Comedian Louis CK Parkland shooting survivors mock
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Comedian Louis CK has always been known for his “trangressive” comedy, being willing to take on and skewer virtually anyone or any topic. Nothing was ever over the line.

But he apparently touched a third rail in a recent stand-up set when he focused his attention on the Parkland shooting survivors who subsequently became media darlings, “gun violence” experts and gun control advocates.

“What are you doing? You’re young. You should be crazy, unhinged. Not in a suit, saying ‘I’m here to tell…’” C.K. said in the audio clip. “You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you? How does that make you interesting. You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and then, now I gotta listen to you talking?”

– Washington PostLouis C.K. hinted at change. Then he mocked Parkland survivors.

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  1. He might as well stick to his guns, mock them again, and give the finger to the left. They’ve already emasculated him for his sexual antics and no amount of appeasement or apology will get him back in their good graces after this. There are plenty of people who will hear this bit he did, realize he’s right, get a laugh out of it, and continue to support him. Let the bleating NPC’s skip his show and fill Stephen Colbert’s auditorium.

      • Just looked at his twitter feed and learned the term “wokescold”, Ben Shapiro was using it. And was reminded there are worst people than Louis CK, ie Shannon Watts put in her 2 cents for a comment that the Louis CK censorship isn’t censorship. She is a trip.

      • Don’t bother since there are plenty of pro-Hillary and TDS from him.

        Just put this event into the bucket of “Left eating its own”.

      • He’s just another Lefty that discovered that being “woke” doesn’t confer immunity from finding yourself on the shit list of the “righteously and perpetually offended.” Someday people will wise up to the fact that marching in solidarity with the Left will only eventually leave you with boot prints on your back.

      • Indeed. Anyone that still isn’t afraid to mock the left wing nuttery is worth an initial ear to me.

    • +1

      My theory is there’s always been stupid people but we used to ignore them. For some reason we now think we have to appease them.

      • Ain’t that the truth.

        A while back I was in a “debate” with a friend-of-friend and when I told her that I thought there was no point in continuing the discussion, she demanded that I listen to what she had to say. I started to walk away and she said, “You can’t just ignore me.” My response, “Wanna bet?”

    • There is ONE Golden Rule when dealing with Social Justice Warriors. NEVER FORGET IT:


      The second you do YOU’RE A GONER! No exceptions!!!

  2. The SJW are mad at him because he doesn’t know his place after being caught and shamed before. He hasn’t changed; he’s just in the spotlight and an easy known target for those who want to be outraged.

    • The corporate media are using this to distract from the Parkland commission report that was scheduled to be released today. It’s story after story about C.K. doing his comedy routine instead of how bad government failed and why school staff need to be armed to stop the next attack. We’re just going to about a comedian making jokes about Parkland students rather than talk about what happened at Parkland.

      I guess they will win this propaganda campaign too. It’s too easy for them… People want to complain about small shit and others want to laugh at those people or troll them. No wonder American society is becoming less intelligent every generation. Explains why people follow Alex Jones, Q-annon, etc.

      • At least Alex Jones and Q-Anon attempt to find the truth unlike you who sounds like you take everything face value from the MSM, like they are oh so reliable. Hypocrite, much?

        Yea keep living with your head in the sand like you have it all figured out like the rest of the sheep calling those who question the narrative “conspiracy theorists” who prove themselves right over and over and over again. When will you coincidence theorists learn you don’t have a clue what is going on and are too scared to know what is really going on so you lash out at us who aren’t insecure about what reality is to point out the fact your little bubble you built up for yourself is a lie.

  3. Saw this one earlier on Drudge. The rads like to eat their own, never ever really grasped the concept of HUMOR. Just shows the lack of any original thought by them on anything. But, of course, had any of us said the same thing we’d be kicked off most web sites by now.

    • Leftists have been sacrificing their own kind for their screwed up agenda since time immemorial… despite the help from Javanka for leftist causes, they’ll gladly crucify them both to go after the Don.

    • Leftists are not following a political ideology. They are following a cult and any slight is taken as a personal insult which results in extreme overreaction.

