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“In which evil gets its due and there is no feel-good lesson to be learned, except one: Guns protect you. … The climactic scenes, with many male corpses strewn about the scenery but three women standing tall, constitute a witty reframing of one of Hollywood’s most consuming notions these days: that to be female is to be under threat. If so, Green’s movie replies, women should fight back. With shotguns.” – Kyle Smith in A Right-Wing Halloween

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  1. I’ll have to remember that this year when the roving bands of brats descend on my neighborhood like a socially sanctioned Mafia, terrorizing the residents and extorting treats under threat of property defacement and destruction.

  2. Moral to the story- the quote “God made man, Sam Colt made them equal”, still applies.
    The hypocrisy is alive and well, even thriving, in Hollyweird.

  3. Its looks like Remington and Mossberg missed opportunities to have the Shockwave or TAC-14 placed in the movie. (I didn’t see the film yet, just going by various screen shots on the web.) A Shockwave with Aguila mini shells and and OPSal mini-clip would have been way cooler and would have cemented Ms. Curtis as a greater, more modern extreme tacti-cool prepper.

    • Common sense gun reformers needs to make us rubes understand why we need to ban Grandpa’s ‘ol duck gun. Anything new is a weapon of war, easy enough.

      As there are no real horror film villans IRL, you don’t need anything.

    • I personally commend Ms Curtis for her socially responsible method of fighting pure demonic evil. Her character could have used a full-semiautomatic AR-47 with a 30 bullet clip in half a second. Instead, she opted to diffuse any sense of sympathy a reasonable person could possibly have for this character by chosing less effective weapons that are socially acceptable to lightweight liberals. When you confront unholy evil, all you really need is a double barreled shotgun; just walk out on the porch and blast some rounds in to the sky to ward off evil murderous spirits. And every body knows that the 2nd ammendment says a lever gun is all the national guard militia needs to kill bambi. I wouldn’t be surprised if her character drives a Prius, because, what’s the point of fighting for your life, if you’re killing Gia mother Earth? Boy, I sure hope she’s using low carbon emission, lead free bullets, because nothing is more evil than harming the breeding habitat of California Condors! Bravo Jamie Lee Curtis! Bravo! /sarc/

  4. I want Hypocrisywood to really wow me with something fresh! I want to see a movie where there’s a male protagonist character standing over hundreds of female antagonist corpses litering the scene… because, you know, equality. I also want the female antagonists being shown to be to shot, just like we do with the legion of male antagonistic characters.

  5. socialists, communists, flakey liberals ,and leftist idiots are the best source of crab-bait that any fisherman can get, they are already PRE-ROTTED.

  6. This film does make one valid point. An unarmed woman is a victim. Hopefully after the film has been in the theaters we’ll see an increase of women at gun counters.

    curtis hates guns. But I betcha a bunch of guns will be sold thanks to this movie.

    • If a woman has time to watch a movie, she is doing something wrong. She should be dedicating more time to her husband and child(ren), and tending to her chores.

      • More proof you leftards hate women. More reason for the Trump Train to gain speed. Jump aboard the Trump Train everybody. Choo-choo, maga muthafukka, maga muthafukka, choo-choo, maga muthafukka, maga muthafukka.

      • Jamie Lee never was a mother ’cause “she’s” a dude. A genetic male Swyer Syndrome critter…oh so the rumors go. What that sez about her hubbie Christpher Guest one can only speculate. “She” hates you and your evil full semi-automatic gats!

        • If she’s a dude, then where did those spectacular breasts come from? Didn’t you see Trading Places? That is not an artificial silicone rack.

        • Gee Curtis you should keep up…google Swyer and your crush. My wife has better boobs and has had 2 babies😄

        • Former Water dude,
          I DID lookup Swyer Syndrome when you mentioned it last week. Affected individuals FAIL TO DEVELOP SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS at the normal age of puberty. “This is especially true of estrogenic changes such as BREAST DEVELOPMENT, widening of the pelvis and hips, and menstrual periods.”

