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Over the years I’ve used a bunch of various ODIN Works parts, and they’ve earned a place as one of my go-to companies for high quality, highly functional AR components. They even make some really solid silencers. And, finally, AR receivers! New from ODIN Works is the OTR-15 receiver set.

Build your rifle from a strong foundation! Boasting aesthetics, performance, and practical features, the OTR-15 receiver set is the start to your dream rifle.

The OTR-15 lower is machined in house from billet 7075 aluminum with exacting tolerances, features and style in mind. Machined to match the ODIN Works billet upper, the OTR-15 receiver sets provide a best in class chassis. The Billet Upper Receiver has a sleek design “No Forward Assist” and low profile brass deflector. The OTR Receiver Set is guaranteed to help you stand out in a crowd and above all else, give the top shooting performance that you require.

Upper Receiver:
For AR-15
Machined out of 7075 Billet Aluminum
NO Forward Assist-Slick Side
Low Profile Brass Deflector
Dust Cover Included

Lower Receiver:
Included With: Bolt Catch, Spring,Pin and Ambi Bolt Release, Dust Cover
Machined out of 7075 Billet Aluminum
Beveled Mag Well
Designed To Match ODIN Billet Upper

MSRP: $495

More information is available on the ODIN Works website.


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  1. “MSRP: $495”

    For a stripped AR-pattern lower-upper set?

    Gee, lemme think about it.


    OK, no…. 🙂

      • Got to fondle my first new suppressor waiting for me in NFA ‘jail’, for my ‘Velo-Dog’ Beretta 21A +’Pill Box’ wipe build.

        Gonna check it out in a “Conjugal visit” next week.

        I’m starting to like NFA ‘toys’… 😉

        • I have very few regrets in life.
          One of them is having sold a machine gun. I paid $3,500 for it.
          They are selling for 20k now.
          Slicers are just cool.

        • I bet it hurts worse I bet that it was the ‘trigger pack’ for a Steyer AUG.

          Got to shoot the semi-auto version once, the length of pull was kinda ‘cramped’ for me, perfect for the owner. He has a short, stocky build to him. A ‘fighter pilot’ stature. Would have done well for fighting G-Lock…

    • I dunno how much a stripped upper/lower combo goes for these days, but I built an entire AR-15 for less than this thing costs three years ago. This combo looks cool, but it had better be *damn* good at that price.

      • Same. Built a few ARs for average cost less than this Olin combo. And all the builds go ‘bang’ upon command and place their metallurgical messengers on target.

        • On this Fourth of July I wanted to remind everyone that this loser skipped 1/6 Freedom Day because he’s a yellow bellied coward.

          Ditch this whelp.

    • I agree Geoff. Considering all the numerous manufacturers offering very close to the same thing, you would think that the competition would drive down prices. Maybe $350 would hook me for this Odin set.

      Also, why can’t manufacturers offer a lower stripped receiver with a flared magwell at a price around $200 ?????? The ones out there now, just the lower, run from $350 to $500.. and some of those won’t accept Gen 3 PMAGS. Arrrhhh!

      • It’s the Porsche effect. A simple part replacement could be a couple grand just because it’s a Porsche part. Also, Porsche loves to remove features from their cars and charge you more for not giving them to you. 🙂

        You might look for the Gill Arms TracerX receiver. Most flared magwell I’ve ever seen for around $150

        • GiLL Arms TracerX AR-15 Billet Lower Receiver Multi Caliber Flared Magwell Oversized Trigger BlackQUICKVIEW
          GiLL Arms TracerX AR-15 Billet Lower Receiver Multi Caliber Flared Magwell Overs…
          (4.5 stars) $95.00

        • Found the Gill Tracer X for $99. I really appreciate the info.

          Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸

        • About that TraacerX I sure wish Gill could make their logo bigger.

          Aero M4E1 was sub 60$ prior to Covid. Hopefully it will return to that. Also has matching slick side upper.

