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ProgressVA tweets VA Tech victim Colin Goddard on their gun purchase (courtesy


As a former mental health professional I approve this message. By literally coming to grips with the firearm used against him by Seung-Hui Cho during the Virginia Tech massacre, Colin Goddard made an important leap of logic: the gun wasn’t responsible for the carnage. Goddard realized that a GLOCK is an inanimate object; the person who holds the gun determines its use or misuse. He forced himself to face the fact that if he’d had a GLOCK in that classroom on that fateful spring day he would been able to save innocent life. Or die trying. Holding the GLOCK, Goddard suddenly understood what Jews mean when they say “never again.” Goddard determined that he would carry a gun. And that all good men and women should be able to do so as well. Easily. Only that’s not what happened. Shame.

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  1. Anybody can make a blanket statement on Twitter. I want to know the details as to how exactly this was accomplished. If he did, in fact, buy such a gun without a background check I suspect it was in the parking lot outside the gun show, not at the show itself.

    I want to see the proof. But then again, if he DID get a background check and he is just lying about it, the paper trail is either restricted from public view or the check has (theoretically) been deleted from the NICS database. He can pretty much claim anything he wants and know he can’t get called on it.

    • He could do that anyway he’s a liberal happy sock. He can do and say whatever he pleases and the libtards and MSM will back him up and call it gospel.

      • These people aren’t “liberals” simply on their own say-so. Use “totalitarians” instead.

        I can call myself a duck, but I don’t take to water, nor does someone such as this sh*t take to liberty.

        THOMAS JEFFERSON was a liberal; not these petty despot. And be sure and stockpile lots of rope.

        • I called him a liberal happy sock. just in case you haven’t heard the term its what some people call the sock they use to wipe off ejaculate after intercourse or masturbation when no suitable rag or paper product can be found.

    • I want to know how many times he tried before he was successful, too. I want to know how many shows he went to looking without finding, and then how many times did he find before someone said yes.

      I can tell you how many GLOCK-brand GLOCKS I’ve seen available for private sale at the Orlando gun show: zero. I’m not saying there hasn’t ever been one, but I am saying I’ve never seen one.

      • I don’t know the national numbers, but my GLOCK brand GLOCK was new when I bought it. Aside from my G-22, it’s the only new gun I ever bought. I think most buyers just end up keeping them.

        And I’ve been made fun of for both, and regret neither.

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of work, to find a gun show – they only happen 3-4 times a year here – and then to scout out a private individual to sell you a Glock. You could have just bought one at the gun store. That’s what the guy who shot you did.

    You want to make a point, do a better job of it.

  3. He’s a classmate. Not proud of that at all.

    He’s a Army ROTC washout who turned tragedy into an opportunity for fifteen minutes of fame.

    • As a washout its good he never made the ranks of AD service. Chit there’s lots of current and Ret. Reserve and AD officers that weren’t worth a fvck. Some deserved a good fragging incident..

      Some of the best officers I’ve met or served with were former enlisted.. One – Col. Stanley E Shaneyfelt, 1st ID FWD the ADFC 1981 Goppingen Germany.

  4. If he did buy the Glock without a background check, which I have believed a mandatory requirement for hand gun transfer, has he possible committed a crime? Is he liable for not reporting an illegal sale of a hand gun? Are BG checks only applicable to interstate H/G transfers?

    • Does VA require private handgun sales go through an FFL? They have to here in PA. The so-called “gun show loophole’ is very, very small in PA.

  5. Ever since I realized my GPS was trying to kill me, I’ve gained new respect for inanimate objects. Just saying….

    • My buddie’s GPS has the voice of GLADOS. She kept telling us to turn into random solid objects when we went to DC.

  6. So, to sum up: Cho, who went on to shoot 32 people, bought a gun with a background check. Goddard, who I’m assuming isn’t planning on shooting anyone (big assumption, I know), bought one without one. This is an argument for background checks how?

    • Because Goddard is a coward who, despite being in ROTC and training to be in the military, did NOTHING when the chips were down. So his only recourse is to vilify everyone and everything to hide the fact that he ran like a little girl instead of being the tough soldier he wanted people to think he was.

      • Boo. You’re giving little girls a bad rap. He has stated that he cowered on the floor and took three bullets while waiting to die. What a sniveling excuse for a man. He’ll probably shoot himself in the foot within a week with his new toy.

    • Cho also waited the 30 days between buying each gun to comply with the “common sense 1 gun a month rule” and one of those guns was a Walther P22 with a 10 round magazine. No “scary black rifle”, no “highly powerful rounds”, no “back alley gun buys” and no 30 round “high capacity magazine clips”. Such is the nexus of gun grabbers. This is not the shooting they’re looking for, but they still push the same diatribe as if it would have “done something”.

  7. Does he have a death wish? Shouldn’t he be afraid that the Glock is going to jump up all on its own and start killing people? What level of PTSD is he still suffering from that he craves attention?

  8. Seriously, it’s SUCH an addicting thing to be a victim. To try and be a martyr. I’ve seen it even in people that had NO reason to feel that way, haha. Sigh…

  9. Goddard wrote a book called “Living for 32.” I’m writing a book called “Living for 69.” It will be more than twice as expensive and a lot more fun to read.

    • Put it on DVD or Blu Ray as well and you’ll make millions but only charge $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Then make sequels it worked for the Girls Gone Wild tardcart.

    • Is it about one’s life being turned upside down? The end of face-to-face meetings? A hunter’s education in the bush?

    • “Make a 180-Degree Change in Your Relationships With This Proven Guide”?

      “Go Ahead, Make My Day. The Cli@t Eastwood Complete Guide to the Firing Pin and Barrel”?

      “Head Over Heels: How Age Changed My Point of View”?

  10. What does this guy want? A cookie? A medal?

    As long as no rules were broken in the transaction, who cares? Now if he was a felon, it would be a different story. And I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. But I don’t think they understand that gun shows aren’t the problem, neither are private sales.

  11. Sorry, Robert, I don’t think most members of our tribe these days even know what “Never again” means. If it’s one thing that irks me lately, it’s many of my fellow Jews bitching about people having guns. OK, I want to ask them, what are you gonna do when the next genocidist comes knocking, talk them out of it, maybe offer some of your fine food? Good luck with that, it worked so well last time.

  12. I’ll just go ahead and file this under ‘B’: ‘B’ is an “bullshit”

    That is exactly what everything they say now, have ever said in the past, and will ever say in the future boil down to.

  13. Someone clue this numbnuts in on how the internet works.

    If they are no pics, it did not happen!

  14. “As a former mental health professional I approve this message”

    RF, you were a mhp? I thought you’ve been in the media industry like well forever.

  15. Let’s assume for just a second that the situation is precisely what the Tweet says [c’mon, bear with me a minute].

    1) No laws were broken.
    2) After purchase he didn’t suddenly then become a murderer, go on a rampage, and kill 32 people?

    Seems to me he’s just proving our point that it’s the guy/gal behind the trigger that matters.

  16. I’m surprised no one else mentioned this. That little Tweet had one letter that changed the likelihood of him lying from “possible” to “indubitably”. He claims to have bought a Glock without a background check at gunshow[S] meaning MORE THAN ONE! This guy is a baldface liar.

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