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New Mexico’s authoritarian governor has sent the New Mexico State Police to enforce her decree and close down the Calibers gun shops in Albuquerque as part of her Chinese coronavirus emergency order. This just days after Calibers’ owner announced that he would open his stores once again.

Of course, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham says she supports the right to keep and bear arms. But actions speak louder than words. 

Right out of the gate, Governor “Shall Be Infringed” decreed that gun shops would be considered “non-essential.” This, even though the stores provide goods and services to law enforcement and military members, which is one of the criteria for determining which businesses may remain open.

At the same time, Calibers head honcho Louie Sanchez noted that Governor Grisham’s order allows big box stores that sell the same products to remain open, while keeping his small business closed.

Clearly Governor Grisham supports the rights of gun owners. Unequivocally.

Yet a few days after he opened last week, the New Mexico State Police showed up with a cease and desist order to completely shut him down.

Sanchez’s story has gained national attention in addition to my post here at TTAG last week. He appeared on the FoxNews channel in an interview about this closure.


The New Mexico Political Report also covered the story locally:

A prominent gun store and indoor shooting range was shut down by state police earlier this week after the owner publicly announced he would remain open for business despite a state order temporarily banning commercial gun sales.

In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the state, state officials have limited the types of businesses that can remain open under a public health emergency.

Louie Sanchez, the owner of Calibers and a recent Republican U.S. Senate hopeful, posted on Facebook that on Thursday night the New Mexico State Police shut down his business.

“It’s amazing how the Governor is picking ‘winners and losers’ as small businesses are closed all over the state and thousands of people are now unemployed,” Sanchez wrote. “Small businesses new and old which will never recover or reopen they’re (sic) doors again.”

Sanchez did not respond to an inquiry from NM Report, but in his social media post he expressed his frustration with Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for allowing “big box stores” to stay open and sell some of the same products that smaller, local businesses are unable to sell because of the state order only allowing essential services to remain open to the public.

This so-called emergency and governors’ arbitrary orders can’t end fast enough. Americans have had enough of wannabe tyrants who are all too eager to use the current situation as an excuse to strip us of our Constitutional rights.



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  1. New Mexico State Police like NJ State Police are not interested in upholding the Constitution of The United States of America! Like NJ they are actually NEW MEXICO NAZI STORM TROOPERS(also called bootjacks). NM like their Brother state NJ love POWER OVER THE PEOPLE! Vote Idiot Gov. down the road NM…
    VOTE Louie Sanchez for Governor!!

    • New Mexico State Police only has 600 enforcement officers and jurisdiction over 2 million people spread over 121,000 square miles. Tools of tyranny indeed; little tools of a petty tyrant.

      • Obviously the local police,must agree with the State Police,I’m not calling for a police-police confrontation,but it’s not only the governor,but Law Enforcement also complying,I understand they are following orders,but the bottom line,it’s not what the Mayor/governor or president imposes but law enforcement,is the one to worry about,and the National Guard and active military,that’s the ones you have to worry about.

        • As has been stated by many others but deserves repeating. You cannot have a police state without the cooperation of the police. If this pandemic has done nothing else it should have clearly shown the authoritarian tendencies of elected officials and the fact that most police will just follow orders.

          Sad that we as a country helped set the principal in Nuremberg that just following orders was not a good excuse to do wrong and illegal actions. Yet here we have sworn officers and officials violating their oath to the US Constitution and just following orders.

        • Actually, ‘enthusiastic participation’ might be a more accurate description than ‘cooperation’.

        • The big city police forces and apparently some state police organizations will follow orders but the sheriffs won’t. Virtually every sheriff in Colorado and New York publicly refused to enforce the post-Newton gun and magazine restrictions.

          You think this guy will just follow orders?

        • “Inversely, if you create a police state, the police will cooperate.”

          Pokey LaFarge would agree… 😉

        • Ya know, the concept of being innocent because you were ”just following orders” died in Nuremberg in 1945.

