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Fred Guttenberg lost a daughter in the Parkland shooting. Since then, he’s been an outspoken gun control advocate. Yesterday, during an online Biden campaign rally, Guttenberg betrayed the hysterical desperation that’s been sweeping through the gun control industry as a result of hundreds of thousands of first-timers buying guns since the COVID-19 emergency started.

Guttenberg went on to say that gun stores are contributing to the pandemic and selling to people who are not legally allowed to buy or own firearms, though he did not offer evidence of either claim.

“You have crowds showing up around these gun stores not only spreading coronavirus, but they’re buying weapons, or they’re buying ammunition,” he said. “And many of them are prohibited purchasers of weapons, or they already have the weapon, and now they’re running out and buying the ammunition to use it.”

Gun stores and all federally licensed dealers are required to run federal background checks on all gun sales they conduct. Those checks are designed to ensure that licensed dealers do not sell firearms to people prohibited from having them under federal and state law. Despite Guttenberg’s claim, there has been no evidence that gun stores—which have remained open in most states—are a significant source of new infections. Many that have remained open adopted social distancing and sanitation practices similar to other “essential” businesses. Everytown, where Guttenberg is a member of its Survivors Network, did not respond to request for comment.

– Stephen Gutowski in Biden Would Shut Down Gun Stores Amid Pandemic, Surrogate Says

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        • @ pwrserge
          Of course, he’d fear that. His weapons are: Being recognizable, enjoying pandering venues and having a dearly departed daughter. Those are his defenses and armament. He’d NOT EVER in a bazillion light years sit down have “have a conversation” because his message fails examination. He’s running the same playbook the Democrats do when they make preposterous assertions, statements and claims involving firearms emphasizing “full semi-automatic” and “hundred round clips” and such. We have heard them and there is no need to rehash them all.
          This approach is successful due to the overall ignorance involving firearms. Those familiar with firearms dismiss the remarks but a greater segment of the population being wholly unfamiliar accept those comments as fact. In the end, there’s no accountability or challenge to these comments. Media outlets certainly won’t counter any talking points and those that would are never booked.

        • the only problem is he’s blaming the wrong people the sheriff and school board of Broward County Fl. is the ones responsible for the death of his child for not following the laws of the state of Fl. if they had the idiot young man would never have been able to buy a gun because he was known to be mentally unstable and should have been on the unable to buy list

  1. These people are delusional children. What kind of person just boldfaced lies and doesn’t get called on it?

    • What kind of people listen to a man make boldfaced lies and then invite him to their next event to lie some more?

      Trick question, I guess.

        • It’s always astonishing to me to see how many people don’t know this. I’m sure some dolt will comment about you correcting spelling, but correct is correct…

        • I have always heard “Bare Faced Lie” but Bold Faced would work and even Bald Faced is fairy descripting.

        • Actually “bold faced”, “bald faced”, and “bare faced” are all correct. Historically men having shaven faces, or bald/bare/hairless faces, was sorta counter-culture and as such bold. So all wordings are right so no need to be condescending.

        • That is without mention of bold typeface.
          You know the typing that makes words appear more obvious or stand out.

  2. Once again our rights are to be eliminated because of the actions of a man whose actions the authorities failed to address.

    Sorry Mr. Guttenberg. When shit gets real in this country people will defend themselves with guns. You can do whatever you think is best.

    • “Sorry Mr. Guttenberg. When shit gets real in this country people will defend themselves with guns. You can do whatever you think is best.”
      He’s prepared. His phone has a 5🌟 button, it will connect him with trained professionals that will help him in ANY emergency, big OR small.
      Sheeple ALWAYS trust the 5🌟.

    • Hey Guttenberg, back up your claim with proof and facts or SHUT UP!

      The guy must be an attention where.

  3. Assuming a not insignificant number of these first-time buyers are lefties that would be watching a Biden virtual rally to hear this man call them all criminals I see this as a positive occurrence.

    Lefties love to dish out the scorn and ridicule onto the plates of the “others” but they don’t take it so well. Especially not from their ideological peers.

    • *They welcome scorn and ridicule as long as it’s directed toward being white and American, since they hate themselves. Their minority and immigrant pets, however, are smart enough not to hate themselves.

      • It’s why leftists are committing cultural suicide in Europe. They want to atone for the actions of their ancestors.

  4. A devout follower of the totally serious, non-hypocritical, principled Party of Science was caught spouting emotional BS with zero scientific data to back it up? Shocking!

    Oh, and a Biden rally? Hahahahahaha!

    • Biden thanked everyone for coming to his retirement party and wondered why he wasn’t invited.

