Elite Survival Systems STEALTH SBR Backpack

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SBR’s are cool, but they don’t do you much good gathering dust in your gun safe at home. If you want a way to carry around your SBR (or large format pistol), then the new STEALTH SBR backpack from Elite Survival Systems might be worth checking out.

It’s a compact bag that doesn’t obviously look like a gun bag which is nice if you’re adding an SBR to your EDC gear. It comes in black or heather gray. I think the gray is lower profile and less “tactical” looking, but black is always popular so it’s probably a good option.

Despite looking like a conventional day pack the STEALTH SBR pack is loaded with dedicated features like specific gun compartments, built-in mag pouches, Velcro and MOLLE attachment points for other gear, and a slot for an optional ballistic panel. The ballistic panel adds $130 to the cost if you decide to go that way.

Here’s what Elite has to say about their new pack:

“A smaller, streamlined version of our STEALTH discreet rifle backpack with handgun compartment, the STEALTH SBR covert rifle backpack has a discreet, modern appearance with a robust tactical interior. The STEALTH SBR has an internal length of 20 inches to accommodate most short-barreled rifles, and is built with ample MOLLE/hook and loop attachment points for carrying magazines and accessories.

The new design offers a dedicated firearm compartment and adds a full accessory compartment with built-in magazine pouches. A dense padding between the compartments protects the firearm from contents of the accessory compartment. The lighter color of the new interior allows for easier identification of accessories and small parts.”

      • Heavy-duty exterior provides a discreet, modern appearance
      • 500 denier nylon inside provides durability
      • Firearm compartment is lined with loop for complete customization
      • Tie-down system to secure weapon included
      • Zipper behind firearm area for optional ballistic panel
      • Accessory compartment has both both hook and loop and PALS webbing for adding pouches, as well as three built-in magazine pouches and zippered mesh organizer
      • Padded sides and bottom protect firearm
      • Eyewear pocket with soft lining
      • Dual, vertical zippered pockets on front provide quick access and additional customization
      • S-shaped backpack straps with sternum strap for comfortable carrying
      • Heavy-duty #10 zippers with quiet cord pull tabs
      • Waist strap with zippered pockets and quick-release buckle
      • Vented back panel with stay for support
      • Heavy-duty carry handles on top and sides of discreet SBR bag
      • Discreet rifle case backpack available in Black and Heather Gray
      • Dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 7.5″
      • Weight: 2.9 lbs.

MSRP: $219.95/$349.95 with Ballistic Insert Panel


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  1. This seems spendy and I don’t see the point 😉
    An SBR doesn’t really need a special backpack.

  2. My 10/22 ‘Charger’ takedown breaks down so small, it all fits in one of those small black canvas toolbags you see at Harbor Freight.

    Everything, gun, magazines, brace, all fits slick as snot in that little bag…

  3. Looks like a nice small backpack.

    My one complaint about backpacks (ALL backpacks as far as I know) is that they insulate your back and prevent any possible airflow to evaporate perspiration. Move around any decent amount and your back becomes a wet mess from perspiration.

    • Depends on circumstances. Lots of modern backpacks use vent channels to reduce this problem but it can’t really be eliminated.

      If you get hot you sweat, that’s how we work. Backpacks are meant to carry more mass than a shoulder/messenger bag. You can get “SBR” versions of those kind of bags too but they make your shoulder sore when you put this much undistributed mass in them (SBR, plate, spare ammo on top of what the bag normally carries).

      Tradeoffs are everywhere. You can only optimize in one direction at a time. If you want to carry more mass for a long time or a long distance you make sacrifices and go with a backpack. Or you just suck up having a shoulder that’s sore from too much mass on one strap.

    • The Oakley “Kitchen Sink” has lots of air channels, back doesn’t get sweaty.
      I use one regularly in the 100 deg heat while riding my DesertX ADV bike around the D/FW area.

  4. It isn’t a SBR. It’s a pistol with a brace! that’s the ticket.

    I would prefer a scabbard sandwiches between two main compartments.

  5. Different strokes and all but seems like if you’re walking around some warzone where you think you’ll need an SBR (1)it shouldn’t be stowed in a bag (2)you shouldn’t be there.

  6. I’ve no idea when I’ll need it and that’s the point of this. I carry it in something that isn’t anything gun culture including stealth bags. The reason for that is because the gun culture are just as sketchy as the next person. Just the unhinged commentary here on this site proves that.
    Trust no one

  7. I love to go a-wandering
    Along the mountain track
    And as I go, I love to sing
    My knapsack on my back

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    From ev’ry green wood tree

    Val-eri, val-dera
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    Oh, may I go a-wandering
    Until the day I die
    Oh, may I always laugh and sing
    Beneath God’s clear blue sky

    Val-eri, val-dera
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    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Beneath the clear blue sky
    Beneath the clear blue sky

  8. This seems like something pretty much exclusively for people who do a lot of close personal protection work.

    I carry a bag daily but I don’t really have the reason or the interest to covertly tote an MP7 (or similar) on the daily nor do it with a bag that takes ballistic inserts to create a faux plate carrier in a pinch.

  9. This discreet over length tactical looking backpack in tactical only colors. The only thing it really doesn’t have is MOLLE on it.

    If I were going to do discreet SBR bag, I’d do something that looked like a basic Jansport or Targus.

  10. Seems to me, putting your brand name and logo screams to anyone who is in the know, knows exactly what that bag is.

    I would opt for one of those college like bags.

  11. So a gray man backpack for an SBR…that says “ELITE!” right across the back of it. Very stealthy.

  12. Just over $200.00 for a backpack, boy what a deal! NOT!!!!!!! I paid that much for the pistol I built!!! (Not really, but I wouldn’t even consider this back pack for that amount of dough). I’m with Art out west at the top, why would you? Any James Bond or John Wick dudes out there? Just another unneeded gimmick.

  13. why need this? just carry it on a hip holster, ammo in back pocket. bam. 200 smackers saved

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