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Your Lockdown of the Day™ for today is brought to you from Washington, D.C., where American University was locked down for about 85 minutes on Thursday evening. The security alert was prompted by a call from a student who saw a man wearing a holster on a university shuttle bus. No weapon was displayed, no threats were made, no crime was committed, and there were no arrests or injuries. In fact, it could not even be confirmed that the holster had a gun in it. Police have identified the man, and determined that he was an off-duty police officer. “See something, say something” is turning this country into a warren of panicky rabbits.

Matt writes: “Howdy, Just wanted to request a quick post directed at all your California readers who may or may not be aware that as of Jan. 1, 2014, the CA long gun registry comes into effect, making every single newly purchased long gun a ward of that enlightened state. I have found that many gun owners here don’t know about this, and some don’t care. But they should — one needs only look at the ongoing APPS confiscation campaign, which only works because handguns are registered. Given the 10 day wait in CA, gun owners in CA should be advised to stock up on their unregistered holiday gifts before the law kicks in. Aspiring gun owners who have been thinking about that bolt action plinker or a home defense piece should act now, or, in my opinion, forever hold their peace while this law in effect. So far as I know, there are no efforts in the wings to stop, reverse, or enjoin this measure. Please help get the word out. Much appreciated.” [This bill was signed into law back in October, 2011, to take effect on 1/1/14, and applies only to guns transferred after the effective date; there is no retroactive registration.]

Shoulda been a DGU? Man invades an occupied home, stabs a resident in the arm, neck, and chest, grabs some unidentified item and flees, warning the man, “Move and I’ll kill you.” Not far away, he attempts to jump some train tracks as a Union Pacific freight train rolls through; he falls, and is cut in half by the train. The conductor never knows it happened, and is flagged down and the train is stopped some 12 miles away. The resident is expected to recover. So, shoulda been, or good enough? After all, he might have survived the gunshot.

Residents of Vermont (all eight of ’em) often tout their state as one of the best in the country when it comes to gun rights, and with absolutely no permit required above the age of 16 to carry open or concealed, and a fairly short list of prohibited places, they’re not often wrong. However, even in the best state in the union, vigilance is still required. In Burlington, City Councilman Norm Blais is pushing for new gun regulations, including a prohibition on carry where there’s a liquor license and instituting a city-issued concealed carry permit, even though those regulations appear to be against state law. Vermont has state level preemption of gun laws, with a passage that begins “Except as otherwise provided by law…” and Mr. Blais is of the opinion that his proposals fall under the exception of “by law.” He’s clearly mistaken, but he’s trying, and it’s a lesson that even in the best of circumstances, we must remain watchful.

I normally try to avoid these longer videos for the Digest, but given the rather vigorous debate over the last 24 hours about the superwhamodyne $1776 Maximus Arms Gladiator (yet another) 1911, I thought this might interest some of you. It even interested me, and as I said in that post, I just don’t get 1911s. It’s a bargain 1911 at only $400, made by Tisas of Turkey. I know at that price point it’s a competitor for some Rock Island’s products, and saying that pretty much exhausted my knowledge of 1911s. Anybody shot one of these, or know anything about them? Hickok seemed like it pretty well, especially at that price point.

Maybe those guys that have been saying the .45 is superior to all, and the 1911 is the best form of .45 are right. I’ve never seen a Hickok video where more “extra targets” fell when he hit was he was aiming at than in this one.

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  1. To quote another forum.

    1800’s –
    “One Riot, One Ranger!”


    “A Mouse! Scramble NORAD! Secure the perimeter!!!”

  2. I still have the scars from hammer bite from my GI configuration….I’ll never have a 1911 without a beavertail again.

  3. As a CA resident I’m well aware of the new long gun registry. I pick up my new 20 ga pump in a few days. Unfortunately my new hunting rifle will have to wait until the new year. Unless I decide to glass up my pre safety marlin 336 .30-30.

    But does the registry really matter. All my handguns are registered according to law(I worked at a prison, I don’t want any felony convictions). Even a CA pol should be able to figure out that if I have that many handguns, maybe I have a long gun or 2 also.

      • It’s proctology level intrusive. I can feel difi’s bony knuckles up my ass every time I do anything gun related here.

        • Tell me about it. I grew up there and then moved to Idaho and it’s a different country up here. I’m heading back to SoCal for the holidays next week and I’m brining some things down with me to take some family members shooting and am having a hell of time figuring out what I can bring, where I can shoot it, and how to make sure I don’t run afoul of any laws.

          It’s just crazy the level of control they are exerting over stuff. My father is actually thinking about “moving” to his vacation house in AZ for a month and getting a AZ DL just so he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of gun laws in CA.

        • As long as you are a non resident, the only one you really have to worry about is the AWB and 10 round magazines, as obviously Cali doesn’t honor out of state CHL’s. Pop a bullet button on your AR-15 and don’t have any standard cap magazines and you are clear on that front. Being from free states we also don’t have to follow their stupid gun permission slip rosters, with the exception of AWB specified stuff. Keep the guns in a locked container with no ammo in the chamber or magazine, glove box/console doesn’t count. Ideally put the container where people can’t see them. They also have home gun storage provisions that I am not familiar with yet. Gonna be very interesting in 2014, I’m going to be stationed out there.

        • Good god man I’m going to need the brain bleach for that mental image.
          JWM, please just come to Texas. I promise I’ll feed you and walk you and love you and give you snacks.
          But seriously, what has you so firmly nailed down in cali-stan?

        • Wade, a wife, 7 kids and 6 grandkids. If it was just me, I’d be gone. But I don’t want to be that poppa that see’s his grandkids every other xmas. Plus i’m exerting an evil influence on them. All the kids vote pro gun and so will the grandkids, at least that’s my hope for the grandkids.

