Image by Chicago Police Department. Via Twitter.
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While Illinois holds the distinction of the harshest Chinese flu restrictions upon residents of any state, criminals in Murder City, USA couldn’t possibly care less. Social distancing? Stay-at-home? Not among the criminal class. Chicago’s bad boys were out in force and killed ten over the Memorial Day weekend while wounding 42 others. as the details of the Windy City’s deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years.

Final Not-A-Lockdown Tally: 10 killed, 42 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 35 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 8 killed, 31 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 7 killed, 44 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 10 killed, 67 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 12 killed, 45 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 8 killed, 21 wounded

Bold times and addresses represent fatal incidents.

Friday 5/22
2:05p 1800 S Avers, North Lawndale, M/17
4:20p 2500 E 79th, South Shore, M/22
9:15p 7900 S State, Grand Crossing, M/21
11:25p 5600 S Paulina, Englewood, M/41
Saturday 5/23
12:10a 400 E 61st, Woodlawn, M/30
12:50a 7600 S Exchange, South Shore, M/15
1:20a 6400 S King, Grand Crossing, M/37
1:45a 600 N Lockwood, Austin, M/33
6:05a 5949 S Justine, Englewood, M/28
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/23
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/26
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/35
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/43
6:55p 5700 S Wolcott, Englewood, M/25
6:55p 5700 S Wolcott, Englewood, M/35
7:45p 1300 W 97th, Washington Heights, M/32
8:05p 6500 S Sangamon, Englewood, M/35
9:35p 8739 S Parnell, Auburn Gresham, F/31
9:55p 6100 S Indiana, Washington Park, M/16
11:10p 3400 W North, Humboldt Park, M/28

11:50p 4500 W Maypole, Garfield Park, F/23
Sunday 5/24
2:10a 3800 W Gladys, Garfield Park, M/23
3:50a 7800 S Ingleside, Grand Crossing, M/45
7:45a 1000 N Drake, Humboldt Park, M/21

7:55a 100 W 105th, Roseland, M/22
3:05p 400 E 103rd, Roseland, M/?
5:00p 200 W 99th, Roseland, M/27
7:55p 1500 S Wood, Near West Side, M/26
7:55p 1500 S Wood, Near West Side, F/42
8:30p 1500 W 88th, Auburn Gresham, M/36
10:30p 3400 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/22
Memorial Day
12:40a 5600 S Drexel, Hyde Park, M/35
2:10a 8800 S May, Auburn Gresham, M/45
2:10a 8800 S May, Auburn Gresham, M/45
2:30a 6500 S Drexel, Woodlawn, M/23
2:35a 7300 S Paulina, Englewood, M/53
3:20a 9800 S Ellis, Pullman, M/30
5:10a 12000 S Wallace, West Pullman, F/15
9:00a 800 N St. Louis, Humboldt Park, M/35
4:50p 9000 S Racine, Washington Heights, M/21
6:30p 3000 S Gratten, Bridgeport, M/20
6:50p 9100 S Union, Washington Heights, M/22
8:30p 2800 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, M/45
8:30p 2800 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, M/52
9:20p 8800 S Burley, South Chicago, M/20
9:20p 8800 S Burley, South Chicago, F/21
9:50p 3500 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/29
10:20p 6900 S Loomis, Englewood, M/?
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, M/33
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, F/36
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, M/44
No Accountability Tuesday
1:10a 7200 S Talman, Chicago Lawn, M/?

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, left, at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications headquarters over the Memorial Day weekend. Note the TV tuned into CNN. Chicago Police Department photo. Via Twitter.

Oh, but wait…it gets better.

Four people suffered stab wounds at a single address in the Gresham neighborhood. CBS Chicago has that story.

Four people were stabbed after a fight broke out in a backyard in Gresham.

Chicago police said a woman stabbed several men near an apartment building and then someone stabbed her.

All four were taken to a local hospital and are expected to recover.

All that violence happened as Mayor Lori Lightfoot busied herself using police resources not to crack down on criminals killing people, but upon churches holding in-person services. Unfortunately for Lightfoot, the highest profile incident saw police locked out of the service.

From Breitbart:

Lightfoot reportedly sent three marked squad cars and two unmarked cars full of officers to the Chicago Cornerstone Baptist Church in the South Side’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Woodlawn is just south of Hyde Park, the area in which the Obamas lived for a short time before Barack became president…

Pastor Lewis told Starnes that he felt like he was confronting “the Soviet-style KGB” as the officers pounded on his doors and demanded entry to shut the church down.

