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(courtesy the St. Louis Post-Dispatch feature on TTAG’s managing editor Dan Zimmerman the writer went off on a major tangent. He detailed the recent contretemps about an open carry demonstration outside a sparsely-attended Moms Demand Action meeting at the Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington, Texas. That incident “inspired” Ms. Watts to use the term “gun bullies” to describe anyone whose communication isn’t to her liking. In other words, anyone who advocates gun rights, from the National Rifle Association to…you. Yes you, gentle reader, are a gun bully because you want to stop gun control. To be fair, the NRA-ILA called Michael Bloomberg a “bully billionaire” back in June, when the New York City Mayor was lobbying Nevada’s Governor to expand firearms-sales background checks. So I’m thinking neither side should be allowed to use that term. Hang on; what about the First Amendment? D’oh! Carry on.

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  1. I was called a right-wing extremist nutjob today during a discussion on gun rights over a forum, I was civil the whole time too.

    As for being called ‘Gun-Bullies’ the tweet says it all. I’m so tired of Shannon Twats…

      • The ‘twat’ T-word is sexist, misogynist, disrespectful, paternalistic, bigoted, hateful, insensitive, ignorant, arrogant, antagonistic, and only used by insecure and religious close-minded privileged white males. Use of the t-word must be banned with users fined and forced to undergo re-education at Camp George Orwell.

        • Poor George Orwell. He exposed the hypocrisy, mocked it, and fought it, and now his name is forever coupled with it.

          Let’s call it the Ministry of Love. That’s what he called it in 1984. And if Shannon’s Twatts are involved, that makes it even more appropriate.

        • It was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

          Sadly, like Fahrenheit 451 it didn’t play out as intended…

    • They couldn’t attack your argument factually, so they resort to attacking the arguer.

      It’s a classic if ineffective defense mechanism by those who had no real argument to begin with. Ad-hominem attacks are the hallmark of the intellectually inept, along with a whole host of logical fallacies.

  2. Let’s see, one day I’m a misogynist, (sp), the next I’m a gun bully.
    Cool. I think I’m in some pretty good company.
    Better this side that the psycho ward on the other.

    • Actually more like the circus on the other. Every time I see a picture of an MAIG or MDA “meeting” I’m reminded of the clowns spilling out of a tiny car and doing any number of zany things. Only fewer and fewer clowns each time.

  3. Laugh as we may but I feel the whole “bullying” racket is to reduce what you can say – preferably through self-censorship so no one even has to wag their finger at you.

    If you can’t express an idea, that idea will die or at least be non-transferable.

    Very effective way to change the dynamics of the future…

    • Yep. They want to control you through shame and fear. Classic bullying.

      It’s the cruelest irony of all. Bullying finally gets recognized for the truly soul-scarifying experience it is, and what happens? The very people whose bleeding hearts helped get the problem recognized then weaponize the awareness they created. Now they’re bullying anyone who disagrees with them by branding them as bullies.

      These people claim to have all sorts of empathy and sensitivity, but they have truncheon souls.

  4. It’s gotten to the point where all the colorful, creative, condescending catch-phrases of the Left have become compliments to me.

    Gun nut? Got that right.
    Gun bully? Yes.
    Gun fanatic? Fantastic.
    Gun lover? Lovely.
    Gun worshipper? Why not?
    Redneck? Rock on.
    Right-wing extremist? Yes ma’am.
    Misogynist? Bingo.
    OFWG? Pass the chicken.
    Religious zealot? Every day.
    Teabagger? Totally.

    We have to start using their tactics against them. Just like the Left adopts words and turns them into things they view as “good,” (however misguided that may be), so to, shall we.

  5. A local business owner called me a “bully” for telling her I wouldn’t spend money at her business anymore after she posted no guns signs. At first she blamed the liquor board for the posting and then when I cited the law that it was in fact her choice, I was “threatening her livelihood”. The restaurant has since gone out of business. This was about 3 years ago now.

    • I keep forgetting about all of the forced rectal exams, colonoscopies, x-rays, dead dogs, really big fires, and unlawfully seized property that us gun bullies inflict on that poor Shannon Watts.

      You may consider many comments to be over reactions considering the gestalt of police conduct, but surely even you would admit that the complaints against the police are based on actual transgressions while the “gun bullies” name-calling is pure nonsense.

  6. Just to contrast and compare, if you suggest that a man is a person and has rights and in a marriage his wife should be interested in doing things to please him like look nice and grow her hair long … you are a misogynist, a self-loathing hater and a woman-hating bully.

    So it’s not just gun stuff where we see this type of accusation.

    The r-types of our culture (“the weak”) are running over us in their attempts to artifically level the playing fields by eliminating the competitive and aggressive.

    Suppressing our right to have an opinion counter to theirs is the essential final step.

  7. Can you call someone a bully when you started the fight with them?

    I’m sure all of us, gun owners, would have happily never known Shannon Watts’ name, but she started screwing with us, so now here we stand.

    When you get to messing with someone, don’t be surprised when they start messing right back.


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