      • You have to understand how necessary it is for the Democrat filth to restrict the First Amendment in order to prevent the opposition party’s ability to marshal an effective political campaign for the upcoming general election in November. Keeping the state impoverished and under house arrest prevents town hall meetings, candidate forums and fundraising events, phone banks, precinct walking, and most importantly, coordinating volunteer efforts to get out the vote. It also helps facilitate voter fraud…a Democrat specialty. You don’t really think that your governor gives a shit about your health and safety, do you?

      • An an ex New Mexico LEO, I can tell you that the State Police only have authority as authorized by the Governor while the County Sheriff is the Chief ELECTED law Enforcement officer in the County and the Sheriff operated under the authority of “the citizens”. The Sheriff’s law enforcement authority overrides the State Police and Governor’s authority in the County. Therefore if the Sheriff of Bernalillo County (where the city of Albuquerque and Calibers Gun Store is located) says that Calibers can stay open, then they can stay open and the Governor and the State Police can pound sand. You observe Sheriffs standing up to the illegal removal of Constitutional rights in other states, so it is time for the Bernalillo Sheriff to grow a set, follow the Constitution and stand up to this Communist acting Democrat Governor in New Mexico.

    • The New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham already has a federal lawsuit sitting on her desk filed about 10 days ago by the NRA, SAF, and Firearms Safety Coalition together with several businesses and private citizens for shutting down gun stores in New Mexico in violation of citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. She shut down Calibers after she was served with the lawsuit. Let’s see what the federal judge decides on this case by this tyrant.

      • She is an idiot. You close one, you close all, no matter the size. Are the liquor stores open? How are they essential?

        • She has also shut all the small, stand alone and Mom and Pop Liquor stores, only Walmart and the big grocery chains, corporate donors can sell Liquor. Weed stores still “essential” though I think

        • There are many, many alcoholics that would literally die without their daily intake of alcohol. Granted, they’re physically and emotionally diseased – wrecks of humans, but they are or were people … and most people don’t voluntarily kill other people …

      • YEAH! Another KAREN for tyranny!

        Glad you made this one a Governor… the “Squad” of Karens in D.C. are only holding up the small business loan bill in Congress so Illegals can receive more American tax dollars.

        If Karens hate and ignore the 2nd Amendment, maybe it’s time to begin ignoring the 19th Amendment as well? Hmmm?

  2. You’re slipping Mr. Boch. A whole article yesterday without saying “Chinese virus” or name calling. And today, no name calling either. Just an off week. I’m sure you will be back in full inflammatory mode soon.

    • Hi Mr Ping hope you can still buy honey during these crazy times. Wouldn’t want you getting butthurt and banning drawings of a particular Disney character, genociding ugyhurs, or harvesting the organs of elderly exercise enthusiasts.
      Fuck china

    • It’s from China.

      Will be forever known as the Chinese Virus, among other things, personally I prefer Communist WuFlu Virus.

      China owns it period. Their outright lies and BS caused this to be worse than it had to be.

      • Actually it isn’t. The esteemed Dr. Fauci was involved in some unethical testing here in the United States. When congress made that testing illegal he was involved in getting it moved to the Wuhan lab.

        So yes it got out into the wild on the Chicom’s watch, but it comes from right here in the good old USA courtesy of some very unethical workers in the healthcare industry.

        • i have also heard that both US and australian govt have been helping fund the lab in Wuhan

    • Name-calling: what children and demorats do because they can’t win econo-political debates with their communist arguments.

    • Uh, yeah, about that– the vast majority of New Mexico voters think those gun stores should be closed permanently.

        • Democrats never ask for proof of anything. Do they? They just call everyone who disagrees with them a “rrrrrrrrrrrracist”. Oooooooooh, big deal.
          Only lefties care about being called racist. No one else cares, Demorats. That word is Sooooooooo. yAWN over used.

      • Actually NM is in the top 5 States in per capita gun ownership and gun ownership is popular across party lines and is ethnically neutral. Even our southern district very progressive Congresswomen is holding a gun in most of her ads. Near all the Counties voted to be 2nd sanctuary counties, after the passage of all her red-flag and anti-2nd/gun laws
        Grisham spoke/lied a lot of her belief in the 2nd before/to get elected.

