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“Newtown happens every week in America. Every week we lose precious children to guns.” – Rev. Matthew Crebbin, US Passion for Guns Survives Newtown School Shooting [at]

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  1. Rev. Matt obviously has never heard the quote: “Better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”. Fool.

  2. It’s a rather tortured analogy…I would guess that he would defend it by saying that 20 children die every week by “gun violence”.

    “Children” in the case being defined as 21 year old gang members, mind you.

    • The nice thing about it is that nobody actually listens or watches VOA anymore but other governments’ Propaganda Ministries. Now if he’d said that on MTV instead…

  3. The entire article is quite off-putting. I don’t even know where to begin … so much non-truth.

    • While many have died in religious wars, many more have been killed in the name of atheism. The atheistic regimes of Stalin, Mao, and other Communist regimes have killed at least a hundred million, perhaps more.

      Hitler was not a Christian, if anything, he was an atheist, but the NAZIs were not quite as aggressively atheistic as the communists, so while most of the victims of NAZI genocide were the victims of Atheism, it is not as absolutely clear as with the Communists. Certainly the NAZI victims were not killed in the name of God.

      • Inscription on Nazi belt buckles: “Gott mit uns” (God is with us)

        “I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Almighty Creator. By fighting the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work.” — Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, p. 46

        • “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.”
          — Adolf Hitler, to Gen. Gerhard Engel, 1941

        • Adolf Hitler was not a Christian, Hal.

          From Wikipedia:

          ” In adulthood, Hitler became disdainful of Christianity, but in seeking out and in trying to retain power in Germany, he was prepared to set aside his views on religion out of political considerations. He repeatedly stated that Nazism was a secular ideology founded on science.[1] It is generally accepted by historians that Hitler’s post war and long term goal was the eradication of Christianity in Germany.”

        • So he paid lip service to religion because it was was expedient to do so.

          In other words, he was a politician.

      • Most of these killings weren’t done in the name of atheism, they were done in the name of some form or another of international socialism. The exception being those done by Nazism and Italian Fascism which were *national* socialism and also certainly weren’t done for atheism, you’ve already seen the quotes attesting to Hitler’s Catholicism.

        History fail.

      • One thing secular tyrants and “god’s soldiers” have in common is a dedication to an imagined “perfect” reality, that they feel it is their duty to impose by all means available. Looked at this way, it’s easy to see the family resemblance between, say, the Inquisition and Stalin’s purges.

        A flat-out lying thief of a politician can be far easier to deal with than an “idealist”.

        • “One thing secular tyrants and “god’s soldiers” have in common is a dedication to an imagined “perfect” reality, that they feel it is their duty to impose by all means available.”

          Oh, like Bloomberg, Watts, Brady, Kelly, Feinberg, Pelosi,

      • Dean, while the regimes you name were to a great extent atheistic and some of their persecution was aimed at religious targets, I think that the majority of the slaughter could be attributed to political motives, not atheism.

        While it could be argued that the atheism of the leadership allowed them to be so cavalier with the lives of their subject populations and that they did destroy religious opposition it was more likely because the churches could mount effective grass-roots campaigns against their regimes than that they were specifically targeting religion. One has to acknowledge that when it comes to dogma there is very little real-world difference between a religious dogma and a political dogma and therein lies the conflict in any totalitarian state. Whether the autocrat chooses one religion and persecutes all others, or chooses atheism and persecutes all religions, the intent is the same – consolidation of power and destruction of potential opposition.

        It could further be argued that whatever their personal religious or anti-religious views these monsters killed more hundreds of millions through their arrogance and incompetence than they ever did through intentional assault on religion or the religious.

    • Now now, don’t go replacing his lies with those of your own. That is another tired yet often repeated falsehood. Need proof. Look up Stalin, or Lenin, or Pol pot, or Mao.

  4. Wow, how does one deal with that high a level of irrationality? If 20 kids are being gunned down in their classroom every week, the news is clearly not reporting it. Or it just isn’t happening and our reverend friend is having serious difficulties in controlling his emotional desires and feelings. For a man in a position where he may be an adviser to others in his congregation, this is pretty disconcerting. Who would go to a counselor for help if they knew that counselor had emotional issues as well? I can’t help but reason that the reverend may need a leave of absence to get help dealing with his emotional issues.

      • Child = gang member, assault weapons = anything with bullets, suicides = gun violence, 30 year trend of dropping violence = gun attack epidemic. Ignorance = strength but not for the people.

