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Gun Tattoo of the Day: Backup Edition

We hear from RF that he’s currently the only person working out at his gym without ink (thus the inspiration for our gun tattoo of the day post). That’s either a commentary on contemporary American society or on his choice of gym. We’re still trying to decide. In the mean time, he’s authorized us to offer one hundred actual American dollars for the first person to send us a photo of a real, verifiable TTAG tat (on the body part of your choosing). No Photoshop jobs, please. We like ’em real and spectacular.


  1. avatar bontai Joe says:

    The gun is interesting, the Chinese characters are interesting, but the brass knuckles look like a 5th grader drew ’em. Shame about that one.

    1. avatar JS III says:

      NOTHING worse than a bad tattoo on a woman. Those brass knuckles look like a prison tat

  2. avatar HSR47 says:

    “…send us a photo of a real, verifiable TTAG tat…”

    That implies that the “official” tattoo is anything but “none.”

  3. avatar Accur81 says:

    That’s nasty. I’m alright with a butterfly tattoo or trampstamp, but theses just do not look appealing.

  4. avatar killer99 says:

    You know you’re gun nerd when the first thing you think about when looking at this picture is what kind of gun is that? Is it chamberd in .380 or 9MM?

    1. avatar cz82mak says:

      OK dammit! I’m a gun nerd.

  5. avatar AZRon says:

    The only thing more beautiful than an old gun made with walnut and blued steel is a womans unfettered, natural beauty. Yuck!

  6. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    Better than the usual rainbows and butterflies I suppose, but I prefer girls that either don’t bother, or have taste in the (relatively) permanent alterations they make.

  7. avatar JS III says:

    This is one case where a gun pointing in an unsafe direction is good….. Real good

  8. avatar Patrick B. says:

    Since Farago isn’t inked up, maybe he should be the first TTAG example…

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      How do you ‘know’ he’s not inked up?

      1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

        “We hear from RF that he’s currently the only person working out at his gym without ink “

      2. avatar Patrick B. says:

        Whoa, hey now… I don’t know, nor do I care to find out!

  9. avatar Sharkley says:

    I’m covered chin to ankle I can throw ttag in there somewhere

  10. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    If this pathetic woman spent a bit more time looking at her own crotch (perish the thought) she might realize that her tattoo ‘artist’ permanently inscribed her with the grip and slide of a mutated long-slide Makarov and the frame from a Beretta.

    1. avatar NCG says:

      I thought maybe it was one of those Chinese military pistols.

  11. avatar HAVE GUN says:

    On hundred dollars, that’s it?
    What do tattoos cost? Would a hundred even cover it?

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      I think they meant one hundred grand.

    2. avatar okto says:

      No. A hundred bucks might get you the above young lady’s kanji (that probably says Infinite Fish or something).

      1. avatar Hel says:

        The curiosity was eating at me, so I looked it up. It translates to “Angel” (The literal translation is “God/Heaven Messenger”)

  12. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    My friend does tattoos, he’d probably do a TTAG tattoo for someone for free if anyone local would like one.

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