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The ultimate blue city urban camo!


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    • I actually smiled and thought for a moment how I can utilize my own surroundings in SHTF like a boss.

      Alright, Jeremy. You win this one today. Makes up for a few of the tarded ones that’ve come down the pipeline…

    • No go, someone will try to recycle you. Better to make it out of Clorox wipes, shampoo and soap. Keeps the riff-raff away.

    • I thought that too.

      Much like how the British Army in Berlin came up with an urban camouflage scheme so effective it made tanks invisible even when spotting through binoculars a hundred or so yards away. But it only worked in a urban environment. It really stood out in the countryside.

    • Just what I was thinking, no stench of stale cigarettes, vomit, ripe urine and feces…

  1. I would call that true urban camo, perfect for any post apocalyptic urban center from LA to Atlanta, as well as Seattle!

    • To make it believable, it should include human feces and at least a few hypodermic needles, and a couple of rats gnawing about the periphery.

  2. This would work not only in Seattle, but Portland, San Freaksco and a few areas down the left coast.

    Those areas are beautiful, too bad the worst of society live there. I feel for the decent people who didn’t vote for what it has become and have to put up with crazy things there.

  3. My wife used to visit a specialist art supply store on the south side of Seattle every few years when we were in the area.

    In 2014 a few homeless, 2017 saw a lot of them approaching the area. The shop shut in 2020 due to theft and constant harassment. It had been there about 35 years.

  4. Looks like it’s time to purchase 1 or 2 or the flame throwers I’ve seen advertised in recent years. Either that or bring in a couple front end loaders, some dump trucks and haul it off to a burn pit/site. Park a few Stryker’s on the roads and rails out of town and prevent the 2-legged rats from escaping the cities. I feel for the few decent folks living there and unable to escape, but truth be told, many of them likely voted for/supported the Marxists running things.

  5. Target PULLS Pride Items Going Forward! CEO ADMITS Historic Losses From Boycott… media melts down! (in short, Target tries to avoid being Bud Light’d into oblivion.)

    • They didn’t say they would pull them. They said they might alter the timing and placement of the items. In other words, the items will still be available. They just won’t be as prominent. Target is taking the AB approach of sorry not sorry. Shifting the items to a less prominent location might piss off the alphabet mafia which would be hilarious. Don’t think for a second that they’ve lost. They’re still rich. They haven’t given up on their dream of tranzing the kids.

      • nah…they gonna pull them just doing it over time. they have too much tied up in stock to not try to make a buck off it.

  6. Biden Says Anyone Struggling To Buy A House Should Just Try Setting Up 20 Shell Companies To Launder Money From China >

    (seriously though…since BidenNomics started overall prices of most core life stuff e.g. foods, gas, utilities, homes, etc… has risen ~250% – its easy to say you lowered inflation when in the background you changed the math and definitions and application to exclude and you ignore core inflation – this is a typical left wing tactic, they even used it in their anti-gun so called ‘studies’ by altering the math and definitions and application to exclude and bias it to say what they wanted it to say, like for example, throwing in that age 18 and above are ‘children’ to push the false narrative that guns are the number one cause of death of children when age 18 and above are adults and not children.)

  7. Georgia Indicts Millions Of Voters For Conspiring To Elect Trump >

    (seriously, yeah its funny but there is a hint of obscured truth to it. The left wing democrats would love to drag any person that disagrees with them from their homes and imprison or execute them – their pet army ANTIFA would love to do it and has even said it, the violent militant Trans movement army they are building would love to do it and they have even joined ANTIFA in their efforts, and the left wing democrats have weaponized the government and crime and the law against the American people to do it, and they want to disarm us to make it even easier. Make no mistake … we are in a state of tyranny and threat, our country and constitution is being subverted from within. Like the founders did, use the system and appeals to law and reason and rulers until you no longer can then failing that its time for other means to be employed to throw off the yoke of tyranny.)

    • The time lapse between the Bee’s satire and the story becoming reality is getting shorter.

  8. Finally, after a long time, a ‘Gun Meme of the Day’ from Jeremy that’s actually funny AND makes sense.

  9. I made one of these back in the late 1980’s for SE Washington, D.C. It used a lot of dirty diapers, McDonalds wrappers and Washington Post newspapers. It only took 5min to collect all the free materials along Minnesota Ave & Fort DuPont.

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