        Will be interesting to what happens next election cycle to the state Reps and Senators who helped her pass those laws.

        Sadly we have turned purple now blue really, but the citizenship is not at allanti-gun for for closing gun stores so there is still hope.

      • “…the vast majority of New Mexico voters think those gun stores should be closed permanently.”

        Absolutely, categorically and demonstrably false.

        Oh, and for a lot of years, including now, NM has better gun laws in most regards than Texas does.

      • Well now, I hope that since most NM residents want gun stores closed, I hope they will understand that when they are getting their brains beaten out by some mugger on the street, that I won’t be getting involved in coming to their aid. You make the bed…now lie in it.

      • Vast majority, ha ha ha. Uh no. Very few voters want the gun stores closed ever. Wish they were busy enough to stay open 24 hours.

  3. This is the same Communist Shitcunt that ignored her constituents who own ranches and property on the border, when literal STREAMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS WERE RUNNING ACROSS THE SOUTHERN BORDER caught on game cameras.

    This is a case where the citizens of NM must remember when election day comes. Notice that it is ONLY the states with Socialist Democrat Gov’s that are having this problem.

    Soon violence will be indicated…

    • personally i would suggest that it is already indicated and that all NM gun owners should be congregating around these gun shops armed to the teeth. Not firing the first shots but certainly returning fire when fired upon and once the tyrants with badges are cleaned up then move on to the governor etc. drag her out and hang her for treason.
      How many of you are dedicated enough to do that. sadly it seems not enough australians are

  4. IANAL but that sounds like deprivation of rights under the color of law. They have been declared an essential industry slash service by the federal government. Get the state government is shutting them down under the authority of the governor. And they are shutting down the stores on equally by allowing the larger of corporate stores to remain open but shutting down small stores. If they concern was truly about possible combination for infection it would shut down everything. Looks like he would have a pretty good shot at a lawsuit to me for lost Revenue

  5. The Constitution set aside, didn’t POTUS sign an EO in the past week or so calling gun stores essential? So that means this Gov and all others can ignore the President and what the hell they want? Trump should send Feds in to reopen the store and dare the bitch to do something about it.

  6. The people will only take a certain amount of this kind of treatment. They know where the big money flows from to the state and local politicians… The criminals and the labor unions! Either the Federal Government will eventually be forced to step in or the American Citizens will take care of the problem themselves!

        • California and New Mexico returning to the motherland: I know a fellow who says, “Let’s get started on the paperwork now.”

        • ABC???? I hope that is not the Fake News ABC. In response to the comment of California and NM going Mexican….. Remember the Alamo… We will never give in!!!!!!!!!!! I expected it for California and Austin but am suppressed to see New Mexico go @$#$%@%^&@^$&^ Texas is ready! COME AND GET IT!!

  7. “by John Boch”

    This does not help the story. Had I bothered to notice the author first, I would not have clicked on the story. Boch is a conspiracy theory asswipe, utterly useless.

    The gun shop situation in New Mexico is an important story. Deserves to be covered by non-conspiracy-theory-asswipes.

    I just read several real reports on this thing in the local news sources. No one seems to have asked, or if they have it hasn’t made it into reports, if Caliber’s has lawyers ready to counter attack on this shit? I hope they do, I hope they are party to some of the lawsuits being brought against this anti-Constitutional crap.

    Is there a not-Boch commentator out there who can report on Caliber’s plan? I’d be real interested in that story?

    • I agree, I clicked on the article before reading the author and then when I saw it was Boch, I groaned. Dude is dangerously unstable at best.

    • I’m opening up a can of worms with this, I suppose, but I’m not seeing anything wrong with the presentation of this article. I found it to be informative, regardless of who wrote it. I find several usernames here a bit annoying, but Boch isn’t one of them.

      Let the tomato-throwing commence.

    • Enuf,

      I do not see any issue with how John Boch reported this story. It seemed well-written and factual (with the expected pro-gunbias).

      Usually, I try and avoid ad-hominum attacks on this blog, but in this case I will make an exception: you’re grumpy.