“Thankfully, our doors were locked as a normal safety precaution we take each service to protect our members from the escalating gun violence in Chicago,” Lewis said.

A sentry that is usually posted outside the sanctuary to monitor the street during service also reported seeing occupants of a dark car with tinted windows filming the incident through one opened window.

“All we are seeking is the same consideration and trust that is being tendered toward the liquor stores, abortion clinics, and Walmart,” Lewis told Starnes.

Criminals don’t care about laws or social norms. And Chicago pols apparently are more worried about stopping worshippers than doing something about gang violence.

Yet that doesn’t stop gun control advocates like Lightfoot from claiming that if we just pass a few more laws, bad people would stop criminal misuse of guns.

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      • “What is worse than the coronavirus is the moronavirus.”

        As in morons who do stuff like yesterday in Chiraq?

        • And also morons who think the virus is spread through 5G phone towers. Perhaps they should use another layer of tinfoil, and not the cheap Chinese stuff.

        • “And also morons who think the virus is spread through 5G phone towers.”

          Agree. Those dolts are clueless….the virus spreads through thought control; settled science.

  1. I’m not sure where “Separation of Church and State” comes into play but it seems one-sided IMO.

    Yes, I know where the phrase came from and why. Seems applicable though.

    ~just sayin.

    • “Yes, I know where the phrase came from and why.”

      Would you mind elaborating on your thought?


      • Response letter from President Jefferson to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, dated 1801, in which he addressed their concerns that the new U.S. Government might attempt to slide back into the British style of church oversight, establishing one particular denomination over all others as recognized by the State. Jefferson used the phrase to indicate the “wall” that prevents the Government from inserting itself into an individual’s expression of worship.

        The phrase was referenced by SCOTUS in Everson v. Board of Education (1947) declaring that “The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.” This misapplication became the Left’s mantra in their continued efforts to remove all references to God or the Judeo-Christian faith, contrary to the Founders and all the Biblical references established in government venues (even within the SCOTUS chambers itself, of all irony!) for the first 150 years of this nation.

        • “Response letter from President Jefferson to the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, dated 1801, …”

          In later years, the USSC delcared that the constitution itself contained those words. I imagine that since only “Congress” is prevented from making laws concerning establishment (and the always overlooked second part – free exercise), and the executive prohibited from enforcing such laws, the USSC is not specifically prohibited from creating such legislation (sometimes also called “decisions”, “opinions”, “rulings”. In the latter pronouncements from the USSC, the cabal cites itself, not the constitution, as precedent, or “controlling authority” (see Gitlow v. People, 1925; Engel v. Vitale, 1962; Lynch, 465 U.S. at 688)

          For your reading enjoyment (and add to your source material), please have a look:

        • Yes, the linked article is a good read. Thank you for that.

          One may have fun enlightening Leftists that the DOI contains four references to God, and the USC is ended with the words “In The Year Of Our Lord”, which – when compared to other documents of the day and preceding century in both Europe and the Colonies – was b>not</b the norm. The Founders expressly wished to call attention to the Federal Government’s acknowledgement and reliance upon God, supremely important because France was undergoing their own revolution at the time, and their resulting Republic expressly shunned God and centered on Man. That republic quickly failed and resulted in another revolution, and another republic, failure, etc. for several cycles over the past two centuries. France has always been a second-rate nation ever since.

        • “France has always been a second-rate nation ever since.”

          About ten or fifteen years ago, entering “French military victories” into Google search returned the question: “Do you mean French military defeats?”. When I heard about it, had to try for myself; the question is what returned as the first selection.

          The last, best thing to come out of France was Bridgette Bardot.

        • “b>not</b"
          Hmm…that turned out weird."

          If you were looking to bold the word "not", not would have done it, resulting in the “<" and "/" elements being invisible. I often leave out an arrowhead, or put the slash wrong, then have to correct it after submitting.

        • Yeah, I know. The problem is that I’ve never had the Edit function appear for me. The only time I ever saw it was when I connected to the Interwebz via a different IP address over the weekend while on vacation, and viola! there it was. But now that I’m back home, it’s gone. Doesn’t work on my main PC, or my secondary, or my phone.

          I just need to slow down the pace when I proofread before hitting “Post Comment”.

