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Today’s Everyday Carry pocket dump belongs to Nick. Not our Nick, but Nick the painter. And Nick carries a Smith & Wesson SD9VE along with that other gear. You can check out the rest of Nick’s EDC compliment here.

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    • The only 9×19 pistol I own is a sigma. Yep, a sigma. Fits me better than a Glock and it and my son’s have never failed to go bang when the trigger is pulled.

      My only real gripe is the price of mags for it. Buy 6 mags for it and you’ve pretty much got what I paid for it invested in them.

      • Is there anything more clueless or retarded than a grown ass man that doesn’t have the means on him to start a fire?

        150 years ago a 10yo boy could handle a flint and steel, knife, ax and rifle and a team of mules. Now we gots grown ass men asking why somebody carries a fire starter with them.

        • You know, if in the past 30 years there was actually an occasion that I found myself in that I needed spontaneous fire, but didn’t have it, perhaps I’d be carrying fire with me every day. But simple truth is, there hasn’t. Save for one specific event where we went camping, and forgot a box of stuff (in which was not just the fire, but the fuel. “Didn’t you bring the box?” “I though you brought the box”), I’ve never been “missing” fire. Never needed it where I couldn’t get it.

          I travel 7 miles to work, 7 miles to home, and live in an urban area where if I’m looking at trees, I’m at a city or county park or someone’s lawn.

          I don’t live in the end times. I don’t travel the wild wastes routinely. I live in the heart of urban civilization where there isn’t much to burn anyway.

          I carry a flashlight, pen, car/house/office keys, a knife, smart phone, and my wallet. Things that I actually do use somewhat routinely.

        • You’re right, Will. We don’t live in the end times. And I hope that your life is always so orderly and uncluttered that you’ll never need fire.

          How many times in the last 30 years did you need your gun?

        • I’ve never needed a gun. (Well, that’s not quite true. My friend came over one day with his new rifle and wanted to go shooting, so I said I need to get one too before we went — so I needed one then, and bought a 10/22.) I don’t carry. I’ve never carried. I live in CA, but I don’t feel the “lack of being able to carry” to be a gap in my life. Just because I don’t or don’t feel the need to, doesn’t mean I don’t advocate for it, or wish it to easily accessible to all.

          And, yes, I too hope my life remains chaos free and mostly safe. So far, so good. God Bless. I hope and pray that for you and all the rest as well. I think everyone should be able to carry, but I wish folks were able to live in areas where they find it’s simply unnecessary.

          Mind, this is all informed choice. Like the fire. If I felt I needed to carry, I would, CA or no. I don’t, so I don’t.

      • I carry three knives, everyday.

        One in my Leatherman, which I don’t really use. One for boxes, papers, and general utilitarian purposes. And one I keep extra sharp, which is solely to stick an agressed with, if need be.

  1. This must be a joke.

    Carrying a 118-year-old silver dollar around in your pocket is just dumb.
    Carrying two knives doesn’t make much sense, either.

    • Lots of folks carry more than one knife. When I leave the paved areas for the unpaved areas I carry a fixed blade and a folder.

      That silver dollar may be a talisman, like a rabbits foot.

    • “Carrying two knives doesn’t make much sense, either.”

      Yes, it can.

      A job awhile back I had programmed me into two-knife carry. I had to be ambidextrous and use two knifes, one in each hand to to maintain a particular piece of analytical instrumentation. It made things go much faster doing the job.

      The second reason for two knifes is that one is intended for self-defense and the other for general cutting duties, leaving the defense blade nice and sharp…

    • I daily carry a large folder and a Swiss army knife, daily. A large folder isn’t always needed and a Swiss army is great for opening up beers.

    • It’s makes perfect sense…

      As I posted above: I carry three knives, everyday.

      One on my Leatherman, which I don’t really use. One for boxes, papers, and general utilitarian purposes. And one I keep extra sharp, which is solely to stick an agressed with, if need be.

    • I carry 2 EVERY day, as long as I have pants on Ive got em both. Folder for everything but 2 legged varmints, Fixed blade for varmints. One is a daily use tool for anything and everything and the other is a special occasion tool I dont look forward to using.

  2. I look at what people are carrying on a normal basis and feel like a hoarder.
    I have more stuff is side pockets than most people are carrying.
    Seriously, where are the Meds? Do people really EDC Meds?

    • “Do people really EDC Meds?”

      Epi pens, diabetic insulin, nitroglycerin pills are common and my personal favorite is Imodium. 🙂

      (I bet there are a number of other meds carried as well.)

  3. IMHO the SD9VE trigger is like pushing a brick through sand for a mile. That said, it’s reliability impressed me, just not enough to keep it around. Now the SR9/40c, there’s a nice trigger for a striker fired pistol.

  4. These “EDC” posts would be a little more useful if they showed how they’re carrying everything. From a gun-carry standpoint, the holster is almost more interesting than the gun. I’m pretty sure this dude ain’t pocket carrying that SDVE.

  5. I have the SD40VE. I installed an Apex kit and it made a huge difference. Stock trigger was awful. Now it is OK, not great but OK. Overall a very good pistol for the money. I am not sure about the complaints about carrying two knives. I don’t have two on me all of the time but it is not unusual.

  6. Again with the huge-azz gun. 4” barrels don’t fit in my pockets-oh wait he’s got painters pants! BTW…why spend $ on a trigger when for the same price(gun + trigger) you can buy a gun with a good trigger? And did I see $150 bucks for the Apex???


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