  8. Leftist whores like this piece if shit governor are the enemy. They deserve no peace or quarter.

  9. Yet another autocrat shutting down an essential, Constitutionally-protected business in the middle of a global pandemic. And not one of these stories end with these stories ends in the CLEO arresting the governor or refusing to carry out illegal orders. We marvel at what previous generations would do while “only following orders”, but humanity hasn’t changed at all.

  10. This should be exhibit A front and center for all the mouth breathers who always respond with the refrain of “bUt tHE pOLiCe wONt eNfoRcE uNcONsTitUTiOnAl oRdERs!!!”

    Well… they just did, and to a place where there are multiple armed people no less.

    • About that…I think We The People have been provided with many examples recently that LEOs will indeed willingly and knowingly enforce unconstitutional orders/laws if they’re of a lower tier. They can simply point to their superiors and blame them, while legitimately saying “we’re just doing our job”.

      Will police commit murder on a mass scale if ordered to do so? NO

      But will they force you to stay inside your very home? Show up to your place of business to shut it down? Confiscate your guns from law abiding citizens at the point of a barrel (L.A. Riots, Katrina)? Serve no-knock raids and storm homes for low-tier warrants? Arrest you for owning a gun accessory commonly used elsewhere in the nation? Record your license plate in the parking lot of a gun store located in another state so you can be stopped and cited (charged money) for bringing common ammo into your own state? YES

      • Like so many other critical things like this, people in this country need to open their eyes to what is actually happening not what they want to believe is happening.

        I hear/read it here that law enforcement is actually on our side often enough . I’m tired of hearing it. What is happening in NM is happening all over the country in one form or another. Dereliction of duty, unconstitutional enforcement and failure to obey their oath. Are there Sherriffs that are following their oath? Yep. Are there individual LE that don’t want to do this stuff? Yep. I just don’t feel that there are nearly enough of them. I’m beginning to feel that the vast majority of law enforcement is doing exactly what you describe HAZ.

        • Before the shutdown, I was at my local gym when a group of four mid-twentysomethings approached the weight machine next to me. I overheard their conversation consisting of two of them (non-sworn) asking the other two (at the time attending an LE Dept training academy) what they wanted to do with their upcoming careers.

          The burliest of the bunch said his goal was to eventually apply for S.W.A.T. because – and I quote – “they’re badass and get to kick in doors.” The other three nodded in agreement.

          ‘Nuff said. I think the past few decades have been a slow process of the proverbial “frog in the boiling pot”, in which Officer Friendly from long ago has slowly been transformed into Sergeant Operational Operator as a result of continued changes to their viewpoint of “who” needs the protection. It used to be Mom & Pop on First Street. Now it’s the People Who Sign The Paychecks in City Hall.

        • There seems to be a natural assumption that “law enforcement” officers are by nature conservative, pro constitutional supporters. In addition, since they deal with firearms, they basically understand the issues and are not subject to misleading information.

          Sorry to burst that bubble but LEO’s are just like everyone else and have many different opinions. Some are supporters of big government and lot’s of control over individuals. That need for control and “being on the right side” of issues draws them to law enforcement and is often mistaken for “supporting the rule of law.”
          Some believe the ends justify the means and civil rights just get in the way, while others may just have an “us against them” attitude.

          That being said, I think most are better at dealing with reality then the general public and look at themselves more as community problems solvers rather than enforcers. Just don’t assume they all think the same.

      • “Will police commit murder on a mass scale if ordered to do so? NO”
        Don’t be so sure. Once the lead starts flying and bodies hitting the ground, all bets are off. It’s hard to say ‘no’ when you are asked not only by your superiors, but also by your friends in the force to go out and shoot those cop killing terrorists.

        Cop will always hold with cops. They already have the ‘us vs. them’ view.
        Do you want to be sure there are no cops around to stop you in whatever you may want to do? Get on the radio and scream that there are officers down and perp is on the run. Every cop will drop what he’s doing and speed towards the action to show solidarity and maybe even get a shot at the cop killer.

        If you don’t wear the proper costume, you are just a civilian. One of the little people.

        • “Get on the radio and scream that there are officers down and perp is on the run. Every cop will drop what he’s doing and speed towards the action to show solidarity and maybe even get a shot at the cop killer.”