      • Chosedeath “You should tell it to the handlers still parading him around like a circus chimp, to be gawked at by the parents and laughed at by the children. It damn sure isn’t pretty.”
        His handlers only want to keep him around to pick a VP candidate that will be a good little girl that will assume the Presidency when he is taken out by the 25th Amendment.

        • @Austin, you are echoing what I’ve been saying. It’s not about Joe as the candidate, it’s about his running mate.

  5. These social distancing policies sure came at a convenient time for Biden. Can you imagine the optics of comparing a Trump rally with a Biden rally? Not to mention that there would be even more video of Biden making a fool of himself.

  6. So basically man who’s daughter died due to poor planning and protection wants you to be poorly armed because…feelings…

    • He doesn’t want justice. He wants vengeance and dosen’t care who suffers in his wrath.

  7. First I will say this I feel for any of the parents who lost a child in that tragedy. But I will say this being a former resident of that part of Florida (Boca Raton) is the same as Parkland and Coral Springs anti gun rhetoric has been high in that area as far as I can remember. About 90% or more of the residents in that area of Florida are transients from the Northeast where the 2nd amendment has been looked at with disdain for decades. South Florida was a much safer place to live prior to all these people from the northeast with their liberal ideals. They constantly rant that it’s easier to get an AR-15 in Florida than cold medicine. Fact active law enforcement must undergo a 5 business day waiting period for handguns, in counties like Broward, Palm Beach and Sarasota all liberal hotbeds that 5 day waiting period also applies to rifles and shotguns. However now comes liberal mindset at its best, a civilian with a concealed carry permit is exempt from the waiting periods. How do I know these facts? I was a law enforcement officer in South Florida for 30+ years.

  8. Who needs evidence when you have emotion? Who needs facts when you have feelings? I know people who were injured or killed in car crashes. That doesn’t make me a certified mechanic, automotive historian, or transportation expert. I base my opinions on available evidence. A little habit I picked up while becoming an educator.

  9. How would he know who’s a “prohibited person” and who’s not?

    Oh right, he thinks all of us should be “prohibited”.

    Here’s hoping the left keeps this guy front and center. Each comment he makes is more absurd than the last.

  10. I wish his daughter were still alive. His life has become nothing but a sad waste of misdirected energy and time.

  11. If Guttenberg had any evidence of gun stores selling to prohibited persons, he could call it in and have it stopped. He would permanently remove a gun store, which would never sell guns or ammo again. Either he’s making baseless allegations, or he’s purposely withholding the reporting and hoping that the prohibited persons will use them to create another horror to use to push for gun control. He’s the defintion of evil and deserves contempt, not sympathy.

  12. Guttenburg should be going after everyone who failed numerous times to stop the perp. Everybody from A to Z tried to get help and everyone was pushed to the side. Instead guttenburg zeros in on an inanimate object reminiscent of a Salem Witch Hunt. Now without one single shred of evidence he lies out his butt all in a sleazy effort to advance his anti gun narrative. He’s looking for gullible, milquetoast, ivory tower types to fall for his lying anti gun butt spew. The bottom line is, Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide. And so are libel and slander mr. guttenburg and mr. democRat obiden.

  13. I went to my LGS a couple of weeks ago, to pick up a pound of powder. Everyone had to knock at the back entrance, like some kind of ’20’s speakeasy and they were allowing only 5 customers in the store at a time. I think they had better control than the grocery stores around here. I haven’t really been anywhere else except to go to work so I’m pretty sure this guy just has diarrhea of the mouth.

    I know this guy suffered a terrible tragedy, but his activism is misdirected.

    • LOL. Sounds a lot like Lone Wolf Armory.

      Or is the “Wiregrass” just a coincidence?

  14. After all the guns that have been sold to concerned, lawful, citizens, have you heard about a single one of these that has been used improperly? I simply do not see what the Left is complaining about. The facts do not match the hype.

    • “The facts do not match the hype.”
      And that is of importance to whom, exactly? The ones who are doing it the most, care the least, and the ones who care the most can’t do anything significant about it.

  15. Seems the real tragedy here, is he lives in a country where he has the Freedom Of Speech . . even when it is blatant lies. There oughta be a law . . .

  16. Fred, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s time for you to seek counseling. Your cause is noble, but your methods are increasingly out of touch with reality. Good luck.

    • Quote: “Fred, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s time for you to seek counseling. Your cause is noble, but your methods are increasingly out of touch with reality. Good luck.”

      His cause is not noble, he is seeking a direct violation of the Bill of Rights. He is seeking to disarm American citizens, that is not a noble cause.

