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If you believe American anti-gun agitprop, U.K. gun control laws are so effective the police don’t need to carry guns! Anyone who’s seen MP5-toting cops cruising Heathrow, The City or Buckingham Palace (to name a few) knows the reality doesn’t square with the mythology. Not to mention full-on SWAT teams on permanent standby. Or the existence of British armed response units, ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice.

Now responding to “common” crimes . . .

Police officers carrying Glock 9mm pistols have even been drafted in to catch shoplifters because they are the only unit available.

The fact they are being diverted to such routine calls, however, could seriously hamper their ability to respond to a Paris style gun rampage, police chiefs fear.

Budget cuts have meant that there are now 3,000 fewer police officers on the street since 2009 but the number of firearms officers has increased.

Che Donald, of the Police Federation said: “It goes back to this age old problem that we’ve cut so many officers from the service that it’s impacted on the front line and we’re now having to rely on our armed colleagues.

“I have heard of firearms officers dealing with domestic assaults, a pub fight and violent shoplifters because they were the only crew available.

“While this can be viewed as an intelligent allocation of resources, it also means the capability of deploying an armed unit is reduced.”

Yes, well, Officer Donald neglects to mention that the Brits recently announced they’re adding 600 armed police to the streets of their cities and towns, who will patrol those streets (and waterways) fully armed. Bringing the total of everyday armed cops to 2,800.


Meanwhile, armed British police seem to be dealing with “common crime” without shooting anyone (at least not yet). Instead of holding up British police as an inspiration for civilian disarmament, we should take a closer look at their firearms training. Just a thought.

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  1. I love the irony that when it came to budget cuts, they nixed the unarmed police over the armed police. It would seem to me if they really believed in their unarmed paradise it would have been the opposite.

    I suspect that over time they will find the logic to simply arm all the police and then you no longer have to worry about “response time” in Paris style attacks.

    • The male officers’ hats are pretty cool-looking. The female officers’ hats are goofy, though. kinda like a lot of US military female-specific uniform covers.

  2. One safety officer for each student! Jesus, they really don’t trust anyone do they?

    What’s that guy there for? To tackle the gun if it gets all “mass shooty” on the officers?

  3. Got to meet a couple of the kitted up swat folks under heathrow. Was a bit nervous first, but they were rather pleasant.

      • EDIT – Brain fart.

        You were internationally traveling with firearms, including that sweet .500 stainless lever action.

        Duh me…

        (Did they make any comments on your choice of rifles?)

        • It was a previous trip. Not really sure why my buddy and I were escorted down there. But some suit berated us for bringing guns into his country. The swat dude and dudette just stood there.
          Perhaps being tired from jet lag, I less than kindly informed him that we didn’t bring the guns into his country, that he, (meaning British Airways), did. And that I expected the cases to be on the plane for our departure. One of the Bobbies smiled and wished us luck on our hunt.

  4. The next time some prog makes that argument, I will insist that I be allowed to carry the same firearm that bobbies carry.

  5. Dies anyone else see the subtext of this report? The UK has complete civilian disarmament and over the course of years have reduced their non-firearm officers and increased their armed response units-and deployed them when they were considered unnecessary. Looks like a police state in the making to me.

    • Yup! I agree. 1000+ thumbs up. UK is a glossed over version of a “surveillance /authoritarian state.” If any thing the UK knows, is how to usurp a British citizens rights to arms, and self-defense. The Crown has been doing that for decades. Only aristocrats need apply..

      • Indeed. The power of the state trumps individual rights in UK. What irony: the land that gave us the notion if rights, privileges, and immunities for classical Liberalism now regards it’d people more as subjects than citizens. Locke , Hobbes, and English contractualism seems to fade in the UK. In USA it is still alive thanks to an historic distrust of the state and the efforts, each in their own way, of the NRA and the ACLU. The second amendment remains ” the palladium of liberty.”

    • I noticed that to. Also “no money for Bobbies, but let’s hire more armed response officers.”

      From the cctv to the armed cops, everything is either less effective than promised or just not used as promised.

      Less and less about the modern world seems reasonably attributable to incompetence.

  6. British criminals are much less violent. Fewer of them get shot because fewer of them do insane things like resist arrest and reach for the officer’s gun. The euro equivalent of Alton Sterling is a gentleman by comparison.

  7. ““I have heard of firearms officers dealing with domestic assaults, a pub fight and violent shoplifters because they were the only crew available…”

    Oh my, police having to actually do policing. Whatever shall we do.

  8. From watching the video, I am amused at how they over complicate the process. Perhaps it’s because the officers have had no contact at all with firearms. I know times have changed, but when I started my L.E. career in 1980, I was sworn in, given my badge and gun, and sent to the range to qualify. Like most, I did it without a problem (including the then mandated course of fire from the 50 yd line). They’d put you on the street with a FTO until they could get an academy started.

  9. Netflix has many BBC crime dramas. And every single one of them has criminals with guns. So even the BBC won’t go full propaganda on how well the gun laws work to keep guns from criminals.
    But they do make a big deal exaggerating how few officers are armed. However, they don’t shy from showing these unarmed officers being killed by armed criminals.
    One scene I did laugh at though. A gangsta goes to the back of his van, unlocks a box to remove a pistol, and load a magazine into it. Does this mean the penalty is less for having a locked unloaded gun than an unlocked and loaded gun? Ha!

  10. Weren’t there more unarmed British police when the populace was armed? Why do cops tool up when guns are banned and mass 3rd world immigration is initiated by Labour? Oh my, I’ve asked the wrong questions on the Internet! Her majesty’s non-gender specific police will cart me off!

  11. The issue is not “guns” being used by criminals in England, but the use of “NEEDLES”, as in syringes when they attack someone.


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