        • “I just need to slow down the pace when I proofread before hitting “Post Comment”.”

          When I lose the “Edit” function (not all that unusual), I will use a text editor that accepts special characters, type what I want, then copy and paste into TTAG. Seems to work every time (I do not understand why).

      • What Haz a Question stated pretty much. Just wanted to preempt the “It’s not in the Constitution” crowd

        Unless you were looking for a different answer?

        • “Just wanted to preempt the “It’s not in the Constitution” crowd.”

          Why? the phrase is not, as the SC claimed, contained in the constitution. Neither is the notion that “separation” entails government being hostile to religion outside the “private sphere” (USSC establishment of an entirely new concept). The “free exercise” clause places no restriction on time or place. In making anti-religion law, the SC invented a non-existent constitutional right of a person to not feel “outside” the majority/mainstream in holding certain beliefs, or not adhering to certain beliefs.

          Separation from religion, and the limit on establishing an official state sponsored, funded and operated single religion are not the same. Jefferson opened executive office/building space for religions services, almost immediately after his famous letter citing “…a wall separating church and state…”. The first amendment prohibits government (specifically federal government at the time) from being other than neutral regarding religion.

          Thisis a good read, whether pro, anti or neutral about “separation of church and state”:

        • Again I am amazed that thousands upon tens of thousands of words are expended to convince us that, somehow, the simple phrase “Congress shall make no law … ” does not mean what it very clearly says. Five words necessitating tens or hundreds of thousands of words to convince us of a lie. The meaning of 1A is clear, and it does not restrict state governments at all. “Shall not be infringed” is also very clear, and restricts all entities from the President and Congress right down to the damn dogcatcher. Fabricating “opinions” which are so large they require more than one person to carry them, attempting to obfuscate such a short and simple declaration, makes it clear that the liars understand completely that the citizens would not support an Amendment to accomplish those changes.

    • I guess anything we hear from Moms Demand Action will be all about taking guns from legal owners that need them against all this.

    • As long as no white guy killed a black guy it’s a non story. If a black guy kills another black guy, there just isn’t the same level of hate in his heart, so it isn’t as bad. I mean, would you rather be killed by a guy that hates you, or one that really hates you?

      • would you rather be killed by a guy that hates you, or one that really hates you?

        Minor correction: Would you rather be killed by s guy that hates you (because of WHO you are), or one that really hates you (because of WHAT you are)?

      • You may feel free to wish me a happy Memorial Day. I had 20 years of uniformed service including 3 wars, and I lost my brother in Vietnam, and I welcome the holiday and the honors, but if you think it is somehow our duty to cry in our beer all day, you are twisting the whole idea all out of shape.

    • It is highly inappropriate to use the phrase ” Happy Memorial Day”. In this case, it was appropriate and well played.

  2. Throws the progressives’ fucked-up priorities into a very harsh spotlight, doesn’t it.

    The Chinese coronavirus is a threat not to be taken lightly, but our own governments — federal, state, county, and metro — contain threats that have been taken lightly for too long. Every “progressive” who occupies a public office is a clear danger to our continued health and liberty.

    • Every “progressive” who occupies a public office is a clear danger to our continued health and liberty.

      An issue that is being realized by more and more people as this shit drags on… The problem with many of those “PROGRESSIVES” is they have been embedded in those positions/offices that have been “TRADITIONALLY” held by Democrats for decades and they don’t believe they can be removed no matter what they do… Crazy Uncle Joe got it right on Friday when he told Joe Kernen on CNBC,, “I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years,” Biden said. “AND THAT I’M GOING TO BEAT JOE BIDEN”. “Look at my record”. In the words of that infamous toon character “What a Maroon”.. I wonder who he thinks he is today? Wonder Woman, maybe?

  3. I loved the Breitbart story describing the Chicago police pounding on the doors of the church to enforces Lori Lighthead’s edicts. I wondered what was going through the minds of those officers. “This is not the door kicking I signed up for” or, ” My Mom might be in there”.

    What are those worshippers thinking, now, about police protection? About their mayor? It seems they now understand they must protect themselves from the police.

    I will bet they are grateful they are still allowed to sing in church. No longer allowed in California, thanks to the Govenor, there.

    • “I wondered what was going through the minds of those officers.”

      And yet they did it, anyway. Most LEOs will, which was why Seattle Officer Anderson made his video plea a few weeks ago, urging fellow LEOs to honor their oaths to the Constitution, for which he was fired.