  17. Guttenburg is just another liberal lunatic that is too stupid to realize that guns do not kill people, people do. Someone should remind that idiot that 97% of all violent crimes are committed by the people he is supporting and buddying up with, the democrats.

  18. The Free Market didn’t just speak up during this Great Nastiness, it yelled from the rooftops!
    MDA, Everytown, Mayors Against ‘Illegal’ Guns(that they aren’t selling) can listen or continue down that road.
    First-time gun owners will finally read that Parchment, those hallowed words reverberating in their formally-empty heads: the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  19. Nothing new…this kind of diatribe has been quite common since Columbine. And all those evil deranged murderer’s actions don’t trump(get it?) MY right’s!

  20. So, just because his daughter was murdered by some lowlife gangbanger, he now has license to lie?

    He has an absolute disdain, not just for the Second Amendment, but civil rights in general.

    Remember, he tried to meet with Brett Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings, the same Brett Kavanaugh who may very well hear an appeal arising from that lowlife gangbanger’s murder trial.

  21. When Americans saw the possibility that social services like police might be degraded they realized what needed to be done.

    The Communist WuFlu smacked them right upside their heads and gun sales do reflect that. I’m sorry those kids bled out after being shot, some died immediately. I’m sorry this guy lives with a insane amount of grief every day. However nothing can change the fact that Americans across the entire political spectrum have spoken with their wallets.

  22. Guttenberg would use the tragedy of his daughter’s murder in order to do the same to anyone who opposes his political views. Guttenberg is a petty tyrant wannabe using a tragic situation for political advantage.

    • Which if, and a big if, Creepy Joe Biden wins the election and Beato is the gun czar, Guttenberg might be appointed as Beato’s first lackey for enforcement.

    • He has no “political views”. He has “emotional issue” views that he either can’t deal with, or won’t deal with because the New York money makes it worthwhile for him to remain emotionally, irrationally, stupid by choice.

  23. Don’t recall the exact particulars about that he Parkland shooting. But the shooter had been contacted by the Police umpity ump times and nothing was done. The schools knew he was a violent mentally unstable individual. But either ignored it or shuffled him from school to school. Even the FBI was contacted and did nothing. I think there was some social worker type interventions too but not sure. Then the terrible response to the shooting where the neighboring city did all the heavy lifting. The on site cop ran away and the commander in the field failed to act in a timely manner. So City, County, State and Federal authorities failed at every level and of course throw in Obama’s don’t stigmatize high schoolers with arrests initiative. So we are to give up our right to self defense because hahaha the government will protect you and this gentleman is focused on the gun as most liberals do.

    • It’s a shame the deputy didn t shoot that killer on the street when he stopped him. He deserved to die and now will grow old on our tax dollars.

  24. What does a parent who lost a loved one in a shooting,have to do with firearms sales!I think this shows gun control NUTS,don’t care about any situation,just the banning of firearms.Judging every one because some Lunatic, loses it,shows,their true colors.No Firearms Allowed In The Hands Of Law Abiding Citizens

  25. The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…aka Fred Guttenbergs of the world……….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

  26. Having lost a child (through an unfortunate accident not violence), I can sympathize with the grief the man has. However, I’m not running around projecting my grief upon an inanimate object as the culprit of my child’s demise. The facts are thus, both the School, it’s Board, the Sheriff and his office, as well as the State of Florida screwed the pooch when dealing with the perpetrator of this crime, before it ever occurred, during the crime, and after the crime was committed. The criminal should have never been allowed to slip through the system in the fashion that he did. Those forementioned agents and agencies failed to do their job correctly, and they, as well as the prep, should be held responsible.
    That’s where Gutenberg should be directing his anger and grief upon.

  27. He has Nothing to Say about his friends releasing Criminals from Prisons all around the Country ??

  28. So, by this idiotic logic Guttenberg spouts, the following would also be true:

    “You have crowds showing up around Walmart not only spreading coronavirus, but they’re buying food, or they’re buying toilet paper….”

    “You have crowds showing up around marijuana distributors not only spreading coronavirus, but they’re buying weed, or they’re buying paraphernalia….”

    “You have crowds showing up around these liquor stores not only spreading coronavirus, but they’re buying alcohol, or they’re buying mixers….”

    I could keep going here. It’s kinda fun and cathartic actually.

  29. Notwithstanding the personal loss he suffered,Mr. Guttenberg is either a consummate liar, a complete idiot or an all to wiling tool of the Anti Firearms Lobby. Yes Virginia, there really is an Anti Gun/Anti Gun Rights Lobby, and they are well funded too.

  30. The man is getting Paid by Bloomberg to speak out against Gun Owners, that’s by their playbook, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

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