FEE gun violence control video
Courtesy FEE.org and Common Sense Soapbox
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Facts presented simply and clearly probably won’t make an impression on shrill hoplophobic harridans or pesky gun prohibitionists. But who knows? Maybe you’ll find this presentation useful for your fence-sitting neighbor or ignorant brother-in-law.

It could happen!

On this episode of Common Sense Soapbox, Bob, Seamus, and Rob civilly discuss gun control as they fend off a savage horde of mutant boars: Are guns useful for self-defense? Is gun violence declining? How many people actually die each year from rifles? As Bob and Rob lay down some steaming-hot lead, Seamus lays down the ice-cold facts.

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  1. For those residing in the matrix reality is supporting Gun Control in any shape, matter or form amounts to hanging a noose on a tree, adorning your chimney with a swastika, roasting marshmallows on a burning cross, swimming in a septic tank, etc.

  2. Hmm Dan…my kid carried a gun in the Mideast. He’s a fudd on his best day. Won’t have gun’s in his home(hope my granddaughters are OK). I don’t bring up guns or anything 2A. Since he lives quite aways away things are cool. A quick glance at the world going to hell “should” convince the most ardent anti. Should…not worried about a horde of pig’s.

    • Most People are really just Sheep, who follow the flock and obey their master, even when it is off to the slaughter. The 20% who are not Sheep, are who matters, no one cares what a Sheep wants or thinks, so convincing them is pointless.

      The problem is always the wolves who prey on the Sheep and use fear and intimidation to get them to obey. These people are evil and don’t care about the sheep, only their own power and control. They will tell the sheep to disarm and disarm others, while they retain arms only for themselves.

      Education (and Reality) can not overcome fear and emotional thinking. Spend your time and effort educating those that possess logic and reason.

    • I’ve known a lot of veterans who wont have a gunm in the house or own one.
      He might have seen to much killing and gunms make him sick, I dont know?

      • All the veterans I know have plenty of guns in their homes. I cannot think of one I know who doesn’t.
        AAMOF, One in particular is the one who got me interested in them at a young age. He’s my Father. USN Retired.

        • Ditto. I’m also retired USN, and while I deployed with weapons, I never wanted to deal with the hassle of owning personal firearm.
          Then I got married & had kids, and it was ‘game-on’, buddy. Next purchase needs to be a couple more gun safes.

        • My Dad was Navy, graduated Annapolis (early) in 1943 and went directly to war in the Pacific. Upon retirement in 1961, he never wanted to see a gun again, blamed the world’s (liberal) problems all on guns, and while a brilliant man in most regards would not hear any arguments on the subject, period. And this from a first generation American born of German parents who emigrated to U.S. in the 1880s, how can a man be so determinedly blind?

  3. Anti- gunners….
    Gun-owning anti-gunners…
    Gun-owners who will not use a gun to protect their homes.

    I told this story, here on TTAG, some months ago.

    I was describing to my brother, who lives in the prison-state of New Jersey, how I keep two pistols on my nightstand: a G17, just in case things get serious during the night, and a Ruger LCP -2, for when insomnia (or a potty call) causes me to take a quick patrol around the house. The Ruger, in its soft holster, fits easily in my pajama pocket.

    My brother told me his guns are locked in the safe, in the basement. He keeps a baseball bat by the bed. No young children living there, but grand kids are over frequently. “Why not have a small gun safe in your bedroom?” I asked. He replied that he does not want to accidentally shoot a member of his household. Made me think, “Does that mean he thinks I wouldn’t mind if I accidentally shot a member of my household?

    I decided to let it go and said, “I hope it is a wooden bat; nothing like the sound of wood hitting a home run”.

    • Keeping a ball bat by the bed is a good idea.
      That away if the burglar is unarmed you can throw the bat to him before you shoot him.

      • I got weapons all over my home. AR behind the bedroom door,baseball bat next to the front door,gun next to my bed, wife has a gun next to her. Lights too. All loaded & ready to go. Knives,machete,axe,pepper gel & spray…you get the picture. My son’s live here too.They ain’t little. After BlackLootersMurder & Antifools I’ll do what I have to…

        • FWW,

          Sounds like you went to the Gomez Addams school of decorating. LOL!!!

          Just razzing you.
          Fully agree with being well-prepared.

        • This is funny because we are putting up a modular home soon and I asked the wife what customizations she wanted. I expected stuff like “sconces”, archways, etc. Nope. She said she wants a hide-away shelf behind a picture in the family room to keep a gun in. Another behind the bathroom mirror on the West end. And another in the utility room on the East end. Florida Mom.

        • A Possum has to be practical, there’s not a lot of room in those cold, damp burrows… 😉

    • three letters for those who feel the need to carry a gun when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night…ADT…[I just stash them all over the place so I can get to one quick]…

  4. I live far enough out of town that the birds still have lizard tails and teeth. So guns are just another tool used on the farm. outlaw what they want. Restrict what they want. Show up out here demanding any gun I own and I’ll tell you to go ahead and look for it. Even offer you a cup of coffee or glass of tea. I own a full square mile of land and have a blacksmiths shop along with a fully equipped machine shop. Enough scrap steel and recycled iron to discourage anyone with a metal detector. As well as enough room to store/hide almost anything.
    Oh, you want the AR I bought back in 1980? Sold it to some guy back before I moved here in 1996. Nope, don’t remember his name. Just someone who wanted an AR that I met at the gun range back in Cheyenne. Sure, I’ll show you the guns in my safe. Majority were made before 1900. Several are WWII vintage. Oh, you may want to stay out of the barn yard. Dang bull isn’t friendly. Be careful now, the shotgun hanging by the kitchen door is loaded. Had to shoot a skunk last week. Might have to shoot another.

    • Skunks are relatively easy to get rid of. Eliminating all food sources reduces resident populations by 86.97%, as the food source becomes harder to find the remaining skunks are forced to spend more time and travel further seeking food, increasing their chances of predators or possibly f150’s.
      There are non violent ways of reducing wanted pest.
      However, if it was me, ,,,,,
      BTW: I’ve heard shooting a skunk bearing rabies in the head may release the rabies virus into the air and if close enough a human could become infected.
      More of a concern to humans and the chances of contracting rabies would be raccoons in my opinion. In two years I shot 3 that had rabies, the drunken behavior variety. That’s quite a bit , considering all were taken while driving a country road. I attribute this to the drop in fur sales, available land to run “coon dawgs”(anyone remember Bill Boatmans “Full Cry?) and trapping.
      I’d never seen a rabid coon when those sports and profits were accessible.
      I’m not going into the whys this changed, however.
      As some wish they get but sometimes the rainbow has a tornado behind it.
      Beware The Coons of Doom

  5. Bad lungs so no military experience here though Dad, my stepfather, step-grandfather and oldest brother were all USMC. But it was violence in and outside my home with learning from history and biology that keeps me prepared and equipped. I have a hard time understanding how anyone who can read, listen and learn would believe civilzation, electricity, medicine, the rule of law, constutional rights and respect for life couldn’t go up in a cloud of smoke. 200 years of advancement to jungle law where everyone’s back on the menu. I can hope I’ll die in my sleep surrounded by loved ones but I’ve been taught otherwise.

    HELPS ME ,, LTC ..


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