    • jwm, I live in Canada where we had a long gun registry, which was scrapped April, 2012 and have had a handgun registry since 1934. The anti’s fought to keep the LGR using the mantra “if it saves one life”. 18 years of life for the LGR and they couldn’t give ONE case where the registry did ANY good. Same with the handgun registry after 79 years. Evidently back in the 1980’s New Zealand scrapped their registry after realizing it was a waste of money. Watch your tax dollars be wasted and the law abiding under persecution.

    • I think he’s talking about the other stuff falling when he shoots a target. At one point he shoots a pumpkin and the pot falls off whatever it’s sitting on. Later he shoots (I think) another pumpkin and the propane tank goes with it.

    • Hickock has steel targets set up across the hill set up on the ground. Occasionally, after hitting the target plate the adjacent plate will fall over as well. Matt’s implication is that this is a “super .45”. I haven’t watched the video, but I assume this is what he is talking about especially after watching several of Hickock’s videos.

      Of course I don’t think that Hickock ever met a gun he didn’t like. I always take his reviews with a grain of salt because of it.

    • “I’ve never seen a Hickok video where more “extra targets” fell when he hit was he was aiming at than in this one”

      I’ve never seen a Hickok video where more “extra targets” fell (…) than in this one
      ………………………………………………………………..when he hit was he was aiming at

    • Sorry, peirsonb got it. I knew that was an awkward sentence, and I couldn’t figure out a better way to word it, and I was about to walk out the door to meet some friends.

      And I was making a play on the whole “shoot ’em anywhere with a .45 and they’ll fall down, unlike your wimpy [insert caliber here]” meme.

      Besides, we all know that .40 > all.

        • 9, 40, and 45 factory ammo are nearly all loaded to nearly the same power levels anyways. 9 and 45 are much more pleasant to shoot though.

          • @ B: I know! That was my point, not anyone of those calibers are better than other, it’s just personal preference. I just get tired of everyone arguing or saying one caliber is better then the other. I have carried various different calibers of the years; try different ones and use what works for you. Most people actually believe, the bigger the bullet the better. That’s why I linked that video to emphasis the point. If anyone has not seen that video, they should definitely watch it, or if you have seen it already, watch it again! Link –

            • Dude, are you getting ad revenue off that video or something? Not just twice in the same comment thread, but they’re literally about 4.5″ apart on my screen.

        • You do understand that (1) it was a joke and (2) rifles are really inconvenient to carry around on a daily basis, right?

          Yes, all handguns are underpowered when compared to rifles. They’re also underpowered compared to MANPADS and tanks, too. What’s the point?

      • All the times I try to kick off a caliber war out sheer smarminess, and you get one with that? Clearly your kung fu is strong….

  4. Tisas makes fantastic firearms.
    I own one of their 1911s and the Zigana Sport (which is freakin AWESOME btw)
    The Zigana Sport is one of my favorite guns. Anyway, their 1911s are great for the money too.
    Their guns have nice tolerances, nice fit and finish, ISO/NATO certified, and theres a vid of their torture tests, which says a lot.
    Nothing but great things to say abkut Tisas.

      • I was going to say something about the Gustav gun, but after refreshing my memory on it it turns out the Gustav was only 800mm….so the train is still bigger.

        Clearly I have a new goal in life.

  5. I love the candy dish with the bullets. All I could think of was either a great host puts one out on the coffee table or the friendly local neighborhood gun nut hands them out at Halloween. 😉

  6. I wouldn’t mind a Tisas, or what is that other Turkish gun, Girsan. I hear they are well made, nothing fancy. The Turks have been making firearms for a long long time. I would like to add a GI configuration 1911 to my so-called collection, but I want one built in the 1940s that says COLT on the side….Stopped over to Buds–they sell the Tisas in 14 different configurations….RIA’s are selling for just over $400, and the Girsans a 10 spot more. [The only one I sold in California, though, is the RIA.]

  7. Fun facts bout Vermont: Population is approx. 640,000. Burlington VT population is less than 40,000.
    Vermont is still one of the most gun friendly states despite what some douche is proposing for Burlington. Most of the people I know from Vermont regard Burlington as liberal land and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Burlington become a turd in the Vermont gun rights swimming pool.
    Even though Burlington Vermont is a very small dot on the map, I’d really hate to see the antis gain a single inch in one of the least restrictive states in the nation.

    • I believe Burlington is notable only because it’s the largest city by population in the state.

      I can’t figure out how the city council works or if those measures I talked about above actually passed. One article I read said that they “were passed by the city council 5-2,” but the one linked above said “Two members of the seven-member City Council, Rachel Siegel and Tom Ayres, empathized with those who thought the amendment was too far reaching and the proposal fell flat,” which makes it sound like it didn’t pass. So I don’t know, but…

      That same city council passed an AWB in the days immediately following Newtown, but since the state gun laws have a preemption clause, the AWB and the measures above would both be in violation of that. Any regulations passed also have to go before the state legislature for approval, but I was unable to find any disposition of the AWB and the measures above haven’t made it there yet, though I can’t see either of them surviving a preemption challenge.

  8. “‘See something, say something’ is turning this country into a warren of panicky rabbits.”

    This former “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” is going down the same path that the former “Land of Hope and Glory” went down. Citizens are becoming subjects who are no longer brave and thus no longer free. Guns, and anything related to them, are the bogeyman to be feared rather than tools to be taked up and wielded against the bogeyman.

  9. Been aware of the CA long gun registry change for two years. My last minute purchases before 2014 include an M1 Garand, two Mosin Nagants and two 1903A3 receivers.

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