          Michael Dorner…

  11. “Of course, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham says she supports the right to keep and bear arms. But actions speak louder than words.”

    Any politician who parrots that line doesen’t support the 2 nd. amendment or any over part of the Constitution.

    New Mexicans should turn the tyrannical witch out on her keyster in the next election

    • That’s because she follows the Democrat mantra/mindset: “What’s good for me is good for; what’s good for you is not allowed.”

  12. There actually is a vast left wing conspiracy, a secret deep state really exists, billionaires are building their own spaceships, and it’s all starting to get really irritating. Meanwhile, at the Walmart here, a couple of years ago they installed electricity charging stations for electric cars. Nobody here has yet seen anything use these electricity charging stations, so mostly they just take up what used to be parking spaces.

    • “Meanwhile, at the Walmart here, a couple of years ago they installed electricity charging stations for electric cars.”

      So, what’s your point?

      • I guess he wants to say that there are no real electric cars.
        I for one don’t see anything wrong with private space ships. Or private yachts or boats. Or private cars. As a matter of fact, I think that all space ships should be private. The more the merrier! Nowhere in my copy of the Constitution is the federal government empowered to explore the space. Amongst many other very expensive things it does without any mandate.

        • ” Nowhere in my copy of the Constitution is the federal government empowered to explore the space ”

          It’s not about exploring space. It’s always been about developing military hardware, so “national security” and all that…

  13. Something mentally wrong with most of these female governors, Rhode Island, Michigan, New Mexico. I think a severe case of penis envy and a large dose of Napoleon complex makes them want to rule over everyone.

    • Please open up this State. You have beat the virus and more it’s time to open up please!! Thank you and now welcome to new blessed life!

    • Ok. So how long are the people of New Mexico going to tolerate this woman, who has no business sitting in ANY SEAT of politics in the first place, but in her rightful place AT HOME? If you allow this communist to disarm you, you DESERVE to be slaves.
      Where is your guts? Storm that Capital if you have the nerve. If you dont, then sit down.

  14. Why did you “people of the gun” not stockpile before this? It’s finally time preppers we’re vindicated.

    Bug out. Go to your preps. If you do go out, wear a mask.

    You need to stay home and not get/spread this disease. I’m and endocrinologist and I just had my second patient die from this Cathay Cough. Granted diabetic, but still…

    Oh, and one of my “anti-aging” patients LOL who can deadlift 4 plates is now in the ICU. There is no real good medical literature. We don’t if this thing is mutating or what.

    We are going to loose all of our guns if the public starts to view us as a public health hazard.

    • You don’t want to get sick? YOU stay home. Now if you excuse me, some of us have work to do and families to feed.

      But hey, doc, don’t forget to file each and every death as caused by COVID 19, even if the person was on his last breath anyway because of other pre-existing conditions.

      The whole stay-at-home circus started as an attempt to flatten the curve, so the hospital capacity won’t get overwhelmed. It was announced when the best available prognoses said it will kill 2.2 millions of Americans. Okay, that makes some sense. But regular hospitals were not filled, military field hospitals and hospital ships were not even used. Millions of deaths failed to materialize.

      Now it is clear that the only reason why all leftists in power want to prolong it indefinitely is to ruin the America.
      And to spite Trump of course. The fastest way for him to open the country for business would be to claim that it should stay closed. Next day all media will call him racist dictator and scream for opening all businesses NOW!

  15. This is the same person that voted in 2013 to arm Wahhabi terrorists that were raping and destroying their way across Syria, she thinks its ok to give them real machine guns and ATGMs. Nobody should comply with any of her crap yet gutless gun owners in NM willingly comply with here universal backhround checks, I see them on Armslist all the time

  16. Yet, liquor stores remain open? Whey keep that open? What’s the “healthcare” reason for closing a gun store? Hint: It’s not about your health, it’s about control.

        • ” Withdrawal symptoms are a health problem ”

          Fine. Close the liquor stores and put a couple cases of vodka (cheap stuff only) in every ambulance. When the call comes in that somebody has got the DT’s, drop off a bottle and go on to the next call. Shelter in place, ya know.

