Butt-Master Serbu
Via Twitter courtesy Hagge Bänke
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Butt-Master Serbu
Via Twitter courtesy Hagge Bänke

A Florida gun designer was shocked to discover his primitive single-shot gag gun landed on the Canadian government’s list of firearms to ban in the country.

“Butt Master” designer and sole owner Mark Serbu commented on the creation’s “absurd” inclusion in Canada’s controversial legislation to curb gun violence Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“This is hilarious, it’s awesome,” Serbu said. “But then you look on official Canadian documentation and you see ‘Butt Master’ and it’s like, how could they be so inept to do that?”

Serbu created a single “Butt Master” 23 years ago, which is still in his possession in Tampa. The one-of-a-kind firearm is listed in Bill C-21’s November amendment of firearms to be banned in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bid to combat mass shootings. …

“Fewer guns mean safer communities. That’s why the Government of Canada is implementing some of the strongest gun control measures in a generation,” the PM’s office said.

— Madeline Coggins in Gun Designer’s Single-Shot ‘Butt Master’ Gag Gun Lands on Canada’s Ban List: ‘How Could They Be So Inept?’

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  1. Where as I don’t exactly agree that an armed society is a polite society, to say that “fewer guns mean safer communities…” is just as ridiculous.

    • Well just to help you out. In the state of Arizona, open carry in public has been legal since the Spanish ran this part of the world. It was 100% normal to see people open carrying pistols in banks, McDonalds, Walmart, etc.

      It wasn’t until 1992 that Concealed Carry became legal with a permit. The prevailing thought before that was that if you had a hidden gun, you were probably up to no good. Now we have Constitutional Carry with no permit required for open or concealed carry.

      Arizona is very safe and crimes against strangers are rare, as you may end up taking a “Dirt Nap” for your trouble. Yes we still have the Drug Gangs, Alien Smugglers and typical scum bag crimes, but those folks usually know each other or are criminal rivals.

      Some of the major national corporations have signs up that ask you to conceal your handguns and that’s their right. A few ban carry, but we all ignore that, as all they can do is ask you to leave and if you are dumb enough to refuse, you will be trespassing.

      I can 100% state that an armed society is a polite society and a safer one for those not involved or associated with drugs and/or criminal enterprises.

      • There are too many places like Chicago, LA, and New York that are quite obviously armed but that are also societies that are anything but polite. One does not mean the other. When you are surrounded by lunatics in your society that wouldn’t think twice about killing people I would not call it polite.

        I completely understand what YOUR saying and I agree with THAT part of it. But there is more to that. If we focus only on one side without ever seeing the whole picture then it’s not worth much.

        • In the places you mentioned there is not an “armed society.” There is an armed criminal element with the law-abiding citizens being mostly unarmed. When those jurisdictions are forced to obey the Bruen decision the crime rate will plummet as more if the unarmed citizens arm up. You heard it here first! 😉

        • After 100+ years, Chicago’s issues are more than just an ‘element’. It’s societal. New York and California isn’t much different.

          What plagues Houston, Austin, and Dallas is an element. One with potential for becoming societal.

        • Prndll, I can agree that evil has been allowed to control these cities for 100 years or so. But, at the same time, I know that when good people take up their rights again that evil will be beaten back. It may not happen overnight but, God willing, the people will take up their 2A rights again. And the Bruen decision will facilitate that change in thinking. It has happened in just about every jurisdiction where the laws have changed and people carry guns. And when that happens people will gain independence of thought as Thomas Jefferson explained to his nephew:
          1785 August 19. (Jefferson to Peter Carr). “As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”[6]
          Therefore, mo matter how long the People’s rights have been abrogated there can come a new awakening.

        • @Texican
          Bruen (and other things) is certainly a strong indication that things are about to shift the other way there. We see is happening all over the country. I hope we can see lasting change in these places. However, it really does come down to how those people vote. That’s something Bruen can’t do. Owning guns does NOT make someone a Republican voter.

          All I’m saying here is that the people that live in Chicago have certain lifestyles engrained. Those that actually care will leave. The ones that don’t will stay and vote Democrat only to perpetuate the problem. They don’t even see that there is a connection between the two. Even though I want to see 2A rights restored across the board, I know that many will reject it while accepting the gun.

        • One life lost is a tragedy.

          500+ dead a year in Chicago is a statistic…

      • That’s the first pic of it I’ve seen with the matching suppressor.

