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We reported the Manchester [UK] police freak-out when they discovered a 3D printing machine capable of producing a Liberator pistol. Cody Wilson, the guy who unleashed the 3D printed gun upon the world, had a few words to say about that. It’s your basic Wilsonian puddle of consciousness impish insurrectionist fun re: Defense Distributed’s role in the post-Snowden world. Defense Distributed. Ohhhh. Now I get it. Man am I behind the curve.

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    • He may not be the most coherent spokesman, especially if you are not previously aware of his philosophy of providing these plans to the world, but IMO Sky News never laid a glove on him.

      The one point they ALWAYS miss in these exchanges is that yes, generally law-abiding people in Britain do not have guns, or the right to have guns, or even the right or ability to defend themselves, but the ONLY reason that works, that is law-abiding people have no guns, criminals have whatever they want, is because the government DOES have guns, and courts and prisons, and is not afraid to use them against the citizens who do not toe their civilian disarmament line.

      • I don’t disagree with your post but I’m going to use it to state something. All people have the same natural rights as Americans. Some just haven’t asserted those rights enough for their governments to respect and protect them. Of course, we’re on the same road in the USA; just lagging a bit behind. Rights do not come by way of paper/parchment or decree as they are inherent in the individual and unalienable from that individual. Rights can be loaned or suppressed but not forfeit, even by the actual individual. Those Brits have every much the same right to keep and bear arms as we do… perhaps they haven’t quite figured that out yet as a people.

    • Very bright guy, not a kid though! I believe he’s an anarcho-capitalist, very well educated in the law and economics and a huge proponent of individual liberty. We need more people like him in this country. What these numbnuts in the media don’t seem to grasp is that people have been making homemade guns for centuries out of common materials. No 3D printer needed.

  1. I’m almost certain that replicator is NOT capable of making a liberator… Not one that would hold up, at any rate. Cody Wilson used a $10,000 machine. Not a $1,500 machine.

  2. “The consent of the governed will be a real thing again. Not just something we pay lip service to.”

    And all the statist authoritarians had a collective aneurysm.

    • Indeed. Wilson’s response of “dangerous to whom?” was priceless. I for one enjoy seeing arrogant, elitistist British subjects squirm at the thought that smug disarmament may not be in their best interest.

      The consent of the governed may indeed mean something again.

      • I really do hope that will be the case with these additive manufacturing technologies in the future. It might force our society to actually find real solutions to actual problems.

        • I look forward to the day when predatory English thugs begin dying on the business ends of subject-wielded liberators. It’ll be a true “WTF” moment for the English criminal class and it can’t come soon enough.

  3. He’s young, and tripped into some Nietzche, as young men often do. Philosophy has two jobs; explain away our primal animal self, or mitigate its very real impact. Basically, pick the manner of charade that makes you feel the most comfortable. Just don’t tell us that it’s not a charade. But it’s not really about the charade, it’s that we can’t stand being lectured to by a kept socialist news reader who has accepted the Ingsoc Orwellian slave state. We kicked the Brit’s out of our sandbox 236 years ago, and they wonder why we can’t be more like them?

    • “We kicked the Brit’s out of our sandbox 236 years ago, and they wonder why we can’t be more like them?”

      Well done.

      • Problem is that we didn’t KEEP THEM OUT! Brits and all of the other european socialists immigrated here and brought their ignorant ideology with them!

  4. “Why do you think our culture should have these (guns)?”
    Because you have the highest violent crime rate in Europe and the good people of the UK should be allowed to defend themselves using the most effective means available. Why do you think that the people should remain defenseless?

  5. Mr. Reporter needs to read up on the 1689 English Bill of Rights and British common law. Citizens of the UK do in fact have the right to keep and bear arms, in fact it was the EBOR that inspired many of the rights laid out in the US constitution, even the RKBA. The unfortunate thing is that their parliament chooses not to recognize this right and their citizens are not informed enough about it to demand it back.

  6. People want even tighter gun laws in the UK. We have 2 murders a day on average.

    The idea that handguns would ever be legal here again is delusional.

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