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Happy Independence Day July 4th Shot Shells
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“Today isn’t just about relaxing with family and friends. It’s not just about grilling, fireworks and carefree celebrations; being an American is a great privilege and honor. Take a minute to think about how lucky we truly are to live here, and then together, let’s work together to be great citizens for the future generations of this nation.”

– Amanda Radke in Independence Day is more than just grilling & fireworks

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  1. Remember every day that folks that were not born here risk all, including death, to get here.

    In spite of joe burden, dacian and miner49er this is still a great country.

    • Despite the entire Left, this is still a great country, and we’re seeing a Great Awakening to restore her. We stand up to defend her honor and remember her ideals for which many gave their all.

    • …the BEST country with the most potential. It isn’t even close. That’s why the criminals are plundering it while distracting everyone with nonsense.

    • Happy Independence Day, jwm. Cherish your hard won Liberty and your Constitution for the jewels they are, as I know you do, and let no one take away what many have provided for so many more. Ever.

  2. Happy Birthday to the United States of America🇺🇸 ! Discharge a firearm today in celebration! Preferably a U.S. military rifle of some description.

    • 👍
      Happy 4th.
      Putting some rounds thru the AR-10 (308 Win) later today. Shooting assorted steel plates/gongs.

      • I have a good mind to cut out of work early and get in behind my belt-fed, after all it is what I purchased to celebrate my becoming a United States citizen a few years back.

        • Now, Ross here is an American the hard way, and he appreciates what he has.

          EDIT – Hey, Ross, if we get the select-fire registry re-opened, would you convert your belt-fed to full-auto…?

        • Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR

          Probably, but if it ever were reopened I’d first get me a MP5 with a 3 round bust/fullauto pack I believe.

        • Agreed if I was ever able to get a bullet hose I’d want it in something that was cheaper to feed like an American 180 or something in 9mm.

  3. Our freedom and independence came at a great cost to those who fought for it in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and we remain free because of the men and women that serve today. Thank you for making it possible to celebrate today. Happy 4th of July everyone. God Bless.


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