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Heading into the weekend all like…


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  1. Here’s something OT but *guaranteed* to warm the cockles of the cold, black hearts of any POTG, Leftist Scum ™ literally eating their own.

    Read the whole thing, it gets better and better the longer she drags it out… 🙂

    A literal “Bye, Felicia” moment.

    I’ll be following this one, something tells me she’s gonna have a problem getting re-employed in that biz…

  2. Jeff Foxworthy’s new TV game show ” Are You Smarter Then A President ” has been cancelled.

  3. You may not give up your guns but that won’t stop them from being taken by the federal government after you have been killed once the democrats ban all private gun ownership with door to door confiscation and mandated execution of every single solitary other gun owner that also refuses by using all government and military resources.

    The goal is the complete and total ban of

    • And that’s why it will never happen. If they thought Jan 6th was bad, just imagine them telling “those types of people” to give up their guns “or else”. lol. The small amount of elite units with top tier training wouldn’t even make it past the first wave of dad bod’s in plates. Eventually the government would drone strike and drop bombs, then innocents caught in the mix would start to realize “we didn’t sign up for this”.

  4. Among all the educational boards of Punjab in September 2022. As all the students are waiting for their 10 class results anxiously so that they can check their results from Just like last year, this year’s 10 class results will be published in September, after an announcement from the BISE Boards.

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