          I remain unconvinced that a person so afflicted, even with hormone therapy, would develop breasts of such a delicious nature.

  7. who knew hollywood hypocrisy was worth four separate articles? the entire genre of slashers is barely worth one, with very notable exceptions. and at least the “scream” series is humorous.
    jamie hates guns because she was born with a pepperbox.
    i saw “mandy” at the music box yesterday. only a chromed hammerless smith and a gold plated luger, but neither get fired. the crossbow does, however briefly, and that leaves a lot of hand forged battle sword (what do you call that thing?) carnage as well as a swell dueling chainsaw confrontation.
    if you’re somewhere between tide pod and geezer and enjoyed “dead snow” and “cabin in the woods,” then go get some revenge.

  8. Perhaps the release of this movie in context of the recent shotgun massacres at Anapolis Maryland and Sante Fe Texas not to mention the Washington Navy Yard massacre and the Columbine massacre can be utilised to educate the public. Shotguns might not have as much muzzle velocity as an “assault rifle” and the projectiles loose energy to aerodynamic drag more rapidly. However; with the capability of launching 9 x 00 projectiles (18 x 00 in a 12 gauge 3&1/2 shell) of comparable mass to a .223 bullet and potentially greater wounding capacity because of the larger diameter, not to mention a .690″ slug massing as much as a dozen 5.56 mm projectiles, a shotgun can be a devastating weapon. Unlike a magazine fed military style rifle, pump action and semiautomatic shotguns can be reloaded continuously sonthe magazine capacity is limited only by how much ammo the shooter can carry. Explaing to John Q Public that Elmer J Fudd’s shotgun is actually much deadlier than an AR-15 might inspire the understanding that it is the criminal misue of firearms not the firearms themselves that are the problem.

    • I’ve been saying that for years. However, that just reinforces the enemies’ beliefs that all guns are EVIL, or they just tune you out.

      Also, you forgot that the Batman shooter killed most of his victims with an 870 because his MWG snail drum jammed up his AR.

  9. When confronted with Supernatural Evil, I like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, I am not a fan of the Joe Bieden Shotgun school of home defense. I’ll take a high capacity magazine with quicker reload times over a mossberg thank you.

  10. I don’t care what you say. Jamie Lee Curtis is still hot, shooting a gun makes any woman hotter, and Jamie Lee shooting a lever gun is the pinnacle of hotness.

    I probably shouldn’t see this movie in a theatre. Too much risk of libido runaway and another Pee-wee Herman incident.

    Meanwhile, if this latest episode of Hollyweird hypocrisy motivates a woman to cross the threshold of a gun store and arm herself, if it saves just one life… it’s a win!

    • Finding Jamie Lee Curtis attractive for her age is one thing. Rubbing one out to her in a public theater is an altogether different and much more disgusting animal.

    • I will accept your vulgarity as jest.

      I regret not seeing TRADING PLACES in the theatre because the unedited version featured Jamie Lee’s bare breasts.
      I would not object to seeing them again.

      Of course she can not hold a candle to Adrienne Barbou.

  11. The important thing here is to debate caliber choice.

    I like 12ga slugs vs the near un-killible MM, but I don’t like the reload factor for the tube fed (and I 3gun so reloading shotgun is not an issue, specially with 8-12 in the gun and 20-30 on belt/vest). Mag feed shotgun is tempting with slugs, but 30rd sticks are a touch unwieldy, but boy howdy, two 30rd sticks of 12ga slug would turn MM to a wet messy pulp.

    In an AR platform I don’t think 223/556 is the right choice…I think something like 458 SOCOM would be the way to go, even over 308 in an AR10, though a 30rd mag becomes a 10rd for 458

    • Do a Google image search on “5.56 wounds”…. .223/5.56 work pleantly well enough. All you need is sufficient velocity (>16” barrel) and a rapidly expanding projectile.

  12. Sounds good to go when “Shot Gun Joe” Biden tries to give her a blow job and becomes enraged and violent when discovers she is a woman, not a Tranny!
    A poke inna pig or a pig inna poke.
    Buyer Beware!


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