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  1. I know exactly what that means. Except I don’t have to explain a deal to anyone. I bought three things today. Toilet paper, ant poison and a S&W 6″ K-22. In that order. I need one just as much as another.

    • Since I already have enough guns for a lifetime I would argue the TP was more important.

      Just me.

      • Ya can’t expect much bad guy threat stopping power from a roll of TP or a call to 911.

        Victim: “Go away bad guy, I called 911 and the police are coming.”

        Bad Guy: “LoL 😂”

        Victim: “I mean it, and I have a roll of toilet paper too.”

        Bad Guy: “LoL 🤣”

        Victim: Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

        Bad Guy: 🤢😥😩😵🤮😖😞

        if ya got the four B’s ya goo to go…

        Butt wipe stuff

      • possum, if you have enough bullets to kill every ant in a fire ant bed? You have a heap of bunch of bullets, and that’s a lot. Ortho poison is the ticket. A powder that stinks to Heaven, but give 24 hrs w/no rain.

      • Early 1970’s, Yucaipa, CA, a Target store. When they stopped selling guns I stopped shopping there. Another memory from the same era. Buying ammo in KMart, Banning. “Need to see your drivers license.” Details copied into a book. California did away with that requirement some years later. Law enforcement had never looked at any of those records during any investigation. It has been reintroduced. What was that ‘over and over’ definition of insanity?

      • Natahn,

        My very first firearm (a single-shot, bolt-action .22) was purchased over-the-counter in a Sears store when I was 7 (admittedly, that was some period of time ago). Walmart sold guns in many of its locations until very recently. Don’t know that Target ever did, but I sure wouldn’t bet against it.

        The old, storied Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs had MANY firearms available, for mail-order delivery, in MY lifetime. As the bumper sticker says, “BATFE should be a convenience store, not a federal agency”. Until the Dimocrats came along and screwed things up, we had a 30+ year history of consistently declining crime and murder rates. Yes, they have gone up since Black Chicago Jesus, Hillary Clintoon, and Senile Joe came along . . . but so have crime and murder rates. Funny, that.

    • “I’m old enough to remember when you could buy guns/ammo at Target.”

      Also at Sears, Wards and JC Penny’s, even into the mid-1970s. Good selections that often included handguns. Oh, yeah, and at Dick’s Sporting Goods to the mid-2015s or so.

      I bought a new Win 94 with a case and box of Win 170 gr ammo at Target in 1975 for $69.95 plus tax. Still have the rifle, box and receipt.

      • Somebody said they used to have primers at hardware stores. Im 45 yrs old, dunno if thats true. Didn’t start rolling my own until 2010

        • You’re the age of one of my kids. I don’t know about primers but hardware stores sold guns and ammo. So did auto parts stores.

        • I bought ammo at a chain drug store in northern California in the 90s. I don’t remember the name, maybe Longs. It was on clearance, and I picked up calibers I didn’t own (yet). I think that was the last ammo they ever sold.

        • Well, this will date me a bit but, when I was around 10, my Grandfather would give me $2 and I would go to the gas station a couple of miles down the road and buy two 50 round boxes of .22lr ($0.49 each) a Coke and a candy bar. I’d leave with about 30 cents change.

        • Local grocery store or 2 up in Maine sold ammo but not sure on reloading or actual firearms. I was too busy laughing at it being next to the booze and cigarettes.

    • I am old enough to remember when you could buy guns from the monkey ward catalog and the post office delivered them. About a week after I got out of the army I walked down to the local hardware store and bought three hand guns. Walked in put down my money and walked out with the guns.

  2. I see Midways got CZ P10S for 350. Is that a good shuuter? I need something new. I was gonna spend a lot more for a FN509c but that CeeZed looks like a good deal.

    • motomike,

      Don’t have experience with that particular firearm, but my overall experience with CZ firearms has been excellent. Every one I’ve shot was well-finished, reasonably accurate, and reasonably reliable. Generally, for the price, I think they make a great product. I can personally attest that the CZ 457 is, for the price, an EXCELLENT gun.

    • Gipper, I’ve been in a Target. It was just like every other box store I couldn’t wait to get out of.

      • Downunder Target stores are being turned into Kmart stores.

        There’s a 24×7 Kmart about 10 minutes from home. Useful at times.

        • I thought the Kmart name was dead. The Walmart here stopped being open 24 hours during Cov and never went back.

        • I think the owner of Target AU also owns the Kmart brand and is changing the Target stores to Kmart stores. I thought Target were a tier above Kmart in marketing and targeted demographics.

