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So I ask Joey Dillon the usual stupid questions. Can you spin a Glock? Have you ever been arrested for open carry? Do you ever worry that someone will want to engage you in a real life gunfight? To which he replied “In my dreams.” Ohhhh Kay. Turns out the dreamy thirty-one year old gunslinger—NOT juggler—would like to know who’s the world’s best professional Western gunfighter repro guy (or gal). Joey Who Really Needs a Western Handle in the Middle of His Name Dillon suggested a shootout with simunition. I suggest we sell HBO a Truth About Guns TV program modeled after Top Gear, get the twenty top slingers and sort that shit out. Even though Joey reckons there was never a real DRAW standstill standoff (a couple of fighters started at 50 yards and walked towards each other), it’s in the script baby! As for the usual Wild West Show routine (after the jump), meh.

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  1. “Joey Who Really Needs a Western Handle in the Middle of His Name Dillon”

    I’ll take the path of least resistance and vote for Joey “Marshall” Dillon.

    • with single-action revolvers, it is easy to do very safe things that look horrible. operators tend to get in the mindset of “hammer down = safe”, which is pretty true, but, then that leads to activities that freak people out a lot. both single and double action revolvers need to have their muzzle raised to perform a reload and the operators know that with the cylinder out, or, hammer-down/load-gate open that the gun is as safe as its going to get — that said, I think that means more attention needs to be placed on weapon awareness and the impact on observers.

      • Hammer down is not safe. On single action revolvers, hammer down is dangerous because (on old designs) the hammer rested on the firing ping and would often compress the pin spring, resting the head of the pin right on the primer cup. Not pretty if dropped or hit. Many old design single action revolvers have a half cock and a load cock.

        With double action revolvers, most do not have half cock or load cock positions. Depending on the revolver, some have a blocking mechanism that blocks the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. Others (mostly older designs) do not. A sharp hit on a down hammer will set off the primer.

        I don’t think most people think or practice working these mechanisms. Most hangunners that I know don’t pay much attention to that stuff and in the process are shorting themselves.

    • The guns are real, but in order to be at the show they have to have the firing pins filed off.

      • NOT true at all … I have worked with Joey for the past 10 years .. Around the world, events, he is my right hand man at most of my big Cowboy events, and we are very good friends. ALL of the guns we use, he uses are REAL single actio guns, no modifications and they all shoot. No filed pins, no removing of anything. However, we NEVER spin while loaded, Blank or real ammo.

        Will Roberts

  2. Nobody’s fallen for the “road agent spin” since Curly Bill Brocius dropped Marshal Fred White in 1880. Didn’t you see “Tombstone”?

  3. geesh. hater! :-p

    clearly he does a lot of juggling… well beyond what I can do. If he practices with genuine projectiles instead of dust or powder only loads he probably is a pretty good shot too – pragmatically speaking At best, you could have asked the question “within the context of a world in which only single action revolvers existed, can you provide me practical advice?”…

    -Carry 2 guns.. Its a much easier reload; if you have time, draw your support-hand pistol 1st so the reload is even easier.
    -shooting 2-handed works better and is faster
    -Practice your partial reloads. shoot 2, load 2 is MUCH faster than shoot 3, load 3 because of the cylinder rotation.
    -cross draw is great when seated, but, watch those grabs from in front of you when standing.
    -the first shot, from the holster (aimed or pointed), has a good chance of being nearly as fast as that from a semi-auto. follow-up shots, not so much 🙂

  4. If you’re going to give it to someone who’s trying to kill you, I think one bullet at a time works best.

  5. Did anyone else notice that his first statement when he talked about handing the guns over was “When you’re handing your guns over to a law enforcement officer…” then he delves into how to spin them around and shoot at who tried to take them. I dunno know if that’s what you should lead with Joey.

  6. I noticed that “law enforcement” remark too, but I was wondering if I’d picked up on a bit of criticism or even sarcasm in your tone with the guy, Robert.

    I just reread your post. I guess it was in the writing that I had that idea.

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