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Randy Jones writes . . .

I carried a 1911 made back in 1942 for about 34 years (’82 thru ’16). Rock solid and reliable. I still have it in the night stand, but I decided I would update my EDC. So, I bought a Kimber 1911 and a Taurus 1911 to replace it.

A friend of mine had bought an XD a few months prior and decided he didn’t like it, so I bought that and began to carry it part time. About a year or so later picked up a Rock Island 1911 9mm/22TCM double stack.

Today I switch back and forth between the Springfield XD-S Mod.2 Sub-Compact .45 ACP in a VersaCarry holster, which just fits better the longer I use it. Or I carry the Rock Island 1911 set up for the 9mm in a Blackhawk holster.

The 22TCM is one of those cartridges you need to put on your bucket list to shoot. Awesome little puppy, no kick, but same power as a 9mm.

The Rock has been modified with an extended safety, extended slide release and Hogue grips. These work well with a light cover garment or occasionally open carry. I carry a spare magazine in a VersaCarry mag carrier.

The knife is a Kershaw and the flashlight is from Police Security. Both firearms are loaded with Allegiance ammo that is designed to fragment inside the target so there is very little chance of over penetration. A first aid kit is kept in the trunk of the car.


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • Because unless you live in Fallujah or Chicago, one gun will almost always be more than enough?

      I’ll never understand people who have never fired a shot in anger in their lives carrying multiple firearms to their office job in a low-crime area. Can you? Sure, if you feel like doing it, go nuts. But I don’t understand it.

      • Stop saying that. You sound retarded. “Fire a shot in anger” – Just say you have been in a DGU, or returned fire at the enemy in combat, and get over it. Saying you were angry when you shot makes you seem unstable. It’s no wonder you don’t understand sarcasm. Not the first time I have seen your comments related to the same stupid sentiment.

        • @Montana Actual

          It’s a catch all term, and it doesn’t imply an emotional state. It’s far easier to use a generally understood (although not by you, apparently) idiom than to list out the various possible situations in which someone might have used a gun for more than practice.

        • I obviously understood it more than you. That’s why I described what it meant, and then told you how it can be interpreted wrongly. It’s called a fucken DGU.

        • You’re not a Navy SEAL for taking paying out the ass for some ‘tactical’ courses.

      • I’ll never understand politicians hell bent on disarming law abiding citizens in high crime areas. It seems counter intuitive.

        Generally speaking, if carrying multiple firearms makes someone feel more comforted then I see no problem with it. It’s not like losing one in a fight is hard to do. This is why lanyards were invented.

        One does not actually require the thousand yard stare to tell where the enemy is when in context of non combat EDC.

        • It really depends on what the politicians in question want.

          It’s harder to control – by which I mean “get to vote for you,” among other things – a happy, peaceful populace, than scared people living in a place where there’s almost daily violence.

          The former actually care about things like road repair and school quality, have the time and energy to notice if they’re not done well, and will do something – like vote out said politician – if they’re unhappy enough.

          The latter want to be, or at least feel, safe, and the promises the politicians make to “do something” just need to be … something. They don’t have to be especially effective, just or even necessarily legal. They just have to be seen to be doing something.

  1. I thought at first you toting both at the same time.

    If it works for you – carry on.

    Dont think I would carry 22 TCM for defense but that’s just me.

    • I don’t know. Minimal recoil, deep magazine, flat trajectory. Somewhat comparable to 5.7x28mm.

      Plus, the YUGE fireball and KA-BOOM provide flash-bang as well as kinetic effects. 🙂

  2. I know very little about .22 tcm, but from the videos I saw, seems like a pretty solid round. 2,000 feet per second and a decent sized expansion on some 40grn JHP’s on the videos I saw. Seems to penetrate pretty deep (that’s what she said) which for some is a no go, but personally, the deeper the better (again, that’s what she said). I’d love to see some videos shooting into vehicles and some armor. I did see some shots at 1″ bullet proof glass and it went about halfway through. I mean, for a .22 …that’s pretty awesome. That said, I wouldn’t carry it either. It’s between 9mm and .40 sized, so unless a serious wave of .22 TCM pistols started coming out and stores started stocking the shit out of it, I think I’ll stick with my 9’s and .40’s.

    • My 1911 was mfd in the early ’70s and not only has never hiccupped, it stil looks like new and shoots like a champ. Took it to a multi-day gun course a couple of years ago, and one of the (younger) assistant instructors paused the class to come over and inspect/admire it. Said it was a nice “vintage” he wouldn’t mind owning.

  3. Love a 1911, (not in 9mm, sorry) no thanks on the Hogue grips. They’re sticky and tend to cling to a cover garment. Agree with specialist not going to carry a 22 anything for defense. Also, no thanks to fragmenting ammo.

    • My 1911 is chambered in 9mm and shoots like a dream after a half century. Frag has its place for indoor defense environments where children/family may be on the other side of walls in case you miss the perp.

      • Haz,
        1. I live alone.
        2. When I didn’t I still would not carry fragmenting ammo. You want fragmentation? Toss a grenade.
        3. Sure a 9mm 1911 shoots great. But, it’s 9mm.
        4. Miss at indoor ranges? I’d shoot myself out of embarrassment.

        • 1. Get a dog, lol. 😉
          2. Um, really?
          3. The Caliber Wars again. No thanks, not gonna bite. A bullet in the braincase is a bullet in the braincase.
          4. I’d be embarrassed, too, if I kept missing at an indoor range. Or an outdoor range. Or any controlled environment in which I was in total control over my paper/steel target. But in the middle of the night, in a likely darkened environment, against an unknown moving target, in a confined space, yes I might miss. I have no embarrassment admitting that and planning ahead for it.

      • I have a hundred Ruger ARX rounds that I keep in an MTM box. I wanted to try them out a while back. They do cycle ok but I’m about 80/20 in favor of keeping them as backups only. They just aren’t as comforting as HP’s.

  4. Great looking load-out. Im jealous of all the character on the VersaCarry holster.
    Those XD mod 2.0 pistols sure seem to fit a lit of people like a glove.

    • I dont have one but the grip safety seems like a deal-breaker. Is it hard to engage that on such a small grip or is it easier than a bigger grip?

      • It’s actually pretty awesome as far as safeties go. I’d perfer this type over the traditional type if I carried a gat with a safety. That said, it’s great for “beginners” too. My aunt carries one, in her purse thingy… which is dumb, but better than nothing I guess.

  5. Nice well rounded setup. Everyone should own atleast one 1911 and have leather for their EDC.

    These days for me it’s more likely to be a 9mm or .40S&W.

  6. Interesting,

    A 1911 in 9mm and a polymer sub-compact in .45 ACP.
    Seems a little backward (just sayin’).


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