          I don’t mind the 24h Kmart nearby. It is useful at times.

  3. It seems that every time my buddy and I get our gun CC balance down we come across a deal, for me it was a Girsan Regard MC, and for him a Charles Daly 1911 in 9mm.

  4. When I was (much) younger, I was a gearhead (I even bought/restored a couple of sports cars). I know people who collect porcelain figurines, salt and pepper shakers, political campaign buttons, and I went through a period where I was collecting REALLY good single malt Scotch. I think my current fascination with firearms is both equally valid, and MORE practical.

    And it isn’t anyone else’s damn business.

    • Lamp,

      I was a dust collector.

      At least, that is what my sisters called me because I sat around all the time, reading.

      • Forgot to mention my thousands of books (that I finally had to get rid of because I moved to a smaller house).

        LifeSavor, fly your book-freak flag high and proud!

    • How about collecting a really good single malt for after the guns are cleaned and stored for the evening?

      • Or, how about some really cheap swill vodka and just ues it FOR cleaning guns ?
        Way cheaper than #9 and probably just as effective since they changed the formula

      • oldmaninAL.

        I have mentioned (on this site, recently) that I have an ironclad rule that, once I pick up a glass, the gun is put away. I kinda thought that went without saying, but was there something in my post (other than a reference to enjoying Scotch) that made you think otherwise? I’m fanatic about gun safety, and alcohol and guns don’t mix. I think we are in vehement agreement on this point.

  5. Try to murder a black kid and get released by police 2 hours later. Now that’s a bargain

    • Do it in a major US city. They don’t even arrest black folks murdering blacks. B racist or some similar BS.

  6. Haven’t been in a Target store since around 1990. A couple years before I left the Great White North. Still buy the occasional firearm.


    A young black boy went to the wrong house to get his twin brothers. A white racist home owner shot him in the head and body without even asking him why he was knocking on the door. This type of violence does not occur in civilized countries that have training, vetting and laws against concealed carry and also using guns to kill people and then claim self defense.

    • Wow….TTAG didn’t post your article (even without your particular flavor of lack of context of that things happen that don’t have anything to do with a constitutional right of others)

      MSM didn’t post TTAG articles either.

      • .32 cal revolver. He shouldn’t have been shot, but it could’ve been worse.

        This also just happened around the same time:
        A young woman was shot and killed Saturday after she and a group of friends accidentally pulled into the wrong driveway while searching for a friend’s home in upstate New York.

        “It’s a very rural area with dirt roads. It’s easy to get lost. They drove up this driveway for a very short time, realized their mistake and were leaving, when Mr. Monahan came out and fired two shots,” Murphy said. The killing, the sheriff added, was “very sad,” describing Gillis as a woman who “comes from a good family” whom he knew.

        It’s similar, but the girl’s situation is much worse. She died. She never even got out of her car. Guess which story the propagandist media will be shouting about and which one they’ll mostly ignore. Now guess why. It’s sick.

        The Puppet has even already talked to Ralph Yarl on the phone. Did he call the girl’s family? Recall the Puppet Admin couldn’t be bothered to make a big deal over the Christian school shooting even though the VP went to Nashville to help out some Dem reps. It has to fit the narrative…

        • Dude,

          Now, find me the story that talks about the obvious (poor firearm handling and use), rather than looking for a narrative. There may be more to the story (probably is, since the shooter wasn’t charged by the police) in the Yarl shooting, but it doesn’t sound like a ‘righteous shoot’. Just finding out about the New York shooting, so I’ll withhold my thoughts until I know more, but the initial facts sound sketch AF.

        • The 84 year-old who shot Yarl said he thought Yarl’s hand was on the storm door trying to get in. Yarl said he didn’t touch it. It may have been a perception problem since this guy is 84, and he was in bed at night when he heard a knock on the door. I think it was 10 pm. It’s still a tragic situation.

          Now compare and contrast that with the girl who was shot and killed for pulling into the wrong driveway. It isn’t even close. Yet, the the Dems and the media are pushing the Yarl story because they have to divide the country in order to succeed. “Racism” is an easy way to do that. They can’t have us getting along and working together against the real enemy: the ruling class.

    • Pop quiz: Which happens more?

      1) Black person kills white person.
      2) Black person kills black person.
      3) White person kills white person.
      4) White person kills black person.

      Bonus point if you can rank them in order of likelihood.

      Oh, btw, as promised, you’re an idiot.

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