        I let out a *snicker* when I saw it was inscribed “RECTAL CONCEALMENT MODEL”… 😉

  2. A Exactly what is the problem here.?? What Canada decides is up to Canada and has sweet Bugger all to do with the USA .
    You do not expect CANADIANS to intefere with US Law do you? Any way it has NOTHING at all to do with JUSTIN TRUDEAU because JUSTIN TRUDEAU for one thing is NOT CANADA’s Head of State> Just Trudeau is merely the Head of Canada’s Legislature.
    Canada’s NON-EXECUTIVE [ie has no 'formal' powers] Head of State is KING CHARLES the SECOND of CANADA.
    One the LAW has been made by the LEGISLATURE it’s administratioin is in the hands of an INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY which may, if it so wishes, CHALLENGE that law in open court as being against the Public Interest.
    The undeniable fact is that CANADIAN GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION has the overwhelming support of the Canandian people. It also has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with Americans.
    Feel free to comment but It will make notb the slightest impression on the Canadian Public.

    • Well, we have red coats like you commenting on our independent nation’s gun laws, so why shouldn’t we be able to offer our opinion on Canada’s (or anyone elses) gun laws?

      Also, the vast majority of Canadians oppose more gun laws just like the vast majority of Americans.

      • Met a few Canadians just before we started to require names addresses and occupation logs every time we buy ammo. I don’t think they were much for complying and it explained quite a few oddball loadings we had on the shelves.

    • Ally – are you not familiar with the tag. It would follow you spewing of BS.

      As: ……on the Canadian Public.

    • All People have Natural Rights that are endowed upon them by their creator. One right that pre-dates modern humans is the right to arms for hunting, self-protection, etc. It was only with the establishment of the necessary Evil of Government that rulers desired to limit arms to themselves and their supporters to preserve and expand their power over the whole of the people. In the 20th Century alone, probably more than 200 million disarmed people were murdered by their governments, which would not have been possible if the population was armed.

      The United States and all free people need to stand-up and demand that governments respect human rights and Canada is just a “soft” dictatorship, like New Zealand and Australia. These people thought they were free until the pandemic showed them that all the rights they thought they had were merely privileges that can be taken away by their rulers.

      Canada is proof that if you buy into the whole “Reasonable Gun Control” they will just take it all away over time.

    • Look at you, talking as if you speak for all Canadians. You are nothing but a fascist kuntt. You don’t speak for me or the vast majority of Canadian people, you speak for yourself and a minority of liberal fascists. If you had done any research at all you would have learned that the very idea of gun control is rooted in racism and Tyranny. Do the rest of us Canadians a favor and go get your head checked, because you’re either extremely gullible and lacking basic common sense, or you’re suffering from a mental illness. Either way, go f$k yourself, eh.

      • You might want to consider changing your nick to “Friendly Armed Canadian”… 🙂

    • Why, hello halfwit! Perhaps you are totally unaware that there are Canadians who frequent this forum. Discussions of gun laws in Canada are appropriate here. You are also unlikely to be aware that not all Canadians approve of Justin Castro Truedope. You being a good subject of the King, you can’t imagine that some people disagree with authoritarian arseholes. Why don’t you just run along, and suck up to your own authoritarian arseholes, like you always do? No one on TTAG wants to hear your irrelevant opinions.

    • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Flaming Ponce,

      “What Canada decides is up to Canada and has sweet Bugger all to do with the USA .”

      And yet, here you are, allegedly a Limey, commenting on how we regulate guns in the USA. Do you even OWN a frickin’ mirror, you self-unaware tw@t???????

      Go back you your afternoon circle jerk, dacian and MinorLiar miss you.

    • Charles II of England died in 1685; he’s not very relevant to the discussion. The current monarch is the head of a marching & chowder society called the Commonwealth and doesn’t have the authority to order the erection of a stop sign.

    • It is sad that it has the “overwhelming support of Canadian Citizens”. They will no suffer greater levels of crime as a result.

      Criminals, as always, will fail to follow the gun control rules.

    • Before the end of this Century, both Canada and Greenland will be a part of the United States, making us the largest country in the world by size. We are already the largest economy and the largest producer of food and energy, if Brandon would get out of the way.

      Canada is in demographic collapse and Justin Soy Boy might just be the last Canadian Prime Minister.

      • Mauser6863:
        “Before the end of this Century, both Canada and Greenland will be a part of the United States…”
        I don’t think so. Canadians still celebrate the fact that they managed to fend off an American attempt at takeover during the War of 1812. You might like to check out the story of Laura Secord, who walked 20 miles in the dark of night through enemy (American) held territory to warn the Brits of an impending attack. This happened in the Niagara Penninsula. Wikipedia has a nice article on her, which you might find interesting. Here’s the link:
        Laura Secord – Wikipedia
        Of course, not all Canadians feel the same way, but most of them do, particularly in the Province of Ontario. And… from where I sit the Provence of Ontario is less than 15 mile away. I, myself, am strictly American, but Ontario is where two of my grandparents were born in the 19th Century, so I feel a certain kinship there.

