaving the people in these places to semi-exist in poverty because they had either no jobs or minimum wage part time jobs. Put the blame were it exists right on the criminals in the Capitalvanian Republican controlled government that permitted this atrocity to happen.

          And unlike you I am educated enough to know that the blame later also was shared by Clinton who continued Reagan’s police of fking the American worker and shipping jobs overseas. Companies that were over 100 years old were bought up by the Chinese and then simply shut down to eliminate the competition like the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Co. and many more like it.

          We live in the most corrupt industrialized country on earth (correction, the formerly industrialized) where lobbying (legalized bribery) makes prostitutes out of all the Congress people. They all feed from the same money trough. It is Capitalvanian heaven on earth for the rich and powerful and hell on earth for the working man.

          So tomorrow on the “4th of July Farce” think about this:

          The founders of the U.S. were greed monger criminals who thought they could save a penny in taxes by breaking from Britain and forever denied the American people a parliamentary government with multiple political parties and true Grecian democracy..

          Both countries suffered because heretofore both were prospering through trade, global trade.

          The Founders established an Oligarchy which denied almost all white men the right to vote unless one was extremely wealthy which established a nation for the filthy rich and by the filthy rich which it remains to this very day.

          The founders later reluctantly gave white men the right to vote but then took that right away by introducing the corrupt practice of gerrymandering which lets the corrupt politicians pick who votes for them not the other way around.

          The Founders introduced the corrupt electoral college which lets a minority party dominate the elections and makes a mockery of true democracy.

          The Founders allowed “lobbying” with is nothing more than legalized bribery that turns Congressmen into prostitutes’ of the rich and powerful while denying any meaningful change or benefits to the working people of the country.

          In conclusion: Have an ignorant happy “4th of July Farce” and celebrate the last 50 years of stagnating wages while the filthy rich increased their wealth by 350 per cent at your expense.

          God save Capitalvania for the rich and powerful (drums rolling, and national anthem playing and the Far Right wallowing in their own poverty and ignorance. To follow an episode of the 60’s sit come The Beverley Hillbillies.

        • The Great Satin President. Gotta love it. Was it the sheets he slept on or the smoothness of his skin that earned him that moniker?

          If you want to talk about the Great Satan, however, you should be referring to President Xi, who is not only installing a surveillance and police state in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, he is seeking to do the same the world around.

          And by the way, the Founders decided on a Republican form of government and not a pure democracy to assure that the minority was represented and protected, so that the country was not run by mob rule. But when one party achieves supermajority status, the system breaks down, as it has in California and a few other places.

      • If the oil industry is “given” $38 Billion a year (BS) it would be merely a refund on the trillion$ in mineral royalty interest, corporate income, severance, sales, fuel, capital gains, personal income and payroll taxes it “gives” the government in the same year. This is why the Dems let the oil price creep up: they’re getting an average 20-25% NRI per $75/barrel instead of $50/barrel.
        As for the Wal-Marts and McDonalds, they’re all your Democratic-donor colleagues, so take it up with them comrade. Personally I’m just happy they haven’t replaced EVERYBODY with robots yet, but drive up the cost of labor and that will be a certainty sooner than later.
        You’re either stupid or evil for pushing such BS.

        • You avoid the truth and even before Trumps tax rape law most Corporation paid little or nothing. Last year under the Trump tax rape law Amazon made 2 billion in profit and paid zero in taxes and shared zero with the workers. That is what it is like to live in Capitlavania the shit hole of the Industrialized World.

      • How many of these wealthy corporations repeat “Far Right” slogans, and promote the “Far Right” agenda? How many sensor the “Far Right” opposition? Okay, now how many do this for the Left? You’re severely misinformed. In other news, propaganda works.

        Also, Wall Street has donated more to Democrats, at least since first term Obama. Why didn’t Holder prosecute them? Hmm…

  12. Who gives a rat’s ass. SCOTUS will shred your stupid laws you moron commie pinko Democrat

    • Pure ignorance as usual from the Far Right. Trumps appointed radical Far Right Court refused to hear twelve 2A cases in 2020 proving the Far Right Judges fear and hate guns as much as the Liberals do as it is a threat to their absolute power over Congress and the people. They are a dictatorship appointed for the rest of their corrupt lives.