      You can see parallels in how Communists and the followers of a certain cult deal with critics and apostates. The latter group are also known to be extremely litigious so they are not mentioned directly.

  4. This sort of thing always annoys me. Yeah, it’s an edgy joke……have these people ever heard any of Louis CK’s other material?? This feigned outrage is ridiculous.

    Maybe, as a Christian, conservative gun owner who lives in the middle of the country, I’m just used to me or my views being mocked, but I can get past that and still enjoy a comedy set. These people need to do the same, get over yourself.

  5. In the middle ages, minstrels were used to “poke fun” (expose the truth) at the king, the royal court, and other public officials without the risk of getting one’s head chopped off. Louis CK is the equivalent of the minstrel-exposing TRUTH in the face of lies, fabrications and outright falsehoods.

  6. I was in CA at the time of the Camp Fire. Does that make me an expert on fires and a survivor of the trauma?

  7. I’m a Parkland shooting survivor. I was 1200 miles away when it happened but I survived. Isn’t that just as good as being in another building or not even having gone to school that day?

  8. Jokes are only funny when there is a hint of truth to them; this joke is funny and true.

  9. The death of comedy has long been in the making.

    Almost by nature, comedy needs to be offensive and go places that normal discourse should not.

    Back in college it was very common to have standup acts make a circuit at universities. That is dead now.

    Not a fan of CK at all. But, he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants. Pissing off liberals is just a bonus.

  10. I read an article where he was extensively quoted through out the show. He was brutal. The problem is that what he said was true about the little twerps who tried to take over the movement.

  11. Boo f’ing hoo… Did you get your butt hurt? I tend to think most comedy is about the absurdity of reality. A great deal of it is making fun of how stupid people are for “feeling” instead of “thinking” about the difficulties of life. Personally, I would like to choose to laugh and poke fun at the “Parkland Funky Bunch” than to have to deal with the real fear I have about the future of our country being led by compliant useful idiots.

  12. Had a local high school go to “lockdown” status when SURPRISE! someone heard a distant gunshot on opening day of hunting season.

    A few weeks after that a local democratic candidate for house had a campaign event with anti-gun idiots from the high school who all got up to the mic and talked how they were “shooting survivors”. Uh huh.

  13. He only said what Ive been thinking out loud since the incident. I live one town over from Parkland just a few miles actually.
    Calling someone who wasn’t even in the same building a survivor?? What BS. And then to have to listen to some dumbass kid who doesn’t know a thing about living. Tell me what to do??
    I think Louie CK is just being called on by the politically correct and should give them all the middle finger for it.
    Happy New Year All

  14. There is only one way to deal with the SJW leftists:

    Ignore them. Refuse to acknowledge them. Treat them like noisy purse-rat dogs – if they try to bite you, you kick them across the room.

    We’ve seen this sort of crap before. Look back 100 years to the temperance movement.

    Ignore them. If you can’t do that, ridicule them, belittle them, marginalize them.

  15. Since his routine could be about Hogg boy, go get him CK.
    I can’t stand Hogg and I hope CK shreds him.

  16. Some seemingly feel that it’s O.K. for them to instruct unbidden, and or criticize others, but turn about is definitely not fair play. That theory might fly well in some quarters, but not where I live.

  17. I just listened to the man and he outright slapped the leftwing narrative in the face. THAT was his crime, not mocking a bunch of unlucky kids. Seriously… school shootings are so insignificant that they shouldn’t even register on the radar.

  18. I agree with what CK said, I don’t know what’s funnier. Comedians jokingly telling the truth, which is their job (and protected by the 1A) or the people who get offended by it. In my opinion George Carlin is still the greatest comedian. (May he rest in peace) probably watching this shit storm laughing his ass off right now saying “told ya”.

  19. Parkland shooting another false flag just like LV and Sandy Hook but incompetently executed.

    Who cares who apologizes. IF you have to apologize, you are a coward and need to be trans-gendered.

    At least be a MAN about it.

        • Let me know how Parkland, Mandalay Bay and Sandy Hook are fake. I know a lot about Parkland and Mandalay Bay, but maybe you can teach me something I don’t know.