      As of yesterday, Gov. Newsom declared that churches may now resume services, but there are strict (and absurd) requisites:

      1) The local County Health Officer must provide approval.
      2) Attendance is limited to 25% seating or 100 total persons, whichever is less. Social distancing measures must be implemented.
      3) Disinfecting measures must be established and followed.
      4) Singing and group recitations (a fancy Newsomism for “prayer”) must be limited.
      5) Communion observance must be modified from traditional methods.

      • These are similar to the restrictions the major denominations have imposed. Newsom is just cribbing from them so he can look benevolent.

      • “Singing and group recitations (a fancy Newsomism for “prayer”) must be limited.”

        So now he’s telling people how to worship. That sounds like a civil rights violation.

        • That’s exactly why Trump had AG Barr contact Newsom last week to inform him the DOJ would be pressing charges against CA for 1st Amendment violations involving freedom of expression of worship. Newsom was temporarily giddy from the Ninth Circuit’s (who else?) subsequent ruling that he can keep churches shut while allowing other entities to open, but he apparently didn’t want to press the issue and risk more public opinion fallout by battling Trump and Barr. Newsom is already seeing a major loss of support by CA voters over his shutdown actions.

        • I wonder how many mosques have been forced to follow these standards.

          Betting none.

      • Chicago voters generally like candidates that have several of the following characteristics. Prison time, stupidity, incompetence, larceny, dark skin, greed, failed liars, feelings of superiority, bribery, drugs, and any human failing you may choose to add to the list.

  4. The article does not give any references as to the backgrounds of the shootings. If they were gang bangers shooting other gang bangers, they need to let them have at each other some more. Let the scum thugs kill each other. There will be less strain on the ‘legal’ system with less scum.

    • eagl10, thug on thug homicide is what we called misdemeanor murder. If both were killed it’s a twofer.

    • Well I’ve been in EVERY LAST NEIGHBORHOOD mentioned. All ghetto. Now you got Chance the Rapper protesting “they were targeting black folks”. Sure upper class young man…da mayor targeted every race & CREED-Apostle that is. Lots of collateral damage for innocents who in those awful hood’s!

      • So should we judge all black people based on the actions of a few?

        Because you certainly love to demonize the entire south as one giant Klan party.

    • Yeah, but…it doesn’t really work that way. Instead, what it causes is a never ending circle of violence, one violent act followed by retribution, followed by retribution…and a never ending line of kids inculcated with the gang life so as to become the next soldiers in an unending war. Gang warfare has been going on for generations in Chicago. Just look at the ages of the dead and wounded. Hissoner Da Mayer Daley I tried to stop it by banning all guns. That went on for more than 20 years without success. Projects, welfare, you name it, there have been no solutions.

      • Well, they are now shall issue, funny part was it took just as long to get my CCW in Arizona (late 90s) and North Carolina as Illinois. So go figure.

      • The obvious solutions are education and jobs, but anyone who tries this is labeled an Oreo, Uncle Tom, race traitor, or worse and is given a beatdown, if not killed, for their actions.

        • “The obvious solutions are education and jobs”

          It is very obvious, but the folks in charge would prefer to have a visa program so they can let immigrants come in and take jobs that American companies should be training Americans to do. If the pols went out of their way to help these people, then how could they still blame any existing problems on white supremacy? It benefits democrat politicians to hold a certain segment of the population down, so they have a consistent voter base that believes their problems are the result of the political party that is never even in charge in predominantly black populated areas. Quite the scam.

    • They had to empty the jails of those low level criminals, like sex offenders and killers so they can arrest your granny and her cronies for going to church.

      • Well, in MY atheist America, you can practice whatever you like, except trying to force me to participate in, or pay for, your silliness. Live and let live seems obvious, but when I was in high school the pressure to appear religious was extreme, and you are now living with the backlash. Most stores were forced to close on Sunday and you couldn’t buy a beer, cafeteria served only fish on Friday, tax money regularly spent on religious monuments, celebrations, holidays, on and on. I understand the necessity for churches to be tax exempt, buy many do not!

  5. Drive bys do follow social distancing guidance. It they got within 6′ the numbers would be a lot worse. /Sarc.

    • I don’t know…. the bangers are slacking a bit since the 2015 record.
      Maybe a couple of claymores outside the church would have outdone 2015 and gotten rid of a few more gang bangers.