  5. Ok so kids and guns can be an issue that’s a given.
    But why is it no one in any media ever mentions the drownings, playground accidents or for that matter auto accidents that kill thousands of children every year??
    When is there going to be a group that wants to ban swimming pools??
    Its way past time to stop blaming inanimate objects that have no control over their misuses.
    Of course as we all know “children” aren’t 12- 20 year old gang bangers shooting each other.
    That to me is just “natural selection” at work.
    Guns are innocent tools.

    • I agree and “children” are innocent tools, as well, of statist thugs and bullies who need a rationale for eliminating any personal responsibility for safety. Let’s make it government’s job to protect us in order to absolve us from that responsibility.

      Using “children” as a prop to justify one’s own abrogation of adult responsibility is reprehensible. Yet the anti-gunners do it routinely. As the article shows, this extends even to “men of faith”. What this nation needs is more people who are willing to be adults.

    • The media do report these incidents, as they take place. They simply don’t find, say, “pool safety” particularly attention grabbing, so everyday accidents are reported as everyday accidents. Two things at work here: “if it bleeds it leads”, and the “airliner crash” syndrome. Blood stained Hello Kitty book bags are much more dramatic than a soggy tee shirt, and more people, by far, die in auto rather than air accidents, but the latter leave such photogenic craters full wreckage and body parts.

  6. Far more innocent, completely defenseless children die to abortion than to guns Reverend. focus your energies there and leave the right of self-defense and self-preservation that God granted us all, alone.

    • Perhaps we should allow that abortion should be entirely legal and available, with this caveat: The aborted fetus MUST be preserved in a clear glass jar and kept on a shelf in full view in the living room of the woman’s residence. Failure to so display this fetus would be a felony and local law enforcement would maintain a list of these women and be empowered to inspect their homes at any time and without prior notice for compliance.

      Since SCOTUS determined in Roe v. Wade that abortion is a Constitutionally protected right why should those who exercise that right not be subjected to the same sorts of restrictions they seek to impose on us?

  7. “For her and other relatives of victims, the gun has been a source of sorrow and suffering, and their hope for no further tragedies is up against some strongly held beliefs in America about guns.”

    Lets blame guns… Not the people who hold them … Still… Again… Some more.

  8. “The Cathedral’s dean, Reverend Gary Hall, has come out strongly in favor of gun control.

    “For people of faith, gun violence is not a morally ambiguous issue,” he told those present.

    Hall argues that the Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution – which talks about “a right of the people to keep and bear arms” – has been turned into a religious commandment by segments of the gun lobby.

    “Somehow the second amendment gets theologized as a kind of absolute right where people have access to guns, and that somehow the country’s going to come undone apart and the American era will be over ‘if you take our guns away from us,’” he said in an interview.

    Hall added that the gun has become part of a popular theology that is at odds with scripture.

    “One of the chief idolatries in the bible is weapon worship, as if weapons are going to provide security,” he said. “And I do think there’s a way in which the gun has become symbolic of safety and security in a weird way.”

    Wow. Whimsical. So… we are gun worshipers… right? I’m going to be honest, but I feel I can say in full confidence that everyone here believes that guns in fact did not create the universe.

    It seems Rev Hall is having difficulty separating his religious ambitions with his political ones.

    • ” but I feel I can say in full confidence that everyone here believes that guns in fact did not create the universe. ”

      True but the universe did create guns. Good on the universe.

    • “‘For people of faith, gun violence is not a morally ambiguous issue,’ he told those present.”

      And he’s absolutely correct. “For people of faith, violence and evil are the issues,” he meant to say.

    • “The Cathedral’s dean, Reverend Gary Hall, has come out strongly in favor of gun control…”

      So let me see – in case he or his congregation is ever confronted by a madman with a gun he will lead them all in prayer and trust in God to intervene and save him/them? AND he will instruct the person in the congregation frantically dialing 911 so that some men with guns can come to save their sorry asses to put down the phone and join in the prayers?

      Seems an unlikely scenario.

  9. So another self-righteous idiot pontificates about something he know next to nothing about. I’m impressed!

  10. Very christian of him, smfh.

    ” Today, it is easier, not harder, to carry a gun in many parts of the nation than it was before the Newtown massacre last Dec. 14.”

    You havent been keeping up with the misdeeds of your bedfellows, there are quite a few new gun laws.

    • And while this guy is obviously NOT Catholic, where is his speechifying about all the children who had their lives ruined by pedophile priests who were then protected by their leadership? How many of those children subsequently died by suicide? How many of the priests, for that matter?

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