        • Canada is not having enough Children and is in 100% demographic collapse. Money from Alberta’s oil and gas is the only thing keeping the social welfare system solvent and “Soy Boy” wants to kill that Golden Goose too. The immigrants to Canada are either rich Chinese who store their money there and buy houses (pushing up home prices) that they don’t live in as a safety net for when the CCP collapses. Most of the other immigrants are older and past child bearing age and won’t work in Canada long enough to meaningfully contribute to their retirement, Canada is dying and will soon be gone.

    • Albert has trouble counting to three, as in King Charles III, of ENGLAND, not Canada. What a fraudulent jackass.

    • We can still laugh at stupidity, Albert. We don’t expect to change anything in Canada, nor even give enough of a shit to even want to do so. That’s up to all the Canadians who *also* laugh at this sort of dumbassery.

  3. Well, then clearly the law was designed to stop all mass shootings, even those of quadriplegics.
    If it saves just ONE life.

  4. Isn’t that the same guy that did the super shorty 12 gauge other (almost pistol)? If so cool making the banned list as well as one of the few aow’s that is legal in NY.

    • Yes it is. He has a youtube channel and he talks about making it onto this list. In particular it’s pretty sketchy because this item wasn’t a commercial product so was really only on the NFA rolls, yet the Canucks still found out about it.

      Criminal behavior by the current administration aside, apparently the guy who did Serbu’s laser engraving for him is a “born again Christian” and was not a big fan of what he was etching on these items.

  5. “Fewer guns mean safer communities.”

    Well, actually it doesn’t … but now that the ‘Butt Master’ is banned in Canada the butts in Canada can rest easy.

  6. sir albert of nuttingham…I can see your Gun Control jollies are in high gear like a child molester who discovered the family next door is unarmed.

    Now that Canada is becoming one huge Gun Free Zone is it returning to an era where citizens used swords and crossbows? Or will swords and such be banned too leaving the strongest bully in charge?

    Seriously sir albert…how long do you think a turd like trueturd would last if he came to my door demanding I turn over my firearms to him? As an American I am by birth obligated for life to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States against insane enemies both foreign and domestic. Insane includes you and trueturd.

  7. Only a true Jedi Butt Head can see the destructive power of the Butt Master.

    That, or a horny prison inmate.

  8. Such an obscure one-off from decades past.
    I wonder if the person who put it on the list was trolling or just very, very diligent about making said list.

  9. Castro’s bastard boy won’t be successful. Neither will the fat boy governor of ILLannoy. Check out the compliance rate in states like NY & Connecticut. Folks don’t like losing their rights! Except Canaduh who are mere subjects & not citizen’s…oh well.

  10. in Canada in 2022 33% of the women that were assaulted for the purpose of rape were not armed with a firearm and were seriously injured and raped and none of this 33% escaped that.

    in the United States in 2022 33% of the women that were assaulted for the purpose of rape were armed with a firearm and used the firearm to stop their attackers, and 97% of this 33% escaped serious harm and rape as a result.

  11. “To combat butt violence Justin Trudeau must be banned.”

    … at least one Canadian politician is probably thinking.


  12. Trueho will want to ban arrows next.
    I tell yah somthing is up with all these countries banning firegunms. Its almost like they no something bad is going to happen and they dont want no armed mobs.

  13. Tyrrant Trudeau, is the butt of the joke. The butt master was a joke, like u. Outlawing the butt master,what’s wrong with this guy?Does he think cannooks are going to abide, by his ridiculous law of banning guns,be realistic no

  14. The disturbing thing is why does a Canadian law name a US-made one-off novelty gun that was never sold or marketed, much less exported. Try a web search for it to find a reference that’s older than mid-December. Speculation is that Canada has access to the NFA registry and scraped the name from there.

  15. I dont know a damned thing about canadian politics, just seems living up there with grizzley bears and Mooses and shit, Wolverines, ect a guy should able to pack what ever he wants to pack. ? And son of a bitch it ain’t like everybody’s crammed in with every body. Airplanes is how you go to the grocery store. That Trueho bitch is in on this New World take over. Biden is, king Philip, frendenhand, who ever. What ever happened to shooter/rider? Last I heard he was ready to open up with a can of pink whup ass? Betcha the Royal Mounted Polelease should up and hes doing time? Thatd suck.
    What needs to happen, cause I’d be a real asshole, is elect me president and I’d annex Canada and declare War on South America(shit happens) then I’d tell the rest of the world to kiss my ass. Fck your imports. Fck your disease.
    Put the lime in the coconut.
    We got it.
    No importing sorry.
    But Greman steel is so much better.
    ????? Never heard of it.

  16. Wow possum just got all whiskey throttle on us and I like it!! Musta got a bellyfull or fermented berries or sumfin. You go boy!


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