  6. Give me a couple companies of National Guard, six months, and a free hand, and I’ll clean up all that BS in Chicago. I’d start by arresting the mayor and chief of police, and the ward bosses and putting them in front of a federal grand jury. After that, start taking out the gangbangers. Not arrest them, mind you, take them out. The powers that be don’t have the balls to do what it takes to fix the problem. That’s why this crap has been going on since 1850. This would not only clean up Chicago, but it would likely fix the political corruption that flows out of Chicago to Springfield, poisoning everything it touches.

    • That’s what the Brits thought when they went into Ulster in 1969. There were only a few hundred active fighters on each side. There are 100k gang members in Chicago.

      • The difference is that the Chicago gangbangers are going after each other, not the US Gov’t. The Brits, who were Protestant, were an occupying force in Catholic Ireland, fighting the IRA. Not even close to the same kind of situation.

        • Ulster is/was 2/3 Protestant which is why it chose to stay in the UK. And there is more support for the IRA in Boston and New York than in the Republic.

          Gangland Chicago is a nation unto itself with its own rules. It is essentially an ungoverned area, a veritible Mogedishu on Lake Michigan

      • If there are 100K gang members in Chicago, there is nothing we can do to help. So, just take a C-130 over and carpet bomb the place with crates of select fire M16s and millions of rounds of ammo, cut the phone and electric lines, blockade the roads, then come back in 6 months. Betcha they’d have some killer recipes for cooking humans.

  7. A few number to consider. In 2019 there where 490 murders in Chiraq,Illinois. As of today 191 people murdered. One less than this time in 2019. In Iraq there were 202 KIA’s from 2010 thru today. Chicago hasn’t had less than 300 murders a year since before 1960. From 2011 til today there have been 4736 murders. 4582 U.S. solders were killed in Iraq from 2003 til today. I mean no disrespect to Our brave military War fighters. Just tell me where is the real War zone for U.S. citizens. It’s cities like Chiraq. Being led by Liberal Democrats for the last 60 years. Where the people with the power change things are their own worst enemy.The Voters. They have met the enemy and it is themselves.

  8. The first two things communists and other tyrants do when they take power: close down the churches and seize the guns.

  9. Good that this, all the shootings in Chicago, most of it black on black, was brought up in an article at TTAG. In a year how many in total are killed, and over the past many years, what are the total numbers shot and/or wounded? It’s a large number and yet they MARCH today over the police incident with George Floyd in Minnesota. George Floyd Killed By Police Brutality In Minnesota! 4 Officers Fired! Or so reads the headlines… Probably there will be a TTAG article about it tomorrow and the liberals like Chief Censor and Miner49er will post multiple lame brain comments. White police with a black criminal dead… It’s just more election year politics while the hundreds of blacks shot down like dogs every year in Chicago gets very little media coverage… Ice Cube, Common, Ice-T & Snoop Dogg Sickened By Minnesota Incident… A man holds a ‘Stop Killing Black People”” placard while protesting near the area where a Minneapolis Police Department officer allegedly killed George Floyd, on May 26, 2020. Gin up the black vote for the Dems in 2020. Got it. If my shadow falls upon you, If the river of life runs dry, Accept that your time is up, And it’s your time to die.

    • To play devil’s advocate, marching against state-sanctioned violence is more useful than marching against gangbangers killing gangbangers.

  10. Must’ve been a lot of “dissuh’spectin” and “mean-muggin'” in $hitcago. Or maybe it’s shootcago

  11. Mayor Lightfoot is a Atheist lesbian who hates the church and hates the Bill of Rights. So of course she had the police raid churches. Why is anyone surprised? She is doing what the other Atheists democrat governors are doing in Kentucky and California.

  12. Seriously, “Chinese flu”? I’m a longtime reader, but pretty disappointed that a post in this blog would use such xenophobic rhetoric.

      • Corrupt government apologists hate it when their preferred corrupt government is (truthfully) depicted in a bad light.

    • You must be new here… Does the truth offend your sensibilities? Would you prefer the “WU FLU” ? Hey Snowflake, it came from CHINA, get over it/yourself, whatever….

  13. This demonstrates the priorities of the democrats (communist party USA).
    They cater to criminals so they will continue to disrupt society.
    They discriminate against people who go to church because most support the American Constitution.

    Their goal is to destroy America.

  14. 4 of the deceased and 21 of the wounded are in my work area.
    looks like the south side has better aim.


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