  17. I like that here in Idaho during the initial “Shelter in place” order press conference our Governor said gun stores would remain open as their business is protected in the state’s constitution.

    On a side, personal note, I think he’s a very nice man. I met him a few years back when he was Lt. Governor, I coached a robotics team that won big right at the time our board of education was pushing STEM, through them the whole team met him at the statehouse to show off our stuff. His secretary said he had been talking about meeting us for days, was genuinely very warm toward the students, excited to see their robot, and we all had a great time.

  18. There is a clear huge difference between the governor’s definition of “Support” and Webster’s Dictionary Definition of “Support.” Of course being a tyrannical serving self bag of democrat manure she could care less. Frankly the state police should have refused the order. Looks like another lawsuit in the works. Perhaps she’ll learn some manners and show respect for those not willing to lay their rights at the feet of a miserable dirty diaper democrat..

  19. 1. Recall election for subversion of constitutional rights!
    2. Civil lawsuits for illegally and unlawfully restrictions on business to protect citizens!
    3. Vote the demo-rats out!
    4. Carry every day!!!%

    • Albuquerque and Santa Fe are liberal bastions (lots of Cali imports and illegals). Much like Chicago or NYC they control the state. When you get away from there the people are mostly conservative but thinly populated so their vote doesn’t matter.

  20. Gary Johnson (may he burn in Hell) is the reason she’s in power. Ol’ Crooked Gary was our Republican gov years ago, but decided he wanted the job back, so he ran as an independent. Well, we know what happens when there’s a three way election, and that’s what happened in NM. On top of that, the Republican Party in NM is a joke. They fought amongst each other, sabotaged each other, and so in the last election, the Legislature got swept up by the Dems. All hard Leftists. NM has turned into Little Kalifornia. Don’t know there’s any hope of reversing it. I gotta get out of this place. The urban population of Albuquerque and Santa Fe control the whole state. What is it about living in a city that turns so many to the Left?

    • “What is it about living in a city that turns so many to the Left?”

      I read a piece in Manhattan Institute about 6 years ago (AIR) by a life-long city dweller relocated to rural Maine. Watching how people do things and how they get done between the two, the transplant was furst suprised, then puzzled, then sort of got it.

      Net: when there’s more people bumping up against each other harder, there’s both more need, and more opportunity for general, shared solutions, and more justification for imposing and enforcing commonality.

      Lots of former city folks bring that bias with them to more spread out places. Many move from “nothing but city to the horizon in all directions”, to “small clot of city in a grand wilderness”, without adjusting their thinking from “all of the jurisdiction is like where I am” to “some of the jurisdiction isn’t like where I am.”

      The MI article is well worth reading. I’d link it if I could find the link handy. More useful, that notion of proximity, impact, and density is helpful. Why does Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger insist on declaring How Things Will be for people in the hinterlands? Well, we’re not his constituency. Why does The Downstate Constituency so get off on declaring and demanding how people hundreds of miles away, who don’t live like them, and they’ll never meet, live? First, they’re fed constant frissions of superiority by the politicritters, every time they do this. They elect those bozos for a steady diet of feeling better about themselves.

      But, second, they’re not innoculated against this folly because they don’t understand the shifts that come with simple separation.

      Nobody who lives rural needs a law enforcing “social distancing” meaning “no contact with other people except for what’s necessary to live.” We call that “Days ending in y.” And only some idiot hive-dweller would equate “staying away from people” with “staying inside.” Inside is where the people are, dummies. Out in the world, we go outside to be … out in the world, away from people.

  21. These governors make me think of part of a line from Cool Hand Luke :You’re gonna get use to wearing those chains.

  22. Think that the voters that elected this person as governor are now content. Also, what of those who didn’t vote?

  23. Just another liberal Democrat on a crusade to demolish her state’s economy, and violating the Constitution in doing so.

  24. The obvious question is whether gun shops and stores are selling guns to criminals, or to citizens with a constitutional right to own a firearm….This seems to be the obvious question to people who can think clearly….Nics check is suppose to sort them out! Stupid people in charge, come to stupid conclusions!

