Happy New Year from The Truth About Guns

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As is our tradition, we want to wish our loyal, informed and well-armed readership a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Looking back to our January 1, 2022 post, we expected 2022 to be “interesting”…in the purportedly Chinese sense of the term…and interesting it was.

Gazing into our hazy crystal ball at the year ahead, 2023 looks to have more positives than negatives in store for The People of the Gun. Bolstered by 2022’s momentous Bruen decision and the torrent of lawsuits it unleashed challenging gun control laws across the fruited plain, we expect more gun rights wins than losses in the months ahead.

Whatever 2023 holds in store, we hope to spend most of it informing and entertaining you, our dear readers, without whom we wouldn’t exist. So here’s to a good year and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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  1. Looking forward to Judge Benitez knocking down Miller (AWB), Duncan (mag limits), Rhodes (ammo BGC), and more in 2023. When these are enjoined in CA, they’ll serve as precedent to other States as well.

  2. Have a swell year everyone. Nothing to look forward to in ILLANNOY. Bruen means little if the Dimscum© defy it…

    • “Bruen means little if the Dimscum© defy it…”

      Watch what Justice Sotomayor does in just a few days to NY state, for them spitting in the face of ‘Bruin’ with their ‘Concealed Carry Improvement Act’.

      It’s the 2A respect ‘Express Lane’ we have been waiting for. The best part is, if we don’t like the answer we get from the ‘Wise Latina’, we can pick any other SCotUS Justice, and ask them to rule on it.

      Wouldn’t it be great fun to see the answer we get from Justice Thomas?

      Since there’s no way in hell she will allow that to happen, she’s gonna be eating a great big pile of crow and then…

      wait for it… it’s gonna be good…

      SIGN HER NAME ON IT. A Leftist Scum ™ super-hero is gonna be drafting and SIGNING her name a strong pro-2A decision. That applies nation-wide, and territories like Guam. EVERYWHERE American-controlled.

      Imagine the raw hatred she will feel as she does that. Seething with RAGE. Enough for me to giggle like an eight year-old school girl with glee… 🙂

  3. They get to blow the extravagant spending bills in 23 which means more inflation which means continued rate hikes which means a slowing economy. We suffer while they pay each other with our money. The solution would be to drastically cut spending, but that would affect the elites, and we can’t have that. They thrive by sucking us dry.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  4. INB4 the electrical crisis of 2023/2024.

    *Puts tin foil hat on
    Or did you think those “random acts” were just assholes that live in the area?
    Testing, testing… 1, 2, 3…

    City dwellers will be knee deep in shit water when they realize how much they rely on those grids to live. Gonna be interesting.

  5. “Bolstered by 2022’s momentous Bruen decision and the torrent of lawsuits it unleashed challenging gun control laws…”

    Ha! The exact opposite is true here in the People’s Republics of New Jersey, New York, or California, where the Bruen decision unleased a flood of new and even more restrictive gun control laws! It’s basically gun-control politicians throwing temper tantrums about the Bruen decision, so they lash out at the easiest targets, which are gun owners in their state.


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