  20. He kinda makes sense to me. It’s not funny, but a reflection on something that happened. Just because a comedian says something, you’re not necessarily supposed to laugh. It has to hit you as funny, first.

  21. His comments were not only funny but pretty spot on. I don’t need that Hogg kid or any of his classmates lecturing me on any subject. Why didn’t they have a single protest outside the Broward Sheriff’s office, the FBI or the school administration…all of whom dropped the ball on numerous occasions? They could have stopped that nut bag before he got started.

  22. One definition of humor is: “The sudden perception of incongruity.”

    There’s a couple really good recent takes out there on comedy n social comment in the current-ish momenb. The Daily Show as snark vs. humor, and what is snark: you don’t have to make the joke; the jokes assumed to be already made. This is part of creating public perception, “manufacutring consent” even. (Somebody wrote about how awful and insidious that is. Who was that, again?) What you *assume* is even more compelling in guiding your future behavior than what you say or understand. Force you to *assume*, and that programs what you are able to think.

    A lot of humor is just cutting across silent assumptions.

    CK had some really interesting, funny bits back in the day, noting what you’re supposed to silently assume. See him on Conan, I think it was, talking about flying with the internet. His point was, we’re not allowed to notice how good things generally are.

    In fact, in many, many ways right now is literally the best of times. Global poverty halved decades before anybody’s best projections, for example. Who’s dying of what has completely changed profile. Etc.

    Sadly, now you gotta provoke a fake-crisis to not let go to waste. Or work to get people all wee-wee’d up so you can stampede them into something you want. (Somebody mentioned both of these. Really helpful to expose those tactics.)

    Take a look at Hans Rosling’s work, conveniently with some associated data visualization tools. Of course it gets no play because it’s merely data-driven and true, not full of convenient untruths. (Wasn’t that the title of a thing from AlGore?)

    Rosling spoke at TED once or twice. Never got a lot of play or push from that. “Ideas worth (being seen by the right people) sharing (with the right peole.)” Wrong agenda, so they’re not interested.

  23. “Safe” speech is above all expected. I like my comedians surprising. If I can think of it myself, why do I need them. Makes them unsafe.

    • That’s why the LEFTists are LAUGHABLE, they seldom make sense…. Like “Pelosi flew 4,500 miles on a private plane to attend a Climate Conference aimed at saving the world by limiting the use of fossil fuels…”. You can’t make this stuff up!

  24. Being at a school shooting makes one no more an knowledgeable on firearm matters than being in a single car collision makes one an expert on traffic safety!

  25. He will always be a left wing comic. His real problem is he likes to masturbate in public, in front of strangers. But he does ask permission first!!!

    He is Sexually Liberated just like the women who like to walk around wearing a strap on dildo, well fitted for public attire.

  26. I dunno, some of the little Parkland Tide Pod eaters are actually fairly ridiculous.
    They play the cards well. Hog got admitted to some prestigious liberal university where he can contaminate even more idiots just like him.

  27. Look — I laughed my arse off during that set, but even I thought the shooting survivor (very specific, not just generic shooting survivors) bit was a bridge a bit too far.

    Did I turn off in disgust? No — but I can certainly understand how the people themselves are pretty offended.

    But this is how it is with comedians who push the barrier. Not everything lands. Different people will consider different things “too far”. I didn’t find the “sickening” (as some outlets have labeled it) set as particularly different from any other set of CK’s that I’ve ever listened to.

  28. Love how these kids think their feelings towards this hold more weight than ours.

    Got news for these losers, sorry your well off existence was shattered by a nutter, but what happend to you has no effect on my god given rights. Your opinions are no more, or less important than mine even though you are obviously confused about that aspect.

    Bravo to Louis CK for joking about these tools.

  29. Louis C.K. has an excellent point.

    The way these Parkland activists were going, they made it seem as if the place was a gang-infested hellhole where kids were getting shot to death in drive-by shootings every day by super-predator gangbangers like Nikolas Cruz. Even then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to confront the problem of gangs.

    But this article shows how safe Parkland really is.

    What’s more, Parkland was just named Florida’s safest city in 2017, according to an analysis by the Washington-based National Council for Home Safety and Security.

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