Gun Tweet of the Day: Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS ‘Shapewear’ Saved My Life When I Was Shot

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Noted tactical expert Kim Kardashian makes something called SKIMS. It’s mostly underwear, swim suits, and what the company calls “shapewear.” In the olden days, they called that stuff corsets or girdles. Now it’s “shapewear” but the principle is the same…very tight form-fitting underwear that smooths out the lumps and makes you look slimmer.

All’s fair in love and war, as they say.

One TikTok creator claims that the tightness of that spandex saved her life earlier this year.

Kim Kardashian saved my life. This new years I got shot four times. I got shot under my dress. I was wearing a SKINS shaping bodysuit. 

It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out. I recommend it. I’m definitely gonna buy some more. I should wear it every day. It’s like body armor for women.

Call it fate, call it Jesus, but I’mma call it Kim. 

We’re not sure if, as a result of this testimonial, SKIMS will become must-have range-wear and EDC gear for the tactical set, but hey, it couldn’t hurt, right? And we’ve seen more than a few old fat white guys who could certainly benefit from a little smoothing with the strategic use of some “technically constructed shapewear.”

Stay safe out there.



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  1. I’m not buying this. To cut flow you have to squeeze shut circulation until the leaky areas clots. I can’t imagine this garment squished enough.

    • Can’t find a reference for it now but years ago, in the pre internet days of reading paper magazines in class in high school, one of the gun rags ran an article or series of articles on cut shells.

      The relevant part is that Philipino guerillas in the Spanish American War would wrap themselves tightly in layers of bandages before attacking and it would sort of self seal when they got shot. Especially by pistols calibers. This, combined with stimulant drugs, allowed them to keep fighting.

      The tie in to cut shells is that this drove the US soldiers to switch to shotguns with modified shells. They loaded them with either cut shells or opened up the shells and dumped all the shot into pouches or tied up handkerchiefs and then reinserted them in the shell and sealed it back up. This kept the shot together and produced a big enough wound that the tight bandages could no longer seal it.

      So there is real world precedent for this sort of thing, whether or not this instance referenced in the article is an actual example of it occurring.

      I would guess it was in Guns & Ammo as that was my main gun magazine in the 80’s, but it could have been another publication.

      • Crimson,
        I am guessing that multiple layers of tightly wrapped cotton bandages would immediately support clotting, nothing like the thin, elastic plastic fabrics of today. Just a guess.

        • I imagine that the demographic buying this item are plump enough to have sufficient adipose to close around an entry wound upon being squeezed tight by this piece of clothing. This woman’s testimony is basically saying it’s what happened in her case. A customer buys something to squish her figure down a size smaller so she can mimic Kim Kartrashian’s own non-natural looking figure. Geez.

          There are advantages to being a guy…

      • The Mongols wore silk undershirts in battle for similar reasons. The shirt would form a seal around an arrow.

      • As I recall, it was wire they wrapped their limbs in …. To hurt.

        Then the bullets did not cause them to stop from a new sharp pain.

        The shit they doped themselves with certainly helped them go on like a beserker.

        They died …..but long after they had hacked a lot of people to death.

      • The Juramentado were literally suicidal. Their preparation is not exactly a great analog to modern fashion.

    • There’s a wide spectrum between reducing flow (apply pressure) and stopping flow (tourniquet). She still needed medical attention, this just kept her alive long enough to get there. Sounds plausible to me.

    • Exactly right.

      Any garment that can squeeze your parts as tight as a tourniquet will also restrict blood flow and cause downstream parts to become necrotic.

      Low blood pressure (and low blood loss) due to shock? That I believe.

      • My late friend was stabbed in the neck by a junkie, cutting his spine. He was found alive with no blood pressure and an intermittent pulse . The doctor told me they had never seen anyone with such thorough loss of blood come back with brain function. He was quadriplegic after but his brain was ok. Doc guessed he went into shock and as he was horizontal just barely enough oxygen got to his Brain. He died slowly over a 6 year period. The junkie however was fine.

    • Uhhhhmmmm – don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. I’m thinking about this. It’s been 43 years since I took my EMT course and got certified. Never worked as an EMT, never got re-certified, but, pressure is pressure. Pressure bandages don’t have to put enough pressure to shut down circulation to be of benefit. MAST trousers were a thing – inflatable balloon pants that forced blood away from the extremities, back into the trunk of the body, intended to cope with shock. Pressure garments are commonly used today for various purposes, all of them affect circulation.

      The girdle? I’m not aware of exactly what they do to circulation, but I do recall reading a few articles, saying they can be bad for women. Yeah, they do affect circulation.

      The story seems a bit far-fetched, yes. But, I’d want to talk to some doctors before I dismiss the story outright. There may be a nugget of truth hidden in this tale.