  13. No gun is traceable past the first time it is stolen. Catching a felon with a gun, especially one that’s been reported as stolen, should be a slam dunk conviction. Does Hawaii prosecute such cases or does it ignore them like other Democratic jurisdictions?

    • Unfortunately, neither ‘felon in possession’ or ‘possession of stolen firearm’ are the easy convictions you think they are. The most DIFFICULT one to convict on is ‘possession.’

      Making the connection between the theft of a firearm and the person who possesses it at some future date is tenuous at best. If the time between the theft and the recovery is VERY short, then there is a possibility of making the connection and prosecuting on the basis of ‘know, or should have known’, that the firearm was stolen.
      After the seven or eight years that normally passes between a firearm theft and its recovery, it’s difficult to prove to a jury that the current possessor actually KNEW that it was stolen, especially as the regular citizen isn’t required to check with any authority to find out if the weapon they are ‘buying’ is stolen or not, nor is there ready access by a prospective ‘purchaser’ to get that information from any established data bank–and the ‘data bank,’ such as it is, is always lacking certain necessary information in any case.

  14. So if I’m an island thug, I’m leaving the 60 plus crowd alone, and attack younger adults instead. This is crime shifting, not crime prevention.

  15. Young v. Hawaii is awaiting a decision as to a grant or denial of certiorari in the Supreme Court. Of note, the evidence showed that Hawaii has not issued a single CCW in over 20 years (which is as far back as records went). Young lost in the Ninth Circuit, the majority of an en banc panel of 11 judges concluding that the Second Amendment does NOT guarantee a right to bear arms outside the home, that the State has a monopoly on providing protection and security outside the home. The same court previously concluded that the Second Amendment does NOT guarantee a right to a concealed weapons permit, that the issuance is a discretionary function of the (police) state, notwithstanding the fact that open carry is outlawed by statute.

  16. I guess I fail to see the importance of serialization. It seems like a BS excuse to scare people into thinking that the engraved markings prevent bad things from happening.

    • You are not familiar, I take it, with ‘Magical Thinking.’

      You see, serial numbers on firearms remind people that, no matter what means they take to prevent the connection of a firearm used in a crime to the criminal, no matter how long it has been since the gun was made, no matter how many times it has been sold, or lost, or traded, or stolen, that there serial number will INFALLIBLY bring the Full Force of Law Enforcement to bear in the course of UNERRINGLY leading to the person who actually pulled the trigger.

      This is true because that’s the way it works on ‘CSI: Poughkeepsie’ and ‘The FBI Story’ with Jimmy Stewart, and that’s the way it works in reality.

      For that reason, NOBODY would DARE to use a gun to commit a crime. Because Magic.

  17. My concern , my concern is, with Hawaii passing more gunm laws, Hawaii is an island I believe, and island that’s in an ocean, is it not?, correct me if I’m wrong. It, it will become so,,, so heavy, heavy, with laws ,heavy with gunm laws, that it will capsize.

  18. Human life is cheap and expendable.
    Price for human. Not to much.
    Price for Tasmanian Wolf. Quite a bit.

  19. Gosh darn firecrackers.
    Now I’m craving boiled dog, hot spices and rice noodles.

    Let Freedom Ring

  20. Hawaii is always listed as a “may issue” state. In reality it’s a “no way in hell” state.

  21. Since all guns contain non-serialized parts, didn’t they just ban gun possession?

  22. Fuck Hawaii… I’ll never spend a dime to visit that liberal shithole… trade Hawaii to Mexico for life time taco Tuesdays

    • I visited once – shithole only begins to cover it
      Detroit is a paradise in comparison
      best thing ever happened to Hawaii was WW2 – otherwise no one in their right mind would ever step foot on that pile of shit

  23. “May issue” is code for Never Issue, unless you’re well-connected. Yet these same people will say with a straight face that requiring a government issued ID to vote is racist, because as longtime racist Joe Biden recently said, blacks and Hispanics don’t know how to get online.

  24. I am not surprised how my former home state has gone FUBAR. And the screw up thing it is the idiots that keep electing the same brain dead politicians to screw up the state beyond California.

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