    • Stripped lowers can still be had for $80 if you shop around; uppers aren’t far behind. This receiver set is effectively non-standard by tossing the forward assist. Tight tolerances alone couldn’t possibly justify the price tag so I got a hunch it’s mostly brand name.

      Thanks but no thanks, $500 still buys a whole rifle (rack grade), or a good middle class complete upper assembly.

    • “2x is normal”

      Someone else can pay for it, not I… 😉

    • Weird how “Someone else can pay for it, not I… ;)”

      Triggered the “Your comment awaiting moderation” flag…

  2. Has anyone ever used the Forward-Assist? Stoner didn’t want the feature. I never needed it on my SP1.

    • Used it and seen it used a few times in the Army back in the day. Just in the sandy desert like environment that was Ft. Sill, Ok. Could be avoided with a little Break Free.

    • “Has anyone ever used the Forward-Assist?”

      I can see why they did it, it’s a fairly quiet way of ensuring the bolt is closed…

    • I’ve used it a few times in certain tough environments. It’s rare but better to have and not need than to need and not have when it’s a minimal thing and especially when your paying more for less

      • I have a slick side, not even a deflector on it. Drops cases in a box a foot away like clock work. When I “needed” a forward assist, it was because the chamber was cut too shallow. Got that fixed and it runs like a champ. I am not running around in a desert (yet, but the drought is working on that), so no extreme environment that would merit having one.

    • I used the forward assist all the time after brass checks in the 03s, I still use it on my AR10 to ensure the bolt is fully forward. Fine to not have it on a range rifle but any AR that could be taken to battle should have one.

      I suppose you could always drop the mag and check which side the next bullet is on but it’s inferior to a simple device like the forward assist.

  3. Appreciate the write up but I can’t justify that and I like toward assist. Function over aesthetics for me

  4. This is my first and last impression of ODIN Works.
    My neighbor bought an ODIN bolt for $170 + $15 S&H.
    He put it in his Ruger AR-556. We went 100 miles to an outdoor range.
    His AR worked for one magazine and part of the way through a second.
    It stopped shooting, he had a dead AR, 40ish rounds with his Odin bolt.
    We ended up shooting my ARs most of the day.
    Near the end of the day we changed out the Odin BCG with one of mine.
    His Ruger ran flawlessly and he wasn’t eating the money.
    When we got back home he put his Ruger bolt back in.
    The Odin bolt went back and he demanded his money back.
    He got his $185 back and I taunt him about that day.
    His Ruger shoots fine with the stock bolt in it.
    The Odin bolt was almost half of what his entire rifle cost.
    Odin Works QC is pretty sketchy, especially for the price.

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  6. I have a few Odin Works handguards … Light weight, reasonably strong for the weight, and interesting looking. No experience with their other products, but I’ve been happy with what I’ve used of theirs so far.

    In this case … Ambi or not, forward assist or not, I just don’t see the value proposition.

    I just wish Mega was still around.

  7. i will never buy an upper without a forward assist
    especially at that price
    its a handy little gizmo thats gotten me out of a bad situation on more than one occasion

  8. I have built many custom ARs. People seem to miss that this is a Billet Set. Billet is stronger over forged. If you want that $49 lower go ahead and buy it. It may well work for you.

    The OTR15 also comes with takedown pins, springs and indents.
    A key factor is that it is ambidextrous on the bolt catch/release. That can save you $25-$60 depending on what you get.

    I like that it has NO forward assist. It means less weight. I was in the Army. I retired without EVER having used it.
    Much faster to ‘Tap, Rack & Assess’ than to suddenly stop to think, “Oh, let me use my forward assist.” NO ONE EVER trains with using a forward assist in an emergency, so why, in a fight, would you think that you would suddenly remember it? B.S. to anyone who think they did or would. Why would you want to force something into a barrel that didn’t want to go in there in the first place? Perhaps weekend warriors may but I guarantee you no real operator would.


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