      • About 30 years ago I was trained on a heavy duty first aid course with those anti shock pants. They made everyone get in. It was horrible. Imagine a blood pressure cuff but on both arms and hips and lower belly. Completely immobilized the kegs. Actually slightly painful.

  2. Why wouldn’t anyone follow Kardashian advice. I mean we’re talking the Queen “B” of moral superiority!

    • ???
      What is the sign?
      That Kim K. exists?
      That she is famous?
      That women ( and some men) want to be like her?
      Or that some people are so incapable of thought that they think downward pressure around a hole will close the hole?

      Which is it?

      • If you’d bother reading the book of revelations chapter 12 verse 18 you’d see it’s clear:

        The dragon couldn’t defeat the children so he started advertising Kardashian krap on the truth about guns.

        Clearly teotwawki.

  3. “It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out.”

    No, it didn’t. Who ever told you that lied to you.

  4. Isn’t she the guy who used to be a track star? But then got too old to run so he changed his career by changing his clothes?

  5. So, when a woman/guy wears clothing so tight that it squishes all the lumps and smooths all the flab, it must take a very long time to get dressed, and while so compressed, the body must be highly stressed, and when they peel down, and all that flab is expressed, does their date head for the door now that the truth is no longer repressed?

    I just guessed.

  6. Seems to me that if you got shot while wearing such tight clothing, it would be a lot like popping a zit.

    • Sure I believe you Kim! 🤥Just like telling us you never had shape-shifting surgery. “Don’t hate me for having a giant butt”🙄🤡

  7. Kim’s ass will become the new FBI penetration standard. Minimum one cheek, maximum two.

  8. Hmmm. You wear, you know, actual body armor so you *don’t* need a compression bandage.

    Just sayin’…

  9. I believe it’s called sarcasm people. There is not a single thing on this planet that has been made better with a kardashian, except yet another white trash bimbo getting banged by a brother video.

  10. “The current laws in our country around gun control are not protecting our children. We have to push law makers to enact laws that are fitting in today’s world.”

  11. “I’mma”?????????????????

    This is America. We speak English here.

    Nobody in their right mind pays attention to ghetto talk.

  12. I can’t say anything about SKIMS or their life-saving compression but I do believe it’s a safe bet that the gals(?) pictured would not be able to carry ANYTHING IWB. Maybe IV or IAH…

  13. Cool story lady. Now, make a sandwich and get me a beer.
    In short, another pile of BS.
    Sure, in theory a spandex undergarment could apply enough pressure to slow bleeding long enough to get medical attention. But the reality is if the garment is damaged, it will no longer apply pressure at the area of the damage/wound.
    The story says she was shot under her dress. What, did the shooter stick the weapon up under her skirt? How do you get shot under your clothes?

    • “Sure, in theory a spandex undergarment could apply enough pressure to slow bleeding long enough to get medical attention. But the reality is if the garment is damaged, it will no longer apply pressure at the area of the damage/wound.”

      Correct. This is stretched spandex material, the moment it got ‘punctured’ it lost ‘strength’ integrity at the ‘puncture’ point and for up to several inches around it even though it may still seem to have held together.

      Spandex is not like other materials, for example, cotton. In stretched spandex, the fibers move towards the point of greater stress pressure and away from the point of least stretch pressure – in other words, the fibers are going to stretch towards the direction area its pulled the most and away from the direction area where its pulled the least. The least stretch pressure direction area would be at a tear or puncture, the material fibers would stretch away from a tear or puncture point thus would lessen the ‘pressure’ against the body for up to several inches away from the wound entry point and would not be able to keep her from ‘bleeding out’, even if the suit appeared to have remained intact otherwise.

      But the term ‘bleeding out’….what is her definition of that and was she even in a state where she would bleed out and how much is she ‘over dramatizing’? Where were the wounds, how deep were they, were they surface ‘flesh’ wounds, were they in body fat or muscle or organ, were arteries damaged/severed or was it all vein bleeding, was her body in such a position that gravity helped there not be much blood on the outside but she was really bleeding internally so there was a perception from her view point the spandex suit helped when in reality it didn’t, etc….?

      heck, is there some sort of news article or official report that shows she was even shot?

      Who ever told her that the suit kept her from bleeding out lied to her, even if she believed it did herself she lied to her self.

      This type of ‘unqualified’ ignorant TikTok stuff can cause someone to die. Some stupid person will see this and run out and buy this body suit thinking if they get shot or stabbed or beaten that it will save their life by not letting them ‘bleed out’ and rely on it to do that and not take steps to do something immediately (if needed) like, for example, apply an actual tourniquet.

  14. “This new years I got shot four times. I got shot under my dress.”

    What does this even mean? Got shot four times UNDER her dress? How do you get shot UNDER your clothing? Did she stick a gun under her dress and shoot her self or did someone else stick a gun under her dress and shoot her?

