Oh, and keep your finger off the trigger, too. The above is Photo of the Week at the Navy Safety Center. No, really. [h/t Graybeard]


  1. This Guy commented on this over @TFL. Claimed the 1911 style gun went off JUST from pressing the mag release with no trigger contact.

  2. “He had been clearing some pistols after a trip to the range, he wrote, and “forgot one small step.”

    Huh? What step in what process? The process of emptying your gun? What “step” in clearing your gun involves pulling the trigger? Keeping your booger hook off the bang switch isn’t exactly a “small step”.

  3. Well, it was pointed in a safe direction, for whatever issue it was. Maybe he was stupid and pulled the trigger; or maybe it was a malfunction. Perfect reminder though about the four rules, and why they need to be reviewed periodically.


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