  25. Shame on the Highway Patrol for enforcing something that goes against the Constitution! I guess maybe there ARE agencies out there that are stupid enough to enforce ANY law that comes down the pike. Just because their bosses order them to. No matter HOW ridiculous, morally and legally against the Constitution!!

  26. This looks like an article written by a Trump devotee and a lot light on facts. The “Chinese Coronavirus” that is funny. I guess we should change the name os the Spanish Influenza to the “United States Influenza” since it started in Kansas. I don’t recall big box stores selling guns or ammunition. And the governor that’s trying to limit people coming into close contact with others to curb the spread of a very deadly virus should be commended. People can live without buying more guns for a few weeks.

  27. This answered my question of if a POTUS ceased control of the U.S. military would troops fire upon civilians taking part in an assembly to protest the U.S. Constitution being violated. Scary to know that our children who are now old enough to enlist in the state police, county police or local police or U.S. military branches would choose to fire upon legal U.S. Citizenry doing a peaceful demonstration to protest a city, county, state, or national elected official’s orders to do what is necessary to break up such assemblies. It now appears to be Revolution time. The old line many of us seniors learned in Typing Class in high school: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country…it is now that time!

  28. Civilly sue this bitch, she is subverting the constitutional rights of all state citizens! How many prisoners have they let out? Call in the local sheriff to uphold his constitutional right!

  29. If you keep the people poor with no money then they certainly can’t buy guns and ammunition to defend themselves. And fight against the government. That is the goal of the quarantine. It’s not to keep people safe. It’s to disarm the civilian population and keep them disarmed.

  30. Another example of elected Democrats infringing on the constitutional rights of the people You can never trust a Democrat, that is why after being a member of the party, I simply became tired of their lies and their attempts of controlling every aspect of peoples lives. The Democrat party is so far to the left they resemble the Communist party. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I will be voting for him again in 2020. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said.

  31. I personally would love to see Law enforcement officers with enough cohonas to Arrest one of these Tyrannical governors
    and state legislative branch members for Failure to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

  32. TN is in the same boat Walmart and liquor stores never had to close but you can’t get a haircut or go to church…..makes you think..

  33. Another Democratic politician trying to take us down the Communist trail. It makes you wonder when the American people will get their head out of their asses. People need to vote Trump in for another 4 years and hopefully get America right again.

  34. You deserve exactly what you get. You vote for moron women and minorities this is what the people get and deserve. No push back….you deserve what you get, no confrontation to protect your God given rights…you deserve Exactly what you get and now have. Stop complaining! YOU the people WANTED this!!!!!

    • what most have forgotten it was originally 3 classes of people that had the right to vote. Not even all men had the right to vote. The main ones were warriors and land and business owners. The latter 2 also needed to at least in some regards be the former as well as they had to be able to protect their lands or business. if you were not prepared to make the sacrifices needed to do those you had no right to be voting for any govt of any kind. Many if not most women dont like taking on the responsibility of warrior though there have been a few noted exceptions through history. People who are not willing to take on the responsibilities of warrior, business owner etc. consistently make poor voting decisions based on wants and not needs

  35. “Clearly Governor Grisham supports the rights of gun owners. Unequivocally.”


    She doesn’t.

    That’s why 29 out of 32 of the state’s Sheriffs/Counties passed ‘Sanctuary 2nd Amendment’ Bills last year to stop Governor Grisham’s Gun Grab.

    Got “Fake News’ Mr. Boch?

  36. This bullshit violates so many federal laws – FELONIES – it aint funny. A ballsy group of citizens need to put on full battle rattle, march into the governor’s office, arrest the bitch (and anyone who tries to stop them), and haul her ass to the nearest federal detention center.

    • Sadly I dont think any detention center, federal or otherwise would accept her. Better to pick a few random people from around the state to be part of a jury (at least 12) and hold a peoples court. If found guilty (which is highly likely) hang her on the lawns of govt house. I am not saying it should be a one sided trial either but to do it properly as far as possible because how many courts in the country would actually convict her. They are all part of the same treason


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