    If she did actually get shot then she did, but under her dress? Did she mean through her dress?

    This TikTock’er real name is Angelina Wiley.

    Tiktoker Claims Her SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her Life After Being Shot Four Times >,shooting.%20%E2%80%9CKim%20Kardashian%20saved%20my%20life%2C%E2%80%9D%20Wiley%20said.

    OK, according to this > > …

    “Angelina Wiley faced an unimaginable and tragic incident when she was caught in the crossfire of a shooting on the streets of Westport, Kansas City. In an unfortunate twist of fate, she was struck by multiple bullets, with one still embedded in her body. …

    On December 31, 2022, Nina Wiley’s life took a harrowing turn when she found herself caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Kansas City. After calling for a Lyft ride to ensure her safety and that of her friends, the senseless act of others left her wounded by multiple gunshots. Amid the chaos, Nina credits Kim Kardashian’s $68 SKIMS seamless sculpt thong bodysuit for potentially saving her life. The tight-fitting bodysuit reportedly played a crucial role in preventing excessive bleeding, allowing her precious time until she received medical attention. Suffering from a ruptured bladder, cracked pelvis, and a bullet still lodged inside her abdomen, Nina faces a challenging road to recovery both physically and mentally. Her extraordinary story serves as a powerful testament to the significance of personal safety choices during unforeseen circumstances.”

    OK, there’s a shootout going on and her and her friends are caught in the crossfire. But what does she do? She stays in the area and calls a Lyft ride. Yeah, that’s the thing to do, stay in the cross fire area and call a Lyft ride (and bring the Lyft driver into the danger area too).

    “Nina credits” … there’s the clue, she says it kept her from bleeding out. Look at the wounds reported – “a ruptured bladder, cracked pelvis, and a bullet still lodged inside her abdomen”

    The “a ruptured bladder, cracked pelvis, and a bullet still lodged inside her abdomen” – she was bleeding internally, the suit had zero effect for keeping her from “bleeding out” internally as those things are too deep inside the body for external pressure (especially from a pliable thin Spandex fiber body suit) to affect. Plus (as I outlined above > the suit would not have had any real effect to prevent ‘bleeding out’ eternally because it was compromised for pressure strength by the bullet punctures and was not capable of applying enough pressure at the wound site or around it plus, in addition, its a thin spandex material and even if intact its simply not capable of applying enough pressure to stop ‘bleeding out’ trauma bleeding by simply wearing the suit.)

    She says “it’s like body armor for women” … no Nina, its no where near like body armor. You evidently don’t understand what ‘body armor’ is.

    Its bad she got shot by criminals, but this body suit stopping her from ‘bleeding out’ and being like ‘body armor’ is all her own ‘false perception’ – the suit did not stop her from ‘bleeding out’ and it is nothing at all like “body armor”.

    • Such a detailed and comprehensive analysis — about a bimbo’s underwear.

      Any thoughts on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? 🙂

      • Thoughts? ok then….

        More correctly, its actually “How many angels can fit on the head of a pin?” But, “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” is a form of that. Another form of it is “How many angels can sit on the head of a pin?”

        Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher, jurist, theologian and a representative of the scholasticism debated this in his Summa Theologica.

        Aquinas reached the following conclusions; Angles in a pure energy spiritual form means an infinite number of angels could possibly sit on the head of the pin, but concludes that two angels can’t be in the exact same point space at the same time (because, in today’s laws of physics applied to energy, like mass, two pure energy points can’t occupy the exact same point space at the same time independent of each other) so only one angel can dance on the head of a pin.

        But if you don’t believe angels exist then the answer is none.

        “Such a detailed and comprehensive analysis — about a bimbo’s underwear.”

        It was about the claims made, not the ‘underwear’.

  15. and of course the media is using this story to showcase Kim Kardashian. Once again, as I pointed out above, this body suit did not keep this woman from ‘bleeding out’.

  16. Whoa! My post about corsets in the late 19th and early 20th century got zapped. Didn’t realize that offended some sensitive souls. In my youth and in early novels about the periods above it was frequently mentioned that women fainted with fair regularity due to the restrictions of too tight corsets. One could not don such an instrument but needed assistance from one and more preferably two assistants to be snugged into such device. I never saw a medial explanation for the propensity to loose consciousness while wearing such garment. I always attributed it to inability to breathe properly or restricted blood flow leading to loss of consciousness due to inadequate oxygen to the brain. To this day I don’t know the cause of such fainting.

  17. The caliber wars are officially over.
    We are now moving into the really important arena:
    Range Fashion!
    I shall be coming out with my Mid-Summer Extravaganza forthwith.
    -Mr. Bruce, Best-selling author of “Bullet Proof Cross Dressing For Idiots”.

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